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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ZCulver

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    SHADOWGATE FAQ for the NES system.
    Written in full by Zack Culver (zman7681@bellsouth.net)
    All rights reserved.
     Table of Contents
     - Disclaimer
     - Overview of controls/game
     - General Tips
     - Walkthrough
     - Acknowledgements
    First and foremost, this walkthrough is for educational purposes only. It may 
    not be reproduced, copied, or used in any shape, form, or fashion for any 
    personal gain. It may not be used or quoted in any instance or example, unless 
    my consent is given. That being said, let's begin the walkthrough.. =)
    This is the first FAQ I've written for any game, so it may lack in some areas. 
     Overview of controls/game
    * The D-pad functions like it does in any other game. Up moves your cursor up, 
    left moves it   left, right moves it right, and down moves it down. 
    * The A button is the "confirmation" button. It is used to make selections, 
    speed up the      text moving on screen, etc.
    * The B button is the "cancel" button. It cancels selections when made.
    * Start and Select buttons are used to offer hints to you when you get stuck in 
    situations.   The game may not always provide you with clues, however.
    There are nine basic functions in the game:
    * MOVE tells your charager to go through an open door or pathway.
    * LOOK allows your character to examine objects or surroundings.
    * TAKE command lets you pick up items and objects found throughout the game. 
    This is the      single most important command in the game, as the basic premise 
    of the game is using        objects you find at the right spot at the right 
    * OPEN lets you open doors, boxes, bags, or passageways.
    * CLOSE is the opposite of OPEN--it shuts objects that are already opened.
    * USE lets you use one object on another, or to use objects not in your 
    inventory that you    may find in the room at the time.
    * HIT is exactly what it says--your character will punch an object with all his 
    might.        Useful in revealing or opening loose or hidden objects.
    * LEAVE lets you drop items that you may not need.
    * SPEAK lets you attempt to strike up a conversation with an object or creature 
    nearby. It    is also used to chant any magic spells you learn through the game.
     General Tips
    There are a few things to keep in mind while playing this game. First, pick up 
    every object you can that isn't nailed down! Chances are it will come into play 
    later in the game, or it may not at all. Still, there's no limit to the 
    inventory you can carry, so you might as well keep everything you see.
    Second, there are torches scattered all throughout the game. Your torch is your 
    basic source of light--keep an eye on the two burning torches on the top of your 
    inventory screen. When the torch is about to burn out, the flame grows weaker, 
    and you will hear some "panic" music. When this happens, USE a torch 
    immediately! Otherwise, your character will stumble around in the dark and kill 
    himself, ending the game for you. Always make sure your torches are well lit, 
    but try not to waste them.
    Open every door and explore every passageway, but be careful. Some passageways 
    in the castle were never designed for you to explore; there is simply no way to 
    reach those. Others are death traps where you fall through pits or get caught in 
    traps and die. Always save before going into a path you think is suspicious.
     The Walkthrough
    Your journey begins as you stare at the door leading into castle Shadowgate. 
    After the brief explanation of the Warlock Lord and your vows to destroy him, 
    you are in control of the game. Before you go venturing off into the castle, 
    OPEN the skull right above the door to reveal Key1. Take it, then OPEN the door 
    and MOVE inside, or just click on the open doorway and you will go in. You are 
    now in a room with two doors. You'll see some eerie eyes looking around, and the 
    Warlock Lord will taunt you. TAKE the two torches from the sides of the room and 
    USE Key1 on the door in front of you. It opens! Go through to a room with a 
    winding passageway and a book on the ledge. Take the torch and the "special 
    torch," it will come into effect later. OPEN, do _NOT_ TAKE the book on the 
    shelf. Taking it will cause the floor under you to open and you will fall and 
    die. After the book is open, TAKE the Key2 hidden in its pages (you can be a 
    good samaritan and CLOSE the book afterwards, but it's not necessary). Before 
    moving on, go back one room and USE Key2 on the door to the right, and enter. 
