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"Tetris DX has opended my eyes!!!"

Tetris is a Puzzle game developed by Nintendo. It's obvious to me now… this port isn't so good. Being an NES player half my life this was the port I've come to love, until I've found Tetris DX for the Game Boy Color, which is by far the best Tetris port I've ever played making me realize the problems with this one.

Gameplay: 6/10
Replay Value: 5/10

If you want explanations on what Tetris is, not only are you in the wrong site but also in the wrong planet and solar system. Tetris… is Tetris, what's more important is what THIS port here has. In here we have basically 2 modes only, (no 2-player mode which is a shame). The first is the typical Tetris mode where you play until you loose. In the second mode you can choose your speed and the height on which you'll start, with the purpose of clearing a certain number of lines in order to get a small scene as a prize. So what we have here is a simple NES port, nothing special but also nothing bad about it… it doesn't reinvent the steel or anything, its just another fun Tetris game, right? Wrong! Tetris here fails in its most important aspect, its controls… this is why I've said in the beginning that Tetris DX made me see it more clearly. After the perfection of Tetris DX's controls I now find Tetris controls to be a bit too stiff, requiring pressing the D-Pad repeatedly in order to get a piece moving when in TDX you would just hold the directional button. Not only the controls tend to be stiff but also quite slippery forcing you to make a lot of mistakes by moving a piece just a step too far, a very bad thing especially in higher speeds.

Graphics & Sound: 7.5/10

Visually NES' Tetris looks quite good, very colorful and smooth, however there is one not so simple problem. The game has way too much contrast, brightness and is very colorful. This might sound a bit stupid but trust me it's the most important thing when it comes to graphics, especially in games like this, is whether it doesn't give any problems to your eyes. An experienced gamer might know what I'm talking about. This game is simply too tiring for your eyes. Audio-wise we have only 3 tunes, which at least are quite good along with the typical Tetris SFX fanfare.

-Good ol' Tetris fun despite the problems

-Controls sometimes stiff \ sometimes slippery
-Later speeds are unforgivably hard in this port
-No 2-player mode
-Tiring to your eyes

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Overall: 6.2/10

I'll keep it short. Skip this… buy Tetris DX for the GBC.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/24/11

Game Release: Tetris (US, 11/30/89)

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