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                    THE PUNCH-OUT!!! FAQ                      
                         by Ian Pugh
    This Bouting FAQ will tell you how to KO the opposing boxer in
    record time, and any special moves the opponent has.          
                    GLASS JOE- 1 WIN, 99 LOSSES                                  
            QUICK KO!: For the first seconds, punch him where he's not guarding.
    When he jumps back and yells, punch him in the stomach for a fall.
    If he isn't KO'd by then, obtain uppercuts and fire away!
    No special moves.
             QUICK KO!: Obtain uppercuts. Counter at least once. Fire away with
    uppercuts!                        No special moves.
                        PISTON HONDA- 19 WINS, 1 LOSS
    QUICK KO!: Punch him in the head when he wiggles his eyebrows. And just
    SPECIAL MOVES: Kyoto KO- Aw, it's no big whoop. After his dance show,
    just punch him. 
                  DON FLAMENCO- 24 WINS, 4 LOSSES
            QUICK KO!: Punch. He'll block and uppercut you. Counter. Repeat
    until he falls. When he gets back up, counter his immeadiate
    punch and KO him. No special moves.
    KING HIPPO- 18 WINS, 9 LOSSES       
            QUICK KO!: When he raises his fist and opens his mouth, hit him in
    the face.         For the remainder of the flurry, punch him in the stomach.
    Repeat until he's         down.    
            SPECIAL MOVES: Bounce-about Bout: He'll only use this if he knocks
    you down and         you get up. He'll bounce around and do his
    raise-his-fist routine a few times.
                  GREAT TIGER- 24 WINS, 5 LOSSES
            QUICK KO!: Get uppercuts by hitting him in the face when his Turban
    jewel glows.        Miss his uppercuts. Counter with left-right combos and
    finish with uppercuts.                SPECIAL MOVES: Tiger Punch: He'll jump
    back and disappear. time your blocks           as he pops up to punch. When
    he's done, hit him in the face for a fall.
                  BALD BULL- 34 WINS, 4 LOSSES
    QUICK KO!: When Bull circles his fists around, hit his face for an uppercut
    (But             don't use them too late; he'll just dodge them). Counter
    all his punches (except for the Bull Charge).
    SPECIAL MOVES: Bull Charge: He'll jump back and hop toward you for a
    monstrous          uppercut. When he gets close enough, give him your fist
    in his abdomen.                      YOU GET MAJOR CURCUIT CHAMPIONSHIP
                 PISTON HONDA- 19 WINS, 2 LOSSES
    QUICK KO!: Follow the instructions that you KO'd Piston Honda with last
    time, but         you can't punch him before his shortened Kyoto KO dance.
    SPECIAL MOVES: Kyoto KO: Block the punches this time.
    Flincher: He'll confuse you by squatting and moving back and
    forth, but he'll uppercut to the left.
                 SODA POPINSKI- 34 WINS, 4 LOSSES
           QUICK KO!: This is the only opponent that has a sucker punches. This
    is just a         countering job.
    SPECIAL MOVES: Dancin' Jabs: He'll dance and leave his body wide open.
    Unfortunately, he does this when you have no hearts. Avoid his
    three jabs.
                BALD BULL- 34 WINS, 5 LOSSES
           QUICK KO!: He can only be downed by an uppercut or a Bull Charge
    deflect.               SPECIAL MOVES: Bull Charge: You know how it goes.
                DON FLAMENCO- 24 WINS, 5 LOSSES
           QUICK KO!: To get an uppercut, punch his stomach when it is open,
    when he's about        to punch you. He'll do that block-and-punch thing
    late into the bout.                                No special moves.
           QUICK KO!: When you punch him, punch his head once, and his stomach
    three times.        SPECIAL MOVES: Midnight Sleeper: Three Uppercuts. his
    warning is not punching for                       a while. Dodge left and do
    the head-once-then-stomach routine.
                SUPER MACHO MAN- 35 WINS, 0 LOSSES
           QUICK KO!: You can't hit his body! This is a job for CounterPunch!
    SPECIAL MOVES: Super Spin Punch: He'll move back and spin punch from one to
    six                       punches. Dodge left.
    Intimidate: This is a million to one chance he uses this! Before
    the fight, when his pecs move, your energy will down!
                MR. DREAM- 99 WINS, 0 LOSSES
    QUICK KO!: There's not much advice to give here. In the first round, if any
    punches you get from him in the first minute 30 seconds land, you'll smooch
    canvas!                  SPECIAL MOVES: Blink-a-Bout!: He'll blink several
    times (This is the time              to whack him!) and he'll punch you
    quite fast.
            HOW DO I GET A STAR?
        Working on everyone but Glass Joe, punching without countering should
    work.                HOW DO I RAISE MY ENERGY?
        Get knocked down and get back up ;) Seriously, before a round, press
                                                                          Ian Pugh

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