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"For all those people who like boss battles..."

This game is a futuristic-style platform game that for some reason decide to draw a link to the Street Fighter Series. The main star is named Ken, and the intro story implies that Ken used to be a Street Fighter. That's about the only connection.

The first thing that jumps out at you is the fact that this game is basically 20 boss fights, but not in a one-on-one one-dimensional fight screen. Combat takes place on a field anywhere from 1 to 3 screens large. The way this is explained is that Ken uses a personal transporter to jump from world to world on his quest for revenge, and by defeating an enemy in each new location, he can use their energy to power his next jump. A few levels are forced-scrolling with multiple weak bosses, but mostly it's mono y mono with the occasional super-weak drone enemy distractions.

Storyline intro: Ken apparently got tired of losing to Ryu, and became a scientist. He and his partner were developing a goo called cytoplasm that could alter how a body works, increasing strength and speed. However an overdose of cytoplasm causes a genetic meltdown, resulting in any number of mutations. The story begins when Ken returns to the lab to find his partner turned into a blob of something icky.

Graphics: Think Mega Man 4 era and quality. Clear, with little flicker except in the rare case of having more than 4 pawns on the screen at a time. There's a strange graphic breakup if you get squished in the 2nd level, where you can flip-kick into a wall and survive, but otherwise it's solid if not awesome. Considering the plot involves mutating goo, some disgusting enemies pop up, and they are well drawn for maximum sickening factor. 8/10 (for a NES game)

Audio: Sound effects are a little sparce, but the background makes up for it since the game is always trying to keep the feel of ''hurry and kill this boss to recharge your suit''. The music is right on for most levels to keep the tension high and make you feel the urgency. 8/10

Gameplay: Here's a weak spot. The game is fun, but your character only has a few moves. He can throw a ball of energy a short distance, or make it curve upwards, or he can have it curl downwards. There's a sort of jumping flash kick a la Guile later, but even that isn't enough to add any variety to your rather boring attacks. The only power up you find is extra range on the ball of energy, and so the game pretty much has no growth. The only redeeming factor is the platform style of combat. That at least makes dodging a lot of fun. 4/10

Replay: The game isn't easy, takes a fair amount of time to beat, and has no save option. More than likely you'll dust it off to show to friends, but won't play it much after you get done. 2/10

Overall: Don't get it because of the Street Fighter name. Get it if you like tension, long action games, and the strategy of finding the weak spot of a boss who's better than you. You'll be trying different strategies alot to beat this game. The game is fine to look at, and the music and gameplay keep you drawn in. It's just not as good as many other pure platforms or pure action/fighting games. 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/16/00, Updated 03/16/00

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