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Mega Man 6 is a flop! This game just isn't creative! The weapons you get from the enemies are basically rehashes of the weapons from the earlier games! Plus, in this game Rush attaches on to you and becomes a suit of armor or a jet pack! Weird!

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics are probably the best out the 6 Mega Man games of the NES, but the reason I give it a 7 is because the game was made in 1993, and Capcom should've made the game for the SNES instead!

Sound: 5/10

The music is the worst of the 6 games by far! Tomahawk Man's music is cool, but that's about it. Some of the sound effects are cool, but many of them are taken from the earlier games. And again, why didn't Capcom create a Mega Man game for the SNES instead by now?

Challenge: 5/10

In this game, you only have to find 4 letters to spell Beat, and to obtain them, you must find a different path to the boss in Knight Man, Tomahawk Man, Yamato Man, and Centaur Man's stages. However, the majority of the are out in the open. Also, Rush doesn't run out of energy in this game, so you can use him without limit. That makes the game even easier!

Gameplay: 3/10

I'm sorry, but this game just doesn't offer anything decent. With recycled weapons and the ironic new Rush, this game is the black sheep of the NES Mega Man series. Mega Man's coolness was definately hurt by trashy sequels like this.

Overall: 4/10

Even though Mega Man is really cool, it doesn't mean every single game of his is cool. Mega Man 5 and 6 is proof. Don't get this game unless you're trying to collect all of the 6 NES Mega Man games.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/16/00, Updated 04/16/00

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