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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Johnsondaddy

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    Punch-out!! Featuring Mr. Dream FAQ For the Nintendo
    By Joe Johnson (Jjohnson134@ymail.com)
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    -FAQ History
    -About Punch-Out!!
    -How to Play
    -Minor Circuit
    -Major Circuit
    -World Circuit
    -The Dream Fight
    -Rumors and Stuff
    -Frequently Asked Questions
    -Contacting Me
    -Final Words/Notices
    FAQ History
    Version 1.00 (June 11, 2007) This is my first version of this FAQ.
    It goes over some tips, enemy strategies, passwords, etc.
    Version 1.01 (July 4, 2007) Happy 4th of July! I decided to add the 
    minimum scores needed in order to win by split decision. Thanks for 
    looking them up Randomaximus.
    Version 1.02 (February 14, 2008) Just fixed some typos and stuff.
    Also, I edited the Mr. Dream section a bit.
    Version 1.03 (July 13, 2008) Added a rumors section.
    Version 1.04 (July 29, 2008) I am allowing Alberto Lozada to translate
    My FAQ into Spanish. Iím fine with that, as long as it stays on 
    GameFAQS. I also received some tips on Sandman and Flamenco from Chris 
    Huff and Casey Lemons. Thanks you two!
    Version 1.05 (August 17, 2009) Fixed some grammar/spelling mistakes and 
    added a link at the bottom of the page to my Youtube channel.
    Version 1.06 (September 26, 2010) Ahh, a much needed update. Added the 
    Frequently Asked Questions section, and added onto the Final 
    Words/Notices section.
    Version 1.07 (September 29, 2010) Fixed some small spelling errors and 
    edited Soda Popinskiís section somewhat. I also changed the update 
    numbering from having an update number to a version number.
    Version 1.08 (July 7, 2011) I have a new email address. Use that to 
    send me your messages. Also added a new section on how to contact me 
    and what to send me. Fixed some small errors as well.
    This FAQ is one big group of spoilers, do not continue past this
    part unless you donít care about spoilers. You were warned...
    About Punch-Out!!
    Punch-Out Featuring Mr. Dream has been around since 1990. It's the
    remake of Mike Tysonís Punchout, which was made in 1987. It's the same
    game, only different final matches.
    You play as Little Mac. A seventeen year old from The Bronx, who tries
    to take his boxing skills to the top. There are three 3-minute rounds
    in each match, which will give you plenty of time to defeat your foe.
    You can win by KO, (when the referee counts to ten) TKO (when your
    foe gets knocked down 3 times in a row in the same round)or by
    split decision (you gain points for each hit that you land.
    So the more points you have, the better your chances of winning
    by decision)
    You have to fight a number of opponents before you face Mr. Dream.
    Think you can do it?
    How to play
    The controls are fairly easy.
    Up-Use with A or B buttons to perform a jumping.
    Down-Hit once to block. Twice to duck.
    Left-Dodge left.
    Right-Dodge right
    Start Button-When you have a star, press to use an uppercut.
    Select Button-When in between rounds, press to heal.
    A Button-Right Punch
    			<======= When down, hit these rapidly to get up.
    B Button-Left Punch
    Each opponent you face has a set pattern of moves. If you figure the
    pattern out, then you should have no problem.
    In between rounds, you can heal by hitting select. You can only do
    this once per match so use it when you really need it, Not when you
    are at or near full health, or else you will lose stamina.
    When you get knocked down, get up at 9. You will recover more stamina.
    This is actually kind of risky, since if you start to get up later,
    you may get counted to 10. So try to start getting up at 8
    Use those uppercuts when you get them. They will help a lot. If
    anyone gets up at 1, they will go down with one uppercut.
    Also, remember that if you lose 3 matches, its game over for you.
    Minor Circuit
    What to expect: This is the first circuit. It all seems easy at first,
    but it will get more and more difficult along the way. So you better
    get the hang of dodging and blocking real quick.
