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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Numhitzu

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    System: Nintendo Entertainment System
            Gameboy Color/Advance
    This is the first of my two walkthroughs I am releasing simultaneously. These
    are my first walkthroughs, so if they seem a bit meaty, I apologise. What I
    can assure you is that you WILL get the information needed to solve the
    many puzzles of Shadowgate. If you have any questions, contact me at
    brandon_bush1990@hotmail.com For any other questions, feel free to ask.
    Make sure you use the word "Shadowgate" as your subject, so it will be filed
    under the correct folders and not slipped into my Junk Mail folder.
    And with that, here is the rather mediocre game introduction:
    The last thing that you remember is standing before the wizard Lakmir as he
    waved his hands. Now you find yourself staring at an entryway which lies at
    the end of a forest. The druid's words ring in your ears: "Within the castle
    Shadowgate lies your quest. The dreaded Warlock Lord will use his black magic
    to raise the Behemoth from the dark depths. The combination of his evil arts
    and the great Titan's power will surely destroy us all! You are the last of
    the line of kings, the seed of prophecy that was foretold eons ago. Only you
    can stop the evil on from darkneing our world forever! Fare the well."
    Gritting your teeth, you swear that you will destroy the Warlock Lord!
    |  Walkthrough  |
    Open skull above door. Take Key 1. Open door and go to entrance hall.
    The Warlock Lord greets you. "That pitiful wizard Lakmir was a fool to send a
    bufoon like you to stop me. You will surely regret it for the only thing here
    for you is a horrible death!" The sound of Maniacal Laughter echoes in you
    ears. Take the two torches on the walls. Use Key 1 on door and go into the
    Take the two torches on the wall. Do not take the book, as it will kill you.
    Instead, open the book and take the Key 2 from it. Head back to the Entrance
    Hall. Open the side closet door and enter. Take the sword and sling from the
    shelf. Head back to the hallway. See the odd shaped stone near the turn? Hit
    it to reveal a new exit. Head on through.
    In here, take the arrow on the wall. You can't take the torches on the wall,
    but if you USE the torch on the left, you'll reveal a new passage. Enter the
    new passagway to get to the Bridge Room.
    Now, take a carful look at the two bridges. If you amble across the one on
    the right, you'll be joining the denizens down below. For now, take the
    safe path to the left.
    Ahh, a wraith! No need to fear however. Simply use one of your lit torches,
    the use it on the seperate special torch in your inventory. You'll instantly
    throw the torch at the wraith, ending its existence. Take the two torches as
    well as the cloak on the wall. The western exit leads no where, so open the
    other door and exit.
    This is the Epor Room. Lots to do here. Firstly take the torch from the
    wall. Secondly, take the scroll and the blue bottle closest to you on the
    shelf. The scroll basically tells you the main idea of the game, to gather
    those artifacts to banish the Warlock lord and the Behemoth. The bottle will
    be used later. Now, look at the sign twice. You'll then learn the magic spell
    Epor. Use it to raise the rope in the room. Climb the rope into the mirror
    In the mirror room, take both the torches and the broom. Move back a room to 
    the Coffin Hall. In here, be careful of which coffins you open. Opening the
    grey coffin on the left permanantly stops you from returning to the mirror
    room through this hallway. Instead, open the green casket on the right. Use
    a lit torch on the mummy to recieve the scepter. Now, open the door behind
    you and exit.
    In here, you can't really do anything in the right room at the moment, so head
    on in to the left room. Take the two torches in here. The trapdoor leads to
    death, so don't take that exit. Open the door in here and proceed to the
    Dragon's Den.
    Now, be careful in this room. Before you do anything else, pick up the shield
    on the ground. Doing so will protect you from the dragon's fire. Everytime you
    try to take something or approach the dragon, he'll shoot flames at you. Your
    shield can take up to 4 hits before it melts. After that, you have to move
    back to the room before the den. After that, feel free to loot the rest of
    the room. The important things you need are the hammer, the spear, and the
    Once you have those items, head back into the hallway with the doors. Head in
    through the door on the right now. Jumping into the lake is death, so avoid
    going for that key for now. Instead, open the door and enter to the waterfall
    Take one of the rocks from in here. Use it on the sling to load the sling.
    You'll be using this quite soon. Now, the only visible exit in this room is
    up the caved in passage, but you can't go that way. Instead, click move and
    then click the black space between the waterfall and the cliffside to enter
    the cavern.
