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    High Score FAQ by Jack W

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 03/21/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    /                  GUIDE TO HIGH SCORES ON PUNCH OUT!!           \              
    by Jack Wedge (RIP: Dingus McGee)
    VERSION 1.2
         My Terminology
         General Strategies
         Individual Strategies:
              -Glass Joe
              -Von Kaiser
              -Piston Honda 1
              -Don Flamenco 1
              -King Hippo
              -Great Tiger
              *A note about Bald Bull
              -Bald Bull 1
              -Piston Honda 2
              -Soda Popinski
              -Bald Bull 2
              -Don Flamenco 2
              -Mr Sandman
              -Super Machoman
              -Mr Dream/Mike Tyson 
         My Best Scores
         Thanks, Acknowledgments, And Other Crap I Forgot
    This FAQ is copyright 2003 by Jack Wedge (Dingus McGee). If you 
    steal it, I'll hunt you down and tear off your face, cook your 
    liver and shove it up your ass, This FAQ is for use of gamefaqs, 
    RedTom's and Eric's punch out sites only. If you would like to 
    post this FAQ on your site, get my permission first. Got it, BUB?
    Version 1.0
       -Has basic format, nothing special
       -Have strategies for all opponents 
       -General Strategies used in every fight
       -My Scores as of March 23 2003
    Version 1.1
       -A note about Bald Bull added.
       -Added Samurai Katsu to thank you list
       -Better Don Flamenco 2 strategy
       -Minor formatting
    Version 1.2
       -Current version
       -Added Soda Popinski strat
       -A few notes here and there
       -Submit to gameFAQs
    This guide was designed to assist you in obtaining high pointage,
    well, ok, its a high score guide. Personally, Im not great at 
    getting fast times, I think I have a good time and then one of you 
    guys on the board beats it by like a minute... oh well. But, I am
    somehow killer at getting points. So, I like to try for points 
    most of the time. As I say, "time for show, points for dough".
    So this guide is for high scores. Those of you requiring punching
    patterns or speed strategies or general info about the game, see
    Brian's excellent FAQ and come back to this one when you wanna go
    for points.
    Scoring occurs as follows:
    normal punch  : 10 points
    gaining a Star: 110 points
    Star punch    : 500 points
    Knockdown     : 1010 points
    Star Knockdown: 1500 points
    I list estimated score on top of each strategy because you'll most
    likely never get the same score twice. That's an estimated score 
    using that strategy, to get higher either involves perfectly 
    following that strategy or luck.
    Im used to using original terms or words you might not be familiar
    with. Below is a list of hopefully all those words.
    My Terminology:
    These are terms I use throughout the FAQ, they might be uncommonly
    used words, or abbreviations.
    A straight punch fired at opponent's face.
    A straight punch fired at opponent's gut.
    The word I use for belly.
    The big emotional thing on your melon.
    A jab fired by Little Mac to the face with his right hand.
    A jab fired by Little Mac to the face with his left hand.
    A bodyblow to the gut by Little Mac with his right.
    An organization to help the barbers in Turkey...alright, it's 
    actually a left bodyblow to the gut by Little Mac, but you get the 
    #Star Punch#
    What I decided to call Little Mac's super attack.
    A punch that stops an opponents punch, it doesn't necessarily 
    connect. See, when you see Bald Bull do his twirly arm thingie 
    before he does a jab, and punch his gut during that, he blocks it, 
    but doesn't hit you with the jab you interrupted. To me, those are 
    counter punches, whether they connect or not. But, if they connect 
    or not is case specific, and will be noted in each appearance of 
    the term. So this definition makes little to no sense, onwards!
    The boxing equivalent of a haymaker.
    A punch that starts low and finishes high, usually catches someone
    under the chin.
    #Select Trick#
    Holding select in between rounds slightly recovers Little Macs
    #2x LF Combo#
    The combo used to get stars easily on Piston Honda 2. LF, he 
    blocks, pause to lower his guard and use another LF, catching him 
    off guard earning you a star.
    When your opponent appears to be walking in place. I call those 
    steps. They're mostly used to time punches by you.
    General Strategies:
    -Try to only do punches that score high points, like star obtain
     punches and star punches. Make as many knockdowns as possible 
     star knockdowns.
    -Opponents gain back life when they hit you, use this tactic to 
     gain extra hits on them. This technique is most obvious with King
     Hippo scores:
     Here's a diagram of your life bar
     So you know, the bar is filled halfway past the second dot. This 
     is as far as your opponents (or you for that matter) can recover 
     by hitting you. If their life is lower than that and you get hit,
     they recover slightly.
    -Know when your opponents can only take 2 more normal punches. So,
     stun them if necessary, or just get another star then send him to 
     the floor witha star punch for maximum points. However, sometimes
     it is better to use a normal knockdown, accidental KO's can be 
     quite annoying.
    -Force punches. This is usually done by swinging at an opponent 
     and they block/dodge it. Like on Mr Sandman, if you jab his face 
     he will dodge and use a hook on you.
    -The combo used to get stars easily on Piston Honda 2. LF, he 
     blocks, pause to lower his guard and use another LF, catching
     him off guard earning you a star. This is called 2x LF combo!
    Glass Joe:
    Estimated score- 12000
    Round 1
    Stand. Wait. At the 40 second mark, he does his taunting thing. 
