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"This isn't like Street Fighter... THANK YOU!"

Ok, you read the header for my review and instantly thought ‘But you're wrong! Street Fighter is Cool!” Yeah, after the ORIGNAL Street Fighter. That game was… well for lack of better words, very weak. The controls were slow, the graphics were poor even for 8 bits, and the sound was bleeding my ears all day. So, yeah, Street Fighter 2 did get it right, but in-between that we get Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight.


Oh wow, sounds like a two-button fighting game already, BORING! Again, that's wrong. This one actually plays like a platformer, which I'm kind of fond of. But I think it played a bit too much like a harder, more challenging platformer than one would hope. The idea is there, but there's just too many different types of level design to really give off a great platform feel to it. Still, not a bad idea, just not as straight-forward as I would hope platformers would be, sometimes scrolling the states instead of you just moving across it. So to this, eh. 6/10


Well, for the most part, they're actually very fluent and have no major issues. There's a minor one however that needs to be addressed. Normally, the attack shoots straight-forward, which is what I would recommend, but if you motion the movement buttons in a way, you get a upper-cut or lower-cut attack. The problem is that this is movement sometimes doesn't work right, and you lower when you want to upper. This just doesn't work out well enough to use it regularly. Not the focus, but it drops the score down. 9/10


Well for the most part they are very good. The glowing lights in some of the backgrounds are stunning, while I especially liked the second planet's use of green. A lot of it, but not over-used. I honestly liked how the enemies had looked shockingly different from each other and you're not just fighting monsters all day. I did however hate the third planet's over use of orange. Still kind of works, but the boss in one stage is brown-ish. I guess though, it isn't bad, but could have done more to improve. 7/10


Originally, these were just parasitic organisms taking over other life-forms. Capcom however changed it to fit into the original Street Fighter game. So instead of a dull rip-off of a sci-fi movie, they put Ken Masters (same Ken, different [and perhaps better] game then he was originally in) into a suit of bionic armor and sent him out on a quest for vengeance. Yes, much better idea, and a shocking twist to the game at the end. Good story without being over-powering. 10/10


I play this game very time just to listen to the soundtrack. The music all-around is simply the best game outside Mega Man at the time. Very few video games mix good sound effects into an almost unbeatable soundtrack so well. Even fewer will ever want me to play though a whole level again just to say ‘wow! Let's here that music again!' 10/10


Let me make one all important thing clear. This game, is HARD! Eventually some will give up on it. But believe it or not, I didn't find it too hard after a few goes at it. The final stage is a pain, that's true, but the rest of the game became a breeze. So yeah, takes some time to get use to, but it doesn't end up being impossible. 8/10

Replay Value:

Because the game is so hard, the replay value is sky high. It's not just because the game offers challenges, but also remembering this game came out at a time where video game music isn't regally available. So yes, for anything else the sound puts wanting to play this game over the top. 10/10

Fun Factor:

Well, it's not like it's boring. The game doesn't get repetitive really and it stays pretty much on par throughout most of the game. But the problem is because it's hard, people don't really enjoy getting killed so many times. Ok, maybe some of us do want to keep going on and on, but there are a few who'd love to have an NES controller-shaped hole in something. Depends, challenged by a game or mad at it. Me, more challenged, but I'll be fair to those who hate tougher games. 6/10


All the fan boys were crying about this one because it wasn't like Street Fighter… 10 years after the game came out. The point of that argument that the original Street Fighter sucked, and this game came out before Street Fighter 2. Yeah I get it, it's not like Street Fighter but that's why it's so good. Zelda II was still as good and it wasn't like the original Zelda. Thankfully as of late many you tube videos have came to see this game in the right way, as a game that's different from it's ‘make up' and shockingly fair in terms of gameplay. It's improving as a whole, but still needs a lot of work to be better. Oh, did I mention this game suffers from ‘bad reviewer syndrome' where a reviewer will basically not talk about the game's points and just assume ‘it sucks?' Some people play it for the first time and complain how the game is. I don't find that fair at all. That hurts a lot, but at least it isn't as bad as people now of days who never played Final Fantasy VII and think it's like Advent Children. 6/10

Over-all Rating:

For all of those guys and girls who live platformers that show less mercy than Zelda II have a killer soundtrack like Mega Man put you in a dogfight for an hour or two like Metriod and have simple yet variable stage design like Sonic, then yes, this game is exactly for you. Now is it one of the best games of all time? No, too many factors are against it for that. Mainly the sometimes shaky controls and boring power-ups (a ball behind you that barely does anything to name one). But if you haven't played it, you can likely find this game for cheep out on eBay or something. But please, don't take the 2010 in it's name so literal…

This game is great at 87 out of 100.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/06/09

Game Release: Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight (US, 09/30/90)

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