    Ranked #2: Glass Joe (5000 Points needed)
    Glass Joe is simple. For the first 40 seconds, he will just
    stand there. Start by punching him in the face until he starts to
    block. Then, aim for his gut. Repeat this until the timer hits
    40 seconds. He will then jump back, taunt you, then jump forward and
    start attacking. This is when you want to hit him. If you manage to
    do this. Then he should go down. If he gets up, wait for him to flash
    before you dodge his punch. Keep punching him in the face until he
    starts blocking. He goes down really easily, so you should have no
    problems at all.
    Ranked #1: Von Kaiser (8000 Points needed)
    Von Kaiser is also easy, but only a little tougher. You have to wait
    until he shakes his head back and forth until you dodge him. Or you
    can wait until he raises his gloves before you hit him in the gut to
    try to get a star. Eventually, he will try some uppercuts. Just dodge
    these and you can get a lot of hits on him. Keep this up and you will
    be up against the minor circuit champ shortly.
    Minor Circuit Champion: Piston Honda (Title bout, must KO or TKO)
    Man, I used to have a problem with this guy, at least until I got the
    blocking thing down. When you start, wait until you see his eyebrows
    twitch until you dodge. He will also use some hooks that are pretty
    easy to spot. Later, he will leap back, sidestep around for a few
    seconds, and then rush forward to hit you with his devastating piston
    rush. Either punch him in the gut when he runs toward you, or block 5
    punches he throws, then retaliate. Eventually, he should be down,
    and there will be a new minor circuit champion.
    Major Circuit
    What to expect: Alright, you seem to be getting the hang of dodging and
    blocking. In this circuit, you are going to have to memorize your foes
    attack patterns real fast if you want to get through this circuit.
    Just relax and pay attention to your foes movements.
    Ranked #3: Don Flamenco (10000 Points needed)
    Flamenco will just stand there taunting you. Are you going to just
    stand there and take that? NO! If you attempt to hit him, he will
    block and attempt to counter your punch. Dodge his punch and you will
    be able to hit him a lot. He will just do this the whole match, so
    counter-punching will be easy. When you knock him down. he will
    attempt to hit you with a fast uppercut. Just dodge this or hit him
    in the gut and continue the match. After a minute or so, Flamenco
    should be defeated as long as you keep hitting him.
    Sent in by Chris Huff:
    You can defeat don flamenco the first time you meet him by making
    him swing at you, dodging, then alternating left and right high
    punches... just hold down up on the d-pad, then push
    left,right,left,right,left...until his stamina is all the way
    down. Repeat if necessary, but usually he's down and out the
    first knockdown.
    Ranked #2: King Hippo (Must KO)
    This is another guy I had a problem with. King Hippo will do some some
    jabs. Dodge, but don't fight back. Wait for him to jump in the air
    with his mouth open. Hit him in the mouth before he hits you. Time it
    right, and his shorts will fall off. Hit him in his gut 8 times
    before he pulls his shorts up. When he falls, he won't get up.
    Talk about an easy win.
    Ranked #1: Great Tiger (10000 Points needed)
    When you start the match, notice all the hearts you have. You probably
    won't even need half of them. They're still good to have for
    the following strategy.
    Great Tiger will start with a few jabs. Watch his turban. When the
    gem in the middle of his turban flashes, get ready to block, and get
    5 hits on him. When he starts to do uppercuts, watch the way he
    leans. If he leans left, hit him with a left, and vice-versa.
    You will get some quick & easy stars this way. When you see him leap
    back and start to disappear, get ready to block 5 magic punches.
    After blocking 5 in a row, he will stop and have a dazed look
    on his face. Hurry up and hit him in the face to knock him down.
    Eventually, Great Tiger will stay down, and you will be
    up against the champ.
