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"Well, its not a BAD game its just that its one of the weaker ones in the series."

Mega Man 6, the Finale of the Mega Man games on the NES. Is it the worse of the six? No, well not QUITE the first. (It was only marginally better than the original MM which gets the same rating as this game I am currently reviewing now.) The gameplay & graphics are by all means pretty good, not great but still pretty good. The music isn't terrible but not all that memorable but the game still looks pretty good and its not hard or utterly boring to play. However still whether you compare this game to the other sequels (especially 2 & 3) or not its still a pretty disappointing game nevertheless. But then again considering the fact that its the 6th game in the series, high expectations are not exactly recommended for a game such as this one huh?

However there was one thing about this game that could've improved it on being a better sequel yet it ends up making it one of the weaker ones. Its opening premise was by all means a fascinating one. Mr. X a mysterious man of robotical science has taken ahold of the Robot Designer Museam and is utilizing 8 new strong robots for his diabolical purpose and he states that he has had more involvement with Wily's antics in the past games. Now that was an intresting idea, whom could this Mr. X be? What is his insidious plan? What was his ''involvement'' with Dr. Wily in the Past? However sadly the ''big twist'' that happens later on in the game pratically ruins it in just about everyway. (I'm trying not to spoil the ending or anything like that but lets just say its definitely not going to win any points for unpredictability.) Its still kinda sad really on how it could've been one of the better sequels yet THIS happenend. Granted it still would most likely be not quite up the caliber of MM2 and MM3 but lets just say it would've been a wee bit closer whether you give direct comparisons or not anyways.

So lets just say this is proof positive that the MM series was going weaker after MM4 came in. MM4 was by all means a good game buts its only a bit under MM2-3, MM5 wasn't bad it was just above-average. But this one is only a bit better than the rather average-at-best original game. (Though fortunately unlike the original its not so hard.) But still its not a bad little game which like many other decent NES Games its a nice little thing that could provide some fun when you have some free time on your hands. Those with higher standards may want to stay away but this is a decent enough game to be not a TOTAL waste of time. My praise for this game may be light but once you play it enough you just might understand why it is so light.

+ Its opening premise was fascinating
+ Its got a good amount of creative robot designs
+ Its gameplay is still pretty good.
+ The graphics are nicely done
- The ''Story twist'' to the opening premise was a lame cop-out
- Its only a bit better than the original
- Lets just say the sequels were much better.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/27/03, Updated 02/16/04

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