    You'll be in a small room with a sword and sling in front of you. TAKE both of 
    them and head back to the winding passage, and MOVE to the upperright. You'll be 
    in a room with 3 doors--one north, one east, and one west. For now, OPEN the one 
    to the east and go through. You'll be in a room with a large pool. Notice the 
    skeleton on the far side holding a key. Nothing you can do now, so OPEN the door 
    and continue through. You are now in a room with a large waterfall. Notice the 
    stones lying about the ground--TAKE one of them. See the stairway blocked off by 
    a landslide? There's no way you can get in there.. forget about it. Instead, 
    MOVE behind the waterfall by clicking on the thin shadow behind it. You'll be in 
    a small dead-end cavern. HIT the obviously large rock on the wall; it will fall 
    away and reveal a bag. TAKE the Bag1 and then OPEN it to find 3 large gems. TAKE 
    all 3 of them then CLOSE Bag1 to eliminate an extra menu in your inventory. 
    Backtrack to the 4-way room and OPEN the west door and go through. This room "is 
    cold and smells of rotten meat." Notice the hole in the wall. USE the WhiteGem 
    in the hole and a Sphere will magically appear on the stand. TAKE it and OPEN 
    the door. Ignore the hatch in the floor; it will lead you to death. In the next 
    room, you'll notice an eerie pair of eyes staring at you. Before you do 
    _ANYTHING_ in this room, TAKE the Shield. When you pick it up, the dragon will 
    spew fire at you, but since you have the Shield you will block the flames. It 
    won't last forever, though! Grab the Spear, Hammer, and Helmet, then get the 
    heck outta there! Forget the torch, your shield can only withstand 4 blasts 
    before it melts away. Return to the room with the large pool and the skeleton 
    holding the key. USE the Sphere on the water; it will freeze the pool allowing 
    you to TAKE the Key3. You'll need your Sphere back, so USE one of your burning 
    torches on top of your inventory and click it on the ice. The Sphere will float 
    back up and refreeze the lake, but you can TAKE it back now. Backtrack to the 
    room with the book that held Key2. Notice that oddly colored stone on the wall? 
    HIT it to knock it away and reveal a passageway. Proceed through and you'll be 
    in a room with an arrow, two torches, and a high ledge. TAKE the arrow, but you 
    can't grab the torches. Bummer, eh? An attempt to go through the upper doorway 
    will be futile too, as the ledge will break and you fall on your rear-end. 
    Instead, USE the torch on the left side to reveal a doorway. Go through and 
    you'll be in a room with two bridges--a sturdy one on the left, and a less 
    stable looking one on the right. Proceed up the left bridge for now; you'll come 
    back here later. When you enter the next room, you'll see.. gasp! A wraith! 
    Whatever are you to do? Kill it, of course! USE one of your burning torches on 
    that lone, special torch you picked up earlier. Your character automatically 
    lights it and throws it at the wraith, who goes up in flames. You are now free 
    to TAKE the torches and the Cloak hanging on the wall. Make sure you USE the 
    Cloak on SELF so you'll put it on, you need it later. Notice the path going off 
    to the upper right? Another one you can forget about. OPEN the door and go 
    through into what seems to be a dungeon room. First things first, LOOK at the 
    sign on the wall that reads EPOR. LOOK at it a second time and you'll learn the 
    magical spell of EPOR. TAKE the Scroll1, Bottle1 and Bottle2, as well as the 
    torch. OPEN Scroll1 to learn about the 5 objects you'll need to conquer the 
    Warlock Lord. While you're at it, if you look at the far wall hard enough, you 
    can just make out a rectangular frame. OPEN the wall to reveal a secret cavern 
    with a gem-shaped hole in the floor. Pop your BlueGem in the hole and an image 
    of a wizard appears and offers more hints on the five objects needed to win. 
