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"Solid, but the worst NES Mega Man;(."

The NES Mega Man series reached its low point with the sixth installment. Although it was still a good title, it is not as good as MM 2 and 3 and even MM 5 were. But its still a solid game. Review program initiated, ready, set, GO:D :

Story 8/10: The 1st annual Robot Master contest was being held by the elusive Mr.X. Many robots participated but only eight were chosen as the winners. But then, Mr.X reprogrammed them and sent them to take over the world. Mr.X also declares, that he was Dr. Wilys teacher in evil things, but he now has enough power to do things on his own. Now Mega Man must fight against the master of his arch-nemesis...The story was again creative and the idea of it was pretty well thought out. Its not the best story of all time but good, nonetheless.

Game Play 7/10: Its the same thing as usual: 8 stages, 8 robots, special weapons blah blah blah. But its still not boring. Anyway, some new things were introduced. Rush has lost all his transformations and does something new. He can unite with Mega Man and so does new techniques. He can form an jet pack, with which Mega Man can fly for a short time or into a power pack, with which Mega can punch and also charge up for a powerful punch to break certain rocks. Also a new item is the Energy Balancer, which send your weapon capsules (without first equip the weapon) to the weapon with the least energy. Beat is again here, but he is not as useful as in the last game. Anyway, collect the letters B-E-A-T and Beat will be on your side.
The control is a little worse compared to the last games, but is still good. However, the jet pack is hard to use somtimes.
The difficulty is below that of MM 5, mainly because of the Jet Pack which helps you through the toughest spots.

Audio/Visual 7/10: The graphics are the best of the NES series with colorful backgrounds and foregrounds and impressive enemy design. The music, however, is one of the worst in the entire Mega Man series, but it is still good nevertheless.

Replayability 6/10: The stages have multiple paths, which can be fun to go through them all. But the two fortress idea is still grating on the Replay Value. And there aren´t many secrets.

Buy or rent?: Buy, if you´re a Mega Man fan. If you´re new, try MM 2 or 3 first.

Overall 7/10: Although this is the worst of the six NES games, it is still a solid good game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/02/01, Updated 08/02/01

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