    Stare blindly at him. But, as soon as you see him prepare his hook
    use a LF. Now, the star pattern. Glass Joe is a random guy who 
    doesn't like to give people stars, the greedy bastard. SO, use 
    this technique. LF LG LF LG and so on. He blocks every face or 
    every gut punch, but the ones that do connect are most likely a 
    star. Use stars as soon as you get them. He'll go down around 1:20
    depending on his greediness level.
    Now, if he gets up at 1, fine. Continue the pattern without stars 
    and send him to the floor again with a star when he's low on 
    stamina, approximately 2:50. If he didn't get up at 1, continue 
    the pattern using stars as soon as you get them for another 
    knockdown around 2:10. Wait until round 2 in either case, do not 
    damage the poor sap anymore... this round.
    Round 2
    Continue the pattern until the 30 second mark. He does his taunter
    hook, like before swing as soon as he prepares. Then continue the
    pattern LF LG LF LG but no star punches. Get him 1 hit away from
    a knockdown and wait until 1:30 to send him to the floor.
    He gets up, most often at 1, but in either case only use the star
    to knock him down. You've hurt him enough for round 2. Wait until
    round 3 to beat him up some more.
    Round 3
    END IT- NOW!!! He is going to KO the first knockdown no matter 
    what you do. So, start up our friend the pattern, use no stars 
    except for the finisher. KO!
    Von Kaiser:
    Estimated score- 11000
    Round 1
    Begin with a LF. Then, dodge his normal jab and hit him with 5 
    counter punches. Then, wait for him to throw his next jab. As soon
    as he lifts his guard, LG him for a star. Deliberately get hit by 
    his next jab (ill explain why later) then once he lifts his guard
    LG for another star. use it, counter his next jab with a LG for 
    another star, use this one. continue this pattern until he falls 
    Now, the reason you got hit was so he doesnt get up at 1 
    preventing you from using your star punches. So, he uses 2
    uppercuts because you knocked him down, but before he does, LF 
    immediately once he gets up for a star, then counter  both
    uppercuts with LGs for stars. ignore that you have these 3 stars, 
    and LF for another, counter his jab with a LG for yet another 
    star. From here, continue the pattern from earlier on to get him
    down again. 
    Time should be around 1:40 by now. He gets up, immediately LF him 
    for a star, counter the 2 uppercuts for stars with LGs and then 
    another LF for a star. counter his jab, but instead of star punch,
    LF him for another star. Keep up the LG LF pattern until hes 1 hit
    away from dying. Now, deliberately get hit 3 times so he recovers 
    a bit. LG counter his jabs for more stars, but dont knock him down 
    and dont get knocked down yourself. Continue till end of r1. If 
    you're nearly dead, use the select trick to recover some. 
    Round 2
    Continue the get hit, get stars pattern until around 1:30. You'll
    most likely get knocked down somewhere along the way, please, try
    to get up. After the 1:30 mark, get him to about 1 hit away from 
    getting knocked down and use a star punch. Why wait? so he'll 
    actually get up. You should be on or about 10000 points by now.
    Keep up the get hit/ get some stars pattern, but before the round
    ends, star knockdown him for KO. Don't bother going into round 3,
    even if you continue the get hit/get some stars pattern, you wont 
    get many more points. KO!
    Piston Honda:
    Estimated score- 18000
    Round 1
    LF. He blocks this, but then he lowers his guard, so LFx3 for 3 
    stars. Use all 3. Now, LF again. He blocks and lowers his guard.
    LFx3 for 3 more stars. Use them. LF, he blocks, LF for a star, 
    use it and he's down. Hopefully, the clock is around 50 seconds,
    and your points are exactly 5270. He'll get up at 1.
    He gets up, LF, he blocks, LFx4 this time, each giving you stars.
    Set up your blocks, he's gonna use the Piston punch now. Block 
    the first 4 and dodge the last one to save yourself a heart. Now,
    dodge the uppercut, wait until he's done then LF, he blocks, LFx3
    for 3 stars. LF, he blocks, LF for a star. Continue this pattern 
    until around 2:30, and if you get hit by an uppercut, thats okay.
    At precisely 2:30, use the star.
    He gets up, most likely at 2, so LF, he blocks, LFx4 for 4 stars.
    He does the Piston punch, block the first 4 and dodge the last
    one. Dodge his uppercut, then LF, he blocks, LFx3 for 3 stars. 
    Round over. Save the select trick for next intermission though.
    Your points should be around 9000
    Round 2
    Lf, he blocks, LFx4- 4 stars. LF, block, LF, star, continue until 
    the 40 second mark. He backs off for the Piston punch. Counter
    it with a star punch for a knockdown.
    He gets up at 1, so LF, block, LFx4, 4 stars, LF, block, LF star 
    and so on until 2:20. He backs off for Piston punch again. Same
    as before, tag him with a star uppercut to send him to the floor.
    He gets up, LF, block, LFx4, 4 stars, LF block, LF star until end 
    of round. The chances of you gotten hit by uppercuts during this
    round are quite good, you're probably almost down, so use the 
    select trick.
    Round 3
    Lf, he blocks, LFx4 for 4 stars, he backs off for the Piston 
    punch. Block it, dodge the last one, wait until after his 
    uppercut to start the LF, block, LF, star combo. Around 1:30 he 
    should be incredibly weak, so get knocked down. Get up LF, block,
    LF star until he's weak again. Get knocked down again. Get up,
    continue the combo until he's weak. Dodge his punches until the
    2:30 mark until he does Piston punch again. Tag him with a star
    for a knockdown.
    Now, Hopefully, HOPEFULLY he gets up, LF, block, LF, star and the
    fight's over. KO! If he didn't get up, that just means your score 
    will be 2000 points lower than it could have been.