    When the wizard leaves, he also leaves behind a scroll! TAKE Scroll2, OPEN it 
    and you'll read it and learn the spell of Humana; you'll use it later. Go back 
    one room and SPEAK/USE the spell of EPOR. The rope will rise, allowing you to 
    climb up it. You're now in a room with 3 mirrors. USE the Hammer on the middle 
    mirror, revealing a door. Death awaits you behind the other two mirrors. Before 
    you go through, however, pick up the Broom and torches, and MOVE back one room 
    to a room with coffins lining the sides. OPEN the first two on the right closest 
    to you to reveal a mummy, and a bag. USE one of your lit torches on the mummy to 
    burn it away and reveal a scepter--TAKE it. You don't really need what's inside, 
    but TAKE the Bag2 as well. OPENing it reveals 3 Copper Coins, which you won't 
    use later. Proceed back to the mirrors and USE the Key3 on the door to open it. 
    Proceed through and you'll be in a room with flames galore. OPEN the door and 
    you'll be knocked back by a Firedrake. What to do?? Remember the Sphere? USE it 
    on the flames in the room and they'll vanish instantly, along with the creature. 
    Go through the door and you'll be on a bridge. Attempt to cross the bridge and a 
    troll pops up and demands a gold coin as a fee. You can give him a CoppCoin, but 
    then he'll raise it to two coins. Give him a second coin and he realized it's 
    not gold and yanks the bridge out from under you. Instead of dying, USE the 
    Spear on the troll and he'll get knocked off (but you don't hear him crash 
    below). Proceed through to enter..
    The Courtyard! I mark this as the halfway spot of the game, though there is much 
    to do to defeat the Warlock Lord. Before you stands a cyclops. Any attempt to 
    kill him results with him smashing in your head, so you need a long range 
    weapon.. ah hah! The sling! USE the stone you picked up earlier in the sling, 
    then USE the sling on the cyclops. You'll throw the stone at him, knocking him 
    out cold! To make sure he doesn't wake up later, USE the sword on him to see a 
    gruesome death message for the cyclops. Notice that well right next to you? USE 
    the handle, not the rope (or you'll fall in and die). The bucket will come up. 
    so OPEN it to reveal the gauntlet! TAKE it and USE it on your SELF to wear it. 
    OPEN the door and proceed back inside the castle. You're now in a room with 3 
    paths. First, grab the torch and then go through the door on the left closest to 
    you to enter a library. Lots of stuff in this room! TAKE the Map, the Skull, 
    then OPEN the Desk and TAKE the Scroll3, Scroll4, Key5, and the Glasses. OPEN 
    the scrolls to learn the spells of Terrakk and Illumina. USE the Glasses on SELF 
    and LOOK at the book to read it and learn the spell of Motari. Next, USE your 
    RedGem on the hole in the wall to reveal a path; go through to enter a small 
    room. TAKE the Cup, Bellows, and the Poker. SPEAK the spell of Terrakk to crack 
    the globe. OPEN it and TAKE the Key6 and Bottle5. For added affect, you can USE 
    one of your lit torches to start up the fireplace, but it doesn't make a 
    difference. Return to the branched hallway and go in the next room on the left. 
    TAKE the Horseshoe and all the bottles on the shelves, then USE the handle on 
    the stone in the floor. The stone rises up, revealing a Bottle for you to grab. 
    _DO NOT_ open that little cage! Doing so releases a mutant dog which will rip 
    you to shreds. Go through the small staircase on the right side of the room to 
    enter a garden with an beautiful fountain. TAKE the Flute. If you forgot to put 
    the gauntlet on, you'll get a nice shock from the acid as it burns your hand. 
    When you have the Flute, USE it. Magically, a hole appears in.. the tree?!? 
    Odd.. but TAKE the Ring there. You're done here. Backtrack to the branched 
    hallway again, and OPEN the door to the north and enter. You'll find yourself in 
    a large room (the game calls it a banquet hall, but where's the table and food?) 
    TAKE the Mirror and Crest, then for fun, torch the tapestry hanging on the wall. 
