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"What happened? Did Capcom's storyboard die?"

This, among the many Mega Man games, must be the worst in the saga on the NES. No, it isn't even bad, it's just not as good. The originality has swooped into the pit of repeated storylines, and the new additions just don't put enough feeling into the game to have that Mega Man feeling. It's like a worse Mega Man 3. Plus the bosses are quite kooky. So who is the kookiest? Is the obviousness of Mr. X really stupid? Why does Flame Man wear a turban if he has no hair to cover? ONTO THE REVIEW!!!

GRAPHICS: This game has really superb graphics, but I am really sick of having to coming up with descriptive adjectives. This game is good. Pretty. Nice. Sprites and bosses and weapons and boss selection screen are neat-o. (My God, I'm really striving here, aren't I?) The new boss introduction screen is pretty cool, but it's trying to mooch off of the intro screen of Mega Man X, which was released about a month after. And when you enter a boss' room, you get ultra-cool LIGHTNING! Eeeee! (Note sarcasm) The frame rate is decent, and the flashing and slowdown is much less often than its predecessors. My true gripe, though, are the less-than-spectacular backgrounds. I mean, they're really lacking. The only cool one is the blazing sun in Tomahawk Man's stage. Capcom has somehow dropped its standards. (8/10)

STORY: OK, I'm gonna describe it in short since my computer is so retarded and has shut me out three times: Mr. X holds strongest robot in the world tournament, then takes over all contestants in order to do his bidding. He escapes, only to have the Blue Bomber follow. The bosses- Centaur Man, a half-horse Flash Man rip off; Yamato Man, a Japanese samurai robot; Wind Man, master of storms; Knight Man, the English made mace wielder; Plant Man, a flowery doofus; Flame Man, a turbaned guy with funny feet; Tomahawk Man, an Indian-like war robot with a specialty in (what else?) tomahawks; and Blizzard Man, the ski riding fat headed snow tosser - are the wussiest bunch of robots since the original Mega Man, yet they compete for the strongest robot in the world? As my synopsis reads, this is a terrible way to end the NES saga, since I have loved every Mega Man game very dearly. (N/A, DUE TO LACK OF ORIGINALITY)

GAMEPLAY/CONTROL: The least challenging game in the series. I beat the game the second day I played it- because the first day my system wasn't working right. Some bosses only rely on two moves, one of them being jumping. I was so disappointed. The Mr. X and Dr Wily stages are a major cinch, if you just use the right weapon. The gameplay scheme remains the same, so I won't bother repeating it. The new additions include the Rush Armor Components that Mega Man dons in the game. Rush Coil has disappeared into the gaming fray, replaced by the power-punching Rush Power and the jetpack armor aptly named Rush Jet. These do not quite have the charm of the other Mega Man powers held by the robot dog, but there is slightly more. Beat has returned again in order to fight on our hero's side. In order to get him this time through, players have to go through four of the stages and kill the “true” boss there in order to receive one of the lettered BEAT plates. Thankfully, you can go back to fight the “true” boss if you accidentally killed the “false” one. E-Tanks, W-Tanks, and S-Tanks have returned to help Blue Boy to make it through his adventure. The weapons are sadly rehashes of weapons from games earlier in the series, except for the homing-in Blizzard Attack. The whole Plant Barrier bit has been done a while ago. Of course, the great control is reminiscent of all Mega Man games, which is quite notable. (8/10)

SOUND/MUSIC: Nothing really peppy or annoying, but it suits the mood well. Nothing very noticeable or catchy, besides the ultra-terrific theme of Tomahawk Man's stage. The only major letdown is the sound of the charged up Mega Buster shot. It sounds like a regular shot! What's up with that? My computer has crashed a total of seven times now, so I'm ending this part of the review. (8/10)

-Players: 1
-Fun Factor: 10. Well, yea… Smile on your brother.
-Replay Value: 8. This game is lacking what the others had, but you can search for those BEAT plates for a while…
-Rent or Buy: My God, I better stop soon… You gotta frickin' BUY IT!!!

Alright, I'm not even bothering with an ending comment, or funny joke. This Spektre's outta here!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/07/00, Updated 02/07/00

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