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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    --------------------------- [ PUNCH OUT FAQ/WALKTHROUGH]-----------------------
    ---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
    --------------------------[ Nintendo Entertainment System ]--------------------
    After Mike Tyson's KO loss to James "Buster" Douglas, Nintendo decided to drop
    his name from the game and remake the game with a white boy version of him
    named Mr. Dream. He has the same quotes between rounds to and fights the same
    way too. Most of the characters here are retained from the arcade game, Punch 
    Out and Super Punch Out. Nintendo's mascot Mario makes a cameo appearance as a
    It all began one day when Little Mac and Doc Louis met by chance. Doc became 
    Mac's trainer, teaching him everything there is to know about boxing. Doc and 
    Mac's story continues over a seemingly endless path, until one day a champion 
    is born.
    Punch Out and its characters are trademarks of Nintendo and all copyrights 
    belong to them.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put
    on other sites or posted without given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o
    proper consent.
    You are given the option of starting a new game or entering a passcode to
    fight against Don Flamenco, Piston Honda, Super Macho Man (US only), Mr. Dream
    (US only), and King Hippo (US version)
    A button = right body blow
    B button = left body blow
    up + A = right head shot
    up + B = left head shot
    Start = uppercut if you got a star, start the round, start the game
    Select = regain lost energy between rounds
    down = block
    down, down = duck
    left = dodge left
    right = dodge right
    Everytime you hit your opponent you get 10 points. Uppercuts are worth 1000
    points. Knock them down for 1000 points added to the punch you used.
    There are 13 opponents to defeat on route to a one on one encounter with Mr.
    Dram himself who looks like a white boy version of Mike Tyson. Each opponent 
    come from a different city or different country. They also range in strength. 
    However, they all have one little flaw that is easily exposed. In the Japanese
    version of Punch Out (which came out the same year as Mike Tyson's Punch Out),
    Super Macho Man is the actual last boss.
          GENERAL TIPS
    With the exception of Bald Bull II, if the referee reaches 9, the opponent is
    written off as dead because if he tries to get up, he'll fall back down and be
    counted out.
    If an opponent gets up at 1, he'll be knocked down again with a star uppercut.
    Some opponents have special moves that could lead to an automatic knockdown if
    you don't do something to stop it or avoid it. In some cases, if you snuff it,
    they will get knocked down themselves no matter how much energy they have.
    *********************************MINOR CIRUIT**********************************
                             o --------------- o
                                  GLASS JOE
                             o --------------- o
    From: Paris, France
    Age: 38
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Record: 1W-99L 1 KO (he probably paid his opponent to take a dive)
    Rank #2
    I can beat this dude in my sleep. Just listen to the music and when you hear
    him make a couple chirps, punch him. He will go down like a bad habit. He will
    Sometimes down for the count. Otherwise, he will rise at the count of 1 most of
    the time and you can just finish him off from here.
                             o --------------- o
                                  VON KAISER
                             o --------------- o
    From: Berlin, Germany
    Age: 42
    Weight: 144 lbs
    Record: 23W-13L 10 KO
    Rank #1
    Quick tip: If you get a star, stun him and uppercut him. He'll stand there
    like a stuck on stupid idiot and go no no no and get knocked down.
    Quick tip 2: dodge his uppercut and counter with alternating left and right
    punches on the same level (head or body) till he goes down.
    For the first knock down, avoid his jabs and counter with head or body blows
    till he falls. When he gets up, just use Quick tip 2 for the rest of the fight.
                             o --------------- o
                                 PISTON HONDA
                             o --------------- o
    From: Tokyo, Japan
    Age: 28
    Weight: 174 lbs
    Record: 26W-1L 18 KO
    Minor Champ
    Quick tip: When Piston Honda jumps back, he'll do a dance back and forth then
    go in for a Honda Rush. Punch him as he comes in. One good shot will send him
    flying back for a knockdown.
    Piston Honda starts off by wiggling his eyebrows before doing a jab. Punch him
    after he wiggles them and before he punches for a star. Repeat again and get
    another star. Dodge his hooks and counter with five head shots or body shots
    each. You can also get a star by hitting him when he readys his hook. When he
    does his uppercut, he's open for eleven punches each time. But for a good
    knockdown hit him ten times and uppercut him. At the 1:00 mark, refer to the
    quick tip above for another knockdown. If he didn't stay down already. Just
    avoid his punches and finish him off.
