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The series begins to get a little stale with this one.08/21/01alex cross
One of the best games in the series IMO, in fact the only ones better were 3 and 5.11/07/01BigRedMachineGAMMA
The Mega Man NES series is ended with a legendary entry!09/30/08Calamity
Solid, but the worst NES Mega Man;(.08/02/01Crusher Man
A nice, sweet finish...02/21/00EPoetker
Megaman VI is just like all of the other NES Megamans, but that's not a bad thing...08/07/01Hiryuu
A good way to ease yourself into the series08/19/10luffyninja
Mega Man World Adventure06/02/16MagicalRanger
Megaman 6, we hardly knew ye, ya okay game.06/23/02MagnaZeroX
A refreshing tweak to the Mega Man formula!03/22/11NeonOctopus
Not a good end to the NES series02/06/15Ofisil
Well, its not a BAD game its just that its one of the weaker ones in the series.02/16/04Pokejedservo
Can play like a dream or a nightmare... it all depends on the player07/19/11roadtosalvation
One of the best Megaman games out there.....04/16/01shigman
What happened? Did Capcom's storyboard die?02/07/00Spektre
Goodbye, Mega Man. Can't say this was one to remember you by03/08/04The Manx
It's better than number 5 to say the least.02/27/12TheWierdGuy
The final NES Mega Man title has the series going out on a bad note.08/18/04UltimaterializerX
The final Mega Man game for the Nintendo, and not a moment too soon!04/10/00Vegita
Maybe Capcom did spend enough time working on it..03/13/01Vertabreaker
The Last Mega Man Game on the NES is a Great Game06/17/02Warhawk

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