    Don Flamenco 1:
    Estimated Score- 13000, 15000 with late counters
    Round 1
    This one requires a little practice. Timing is the key to sucess.
    Begin the round by forcing him to do an uppercut with a LF. Dodge 
    it, and at the very last possible second, RF him for a star. This
    is the timing thing I mentioned. Now, get him to within 1 punch
    of a knockdown. Wait until 1:00 so he gets up with more stamina, 
    then starknockdown him. Your points should be on or about 2000.
    If you're particularly good at the last star hits, try to get in 
    more of those before you knock him down.
    Now, he gets up. Begin pounding the B button to counter his 
    uppercuts for stars each time. Stop when he's one hit away from a
    knockdown. Wait until about the 2:30 mark and starknockdown him. 
    He gets up, continue the furious pounding of B button. NOW- this 
    next part is up to you: if you can almost at will get the delayed 
    star, leave him with 2 hits left. If not, only 1.
    Round 2
    Now, if you opted for the star, LF/dodge, late counter for the 
    star. Then wait, in either scenario till 1:15. Starknockdown if
    possible, or just normal knockdown. 
    Time for the B button killing! Wait until 1 hit left, and wait 
    until 2:30 again. Star knockdown. Now, hammer that blasted B 
    button some more, and again opt for either the 2 hit star/ 
    knockdown or single hit in round 3. I advise to stick with what 
    you do best.
    Round 3
    Wait for 1:30 and then knock him down whatever way you picked 
    earlier. He gets up, kill button B, when 1 hit left, dodge/star 
    knockdown. KO!
    King Hippo:
    Estimated score- 1440
    Round 1
    Play as usual, dodging his regular jabs, countering his jaw 
    opening jabs and give him some bodyblows. When he has 1 hit left, 
    get hit by his normal jabs, dodge his jaw opening ones. Once 
    you're out of stars, dodge the first to jaw ones, counter the 3rd
    and get hit 1 hit away from KO again. Continue this pattern, and 
    if you get knocked down he immediately uses a jaw opener when you
    get up. Counter that and weaken him. Only get knocked down 2 
    times this round. Definitely use the select trick.
    Round 2
    Now, the tricky part. Its more or less the same as before, but 
    you can only afford getting knocked down one more time. So 
    please, do not get knocked down more than once. Like always, only
    get hit by his regular jabs, counter/weaken after out of hearts 
    combo. When you can not take any more damage at all, finish him. 
    NOTE: Try not to get up at 1, because if you do, to me it seems
    that he can knock you down in 1 hit with a regular jab. 4 or 5 is
    a much safer choice. 9 is another dangerous number to get up on
    despite your maximum health, because you go down in 1 hit 
    Great Tiger:
    Estimated score- 20000
    Round 1
    Hold the up button. This helps predict when he does his flashy 
    jab. Once his guard drops, LF for a star. Continue this. 8 stars 
    later, he resorts to a stupider tactic- 10 consecutive uppercuts.
    Heehee... when he goes down, counter with LG counter the next one
    with RG, LG RG LG RG for the first set of 10. The next set 
    happens soon afterward. LG RG and so on until he can take only 1 
    punch. Dodge and starpunch for a knockdown. 
    He gets up and continues his stupid pattern. This time, LG then 
    dodge/LF starpunch, Then continue with LG RG LG RG until he backs 
    off for his Tiger Punch. Block the stupid thing and star 
    knockdown him. 
    Time is about 2:45 and your score is close to 8000. He gets up, 
    and goes back to the 10 uppercuts pattern. LG RG until end of 
    round 1.
    Round 2
    He opens with the Tiger Punch. Block it, and ignore that urge to
    jab him knocking him down. Be patient. Now, hold up, he wants to 
    try his flashy jabs again. Hit him as soon as his guard drops for 
    stars. At 1:30, he uses the uppercuts again. Dodge/star punch 
    twice and then at 1:40 the Tiger Punch returns. Block it, and 
    send him to the floor with a star punch. 
    He gets up, counter his uppercuts until he has 2 hits left, 
    dodge/LF star punch. Check your score (15000) and time (2:50). 
    You can get in 2 more uppercut counters this round. Use the 
    select trick if you got hit.
    Round 3
    He begins with his Tiger Punch again. Like before, block it but
    do not knock him down. Back to the uppercuts. LG RG, you know the 
    drill. When weak, dodge/LF star punch for a knockdown. time is 
    close to 1:20. 
    Now, he gets up, more of those uppercuts, get stars. At 1:40 
    comes... you guessed it, the Tiger Punch. Block it but dont knock
    him down. He still has plenty of stamina. Continue getting stars 
    from his uppercuts, and he goes for the Tiger Punch  again at 
    2:20. Send him down with a star punch this time.
    Time is about 2:45, so you must be fast. Get a star with LG from 
    his uppercut, dodge/LF star knockdown. TKO, but if you feel you 
    don't have enough time left, just skip to the dodge starknockdown 
    part to get in those last 1520 points. Check your score- KAPOW!
    Well over 20000 points!
    NOTE: In this strategy I suggested dodging and starring his 
    uppercuts. If you dont have perfect timing it is wise to stun him
    with a LF before unloading the star, but you can quick dodge and
    use a star, but your timing must be perfect.
    A Note About Bald Bull
    Bald Bull is the opponent with the highest possible attainable
    scores. The current record is approx. 28000 by Daniel T, though
    scores well into 30000 are quite possible. If you are over 30000
    please be sure to let me know, as this will be the first over 
    30000 score in Punch Out history. This walkthrough may be very
    hard to follow, but thats because of all the different random 
    factors which occur.
