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"One of the best Megaman games out there....."

Megaman 6, sadly, is the last Megaman game for the NES. It came out in 1993, 1 year after the SNES came out to the market. This is one of the best Megaman games ever, but it also is the easiest, for the NES that is. 2 of the bosses (Plant Man and Knight Man) where put on the game because those where the bosses won from a boss-making contest. Atleast that is what I hear. Mr. X is the villian in this game, but Im pretty sure you know who he is..... Well, onto the review!

Graphics - 10
This game might actually have the best graphics for the NES. Well atleast its very close. Even though it has the same sprites as in Megaman 2 and 3, you can tell how Megaman has evolved over the years. The backgrounds look very cool, but some of the bosses are pretty bland. I mean, many of the bosses have been done before. For instance, Plant Man is just a replica of Star Man in Megaman VI. Also theres Flame Man, which is just like Heat Man and Fire Man. But the game still looks good, very good.

Sound/Music - 8
Not much worth noting here. Just your typical Megaman sound and music. The intro music is quite catchy though....

Gameplay - 9
There ALOT of secrets in this game. Probably even more than in Megaman X3 and X5. But when I mean secrets I mean secret areas in the game. Each of the beggining 8 levels has atleast 3 secret places, on average. Each level has 2 bosses, and there both the same. If you get to the fake boss, which is the boss that requires no special skills to get to, when you beat him all you get is his skill/weapon. But if you get to the real boss (you get to him by using something special to get to him, such as a weapon or one of Rush's Adaptors) and you beat him (hes identical to the other boss) you get his skill/weapon, and either one of rushs adaptors or a letter that spells b e a t. If you get all of them you get to use beat. In Megaman 5 you had to spell out M E G A M A N V to get beat. Rush serves a very different purpose in the game now. Instead you jumping on him for him to transform to something, he instead serves as armor for you. He serves as many things as you, as a jet pack and one more thing, I'll leave that up to you to figure it out. Like I said before, this is definantly the easiest Megaman game, for the NES, even easier than Megaman 2. Megaman 6 can easily be beaten in one sitting, and it'll take 2 hours at most. Theres 16 stages, 8 regular levels and 4 levels to Mr. X and then another 4 levels to Mr. X again.

Replay Value - 8
This game has alot of replay value. You'll probably beat it once or twice, then never touch it again for a pretty long time. And then start playing it again. Well atleast thats what I do....

Overall - 8
One of the best Megaman games ever made. Surely beats most of the games that comes out these days....

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/16/01, Updated 04/16/01

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