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"The series begins to get a little stale with this one."

Mega Man 6 was the last Mega Man game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.It definitely could have been better as it stole a great deal of ideas from the previous games.

As the story starts,a billionaire is throwing a contest to see who can come up with ''The Most Powerful Robot In The World''.When the contest is down to eight robots,the Billionaire that is throwing the contest shows up,says that he was the real power behind Dr. Wily, and steals the eight robots.Mega Man sets out to stop the billionaire,Mr X.

What,all the good criminal names were taken?

Graphics 10/10
Extremely good graphics,as good as any on the Nintendo Entertainment system.

Sound 6/10
I've always looked forward to new Mega Man game music.Some past games have so many great level music,sometimes I'll play the game just to hear them.

This is not the case with Mega Man 6.None of the music really stands out in my memory when I'm done playing,and a few are too repetitive for my tastes.

The sound effects,while good by themselves,need more fine tuning as sometimes one will cancel or change anothers sound.

Control 9/10
Mega Man controls very easily as always.The two armors can be a little tricky to control though,but I get the feeling they were made to be exactly as they are.

Gameplay 5/10
The gameplay is the classic Mega Man standered.Fight which ever Robot Master you want in whatever order you want,then go up against the Final Boss levels.

The thing about it is that the majority of the things in this game come from previous games.So much so,that I could not help but feel like what I had was a generic Mega Man game.Some of the Robot Master powers (notably the ones in Plant Man and Centaur Man)are copied for the second time in this game.Some of the Robot Masters I felt where more humorous then anything else (ooooh, Plant Man is going to attack me with a shield made of flowers).And what's up with ''Yamato Man''?What is going to be next,Camelot Man?New York City Man?

This game does have two original features.The first is the ''fake'' robot masters.I ,myself, found this annoying.

The second feature is the two new sets of armor.Rush Power gives you the ability to destroy certain blocks in the game,while Rush Jet gives you limited flight.I got the impression that quite a few of the levels were made with these armors in mind.

I think a person would like this game more if he or she had not played the first six games in the series.While I do know that this is an above average game,to me it pales in comparison to the rest of the series.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/21/01, Updated 08/21/01

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