    In here, hit the odd shaped rock to reveal a bag. Inside the bag are three
    jewels. Take them. Now, remember the Epor room? Head back there (from the
    hallway with the three doors, head straight twice, then go down the trapdoor
    in the mirror room. If you spilt the green goo on the floor in the coffin
    room, head back to the hallway right after the Entrance Hall. Enter the
    secret passage there, go down the stairs, cross the left bridge, and  you're
    Back in here, look for the outline of a door on the opposite side of the room.
    Open it and step inside. In here, use the Blue Stone on the pedestal to raise
    the door. A wizard will greet you;
    "Listen, warrior! The Warlock Lord can only be defeated by thy courage and the
    Staff of Ages. Remember, Five to find. Three for the staff, one to be the
    key, and one to be thy pathway. Have thy wits about thee, warrior! Fare thee
    The wizard leaves a scroll behind. Open it and read it to learn the Humana
    spell. Now, head back into the Epor room and climb the rope into the mirror
    Head back to the Dragon's Antechamber. In here, use the White gem in the slot
    near the door. Doing so allows you to retrieve the purple sphere from the
    pedestal. Take it and head back to the lake. It's the one with the skeleton
    chilling in the middle.
    In here, use the Sphere on the lake, The entire lake will freeze over. Now,
    use your lit torch on the lake to temporarily melt it. After it is melted,
    grab the Sphere and the Key 3 from the skeleton. With all these in hand,
    make your trip to the Mirror room.
    Make sure you have your cloak on, otherwise you can't proceed any further.
    Use the hammer on the center mirror to break it apart. Use it on any of
    the other mirors, and you can kiss your butt goodbye. Make sure your cloak is
    on, then use the Key 3 on the door and go in.
    Whoo! It's hot in here! Go ahead and open the door there. Surprise! The only
    way to kill the beast is to extinguish the flames. Use the sphere on the
    flames to extinguish them. Now you can continue across.
    Try to walk across the bridge. A greedy troll stops you. No matter how many
    coins you give him, he won't let you cross. Hey may even kill you if you give
    him enough. Instead, use the spear on him to cross the bridge.
    God, what's with all the monsters around here? Anyway, the cyclops is an awful
    mean looking thing. Use the loaded sling to knock him out, then use the sword
    to end his life. Before you leave, use the crank on the well, the open the
    bucket and take the gauntlet. Wear the gauntlet.
    Now, continue through to the hallway. Take the first door closest to you.
    In here, take the map and the skull. Then open the door, take the glasses,
    and use them on yourself. Now, open the book on the table and read it.
    Afterward, read the two scrolls in the desk to learn two new spells. Now,
    use the Red Gem on the hole in the wall. Enter to the study.
    In here, take the bellows and the poker on the wall. Now, use the spell you
    just learned, "Terra Terrakk" to crack the globe open. Open it and take the
    Key 6 out of it. Head back into the hallway.
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    following list:
    Please immediately inform me at brandon_bush1990@hotmail.com. This is placed
    here in an attempt to stop Internet plagiarism caused by the modification or
    stripping of the copyright notice at the end of the document. Thank you for
    any information that may lead to the end potential plagiarism.
    End Intermittent Copyright Notice
    Take the other open door in here. Once inside, make sure you don't open the
    grate on the wall. Doing so leads to your death. Take the horseshoe from the
    mantle and use the hook on the ground. Take the water from the chamber and
    continue into the garden.
    Make sure you have the gauntlet first. Now, take the flute from the fountain.
    Now use the flute to open up the ring chamber. Take the ring from the tree.
    Head back to the hallway and open the door. Head through to the foyer.
    In here, take the mirror from the wall. Afterwards, use your lit torch on the
    rug to reveal a key. Take the Key 4. Use the Key 5 on the upper right door.
    Inside, try to move up the stairs. You will be asked a riddle. If you answer
    wrong, it will send you to the room the answer is in. If you think you have
    the correct answer, use the item on the Spinx. Here are the questions I've
    been asked so far:
    "You look at me, I look back, your right hand raises, I my left. You speak,
    but I in vain." Answer : Mirror
    Make note of the pattern on the stairs. You'll use it later. Now, head up.
    Take the star from the star chart, then OPEN the chart on the wall. Take the
    rod from behind. Now, climb the ladder. Don't be fooled by appearences, she
    packs a nasty surprise. Go ahead and use the Arrow on her, then take the
    Back in the foyer, use the Key 6 to open the upper left door. Inside, try to
    take the horn. Use the water on the Hellhound to get rid of him, then take
    the horn. Now, head up the ladder, then use the star on the Wyvern. Take the
    talisman from the stand and head back to the foyer.
    Back here, use the Key 4 on the center door and enter. Take the torches on
    the wall. In here, take the left exit and proceed to the balcony. Taking the
    pot of gold means death, so instead open the bag and take the Big Coin and
    a gold coin.
