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"You.. Yes You!! Will be playing this game 15 years from now."

Once upon a time there was a system called the NES, everyone had one. Yes! You did too! Everyone was playing them and everyone loved them. Now it seems that the only people that own them are hardcore gamers, collectors, or your occassional drug dealer. Whichever of these categories you fit into, it is your right, your duty! To play River City Ransom!! The original ''streets of rage'' if you will.

I'll start with the things that stand out the most in the game..

Replay Value? a serious 10/10
I mean damn!! They must've laced the graphics with cocaine or something, cause you will definately be back for more. This game will have you beating the snot out of bad guys for hours on end. And then when your finished i guarantee you will pop it back in and play some more. The game is really that addictive!

Control? an impressive 8/10 not bad
The old school nintendo controllers never did feel that great, but the controls on this game are very solid and very simple. one button punches, one button kicks and you've got your directional thingy that moves your guy around. A simple explanation for simple controls right?
The controls really start to shine in two play mode where you can play with a partner to beat up wave after wave of gang members and do sort-of tag team moves.

Story? a modest 8/10 modest doesn't always mean bad.
The story goes: You are Alex or Ryan, students at a Local River City school. One day Slick (the bad guy) kidnaps Cindy (Ryan's Girlfriend) and yadda yadda, your typical action movie plot of, you go save the girl and kill all the bad guys.

Graphics? I'll say 8/10 but don't get me wrong..
Don't expect 3d this and pre-rendered that, this is after all an 8-bit, old-school NES game. The graphics do consist of side scrolling areas full of bad guys for you to dispatch of. The characters do move surprisingly smoothly for an NES game I must admit. All the kicks and punches are performed well. The only downfall is some clipping and some bad and sometimes awful collision detection, but it isn't enough to take away from the game itself.

Sound? hmm.. 6/10 they didn't show me much here.
Sounds were crisp, the music was fine, and actually catchy in some areas. You'll also notice a cameo (appearance?) of the double dragon theme. But overall the sounds were the same throughout the game.

Final Verdict?
This game is so addictive that unless your picky you won't even notice the little flaws. You'll be playing this game on and off for years and years and years to come. This game supplies you with a couple of serious hours (yes! hours!) of bad guy whoopin, ass kickin fun. It's one of those games that you can never play just once, a quality that is very difficult to find in video games, even today! This game is just full of that old-school charm.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/19/01, Updated 09/19/01

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