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    Cheating Guide by proVEREN

    Updated: 12/30/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   		   RIVER CITY RANSOM
    				      presented by TECHNOS Japan
    					      by proVEREN
    				(This file should be viewed MAXIMIZED)
    You may distribute this Cheating Guide as long as it is UNCHANGED.
    YOU may publish parts only with my permission.
    Version 1.0 (December 29, 2002)
      *how to cheat
      *cheats and their explanations for player ONE & player TWO 
        -all physical abilities:
          	punch, kick, weapon, throwing, agility, defense, strength, will power
    	stamina, max power
    	all digits in dollar area - ($xxx.xx)
    This is my first guide. It took very long to make although it is short. I ,also,did all of the
    research. I improved my typing skill a little bit. I'm a little bit tired so please support me
    at proveren@hotmail.com .
    1. Introduction
    2. How To Cheat
    3. Cheats
       a) Abilities
       b) Energy
       c) Money
    4. Cheat Summary Tables
       a) Player ONE
       b) Player TWO
    5. FAQ
    6. Credits
    Actually I am not a big fan of cheating. However, I liked this game a lot when I saw it. For me
    it was one of best games for the NES. I liked the storyline, the mall idea, personally I adore
    fighter type games. Also, the humor is good. However, the key to success in this game is in
    powering up and this is actually the boring process. Of course, that over and over again I can
    go fight some guys, and then take the money, and go to the mall to buy candies, sushi, or
    whatnot. But this takes time and time is real money. So I decided to do a research about the
    cheats in this game. The feeling of having found a cheat isn't bad. You feel like the master of
    the game.
    2. HOW TO CHEAT	:
    You would need a ROM Image of the NES game. The best site for that is edgeemu.com . 
    In order to cheat you would need also an emulator that supports cheating by changing values in 
    the RAM - this does not mean support for only GAME GENIE codes. Some emulators that have this 
    option are: FCE Ultra, NESten, NNNESterJ. All of them you can find at 
    http://www.zophar.net/nes.html . 
    Note: NESticle does NOT have this option although you can put the cheat in the $xxxx:xx format, 
    but it adds $8000 to the address as though it is a GAME GENIE code.
    After you load the game in the emulator, choose "add cheat" or whatever the option is, 
    put the address number in the address field, and the value number in data or value field. 
    Remember that the address is always in heximal (digits 0-f, range 0-ffff), and the data is 
    usually in decimal (digits 0-9, range 0-255), although in some emulators it could be again in 
    heximal because it is one byte big (digits 0-f, range 0-ff). 
    I would give an example with FCE Ultra for Windows. There the data is in decimal. Do these 
    1. Start the emulator.
    2. File->Open and choose the ROM you downloaded in order to load the game.
    3. NES->Cheats... and there click on "Add Cheat".
    4. Then you put in the name, address, and value.
    5. Click on add cheat, in order to add the cheat.
    6. Do steps 4. and 5. for all the cheats you would like to enable.
    7. Close the all dialog boxes in order to return to the game.
    8. Write on a piece of paper that you are a cheater so that when you finish the game you can 
    look at it and become sad (Just kidding d:}).
    3. CHEATS	:
    In this section I will provide you with more detailed information about the cheats. I divided
    them into three parts - physical abilities, energy, and money. The addresses of the cheats are
    in heximal whereas the values are in decimal. ATTENTION! Enabling a cheat would cause the value
    to change and stay the same during the game. Enabling and returning to the game then disabling
    the cheat would only change the data. In the second case I would recommend the the emulator
    NESten which has the option "Freeze data" which saves you the disabling of the cheat after it 
    is enabled if the "Freeze data" option is off.
    Here is an example. Let's say that you enable the cheat of having 100 energy:
    In the first case you would have 100 energy during the whole game which means that you 
    wouldn't get less energy by being hit, nor would you gain by eating stuff, going to sauna...
    In the second case you would have 100 energy, but it would change normally during the game. 
    It would decrease when being hit and increased by eating candies, sushi etc.
    In the bottom of the Guide I have the CHEAT SUMMARY TABLE of all of the cheats which is very 
    nice to look at and is brief.
    a) Abilities
    	By abilities I mean the variables in the status menu except stamina and max power. 
    During the game punch, kick, weapon, throwing, agility, defense, and strength won't decrease 
    much, so it would be OK to make the values stay the same(at maximum). However, will power is 
    like a second energy and if you do that it would mean that you would be immortal (except when 
    you fall directly in a hole - automatic death). As far as I know the maximum values are 63 in 
    the game so don't make them larger. Don't make it larger! The game counts 64 as 1 or in the best 
    case as 15!
    		Address of cheat
    Ability		p1	p2
    PUNCH	   	$049f	$04a0
    KICK		$04a3	$04a4
    WEAPON		$04a7	$04a8
    THROWING	$04ab	$04ac
    AGILITY		$04af	$04b0
    DEFENSE		$04b3	$04b4
    STRENGTH	$04b7	$04b8
    WILL POWER	$04bb	$04bc
    p1=player one
    p2=player two
    b) Energy
    	Energy is the source of life of our heroes in the game world. Without it, we couldn't 
    imagine any game since the heroes would be dead. I give the ability of immortality to the River 
    City Saviours. Enough stupidity. When I played with the energy code, I came to the conclusion 
    that 255 is the maximum stamina possible (of course, max power should be that value too). 
    However, when I enter it, the life bar disappeared although still when I got hit the energy 
    decreased normally when I checked in the status menu. That is why I concluded that the maximum 
    energy in the game was thought to be less. After an hour I found out that it was actually at 
    the value of about 126 (It is even logical to be two times the maximum of the physical 
    abilities). So if you want to be a nice cheater and correspond with the limits of the game, set 
    stamina and max power to 126. Be healthier!