    You are now the champion of the Minor Circuit
    *********************************MAJOR CIRUIT**********************************
                             o --------------- o
                                 DON FLAMENCO
                             o --------------- o
    From: Madrid, Spain
    Age: 23
    Weight: 152 lbs
    Record: 22W-3L 9 KO
    Rank #3
    This is simple. Punch his gloves, to make him retaliate with an uppercut. Dodge
    the uppercut and counter with alternating left and right head shots until he is
    knocked down. He'll get up and do another Flamenco Uppercut. Repeat the pattern
    to knock him out.
                             o --------------- o
                                  KING HIPPO
                             o --------------- o
    From: Hippo Island, South Pacific
    Age: ??
    Weight: ???
    Record: 18W-9L 18 KO
    Rank #2
    I'll just make this quick. Just avoid his jabs and when he opens his mouth
    punch him in the face and then hit him in the belly eight times. Repeat this
    process three more times and he is down for the count because he is too fat to
    get off his ass.
                             o --------------- o
                                 GREAT TIGER
                             o --------------- o
    From: Bombay, India
    Age: 29
    Weight: 132
    Record: 24W-5L 3 KO
    Rank #1
    Quick Tip: When he hops back, he'll do his magic punches. Block five 
    consecutive punches and he'll be dizzy. Punch him in the face to send him
    Quick Tip 2: He won't do his Magic Punches until within the last 30 seconds of
    the first round then opens up the next two rounds with the magic punches and
    do them everytime the counter ends in 30 (1:30 and 2:30) each of the last two
    When Great Tiger's ruby shines, he is going to throw a jab. But if you hit him
    as his jewel is shining with good timing, you'll nail him in the face for a
    star. After seven of them, he'll go into uppercut. Left body blow his right
    uppercuts and right body blow his left uppercuts for stars. After three stars,
    dodge an uppercut, hit him three times and quickly uppercut him. keep it up
    till he is down for the TKO. he won'thave a chance to do his magic punches.
                             o --------------- o
                                  BALD BULL
                             o --------------- o
    From: Istanbul, Turkey
    Age: 36
    Weight: 298
    Record: 34W-4L 29 KO
    Major Champ
    Quick Tip: When Bald Bull jumps back to the ropes, he is preparing for his Bull
    Charge Uppercut which knocks you down instantly if it connects. He won't stop
    doing them till either you counter him or he hits you or the round is over.
    To counter him, punch him in the belly on his third hop towards you for an
    instant knockdown.
    Bald Bull starts off with  four running jabs. Dodge them and hit him with a
    shot to the face each time. When he moves his hands up and down rapidly, he'll
    do a right hook. Counter each hook with three jabs. He does three hooks total
    then follows up with two right uppercuts which can be countered with four jabs
    to the head. If he hasn't tried the Bull Charge yet keep up the assault till he
    falls. When he does do the Bull Charge, refer to the quick tip above to knock
    him down each time. He should be TKOed in Round 1 by this time.
    You are the new Major Circuit Champ.
    *********************************WORLD CIRUIT**********************************
                             o --------------- o
                               PISTON HONDA II
                             o --------------- o
    From: Tokyo, Japan
    Age: 28
    Weight: 174 lbs
    Record: 26W-2L 18 KO
    Rank #5
    Quick Tip: Same as before except he does not do his little dance. However, if
    you knock him down, he is down and out following the counter.
    This time he'll do three quick jabs, which you can counter or avoid then do
    uppercuts which he takes less stun hits this time around. Sometimes he'll
    do some fake uppercut before doing a real one. At the 1:00 mark, refer to
    the quick tip above for an instant KO.
                             o --------------- o
                                SODA POPINSKI
                             o --------------- o
    From: Moscow, U.S.S.R.
    Age: 35
    Weight: 237 lbs
    Record: 33W-2L 24 KO
    Rank #4
    Quick Tip: If you hold down when he's about to uppercut, sometimes he'll freeze
    in midpunch and be open for a body blow and a star. This also sets him up for 
    an instant knockdown after he gets uppercuted.
    If you played Super Punchout in the arcade version, you know him best as Vodka
    Drunkenski. His punches are telegraphed and way too predictable save his right
    jabs. Just dodge his other punches and counter them till he is down for the
    count or TKOed. 
    He'll start off his two-four left hooks then do a couple left uppercuts, refer
    to quick tip above for the uppercuts then follow up with a right jab. A body
    blow counters that one if you hit him in time.
                             o --------------- o
                                 BALD BULL II
                             o --------------- o
    From: Istanbul, Turkey
    Age: 36
    Weight: 298
    Record: 34W-5L 29 KO
    Rank #3
    Quick tip: Same as before except that if you dodge the first charge, then the
    next charge is shorter with two hops.