    Bald Bull 1:
    Estimated score- Above 20000
    Round 1
    Everyone's seen the 17 second knockdown NSM right? No? Anyways,
    here's the run down. He opens up with sets of two rolling jabs.
    What you do if LF LF the first ones as he does them, getting a 
    star. Use it immediately, then LF Star. LF star again twice and 
    he's down. Time is 18 seconds, your score is exactly 3460.
    Now, he gets up. Immediately LF, countering his jab and possibly 
    getting a star. Now, this is the tricky part. Bald Bull now goes
    through 3 sets of patterns as follows. Instead of step by step as
    this is random, I will list each pattern and what you should do.
    Firstly, he does two hooks. Then he does either a hook and 
    anywhere between 1 and 6 uppercuts. Thats the one we dont want.
    However, he may do 3 rolling jabs instead. Thats what we want. Ok
    so LF his first hook, you should get a star. USE IT IMMEDIATELY!
    But if you didnt, LF his next hook, and you will definitively get
    one this time. Since he takes a few seconds to select which of
    two attacks to use, wait for him to take one step before using
    this star. Now, if he goes for the hook+uppercuts, LF his hook
    for a star, and dodge his uppercuts 'till he stops, then he goes
    back to the double hooks. If he went for rolling jabs, good. LFx3
    Through them, you'll get 2 to 3 stars. Use one immediately, which
    hits him before his hook, then use another one hitting him during
    his second hook. If you got 3, allow him one step before using it
    and then he'll do either rolling jabs or uppercuts. Continue with
    these two counter patterns until either 1. You get him down 2. 
    the 2 minute mark.
    If you got him down, good. IM expecting your score is close to 
    8500. Now, continue the counter patterns, but do not use stars!!
    Only counter his hooks and jabs for stars until the 2 minute mark
    where he will bull charge. Dodge this until end of round. (Your
    Score = approx 9000)
    If you didnt get him down, good. Counter his bull charge for 
    knockdown number 2. If he had tons of health left, restart, your
    score is much lower than 7500, which is what it would be about
    right now in this scenario. Now, continue as above minus the star
    punches until the 230 mark or until he has about 5 normal punches
    of health left, at the end of the round your score is close to 
    8500, after dodging the bull charge for 30 seconds.
    Round 2
    Lets continue with scenario 1, where you dodged his bull charge
    for a minute. He's got about 70% his health, and we NEED him down 
    between 129 and 133. Why? because the bull charge is a huge pain 
    in the arse thats why. So he opens with 2 to 3 rolling jabs, LF
    them all for 2 to 3 stars. Dodge his first hook, use one. Notice
    it does more damage than starpunching through the hook. Dodge his
    next one and starpunch again. Now, if he didnt pass out, he'll go
    either jabs or uppers again. If he went jabs LFx3 should be good.
    If not use a star after all those. If he went uppers, pray. LF 
    his hook dodge the first upper and use a star. hopefully it hits.
    If you dont want to take this risk, just jab him to death after
    the upper, but you get less points this way. Your score is now
    anywhere between 11 and 13 thousand.
    Scenario 2, he's weaker, maybe really weak. Anyways, 1 star punch
    is enough to mat him in this scenario so LF his initial jabs for
    some stars, LF his hooks for some more. If he goes jabs, LF them
    and then use a star for a knockdown. If he goes uppers, dodge the
    hook and star for a knockdown. Again, if you wanna take the risk
    you can get a star and try using it after the upper if your after
    the ultimate score. If it looks like any punch i mentioned here
    other than the knockdown ones will knock him down, just dodge his
    moves until we get to the spot in the pattern where i said to 
    knock him down. Your score is between 10 and 12 thousand.
    Now, In either case you might have some stars, 1 or 2, use them
    during the hooks he uses as soon as he gets up. Now then, after 
    those hooks (you might have had to LF them if you had no stars,
    which is OK) Continue with the counter patterns, but dont use no 
    starpunches. We dont want to knock him down yet. Once it gets 
    close to the 2 minute mark then begin using stars, hopefully get
    him down during the 2 minute mark (158-202) so he wont bull 
    charge. But if he gets the charge out just counter it. Your score
    is anywhere between 14 and 20 thousand now. No matter how you 
    just knocked him down, only get stars and leave him with at least
    5 normal punches left. If you screwed up and knocked him down
    before 2 minutes, you'll be dodgin the bull charge some more, and
    he'll have much more health at r3 than we want.
    Round 3
    You've made it this far. Good. Now, we want to TKO him this round
    so show no mercy, BUT, try to get him down during the 1 minute
    mark the first time to not knock him down by that bull charge, so
    you get more points. He opens this round with the two hooks, you
    know what to do. Continue doing this until 1 minute, try to send 
    him to the floor around here the first knockdown. If you send him
    down before this and he does the bull charge, get hit by it. If
    your timing was good and you skipped the bullcharge good. 
    Now for the second knockdown. He will begin from where i left off
    in either case with the 2 hooks, if you got stars use em. Use 
    stars this time throughout the pattern too. Now, you gotta make a
    decision. Do you want a high score or an extra high score?
    HIGH SCORE- Knock him down before 230, wayy before. He will get
    up with very little health, finish him on his bull charge at 230.