    Major Circuit Champion: Bald Bull (Title bout, must KO or TKO)
    When I first saw this guy, I was surprised at how big this guy was. But
    you know what they say, the bigger they are, the harder
    they fall.(Unless he beats you, then it's the smaller they are,
    the faster they fall)
    Here we go. When you start, Hurry and hit him 2 times in the face for
    a quick star. Then, watch out when he spins his gloves, this will
    signal a jab. Counter punching won't stun him, so wait until he moves
    his gloves up and down, as this signals a hook. You can now stun him
    and get 3 hits on him now. Very soon, he will start throwing some
    fast uppercuts, dodge these and you can get many more hits on him.
    Eventually, he will crouch down and back up. This is the
    bull charge. when he start hopping toward you, wait until he hops for
    the third time, then hit him in the gut. If you timed it right,
    he will be on the floor in seconds, if not, then he will have hit
    you. If he does so happen to hit you, don't give up.
    Keep doing this, and Bald Bull will lose not only the match,
    but the major circuit title.
    World Circuit
    What to expect: Nice work getting this far. The world circuit is
    tough, so you are going to have to stay completely focused on your
    opponent's movements if you want to succeed since no one flashes
    anymore. Also, you are going to see some familiar faces in the first
    few matches in this circuit.
    Ranked #5: Piston Honda (3000 Points needed)
    You're going to be up against Piston Honda again. Not to worry, he is
    still easy although his moves are slightly different. When you start
    the match, just wait. Eventually, he will twitch his eyebrows like he
    used to. Get ready to dodge 3 jabs. After the jabs, he will do some
    uppercuts. These are pretty easy to dodge. When a minute passes, he
    will do his piston rush, only he won't dance around like he used to.
    If you can hit him when he runs back to you, you will probably
    KO him. If not, then don't worry; just keep going until you beat him.
    The match may have to be won by split decision, since you can't get
    many good hits on him. Just keep punching and you should do well.
    Ranked #4: Soda Popinski (10000 Points needed)
    Did you know that Soda Popinski was supposed to be called
    Vodka Drunkenski? Nintendo thought that would be offensive towards
    Russians, so they changed his name. But he still had his quotes left
    unchanged. This game was made around the cold war, so Nintendo didn't
    want to tick off any Russians with the whole drunk
    Russian stereotype thing.
    Ok, Soda Pop will start with some hooks. You get 6 hits for dodging
    these. Eventually, he will do some uppercuts. You can actually try to
    block and he will freeze for a brief moment. Do a quick jab when he's
    crouched down to get a star. Hurry up and use this to knock him down.
    You can do this 2 times before he starts dodging uppercuts. Pretty
    soon he will do a little "dance". When he does this, this means he
    will do 3 jabs in a row, which will hurt if you are hit. He usually 
    only does this when you run out of hearts.
    I should warn you that sometimes Popinski likes to sucker punch you 
    without any warning. He will do one of his jabs as if he did his dance. 
    He wonít flash or anything, so you have to watch for him to try for a 
    jab. Itís pretty sudden, so you might end up getting hit. It doesnít do 
    much damage though. 
    Beating Popinski is easy, as long as you keep your thumb on
    the left or right control pad button.
    Ranked #3: Bald Bull (7000 Points needed)
    If you thought this guy was a pain before, then you are mistaken my
    friend. Bald Bull fights the same as before, except the only way you
    can knock him down is by an uppercut or a well-timed jab when he is
    attempting his infamous bull charge. Also, the only way to get stars
    is to wait for him to wave his gloves up and down and punch him
    in the gut. Just repeat the strategy as if you were facing him in
    the major circuit.
    Ranked #2: Don Flamenco (5000 Points needed)
    Oh wow, Flamenco actually tries to hit you in this fight. He is still
    very easy to bring down.
    Flamenco fights just like Glass Joe, but only a little bit faster.
    He will start with jabs. Dodge these, and you get 4 hits on him.
    He also does hooks, which you can get 2 hits on him. Soon enough, he
    will resort to his taunting technique. It's the same thing, only you
    may have to punch multiple times until you bait him into punching.
    Just keep dodging and countering until he is down.
    Oh, and a quick note. If the match goes on to the final round, then
    he will do jabs and hooks again, so try not to let the match drag
    on for too long.
