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It features Ken? Who gives a....

When it comes to tie-ins to other games, you’ll find this strange and rather obscure title listed in the annuals of Nintendo Entertainment System history, toting the Street Fighter theme. Giving you several stages of platforming action that features the use of Ken, you’ll find that the game is more or less a Mega Man title but without the little Blue Bomber as your hero! The story is an offshoot of the Street Fighter story between Ken and Ryu, in which Ken gets tired of having his ass handed to him and goes off to become some sort of scientist. Now, only in the world of Street Fighter can some guy go from a bad ass to a nerd in a matter of a few years, and it really doesn’t make much sense, but onward we go. It seems as though Ken and a partner of his found a way to create a strange drug, and after a day of being out, Ken comes back to the lab only to find his friend dead. Now this is where Revenge starts and pretty much ends!

The game play is strictly action gaming with plenty of platforms to jump to and use in your quest to fight the evil that has changed your friend. You’ll face off against several different enemies that stand in your way, but you’ll face off against some of the largest bosses in NES history! The moves that you have are really limited to what Ken had in the Street Fighter fighting games, but with more limitations placed on them. This adds up to your character really not having much to use as he combats the forces of evil, so be prepared to jump and avoid several different objects and enemies throughout the game. What will catch several people from the start is that the game is extremely difficult to play and to defeat. I’m not talking a first time playing gamer, I’m talking some serious difficulty! Even years later, I still have a problem playing through this and not getting my ass handed to me on a regular basis! The game is also made up of mainly bosses, all of which take plenty of practice and patience to get through. If you’re really into games that take difficulty and make it ridiculous, then you’re looking in the right spot, because this game is extremely hard across twenty some levels.

The control is another instance of problems in which the NES controller is really hard to use with the precision jumping and control that you’ll need for later stages! You’ll find that the stiff directional pad is a curse when jumping around is something that you can’t do without and even using the attacks can be a true test of conviction. If you manage to get used to the control scheme and the way that it seems to screw you, you’ll find that the control in some of the more tedious sections of the game really isn’t all that hard to use. Just be aware that the game is fond of dumping you off of a platform if you’re not completely on it, and the NES control is light enough that you can whip it against the wall if it really annoys you!

Visually, the game is detailed just enough to keep you interested in the first few stages of the game. After a few minutes of the world around you sinking in, you’ll find that there are more references to the sci-fi world than you would really like! In most cases, it seems as though the stages blend together and repeat, with more of your attention going to the boss battles that can be quite extensive. To give the game credit, not only for being a vintage NES game that pulls off some pretty impressive things, Street Fighter 2010 has some of the more detailed bosses and stage layouts that I’ve seen in an action game aside from Metroid!

The audio of the game leaves you on the edge of your seat from the start, and quietly levels off once you’ve gotten into the game. Once you’ve heard the music for a few minutes, it lulls you into a sense of enjoyment with several different instances of pace keeping music and with the amount of sound effects and action that go on with the game, any NES gamer will be pleased with what they hear! Something that you’ll find though is that the sound effects are your standard fare of explosions and body thudding goodness that you’ve heard in other action games, and there really isn’t much that is new or improved. All in all, the NES does an awesome job in recreating a satisfying audio score without going too far overboard or doing to little to the overall game.

Street Fighter 2010 is a game that is rather obscure and has a slight tie to the Capcom fighting game series. What the game offers you is some of the most intensive action and difficult game play around, and a couple of different options that you can use during the game! While it is a one-player quest, most who have played this will find it to be extremely long and in some cases, exceptionally frustrating to the point of never playing it again. There is no replay value to it, other than saying that you actually made it through the game, and this title is best left to die hard gamers that have nothing better to do than beat a game to death. You’ll also find that just because the Street Fighter reference is there, doesn’t make this a cash cow super hit, in which you’re doing more platforming and more avoiding and jumping than you actually are fighting! All of these small shortcomings are what makes this obscure game something akin to getting hit in the face with a brick, and really makes it out to be a slightly above average type of game. If you can sit through all of the difficulty and the linear game play, then this title is for you. However, if you’re the type that will throw a difficult control against the wall, then you might do well to look elsewhere and leave this one right where it sits!

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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