    TKO! Your Score = anywhere between 19 and 27 thousand. TKO
    VERY HIGH SCORE- Weaken him with the LFs getting you stars, use 
    stars if he has craploads of health left. Once he's got between 1
    and 2 normal punches left, wait until 230, and get him down your
    second time off the bullcharge. Hel get up and use the two hooks.
    You have no reason to not have 3 stars now. Use 2 during the 
    hooks, give him his one step and use the third sending him down
    ridiculously close to the end of the fight (beyond 256 mostly).
    That is why this way is risky, but you will get about 1500 more 
    points if done correctly. But if you go to the end of the round..
    you lose by split decision, which sucks very much. Your score is
    anywhere between 21 and 30 thousand. TKO
    ADDITIONAL NOTE: You can get stars off of his uppercuts, but it
    is by dodging and delayed LFing them. The timing is difficult
    and may take practice. The star only appears 90% of the time 
    though, but if you're good at these delayed punches i recommend
    them for extra points.
    If you were lucky and he never went uppers, you could have broken
    30000. Please e mail me or post such an awesome result on the 
    boards. If you found this strategy to hard to follow, don't
    complain. I will make a point to make this easier to follow in
    future versions of this FAQ.
    Piston Honda 2:
    Estimated score- 13000
    Round 1
    Start with a LF. he blocks. LF, this one connects, LF, block LF,
    connect. One the 4th time you connect this way you get a star. 
    Use it. now, this is the reflexing part. Quickdodge the jab, hit 
    him with RF, too slow and he will block, quickdodge, RF, too slow
    and he will block. You get 2 stars, if not, this startegy will 
    not work. Now, dodge his uppercut and give him 4 LF's. Dodge the 
    next one, 2 LF's followed by a star punch, and immediately after 
    use another star punch for the firtst knockdown. 
    He gets up, time is around 50 secs. Now, LF, he blocks, LF and 
    use a starpunch. Now, he learns its a good idea too dodge those
    nasty star punches of yours, so lets resort to a slightly 
    different tactic: use them while he's stunned. Anyway, worry 
    about that later, its time to block the piston punch. Block, 
    block, block, dodge, dodge both his uppercuts but dont counter.
    Now, LF, he blocks, LF, star. Keep an eye on your heart count.
    Once it gets around 4 or 5 stars, he's gonna blink/3 jabs. Use a
    star during his blink, and quick dodge the next 2 jabs countering
    with RF's for stars. Now, dodge the uppercut, LF, starknockdown.
    He gets up, jab his face. You'll be out of stars, so dodge his 
    next 2 hooks and keep dodging the rest of this round. No select 
    trick in between rounds. The reason you got heartless was to stop 
    him using the piston punch. Your score is about 6000.
    Round 2
    LF, he blocks, LF star. 4 of these then starpunch, it will
    connect. Dodge his first jab, then he goes for the piston punch.
    Block, block, block, dodge, dodge uppercut, 4 LF's, dodge, LF 
    starknockdown. score around 8500, and he gets up at 1.
    Now, do 5 2x LF combos, followed by 2 LF's, which he will block
    both of. Dodge his 2 hooks, counter with 4 LF's, dodge his funny 
    noise uppercut and use 4 LF's. 2 more 2x LF's and then block the
    piston punch in the normal way. Quickdodge/counter his uppercuts
    with 5 LF's and 4 LF's followed by starknockdown.
    He gets up at 1 again, and you've got around 11000 points. 2 2x 
    LF combos will net you 2 stars, use a LF, you're tired. Dodge 3
    hooks and a crazy noise uppercut and round 2 is over. Use the
    select trick.
    Round 3
    5 2x LF combos. He backs off for the piston punch. Block the 
    first 3 punches, but get hit by the 3rd. Dodge the 2 uppercuts,
    and you're still tired. Now at the 1 minute mark he does piston
    punch yet again. Block the first 3, dodge the last one, regaining
    your punchability. Quickdodge the 2 uppercuts, counter them both 
    with 5 LF's. Now use 4 2x LF combos for some stars, after the 4th
    one, send him to the floor with a star. KO! Your score is around
    Soda Popinski:
    Estimated Score- 14500
    NOTE: You only have 8 hearts this fight. Take care not to lose 
    them, especially in round 2, so that you can get the highest
    possible score.
    Round 1
    Soda opens with 2 hooks: RF them for stars. Now, he'll either do
    2 uppercuts or 2 hooks again. Ill go through both scenarios.
    Uppers- Quickdodge each one, use 6 normal punches and a star. LF
    his jab and use that star to send him to the mat (45 secs). 
    Hooks- RF them both for stars. Dodge his uppercut, 6 normal 
    punches and then a starpunch. Same on next upper, but use two 
    stars instead. The second one will connect during his jab, 
    sending him flying (50 seconds).
    In either case You're out of stars and have around 3000 points.
    Now, Soda will be dodgin your stars, so use them only to floor
    him at times when they will connect.
    Anyways, he gets up RF through his jabs for stars. Now, he'll go
    either hooks or uppers, hooks you already know how to get stars.
    To get stars on uppers block before he starts them. You'll notice
    he ducks and does nothing. Gut him for a star. Just so ya know,
    after you punch his gut, Soda goes down with only 1 star. So dont
    use any... yet. Gut his next upper also, LF his jab (he usually
    does one after uppers). Now, if you run out of hearts, which is
    quite likely, dont worry, all is good. Dodge the hook. He now 
    does some dancin moves and 3 jabs. Dodge the first one, 3xLF it 
    and LF the next 2 for stars.
    Keep at the ways mentioned to get stars and when time approaches 
    220, time a star to hit him during a hook or jab, both which 
    happen right after uppercuts.