    Ranked #1: Mr. Sandman (Must KO or TKO)
    Alright. This guy fights like Bald Bull, only he is much faster and
    much more aggravating to box than Bald Bull. He does the same
    routine as Bald Bull, except he does not uppercut like him.
    When you start, get ready to dodge some fast jabs. You can punch after
    he jabs, but he may block and counterpunch If you are too late.
    He also is fast when it comes to hooks. When you dodge these, you only
    hit him in the head once, then hit him in the gut 3 times.
    When he stops punching, he may try a 3 uppercut combo. If you dodge
    all 3, hit him in the face, then you can get a whopping 15 hits
    on his gut. This will probably knock him down if he is below half his
    stamina. You can beat Sandman easily as long as you dodge and never
    hit him in the face twice in a row.
    Sent in by Casey Lemons:
    This one is for Sandman. It is a little hard to pull off but is by
    far the easiest way to beat him. Whenever he gets through throwing
    jabs for however long it is start by throwing a punch to his face.
    This will cause him to block and counter punch. If you are slow
    you will get rocked but if you are quick enough then you can dodge
    his counter and lay way to him the normal way. Just repeat the
    process and you will be able to knock him down in around the first
    round. Also if he blocks with no counter be ready for his
    three uppercuts.
    World Circuit Champion: Super Macho Man (Title bout, must KO or TKO)
    Did you notice Super Macho Man's mugshot before the match? His hair is
    grey. But when you start the fight, he will have black hair. Weird eh
    Super Macho Man will fight like Popinski, except for a different
    special attack. He starts with uppercuts which you get 6 hits if you
    dodge. You also get 4 for each dodged hook. If he stops punching for a
    while, then watch him until he vibrates, as this signals a spin punch
    that can knock you off your feet if not dodged. Every time you knock
    him down, he will back up, flash, then throw a ton of spin punches.
    Once you get the rythim of dodging, you will be able to get a lot of
    hits on him. When you beat him, you will be the new world champ.
    The Dream Fight
    What to expect: You are going to be up against Mr. Dream, he is your
    last opponent in this game. He is very hard so you better be able to
    block and dodge. Also, when he knocks you down, then just get up at 9.
    This will give you more stamina when you get up, and give you a better
    chance at beating him.
    The Legendary: Mr. Dream (5000 Points needed)
    The first round is fairly easy to survive, but you can get only 2
    punches in when you stun him. Until the clock hits a minute
    and a half, he will do nothing but uppercuts. If these are not dodged,
    you will be knocked down in 1 hit. If you can survive this half of the
    round, he will stop with the uppercuts and do winking jabs. Just dodge
    these and quickly counter punch until the round ends.
    The second round is a little harder. He jabs until you lose all of
    the hearts you have, and then does a winking jab. After this, he
    will do 2 uppercuts in a row. Just dodge and counter punch. You
    can punch 6 times when you dodge an uppercut, maybe 4 more if you're
    fast enough. Should he happen to raise his gloves and blink his
    eyes, punch him in the stomach. You will either get a star, or
    knock him down, depending on your luck. Maybe punching a second
    or 2 later helps with bringing him down. Be careful though, since
    he does a piston rush sort of thing after you hit him, or take
    too long to hit him. The remainder of the round is mostly winking
    jabs and an occasional 2 uppercuts when he pauses for a second.
    On to the third round. Unless you beat him already...
    The third round is basically the same as the second round.
    He won't start with jabs though. When he pauses before doing 2
    uppercuts, keep in mind that he may switch up and do 2 jabs instead.
    Just as long as you keep on dodging and punching, you should
    emerge victorious.
    Beating Mr. Dream Involves luck too, so if you lose, just try again.
    You never know, you might just get lucky.
    005-737-5423 will take you to the major circuit.
    777-807-3454 will take you to the world circuit.
    007-373-5963 will allow you to face Mr. Dream.
