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"Megaman 6, we hardly knew ye, ya okay game."

I have relatively no idea why this megaman is flamed so much.''Its stinks this'' ''It stinks that'' but never a good reason.I personally found 5 to be the downer.This is just is last mission, besides being in the SNES era and still in the NES.


For god's sake, its basic megaman graphics!jeeez, the things people say that make the graphics seemed like crap.Is Megaman at his regular.They did make some cartoonish scenes in the beginning and the end(yay, NES CG) and the bosses were made nicely(as always). Some bosses such as Tomahawk man get annoying, but look cool(Cheers for Yamoto man!). The downer about the graphics is the Mega buster. The middle blast looks stupid. Its a damn regular shot with a flame trail behind it.The Mega shot wasn't any better, they really didn't seemed to try on like in 4 or 5.


Ever since 4, The Mega Buster was invented. For an odd reason, whenever you get hit, you have to recharge. Sucks to be Megaman. Rush turning into armors was a good idea. The Power Armor was done right. Hold for 1 second and let go, you now have one of the ass-kick ingest weapons against bosses designed for Megaman. The Jet armor is something else. If you jump from a distance, its very hard NOT to touch the ground, and that's a difference maker in the first MR.X stage. That also applies to other parts of the game. Luckily in this Megaman, the weaknesses are pretty easy to figure out. Unlike the what I found multiple weaknesses in 2 or the 2 weakness trees in 3, every boss is weak against 1 weapon. I haven't the slightest idea on how to use beat the bird(who is easily found), but I've been told your supposed to summon him when there are enemies on the screen.


Meh, the soundtrack was less than Stellar. There were some good songs(Plant man's stage, Final battle, several others) but some songs just plain bombed(intended Megaman pun). The sound department was your basic bag of megaman 4 and 5 sounds. The Charge of your buster, being hit, firing shots, ah Nostalgia, how we all love thee.

Story- 7

The year is 20XX(I thought it was 200X?) and there is this Robot tournament thing going on. Mr.X, the sponsor, controls the robots and starts taking over the world, blah, blah, blah. Megaman gets p.oed, goes with Rush, beats 8 bosses, beats X, finds out Wily is behind all this, Chases him down, Beats him up 3 times, and....
Not going to tell you, its a secret! A let down was the Protoman was absent here! Where in the blue hell is Protoman?

Replay value-7

Finding Beat shouldn't be very hard, but if you somehow miss him.. Then theres the tendency to beat down the bosses again. Then there's also the tendency to beat up Wily.


Luckily, its easier than 5 and 7, but still retains a challenge. Third or Fourth hardest Regular Megaman game I reckon.

Overall-7.5 which rounds off to an 8

If you can get pass the bad quirks and average soundtrack, and the absence of Protoman. But if you like cool looking Megaman bosses, and more blue bomber fun, say no more. Play the game if you, like me, think Megaman totally reeks of awesomeness, or just want a platform game, here it is.

Buy or Rent:

Id probably buy, its got some replay value, and the difficulty will make it take longer for some.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/23/02, Updated 06/23/02

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