    Head back to the first part of the balcony and use the rod on the hole in the
    guard rail. Take the wand out of the hand. Now, we need to do some serious
    backtracking. Remember the bridge I told you not to cross WAAY back when?
    Well, head back there.
    In here, use the Bottle 2 on yourself. If you've already used it or forgot it
    somewhere along the way, besides the bottle in the EPOR room, there is a
    bottle of it in the laboratory. Now, after using it on yourself, you can
    cross the rickity bridge.
    In here, use the wand on the serpent and take the Staff from it. You're
    almost ready to take on the Warlock Lord. Now, head back to the hallway
    before the balcony. When you get to the bridge, use the Humana spell to get
    by that pesky troll. When you're in the hallway, go through the other door
    into the throne room. Use the scepter in the hand of the skeleton, then use
    the ring on the hole that appears. Now, slip through the hole in the floor.
    Take all the torches. Do not go through the little hole in the side, just
    continue straight forward. In here, take the right door and use the Motari
    spell to raise a bridge. Move into the cavern behind. Now, manipulate the
    levers in the pattern on the staircase in the Spinx's room. If you forgot,
    turn the rightmost lever, the then middle, then the rightmost again. Take
    the orb from the case.
    Now you are ready to make the Staff of Ages. Use the blade on the staff,
    then the orb on the staff. Now you are ready to take on the Warlock Lord.
    Make your way back to the gargoyles. Use the Illumina spell to blind the
    gargoyles, then enter the room.
    The door on the left can't be opened, so use the lever on the well instead.
    Use the Big Coin on the well, then enter. Now, use the, umm, stick? Whatever
    it is, use it on the gong to summon the ferry. Use a gold coin on the ferryman
    and then move onto the raft. Use the talisman on the hole under the sword,
    then use the horn to open the door. Step in for the final confrontation.
    First glance makes you think of getting rid of the Warlock Lord. Instead, use
    the Staff of Ages on the behemoth. Congratulations, it was really that simple.
    Sit back and enjoy the rather brief ending.
    |  Items  |
    Arrow - A finely crafted silver arrow is not uncommon in Elven lands. Found
            in the Bridge Room Antechamber. Use to kill the Werewolf in the tower.
    Bellows - This wooden bellows has stoked many a floundering fire. Found in the
              study. Used as a possible solution to the Spinx's riddle.
    Big Coin - It is a large gold coin with a well engraved on it. Found in the
               bag on the balcony. Used to descend to the underground river.
    Blade - It's some sort of spike that is made of precious metals. The tips are
            as sharp as needles. Found in the tower, used as part of the Staff of
    Blue Stone - It's a dark blue gemstone that is as big as the pommel of a
                 sword! Found behind the waterfall. Used to raise the door off the
                 Epor room.
    Bottle 1 - It's a small silver bottle. What is it? It sure smells terrible!
               Found in Epor room. Using it on yourself kills you.
    Bottle 2 - This small silver vial glows with a lustrous shine. You notice that
               the bottle is impossibly light! Found in the Epor room. Used to
               cross the rickity bridge.
    Broom - This broom looks remarkably liek the one owned by the Sirens of the
            Isle of Yelkum Iret. Found in the mirror room. Used as a possible
            solution to the Spinx's question.
    Cloak - This heavy cloak contains no frivolous adornments, such as pockets or
            a hood. Found in the wraith room. Used to enter the Room of Flame.
    Crest - It's the family crest of Sir Dugan himself. Found in the castle foyer.
            Used as a possible solution to the Spinx's question.
    Copper Coin - Hey! Wait a minute! This is no gold coin. It's but a brass slug.
                  What a royal rip! Found in the coffin next to the mummy coffin.
                  No use.
    Flute - It's a small, wooden flute. It looks like it could make wonderful
            music. Found in the garden. Used in the garden to receive the ring.
    Glasses - These glasses are worn. They've probably been used for a long time.
              Found in the Library. Used to read the book in the library.
    Hammer - It's an ancient Gnome War Hammer. This weapon does not show the signs
              of battle. Found in the Dragon's Den. Used to smash the mirrors in
             the Mirror Room.
    Helmet - This seems to be a helmet of the sort commonly worn by Hobgoblins.
             Found in the Dragon's Den. Used as a possible answer to the Spinxes
    Horn - This horn is forged of flawless platinum. It's beauty is unbelievable.
           Found in the balcony antechamber. Used to open the door to the
           summoning chamber.
    Horseshoe - This horseshoe seems to have taken quite a beating. Found in the
                laboratory. Used as a possible answer to the Spinx's Question.