    Continue getting stars until the end of the round. Your score is 
    about 6500.
    Round 2
    OK, this is where pointin gets easy. He opens with uppers- uppers
    are much more common ths round. Block and gut with the opposite 
    hand of his upper for stars. He then uses hooks, RF them both.
    Uppers again, block/gut them. He continues alternating between 
    the two. When he gets low, time a star to hit him during a hook.
    Your score will be around 8500 at this knockdown and time is 
    around 50 seconds.
    He gets up and opens with uppers. He alternates between hooks and
    uppers, but may occasionally do the dancin 3 jab combo- LF them
    all. When he gets low time a star to hit him during a hook or his
    dancin moves to send him down. Your score is about 10500, and its 
    close to 150.
    Now, continue getting stars this round, but leave him with 2 hits 
    left. Then wait until round 3. Your score is about 11500. Use the
    select trick if necessary.
    Round 3
    So you left him with 2 hits. Excellent. block/RG his initial 
    upper, and dodge/star the next one. Your score is 13000 about.
    Now, he SHOULD get up, but he might KO here, if he doesnt, block/
    RG his upper, dodge/star the next one for KO! Your score is about
    Bald Bull 2:
    Estimated Score- 15000
    NOTE: Only star punches and countering the bull charge knock him 
    down- use this to your advantage ad get many many stars.
    Round 1
    This Bald Bull is very much like the previous one, though the 
    timing for stars is different, and he is going to KO in round 3.
    Ok, he opens with rolling jabs. Dodge them and LG for stars, but
    the timing is difficult and if you dont get them its OK. Now, he
    scratches his ears, LG him for a star. Now, we see the patterns 
    like before. He'll go two hooks and then either uppers or jabs.
    We want uppers this time though. Ok, anyways, dodge and delay LFs
    on his hooks for stars, both of them. Now, if he goes uppers, 
    good. Dodge the initial hook, LF followed by starpunch, dodge the
    uppercut LF then starpunch, dodge the upper LF starpunch and he's 
    down. If he went jabs, use a star when he scratches his ear, 
    dodge LG the jabs then dodge LF starpunch the two hooks and he's
    In either scenario the time is about 100 and your score is about 
    3000. He gets up, use a LG for a star. LF his hook for a star,
    dodge the next one and LF starpunch. If he goes jabs, starpunch
    his ear scratching and keep getting stars until 155. If he goes 
    uppers, dodge and LF starpunch the hook then get stars off the 
    uppers via late LFs. Continue getting stars until 155: dodge a
    hook or upper or whatever and LF starpunch to send him to the mat
    at about 2:00, avoiding the bull charge. Your score is about 
    Continue getting stars by late LFs or LGing his ears scratching
    and dodge LGing his jabs. Your score is about 7500 at the end of
    this round, and he's almost down.
    Round 2
    OK, he's almost down, good. Dodge and LG his opening jabs, they
    range from 1-2 jabs. Then, late punch his two hooks for stars.
    If he scratches his ear, starpunch to knock him down. If he 
    throws another hook, intending to go uppers, dodge it LF 
    starpunch for the first knockdown. Either one occurs around 30
    Now, when he gets up get the star from his ear scratch, dodge 
    LF Starpunch the two hooks. The continue getting stars until 
    155, at which time hit him with a star to floor him. Then, 
    continue getting stars until the end of round 2. Use the select 
    trick if necessary. Your score is about 11000
    Round 3
    Ok, now you've been almost flawless so far right? Good. He goes
    right to his patterns this round, starting with the 2 hooks. Get
    stars on them Get stars on his next combo and at 30 he goes for
    the bull charge: get knocked down. When you get up LG for a star
    then continue getting stars until 100 where he does the bull
    charge, again, get knocked down. Now, continue getting stars 
    until 155 when its time to end this fight with a star. KO! Your 
    score is about 15000.
    Don Flamenco 2:
    Estimated Score- 13500
    NOTE: You can't always get stars when mentioned in this strategy.
    Don doesnt give up stars easily, but this only really matters
    early in round 1. The stars in round 2 always come up, and there 
    most needed. If you dont get the stars where mentioned dont get
    discouraged: just get him down twice each round and KO in the 
    last one.
    Round 1
    Better safe than sorry. I dont care how good your timing is, you
    gotta follow this strategy exactly if your gonna live 3 rounds 
    and get a good score.
    For the first 130, he does 3 jabs and a hook. So, you dodge the
    first jab then LG his next jab for a star, if you didnt get a
    star LG the next one too for a star Then, dodge his  hook, LF 
    and Starpunch. Repeat until he collapses, around 110. Your score 
    is about 2800. The third star doesnt come as readily as the 
    first two, if you dont get it a normal knockdown will suffice.
    Ok, now this will sound wierd. Dodge his jab, then LG the next 2 
    jabs for a star. He's now in his "funk".LF him, dodge and use 
    that star. Now, LG him until you got no hearts left and let him 
    knock you down. Now, hammer the B button to counter his 8 Right 
    Cross Uppercuts, you will get between 2 and 8 stars, but most 
    likely only 2. LF, dodge star. Lf dodge star he's down.
    If you got 3 or more stars now LF dodge star. Then wait until 
    round 2. Your score is about 6000.
