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Reviewed: 11/07/01 | Updated: 11/07/01

One of the best games in the series IMO, in fact the only ones better were 3 and 5.

Although it is true that it was released too late into the NES's long life, MM6 is still a great game, and incorporates many of the best aspects of the series;I still can't understand why so many people look down upon this great release, it holds its own against it's sequels, and I still prefer playing the old NES MM games to the PSX incarnations, such as MM8, or both Legends games, they just don't hold the same magic that the originals do. Sure, they may feature improved graphics and sound, but they don't hold the innovation of the originals.


The graphics, although they use the same sprites and basic design of the previous installments, still look wonderful for the NES, with a wide variety of enemies and characters to interact with, all of which are excellent. The bosses look great too, and the special attacks all are top-notch as well. The backgrounds, which range from sky-scraper filled cities, to heavily-armed fortresses, all have the trademark nuances found in MM games, such as stars, and snow, etc. But, as this is only the NES, slowdown is still a problem at times, when there's a lot of action on the screen. Overall, very nice.


Each stage carries its own trademark theme, and likewise, each weapon has its own specific sound. Obviously, there's not too much to cover in the sound department for a game for the NES, but, as NES games come, MM6 is one of the better games in that department. Overall, not perfect, but it gets the job done rather well.


Simple, just the way this game was meant to be. Two buttons obviously don't help give a game much, depth-wise, but it works out well for an action game on the NES, and the Mega Man series in particular utilize it quite well.

Entertainment value (10/10)

You really can't go wrong with this game, what-with all the creative uses for Rush, Mega man's robotic dog, such as a jet-pack, among other forms. Great graphics, entertaining bosses, cool weapons, and good back ground music. If you own an NES, you owe it to yourself to hunt this game down and play it, and, I'd advise all to do the same for the other MM games, they really stand the test of time. I'm crossing my fingers for the original series to be re-released for the US PSX, there just isn't enough game players of today who remember the classics of yesteryear

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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