    Since you're being a pyromaniac, torch the rug on the floor as well to reveal 
    Key4. Now.. you have 3 unused keys, and 3 locked doors.. hmm.. USE Key4 on the 
    bottom door, Key5 on the upper-right door, and Key6 on the upper-left. First, 
    proceed through the upper right door. You'll be face-to-face with a Sphinx. 
    Notice the drawings on the staircase? Remember it for later. The Sphinx is 
    unreactive to anything you do until you try to go up the stairs. He'll ask you a 
    riddle and you must bring him the proper item to pass. Failing to present the 
    correct item will result in the Sphinx teleporting you to a random room in the 
    castle. Here are the Sphinx's riddles and answers that I know of.. he wouldn't 
    ask me any others than the ones listed below:
    "It has towns, but no houses. Forests, but no trees. Rivers, but no fish." Show 
    him the MAP.
    "I've no eyes, but once did see, thoughts had I but now I'm white, and empty." 
    the SKULL.
    "First burnt and beaten, drowned and pierced with nails, then stepped on by 
    long-faced animals." Mr. Ed wouldn't appreciate that term! Sphinx wants the 
    "Long neck, no hands, 100 legs, cannot stand. Born of forest nest, against a 
    wall I rest." I like this riddle.. it's nifty. Answer: the Broom
    "You look at me, I look back, your right hand rises, I my left. You speak, but I 
    in vain." Pretty self-explanatory, I think.. the Mirror.
    "I'm a fire's friend, my body swells with wind. With my nose I blow, how the 
    embers glow!" Another easy one.. the Bellows.
    Once you've successfully answered the Sphinx's riddle, you'll proceed upstairs 
    and find yourself in an observatory. TAKE the Scroll6 and the Star on the map 
    against the wall. Scroll6 is pretty much useless, but OPEN the map where the 
    star was to reveal a Rod. TAKE it. Climb the ladder to find.. a beautiful woman 
    chained against the wall! Don't get any ideas about putting the moves on this 
    chick, however.. rude behavior results in her transforming into a werewolf and 
    disposing of you quickly! Instead, USE the arrow on the poor lass to kill her. 
    TAKE the Blade sitting there behind her. Oooh! The Blade! One of the 5 objects 
    you need to kill the Warlock Lord! Return to the "banquet hall" and proceed 
    through the upper left door. You'll be in a room with two braziers and a horn 
    sitting on the ground. An attempt to pick it up results in a hellhound popping 
    up. USE that Bottle of holywater on him and send him back where he came from. 
    You're now free to TAKE the Horn. LOOKing at it reveals it's made of platinum.. 
    perhaps the Platinum Horn spoken of in the scrolls? Climb the ladder and you'll 
    be on a balcony, confronted with a large blue wyvern. Don't be hasty to grab 
    that Talisman yet.. the Wyvern will make short work of you. USE the newly 
    acquired Star on him to blow him to pieces, then TAKE the Talisman. Wow, 3 vital 
    objects in a row! We're on a roll now! Back to the banquet hall to proceed 
    through the lower door. You'll be in a room with two archways--one going left 
    and one going right. Grab the torches and head left. You'll be out on a balcony 
    with lighting going off in the background. See that little hole on the balcony? 
    USE the Rod there. A skeletal hand rises up out of the floor and offers you a 
    Wand.. TAKE it and the hand disappears. Before heading back inside, go further 
    left to the edge of the balcony. TAKE the Bag3. If you're greedy and try to TAKE 
    the pot of gold, the balcony gives out and you fall to your death. OPEN Bag3 and 
    TAKE the BigCoin and 3 GoldCoins. Now, time to do some big backtracking! 
    Remember the room with those two bridges, the sturdy one and the not-so-sturdy 
    one? Make your way back there. Before you try to climb the crappy bridge, USE a 
    Bottle2 (you should have several by now) on yourSELF and you'll magically start 
    to float. Now climb the bridge and enter a room with.. a giant snake! Yikes! 
    Actually, if you examine it, you realize it's just a statue. Anyway, USE the 
    Wand on the snake. It shrinks away and leaves behind a Staff. TAKE the Staff. 