    135-792-4680 and by hitting A, B, and Select at the same time will
    take you to another world circuit. This consists of King Hippo
    through Mr. Dream. If you lose a single match, then you will lose
    the circuit. This is for players looking for a challenge.
    Rumors and Stuff
    I wanted to add this section to show you some of the rumors and other
    things that I have heard. 
      Rumor #1: There is a way to defeat Don Flamenco real quick in the
    first match against him.
    This is true. Look for the strategy in the appropriate section.
      Rumor #2: If you block Mr. Dream's uppercut in the first round, it
    won't knock you down.
    Also true, you will lose almost all of your health in the process.
      Rumor #3: Luigi can be referee.
    It's a lie. There would have to be a cheat for such thing, and I
    have never seen one. Plus, I don't think nintendo would have inserted
    Luigi into the game for any reason, since Mario is the most popular
    out of the two.
      Rumor #4: There is an "alternate ending" if you go through the
    game without losing a single match.
    This is a lie too. I've gotten through the game without losing
    at all, and nothing happened at the end. Just the ending of the game..
    Frequently Asked Questions
    I. Gameplay
    Q. Are your methods the best/easiest?
    A. My methods are by no means the best. Though they are very easy.
    Q. What is the difference between Mr. Dream and Mike Tyson?
    A. Besides appearance? Nothing. Both fight the same.
    Q. Why doesnít King Hippo get up if you knock him down?
    A. You asked the wrong person. I have no clue.
    Q. Why do I get a game over screen if I lose to Mr. Dream?
    A. I guess you could say itís an all or nothing match.
    Q. Will Bald Bull stop using his bull charge if I dodge enough times?
    A. No. He will either stop when you get hit by it, or if you hit him.
    Q. Help!
    A. Join the Nintendo fun club today!
    II. Other
    Q. How come you made a guide on a game from 1990?
    A. Because I love Punchout so much.
    Q. Can I contact you via MSN, AIM, or YIM?
    A. I donít use instant messaging often.
    Q. Where can I find the ROM for this game?
    A. Iím not going to disclose this information. Iíve heard mixed stories 
    of how emulating games is either legal or illegal. Iím not sure what to 
    believe anymore.
    Q. Can I put this FAQ on my website?
    A. Sorry. Iím not allowing any site besides GameFAQS to host this FAQ.
    Contacting me
    Got a question? Have an opinion? Donít hesitate to send me an email at 
    Jjohnson134@ymail.com. Just make sure the subject says something has 
    something to do with this FAQ like ďPunchoutĒ or ďFAQĒ Heres a little 
    list of doís and doníts
    Send me a message asking a question that is not covered in this FAQ. I 
    will be happy to answer.
    Send me your compliments/positive feedback. I appreciate getting emails 
    from people who felt like my FAQ helped them.
    Send me any ideas I can use to further expand this FAQ.
    Send me negative feedback. If you got something to say that could help 
    me improve this FAQ, then by all means, go for it!
    Send me spam. It will be swiftly deleted.
    Send me hate mail. If you hate this FAQ for whatever reason, thatís 
    fine. Just donít send me messages about how much I suck, or anything 
    like that.
    Send me requests to post this FAQ on your site. YOU WILL BE DECLINED 
    Send me questions that can be answered by this FAQ. I will simply tell 
    you to search this FAQ harder.
    Final Words/Notices
    I would like to thank GameFAQS for inspiring me to make this FAQ.
    I would also like to thank my friend Randomaximus for helping me
    with this FAQ by giving me suggestions to put into this FAQ
    Please note that GameFAQS/Gamespot and only GameFAQS/Gamespot are the 
    only sites that can host this FAQ. Do not E-mail me asking for 
    permission to host this FAQ on your own site. You will be declined. E-
    mail me if you see this on any other site.
    Also note that this FAQ is easy to print, seeing as it prints out
    only 10 pages. 
    Check out my Youtube channel for videos on how to beat this game, along 
    with many other NES gameplay videos. If you wish to comment or 
    subscribe, you may. It is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks for reading.....

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