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Reviewed: 05/28/02 | Updated: 06/17/02

The Last Mega Man Game on the NES is a Great Game

Mega Man 6 which was released back on the Nintendo back in 1993 just before the Nintendo (NES) died. This game was done well for Capcom's last Mega Man game for the original Nintendo. This game was still a great game even though as it was one of the last games to appear for the Nintendo and Capcom had done themselves well when they made their final Mega Man game until the Super Nintendo. If you want a great Mega Man classic game you should see about getting this game because some people find this game quite fun and others seem to find it fun and challenging. When I started playing this game I found this game fun and challenging and whenever I get a chance to play this game now I still find it fun and challenging. Let's see how Capcom done on their last Mega Man game on the Nintendo:

GRAPHICS: 9.4/10
The graphics of this game was done well and the Robot Masters seem to be done well for Capcom's last Mega Man tilte on the NES. Even the bosses in the final stages were done well also.

STORY/PLOT: 8.7/10
The story of this game didn't change since Mega Man 4 but if you haven't played Mega Man 4 or Mega Man 5 then the story or plot will want you to know what will happen when you reach the final stages of the game.

The difficulty of this game is quite challenging even if you are a newbie to this game or the series or a veteren to the game or the Mega Man series. The difficulty can be quite fun when you keep trying to get farther in the game.

SOUND: 8.9/10
The sound in this game is done quite well and is probably better then in the previous Mega Man games released on the Nintendo. Other people may have a different side about the sound in this game.

MUSIC: 10/10
The music in this game was done just great because most of the music suits the robot masters or even the final stages once you make it up to those stages.

I would say once you beat this game once you might want to play this game again because you still get quite a challenge if you start from the beginning again. But if you use a password it'll might feel different, from if you start from the beginning to go through it again.

OVERALL: 9.6/10
Overall this is one of the best Mega Man games on the original Nintendo and which was the last Mega Man game seen on the original Nintendo. But if you want to get a classic game for the Nintendo you should see about getting Mega Man 6 because you'll most likey enjoy playing this game, and this is a hard game to get. If you are able to find this game and want to get the game GET IT because you'll probably won't find it again.

Why buy the game I would like to get a tip if you find this game because I have done it myself not getting something such as a game and regretting it later.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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