    		Address of cheat
    Energy		p1	p2
    STAMINA		$04bf	$04c0
    MAX POWER	$04c3	$04c4
    c) Money
    	Money plays an important role in the game, since the only way of powering up is by 
    buying something. This requires a certain amount of dollars. This cheat is needed for saving a 
    lot of time. Actually, I would advise you to only use this cheat, because I had a lot of fun 
    eating and earing different stuff, seeing the funny names, and realising what upgrades which 
    values. Also, the books are needed to acquire techniques. I couldn't imagine beating the game 
    without having either the technique "Stone Hands" or "Dragon Feet". But enough about the 
    importance of money since all of you know it very well.
    	When I was searching through the RAM of the game, I realized that the dollars were 
    memorized in a complex way. First of all, you have three different addresses for: digit of 
    hundereds, digits of tenths and ones(I am not sure if this word is appropriate), and the two 
    digits for cents. The values for the digit of hundereds is easy to determine - from 0 to 9 (You 
    can't have more than $999.99) However, in order to make stuff more complex, they have decided 
    not to store the value for tenths and ones(still not sure about this word) and cents in a 
    strange way. They have mixed decimal and heximal! Sounds strange but is true. I spent a whole 
    lot of time to realise the trend of the storage. In order not to perplex you, I am going to 
    tell you a simple way of determing what value you would have to input for the amount of dollars 
    you would like to have. You would need "hex-to-dec" calculator converter, the easiest way to 
    have one is to start the Windows Calculator in your Accessories folder from Start Menu. Follow 
    these steps.
    1. Swich the calculator to HEX
    2. Enter the number which you would like to have from 0-99 in decimal
    3. Convert this value into DEC
    4. This is the value you would have to insert
    *Example: I want to have $99.
    In HEX mode I type 99. Then I switch to DEC and see the number 153. So in the address $04c8 
    for player one, I put 153.
    Money		Digits modified	Address of cheatMax Value
    				p1	p2
    cents 		($    .xx)	$04c7	$04ca	153
    dollars 0-99	($  xx.00)	$04c8	$04cb	153
    dollars x100 	($ x00.00)	$04c9	$04cc 	  9
    ++++++++++++++++			 ++++++++++++++++
    ***PLAYER ONE***			 ***PLAYER TWO***
    ++++++++++++++++			 ++++++++++++++++
    Abilities				 |Abilities				   |
    PUNCH	   	$049f		63	 |PUNCH	   	$04a0		63	   |
    KICK		$04a3		63	 |KICK		$04a4		63	   |
    WEAPON		$04a7		63	 |WEAPON	$04a8		63	   |
    THROWING	$04ab		63	 |THROWING	$04ac		63	   |
    AGILITY		$04af		63	 |AGILITY	$04b0		63	   |
    DEFENSE		$04b3		63	 |DEFENSE	$04b4		63	   |
    STRENGTH	$04b7		63	 |STRENGTH	$04b8		63	   |
    WILL POWER	$04bb		63	 |WILL POWER	$04bc		63	   |
    Energy				  	 |Energy				   |
    STAMINA		$04bf	       126	 |STAMINA	$04c0	       126	   |
    MAX POWER	$04c3	       126	 |MAX POWER	$04c4	       126	   |
    Money (in dollars)			 |Money (in dollars)			   |
    ($    .xx)	$04c7	       153	 |($    .xx)	$04ca	       153	   |
    ($  xx.00)	$04c8	       153	 |($  xx.00)	$04cb	       153	   |
    ($ x00.00)	$04c9		 9	 |($ x00.00)	$04cc		 9	   |
    5. FAQ	:
    1. Q: I still can't fugure out how to cheat. What should I do?
       A: Read again section 2 "How To Cheat" and if it still isn't clear, read the cheat.txt file 
    that is included in the ZIP file of the emulator NESten or FCE Ultra.
    2. Q: Why does the game crash or funny graphics/values etc. appear when I enter the cheat?
       A: Check again the address and the value you have entered. If they are correct, reset the 
    game and see if the problem persists. If it does, you probably have a corrupt NES file or 
    another game (Might be possible, who knows ;]).
    3. Q: When I enter the cheat for $99 dollars, their value stays the same, and I want it to 
    increase after taking coins and decrease after buying stuff. What should I do?
       A: Just disable the cheat or uncheck the "Freeze data" option if you are using NESten, for 
    more info see section 3 "Cheats".
    4. Q: Can you transform these cheats into GAME GENIE cheats?
       A: Unfortunately, no. I would like them to be in GG format too, 'cause many emulators support
    them, and most of them run fast enough on my P200Mhz PC. I did hours of experiments in 
    using GG converters just to conlude what I have read before that GG codes can change only 
    values in the RAM from $8000 to $FFFF, and since all of my cheats are below $8000 it isn't 
    5. Q: What should I do if I am mad/happy/lonely/interested, have requests/suggestions/complaints,
     think that you suck/rock or would like to write to a real Bulgarian after reading this guide?
       A: I would see what you mean at proveren@hotmail.com .
    6. CREDITS	:
    Kaitou KiD	-for making an outstanding Captain Tsubasa II faq/walkthrough and for motivating
    me to search for cheats and, thus, making this guide possible.
    TECHNOS Japan	-for all the Kunio games that are both interesting and funny.
    Nintendo	-for making the best console ever
    NES emu authors	-for keeping the best console alive and making it even more interesting
    My Parents	-for the promise of buying me a mobile phone in the next month d:-)
    Copyright 2002 Zdravko Beikov

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