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"A nice, sweet finish..."

Hmmmm....glad to see I didn't waste my money when I bought this cart. The last Mega Man game on the NES is a good one, bringing together all the gameplay elements built up throughout the series to a strong finish. However, as far as sequels beyond 3 go, Mega Man 5 is still a notch ahead. Nevertheless, Mega Man 6 will not disappoint fans of the series and if for some reason you were hiding under a rock for the past 12 years or so(it's been a LOOONG time...)and are completely new to the series, this game will most definitely impress you. Partly because of its...

Graphics, which take everything the developers learned from Mega Man 5 and stuff a little more detail into it. Sadly, there's no sequence as good as the jet-ski ride from MM5, but the levels are as big, sprite filled, and well designed as ever. Happy to report that finally ALL the bosses are well-detailed, there were a few in 5 that still looked like a palette swap of Mega Man with a few extras added on. Generally the mid-level bosses are pretty cool(and pretty HARD, especially the ones in Yamato man's stage...)and the sprites for Mega Man and everyone else go off without a hitch. Once again, the Doctor Wily stage bosses are a either huge, creative, or both. All in all, some of the best graphics ever seen on the NES, but with a series like this, that's not saying much.

And the music is...not as good as MM3 or 5, unfortunately, but it is a couple steps above the abysmal ''tunes'' of 4. My definite favorite is Flame Man's theme. In general, however, the music serves mostly as background, with one or two notables occasionally popping up. It could have been better, but then again, it could have been worse. Sounds, of course, are vintage Mega man, with the familiar electronic explosions untouched for years showing up yet again.

But now comes the category that saves all: GAMEPLAY! And here the series hath reached its pinnacle of refinement. New ways to use Rush, secret adapters, eight more weapons, and the return of Beat, the cutest little bundle of ornithological destruction ever created.(I think that that bird must have had a temproary stint as a stunt eagle in the Ninja Gaiden series, it's the only possible reason why birds hitting Ryu cause more damage than bazooka blasts, but I digress...) Playing this game is infinitely enjoyable. Unfortunately, those of you who have had your reflexes honed to the hilt by five previous games will find this title over rather fast. But you'll probably play it over again anyway, just to make sure you've gotten all of the special items. More likely, you'll just play it for...the fact that they finally manage to have a CONCLUSIVE ending, at least for the NES series. (Of course, the same old stuff happens in Mega Man 7 for SNES, but it was still surprising just the same...)

Okay, maybe I slapped the game around a bit,(a problem with sequels) but it's still a must-emulate, and a definite must-buy if you still have a working NES. Get it today at a ROM site or at Funcoland!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/21/00, Updated 02/21/00

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