    Key 1 - It's a small iron key. Found at the castle entrance. Used to open the
            door in the Entrance Hall.
    Key 2 - This key bears a skull. This must be a skelton key. Found in book in
            the hallway. Use to open the closet in the Entrance Hall.
    Key 3 - It's a small brass key. Found in the Lake room before the waterfall.
            Used to unlock the door behind the middle mirror in the Mirror room.
    Key 4 - Used to unlock the middle door in the castle foyer.
    Key 5 - It's a small iron key. Used to unlock the door to the Spinx's room.
    Key 6 - Used to unlock the door to the balcony in the castle foyer.
    Map - This fine map of the lands of Tarkus is quite detailed, although 
          incomplete. Found in the library. Used as a possible answer for the
          Spinx's question.
    Mirror - The frame of this fine mirror is laced with silver and gold. Found
             in the castle foyer. Used as a possible solution to the Spinx's
    Orb - Aha! It's an orb made of silver. Its glowing surface causes your skin
          to tingle. Found in the cavern, used as part of the Staff of Ages.
    Poker - It's a black iron poker. It is used to stir the embers of an ongoing
            fire. Found in the study. Used as a possible answer to the Spinx's
    Ring - It's a ring! Set with a large, black sapphire. Found in the garden,
           used as part of opening the secret passage in the throne room.
    Rod - This rod is made of cast iron. Found behind the star chart, used to
          recieve the staff on the balcony.
    Scepter - This jewel-studded scepter is truly made for a king! Found in the
              Coffin Hall. Used as a part of revealing the secret passage in the
              throne room.
    Scroll 1 - "Five to find, three are one. One gives access, the Bladed Sun. The
               silver orb, to banish below. The Staff of Ages, to vanquish the
               Foe. Joining two, the golden blade. The last to invoke, the
               Platinum Horn." Found in the Epor room. Describes processes to
               banish the Warlock Lord.
    Scroll 2 - "As the shadow of the wind, thou shalt be! Humana." Teaches the 
               Humana spell.
    Scroll 3 - Land under the heavens; The key to the world. "Terra Terrakk".
               Teaches the "Terrar Terrakk" spell.
    Scroll 4 - To move the sun from far to near, light is what the darkness fears.
               "Instantum Illumina" Used to blind the gargoyles near the well.
    Shield - It's a heavy shield. There are only a few dents on it. Found in the
             Dragon's Den. Used to protect yourself from the dragon's flame.
    Skull - It seems to be the skull of some unfortunate individual. Found in
            the library. Used as a possible answer to the Spinx's question.
    Sling - It's a small leather sling. This would come in handy for long-range
            battles! Found in the closet from the Entrance Hall. Used to knock
            the Cyclops unconcious.
    Spear - This spear is some seven feet long. The tip seems to be made of finely
            forged silver. Found in the Dragon's Den. Used to slay the troll to
            gain access to the second part of the castle.
    Sphere - This crystal sphere is as cold as ice. Found in the Dragon's
             Antechamber. Used to freeze the lake and get the Key 3, then again
             to quell the flames in the Flame room.
    Staff - Druidic script winds its way around this staff. You can feel power
            emenating from it! Found in the cave. Used as the base for the
            Staff of Ages.
    Star - It's an ornate carving of a shooting star. The object is made of silver
           and is extremely heavy. Found in the observation room. Used to destroy
           the Wyvern.
    Stone - This stone would not be good for skipping. Found near the waterfall.
            Use in conjunction with the sling to KO the cyclops in the courtyard.
    Sword - It's a double-edged broadsword. The handle has druidic script written
            upon it. Found in the closet off the Entrance Hall. Used to kill the
            Cyclops after knocking it unconcious.
    Talisman - This rather heavy talisman is made of gold and is extremely sharp
               along its edges. It shines with an incredible brillance! Found on
               the roof. Used as the key to open the door to the Summoning
    Torch - It's a torch. An oil-soaked rag is wrapped around it. One must be lit
            at all times or you will die.
    Torch (Special) - There is something out of the oridnary about this torch, but
                      you can't put a finger on it. Found in hallway. Used to kill
                      the wraith in the Mirror Antechamber.
    Wand - It's a wand of sorts. Carved on the side is a small picture of a
           serpent. Found on the balcony. Used to retrieve the staff from the
    Water - The glass vial is filled with clear liquid. The sign of the cross is
            on it. Found in the floor chamber in the laboratory. Used to banish
            the hell hounds in the roof antechamber.
    White Gem - It's a white stone of unknown origin. A fine thing to gamble away
                in a good card game! Found in the Waterfall Cavern. Used to 
                retrieve the sphere from the Dragon's Antechamber.
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