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"Rushed and pretty much forgotten in the wake of MegaMan X."

From the outset, MegaMan 6 had 3 major problems when it came out. First of all it released in 1993, the year that the NES was meeting it's end in the US. Second, it came out at about the same timeframe as MegaMan X, a superior MegaMan game on a more powerful system. I remember getting this game the same time as MMX and I really didn't play this at all for the longest time because I was so entertained by MegaMan X. Lastly, but just as important, MegaMan 6 suffered the same fate as MM4 and 5: It did very little that was new.


Easily one of the best looking NES games ever. MM6 pushes the barrier for colors and detail in an NES game. It's not so much a big jump from MegaMan 5, but if you were to play MegaMan 1 and then this game, you'd be surprised at how far they came during the NES series. The enemies have a lot of personality and detail and the stages are teeming with as much background detail that they could afford to put into it.


For the most part, the soundtrack to this game feels very uninspired to me. There are a couple of tracks I liked but most of it came across as generic background music with just a hint of the MegaMan style. The sound effects are the same as MegaMan 3, 4, and 5, but for some reason they got lazy and the Mega Buster shot sounds just like a normal shot.


Perfect. So good that the new jet is tweaked so that it doesn't ignite instantly, leading to some levels that have some tricky spots where you must fall first, activate the jet, and float up just in time before you fall and die on spikes.


For this game I will have the challenge split into two parts:

Bosses and Enemies:

EASY. No joke. These guys are a pushover. The robot masters seem to jump about the room more than do anything else and their attacks are not creative in the slightest. You can kill any of them with your normal gun for it's not hard at all to find a no-hit pattern. The enemies fair better for some of them are strategically placed in a level to cause you annoyance. The worst are the major bosses in the last half of the game. They are so easy that it's unbelievable. I took them all down on the first try, the FIRST TIME I played this game.

Levels: Medium to Difficult.

Some of the levels are standard faire but this game seems to have a lot more spots where you can die instantly. Plant Man's level really comes to mind here as you must bounce on springs across bottomless holes and past incoming enemies. You can either not bounce high enough and fall to your death, or get hit by an enemy, be pushed back, and fall to your death. Although I feel this game was slapped together in a way, I can't help but admit that some of these instant death areas are very fiendishly devised and well thought out.


Crap. There is a world robot tournament going on, a guy named Mr.X (who looks like Wily with sunshades) shows up and steals the robots, and claims that he was controlling Wily from the beginning. Well after you defeat ''Mr.X'', you find out that he's really Wily (SURPRISE!) and then you must chase him to his castle and beat him there.

It makes no sense! What did Wily have to gain by going under an alter-ego? For MM4 it was plausible because he wanted the robots that Dr.Cossack built to fight MegaMan. Maybe he felt that Cossack's were stronger. (They were) But in this, he could have just been himself, stole the robots, and be off on his next scheme to rule the world. We would have at least accepted that as normal, but the stunt in this game is just pathetic and I'd rather blame Capcom than Wily. He's failed enough so I'll give him a break.

In conclusion....

I can't say this game was a letdown because it didn't promise anything that it didn't give us. It was a MegaMan game, the graphics and sound were tweaked a bit, and it was more of the same which had been popular before. Trouble is, I can't say this game was worth it because at the same time, MegaMan X was out and it was a much better game than this. Also, the previous games, namely MM1, 2, and 3 had done just about everything this game does and did it better. Most of the 'new' stuff in this game was novelties and served no purpose. The fake boss thing was useless because you could kill the fake boss and still get his weapon and still have the stage cleared. No incenitive for you to replay the level and search harder in secret areas for the true boss.

Not a terrible game but not a great one. Worth a play at least once through to experience the end of what used to be the usual MegaMan game. After this one, they got a bit different in style and really never looked back.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/16/03

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