    Quick tip 2: The only way to knock him down is with a star uppercut or counter
    his Bull Charge.
    Quick tip 3: When he moves his arms up and down slowly. Hit him anywhere to
    get a star.
    After his rolling jabs, refer to quick tip #3, he'll do his uppercuts which you
    can counter with jabs. If he runs out of energy without an uppercut delivered
    to him, he'll regain energy. When he knocked down he'll always rise at the 
    count of 9. When he gets up each time, refer to quick tip #3. When he goes for
    his Bull Charge refer to quick tip #1. His hooks are handled the same as before
                             o --------------- o
                               DON FLAMENCO II
                             o --------------- o
    From: Madrid, Spain
    Age: 23
    Weight: 152 lbs
    Record: 22W-4L 9 KO
    Rank #2
    Quick tip: When Don Flamenco taunts you, keep hitting him in the gloves to make
    him do his Uppercut. Unlike before, you may have to hit his gloves multiple
    times before he goes for the uppercut.
    Don Flamenco stepped up his game. He starts off with left jabs and a real fast
    right hook. Then after a while, refer to the quick tip above for the rest of
    the round. Repeat this pattern till he is defeated. You'll also notice that the
    left/right alternating strategy does not work anymore.
                             o --------------- o
                                 MR. SANDMAN
                             o --------------- o
    From: Philadelphia, PA, USA
    Age: 31
    Weight: 284 lbs
    Record: 27W-2L 21 KO
    Rank #1
    Quick tip: There is a way to play Mr. Sandman like a fiddle during most of the
    fight. Just throw a jab which he dodges and counters with a hook which you can
    dodge then punch him in the face then hit him in the belly 3 times. This takes
    him down big time. If you time the 3rd punch to hit him late (hit two times,
    then delay the third hit), then you can take off more energy.
    Quick tip #2: If you dodge his triple uppercut, hit him in the face then you
    can pound on his belly 15 times.
    Sandman starts off with rolling jabs which you can counter with a punch.
    Afterwards, refer to the quick tip above till he blocks your punches and he
    does his Nightmare Uppercuts which consists of three quick uppercuts. Dodge
    them all then hit him in the face and hit him three times and keep using the
    quick tip strategy above and keep up the assault until he is knocked out
                             o --------------- o
                               SUPER MACHO MAN
                             o --------------- o
    From: Hollywood, CA
    Age: 27
    Weight: 242 lbs
    Record: 35W-0L 29 KO
    World Champ
    Quick Tip: If he vibrates, he will do a Super Punch which hurts a lot. 
    Quick Tip #2: When he rears back he'll do 2-12 consecutive Super Punches. Dodge
    them all or you'll get knocked down.
    He starts off with uppercuts and do occasional hooks. Dodge them and counter
    with jabs to the head. Late counters net you a star. Get ready to use quick tip
    #1 above when you see him vibrate and dodge right. When he gets up after a
    knockdown refer to Quick tip #2. Sometimes he'll do some fake uppercuts before
    the real one comes out. Just be patient and victory is yours.
    You are now World Champ
    In the Japanese version, this was the last fight.
    *********************************SPECIAL FIGHT*********************************
                             o --------------- o
                                  MR. DREAM
                             o --------------- o
    From: Dreamland
    Age: ??
    Weight: ?? lbs
    Record: 99W-0L 99 KO
    Quick Tip: If you dodge all his Dynamite Punches for the first 90 seconds of
    the fight, he won't be able to throw anymore.
    Quick Tip 2: When he winks, he will either throw a hook or throw a jab.
    Quick Tip 3: When he blinks, he will do a Tyson Rush. Block four punches and
    strike back. Hit him while he blinks and you get a star or knock him down.
    Mr. Dream starts off with Dynamite Punches, what for him to flicker then dodge
    the uppercut and strike back twice. Then dodge more and do the same.His 
    Dynamite Punches knock you down if they hit you. Dodge them all and he is
    neturalized for the rest of the fight. Now he will do his winking hooks for the
    rest of the fight. Try to dodge the moment he winks and he'll miss the hook and
    be open for punishment. At the start off the round, block his quick jabs.
    He'll ocasionally do his his Tyson Rush so hit him while he blinks to get a
    star or knock him down. If he survives the hit, block his Tyson Rush then smack
    him with an Uppercut. He will fall if you know what do to do for the rest of
    the fight.
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