    Round 2
    LG him until your outta hearts, let him knock you down. Notice
    your puny health bar. YOU CAN NOT GET KNOCKED DOWN AGAIN THIS
    FIGHT TAKE NO CHANCES. LGx8 the cross uppers for 2 to 8 stars,
    most likely 2 again. LF dodge star. Lf dodge star. LF dodge star, 
    if you got 3 of them. He would have gone down on the second,
    maybe first one, but either way use all 3(2) now. 
    Now then, wait until the 2 minute mark where he goes back to 3 
    jabs and 1 hook. Dodge the jab, LFx4, LG the next one, and the 
    next one if no star. Then dodge the hook and use it. If he didnt 
    go down, dodge the first jab, LG the next 2 for a star, dodge the 
    hook and star punch him to the floor. Your score is about 12000 at
    the end of this round. If your first star did in fact knock him 
    down, you still have time and he still has health for the second. 
    Use the select trick between rounds you really need it. Now you 
    can afford to screw up once but thats it. A NOTE if you got tons 
    of stars of the 8 cross uppers, and hit him with one after you 
    knocked him down this round, omit the LFx4 on the first combo.
    Round 3
    He's going to KO the first knockdown no matter what. So, end it
    quickly to avoid loss. He has two combos this round: he opens
    with a jab and 3 hooks, and then goes 2 jabs, 2 hooks. Dodge his
    jab, LF the 3 hooks and use a star if you got one. If not, dodge
    his jab, LG the next one and use the star you would get there.
    Either star would send him to the mat for KO! Your score is about
    Mr Sandman:
    Estimated Score- 11000
    Round 1
    Mr Sandman, is, quite simply, a point nazi. This little bugger
    refuses to let us get any stars before round 3, which reduces the
    score and makes writing this strategy all the easier for me. All
    you gotta do this round is knock him down twice. Simple really.
    Round 2
    Knock him down twice again. Get knocked down in between them so
    he wont KO next round. After you get him down twice, no punchy. 
    We want him at maximum health possible for start of next round.
    Use select trick. 
    Round 3
    Now, to get some points. Your score is probly 5000 going into 
    this round. Now, have any of you heard of Sandman's Nightmare?
    That is how we get stars. RF, dodge his counter, RF RG delayed RG
    for a star. Practice your timing for stars. As soon as you get 
    one, let it rip- Sandman sucks at dodging stars. 2 of these will 
    be enough to get him down the first time(7500).
    Dodge his Midnight Sleepers, 2 more star combos for another 
    knockdown (10000). 
    And dodge sleepers, twice if its close to 130 cause he will do 
    them again, Then do 1 combo ending the fight (11000). If you want,
    you can try getting knocked down this round to make him get up 
    with more health, allowing you a few extra points. TKO
    Super Macho Man:
    Estimated Score- 16000
    Machoman is another random bugger, but in this case its not so 
    bad. There are a few things you need to know, before going 
    through this "walkthrough". 
    Firstly, he uses either hooks or uppercuts. Be sure you can dodge
    and late punch these for stars. Secondly, you must know about 
    gutters. These can be done during the time he pauses before the
    spin punch or super spin punch. When he stops punching you for a 
    bit, tap up and LG for a star, LG, tap up and LG for a star and 
    so on. If your fast enough you can stop him from acting for 
    awhile. You can also score about 2-3 gutters at the start of each
    Thirdly, you need to know how to connect with stars. Macho is an
    excellent dodger, so only use stars at the following times:
    -Quickdodge (I mean REALLY quick) a hook and immediately use a
    star, this connects 75% of the time.
    -When he pauses for the spin punch, not the super one when you
    knock him down, try going tap up LG star punch, rinse and repeat,
    stars connect about 80% of the time here.
    -Dodge (not quickdodge) the super spin punch and hit him 3 times
    then fire a star. You can also try hitting him with stars while
    he pauses for this move but the chance is much lower (40%)
    -The first star of every round connects 100% of the time in those
    four instances
    -NEVER use a star after an uppercut. He always seems to dodge 
    them, or go down for another uppercut while your punching and hit
    you with that.
    Phew! Got all that? Le's go!
    Round 1
    Start with a couple gutters, but these wont get you stars. He 
    starts punching, dodge and get stars. Use them after hooks if 
    possible. If he pauses for a spin punch, go gutters. Knockdown 
    will occur around 120. 
    Gutters, dodge the super spin punch, and use a star during it. 
    Now he's either punching or pausing, do the applicable. 
    Knockdown occurs around 230 this time, he gets up.
    Gutters, and dodge his super spin and counter it with a few 
    punches and a star punch. No more punching this round. Your score
    is about 7000. Be sure to get hit once this round, but not 
    knocked down.
    Round 2
    Start with 1-2 gutters, these get stars. Hes either punching or 
    pausing, do as is neccessary. Knock him down (around 100). 
    And gutters, dodge super spin, counter with a couple punches and 
    a star. Now, hes either punching or pausing again. Next knockdown 
    is about 145. 
    Gutters, but take a hit from the super spin to kiss the mat. KO 
    = bad, remember? Now, only get stars until end of round, dont use
    any. Your score is around 12500. Use the select trick.
    Round 3
    Open with a couple gutters, then do as necessary, hell go down 
    before 30 seconds most likely. 
    Gutters, and get hit by the spin punch. Get up, and hes either 
    punching or pausing. Next knockdown happens around 110 this 
    Now, he might get up, allowing you more points, definitively 
    dont get hit by the super spin as you will get KOed. Then, just 
    finish him off. TKO, score is around 16000.
    Mr Dream/Mike Tyson:
    NOTE: This was written assuming you're fighting Mr dream, so
    replace any "Mr Dream"'s with Mike Tyson.
