Review by Rick L

"News Report: Spelunker falls 90 micrometers to his death"

This game is a really old one. But, just like 10 Yard Fight, it's not neccasarily good. There are some real play control problems here...

Graphics: 8/10

''Them graphics sure are purdy...''

The graphics, surprisingly, are pretty good for a godawful game such as this. Things seem to have the right amount of detail and description, but everything is rather small. That's the main problem. You need a microscope to see what in the blue hell is going on in that world. Another thing is, the Spelunker dude looks way too much like Mario without a mustache. Hmm...a missing cousin?

Sound: 5/10

''Music to my ears, my ass! Wait...can I even hear with my ass?''

Here's where it gets progressively worse. The main music doesn't really fit all that well. It also slowly gets annoying and repetitive. After a few minutes, you'll probably end up being so agitated that you really, really want to go and kill someone. The first time you play, though, you might want to suppress the urge to mutilate your NES. Players who have played Wizards and Warriors will recognize a little bit of a memorable tune when the ghost comes to kill you...heh heh.

Gameplay: 2/10

''I knew he was accident prone, but his falling just takes the cake!''

I just don't see what's so fun about this game. Mainly, you walk around picking up the treasures, but you probably won't get any the first time you play, because you'll fall and die. This'll happen often, because after your little guy falls about three pixels, he dies. It's absolutely ridiculous. Plus, there's way too many things that will kill him as well. I don't expect a game to be incredibly easy, but I don't expect it to be this hard or anything. You only get three lives, thankfully, so you can cool off that anger after playing the game.

Replay Value: 0/10

''Not again!''

Don't even bother. Just give it to someone you hate so they can suffer.

Overall: 3/10

''All looks and no play makes Spelunker a dumb game...''

The graphics were nice, but if the gameplay had been more leiniant in what kills you, and made the game a tad easier, then this game probably would've done well. Unfortunately, it was stuck with a bunch of idiot programmers who could do graphics, but not gameplay. Mucho shame! Bad! Oh, well. I hope they got it right on the next game they made.

This is The Rick, tellin' you to hear the ghost music if you're a Wizards and Warriors fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 05/31/02, Updated 05/31/02

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