    Could it be the Staff of Ages spoken of in your scrolls? Now, go all the way 
    back to where you just left, the room with the two stone arches. When you get to 
    the bridge, however, the Troll pops up--only this time he's carrying your Spear 
    you chunked at him earlier! You can give him a GoldCoin this time, but then 
    he'll raise his price to two coins. Give him another one and he changes his 
    mind.. he doesn't want you to cross! He'll yank it out from under you and you 
    fall and die. To avoid this predicament, SPEAK the spell of Humana when he pops 
    up. You'll become invisible like the wind and go right across the bridge. When 
    you get back to the room with stone arches, head right and you'll find a dead 
    king sitting on a throne. Looks royal even in death, eh? Anyway, USE the Scepter 
    on him and a hole will open up in the wall. USE the ring there and the throne 
    will magically rise, revealing a secret passage! Go down it and you'll be in a 
    stone passageway. TAKE all 4 much-needed torches, and avoid that left passageway 
    like the plague. Going there results in the giant stone slab to fall and crush 
    you beneath it. Head north and you'll find yourself in a cave with two gargoyles 
    as guardians. Attempting to sneak by them results in them springing to life and 
    tearing you to shreds. Get by them by blinding them--SPEAK the spell of 
    Illumina. The cave will flash and blind the gargoyles, allowing you to get by. 
    Head through the upper-right passage first. Yikes! You're in a room filled with 
    lava, and a large statue. You can see a staircase in the distance.. but how to 
    get there? SPEAK the spell of Motarri, and the statue will sink away and create 
    a bridge to the path beyond. Go through and you'll be in a large cavern with 3 
    switches on the right. Remember that pattern on the stairs in the Sphinx's room? 
    USE the levers in the following order to open the cylinder: Right, Middle, 
    Right. The cylinder opens with a flash and reveals the Orb. Yay! You now have 
    all 5 items you need to win the game! Get out of there and return to the 
    gargoyle room. SPEAK Illumina again and head north this time. You're in a room 
    with a large well. OPEN the top of the well and USE the BigCoin in it. You'll 
    stir up a large gust of wind! MOVE inside the well and you'll be carried to the 
    bottom. You're now at the foot of a large river (River Styx? River of Life? IN 
    SHADOWGATE CASTLE? whatever...). USE the mallet on the drum that is conveniently 
    placed there and you'll summon a ghostly ferryman. USE a GoldCoin on him (he's 
    gotta have money to haul you!) and MOVE onto the raft. You're almost to the end! 
    You're now in a room with a large skull doorway to the left, and 3 Talisman-
    shaped holes in front of you. Think back to your scrolls you read... "Where the 
    sword is hung, he must place the key." USE the Talisman on the far left hole, 
    underneath the picture of the sword. Now, USE the Horn and the skull doorway 
    will slide open, allowing you access into.. THE WARLOCK LORD'S CAVERN!! Before 
    you can even do anything, the Warlock Lord summons the giant, massive Behemoth 
    from the depths of the cavern. Your character gets nervous at this point.. how 
    the heck are you supposed to kill this giant thing? Time to bust out your Staff 
    of Ages and clean house! USE the Blade on the Staff, then USE the Orb on the 
    Staff. Now that the Staff of Ages is fully assembled, USE it on that big ugly 
    pink Behemoth to blast it with a powerful fireball. The Behemoth thrashes its 
    head in pain, then grabs the Warlock Lord as it descends back into the depths of 
    the cavern. Congratulations! You're a hero! You're ushered back to the King's 
    room and offered the Princess' hand in marriage! Well done, warrior. You're 
    overdo for a long break after completing this mission.
    Um.. well.. I don't really have anyone to recognize here.. I guess I should 
    commend my dad on wanting to hook up the NES again and playing through every 
    game we own. Thanks to him getting stuck on every game, I got to play through 
    them again and figure out all the secrets. Other than that, there really is 
    nobody else..
    Ah well... until the next FAQ, then..

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