    Estimated score- 14000
    Round 1
    Dream opens up with 1:30 of dynamite punches. I hope you know how 
    to dodge these! Dodge and hit him with the same arm as him for 
    extra damage. This sounds wierd, i know, when most of the 
    strategies here discourage extra damage, but you really need 2 
    knockdowns this round. But, dont delay the second punch for extra
    damage, 1 strong punch is good enough. Hopefully, he'll use 16
    dynamite punches and will go down around 1:30. 
    Now he gets up, its hook time! Dodge these and hit him with 2 
    jabs, either hand it makes no difference. If you dont get hit, 
    and you should not, he goes down around 2:45. Now, just dodge his 
    hooks the rest of the round, no more damage. If you get over 2600 
    points this round, good going. DO NOT LOSE ANY HEARTS!!!
    Round 2
    He opens with, as Brian so cleverly puts them, the "Evil Jabs".
    Block the stinking things and IMMEDIATELY use a LG. You get a 
    star. You can do 9 of these block/get stars right now. At 30
    seconds, he starts using hooks. Dodge, then LF starpunch. Do this
    3 times. If he hasn't fallen down yet, Just regular punch him 
    down, he will be low on health. 
    Now he gets up, time is around 50 seconds. Master late punching
    his hooks and uppercuts, if done at the last possible second, you 
    get a star. Do many, many of these. However, at 1:30 he does his 
    blinky move. Punch at the first possible second to get a star 
    without risk of accidentally knocking him down. Block the ensuing 
    4 punch combo. Now, he uses 2 uppercuts. Late punch them both for
    stars. Keep up the starring but once he has 1 hit left, let him 
    be, until 2:30. Use a star, it will connect somewhere during his 
    blinking, he goes down at approximately 2:32. 
    Your score should be at, if not, close to 10 grand. Now, get 
    knocked down. This sounds really stupid, but if you dont, you 
    will probably get a KO in round 3. Use the select trick in 
    between rounds.
    Round 3
    Ah! Randomness at it's finest! Mr Dream is now seriously 
    unpredictable, so any success you have depends on your reflexes.
    Still, late punch his hooks/uppercuts. But, once you get a star
    you'll be using them this round. So, dodge whatever punch he's 
    concocting, LF, pause EVER SO SLIGHTLY, then let it rip. You 
    paused to hit him the second after he shakes off the stun, doing
    less damage then a stunned star punch.  Depending on what punches 
    he's thrown, he goes down around 1:20. 
    Now, keep it up, but at 1:40 he blinks again. Quickly tap his face
    at the first moment possible like before for a star. Block all 4 
    punches. Now, you're out of hearts most likely. Dodge the 2 
    uppercuts, countering the second with as many punches as possible,
    less 1, followed by the  star. He goes down again. 
    Time is about 2:00. This fight has gone on long enough, get a 
    star, use it and finish him off. TKO.
    NOTE: He sometimes does the Evil Jabs again in round 3. These are
    somewhat predictable, he usually goes a few seconds without 
    punching, so block/LG them for stars. After 2 of those he always 
    uses a uppercut, so be careful.
    OTHER NOTE: For more tips on beating Dream/Tyson, see Brian's 
    excellent vs. Mike Tyson FAQ.
    My Best Scores:
    These are my current bests, but I still feel like I can improve 
    on most of them. If you can beat any of these scores, go to 
    www.freenet.de/tomspunchout or 
    Or, if you have a high score just go there any way, and add yours 
    to the list. They also accept killer times as well. Well, even if
    you dont have any good times or high scores, just go to those 
    sites anyway, they're probably the best Mike Tyson's Punch Out 
    sites on the net.
    Glass Joe-                 13440
    Von Kaiser-                14210
    Piston Honda 1-            21030
    Don Flamenco-              15940
    King Hippo-                 1490
    Great Tiger-               23740
    Bald Bull 1-               27620
    Piston Honda 2-            13820
    Soda Popinski-             14390
    Bald Bull 2-               16270
    Don Flamenco 2-            14570
    Mr Sandman-                12910
    Super Machoman-            15230
    Mr Dream-                  17930
    Thanks, aknowledgements and other crap i forgot:
     - for getting me hooked on the gameFAQs message boards with his
       Mike Tyson KO journal topic, and for beating my Bald Bull 1 
     - for all your helping me out since we were both new to GameFAQs
       hope to see you back there eventually, yeah?
    Brian Sulpher
     - for his large amount of helping me make this guide, helpful 
       suggestions, having over 300 Tyson KO's and other things. See
       his FAQ if you need any MTPO information not included here.
       Also for his proof reading of this FAQ.
    Martin Charlebois
     - for being the guy who came up with all the original super-fast
       startegies including the Don Flamenco 15 second one
     - for having the best punch out site on the net, discovering how
       to TKO Sandman in r1 and coming up with a bunch of good 
    Eric (AboveAverage)
     - for having the best punch out site on the net (I just couldnt
       pick between yours and RedToms.. their both so good) and for 
       putting me at spot #10 on the top players and for having the 
       original commercial on his site ( I found it funny)
     - for inventing GameFAQs and posting this hopefully useful guide
     - for reading this and hopefully putting up with my corney jokes
    Samurai Katsu
     - for beating a few of my scores, thus encouraging me to try 
       harder, thus finding some of the killer strategies here.
    Anyone I might've forgot
     - for whatever reason I had in mind
    Copyright March 16 2003, by Jack Wedge (RIP: Dingus McGee).
    I hope you enjoyed this FAQ.

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