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"Not as good as the Tengen version"

Tengen (Atari) and Nintendo have had quite a histroy, both as rivals and as somewhat friends. One of the main disputes that Nintendo and Tengen got into over the years was the infamous Tetris incident. basically, the creator of Tetris licensed the game out to too many people. Once Tengen got hold of the special code that allowed them to break Nintendo's lockout chip, they created a very special version of Tetris. Unfortunately for Nintendo, Tengen's version of Tetris was much better than Nintendo's, so Nintendo decided to make Tengen Tetris one of the most rare and valuable games ever. Oh well. Nintendo then released their own version of the game, which I will review here. On with my review to Tetris by Nintendo.

Graphics (7.6/10)
About the only advantage Nintendo had over Tengen was in the graphics department, in my opinion. The Tengen version of Tetris had little gray puzzle pieces, while the Nintendo version has much more colorful pieces. Not only that, but there is a bit more variety to the overall feel of the game. Overall, Nintendo's version of Tetris has very nice graphics, but they're not perfect.

Music/Sound (4.2/10)
Well, the Tengen version of Tetris has much better music, in my opinion. First off, the themes in the Tengen version were pretty wicked, and had that cool Russian theme to them, but the themes in the Nintendo version of Tetris did not. Sound effect wise, the Nintendo version of Tetris had a vareity of sound effects, but they really were featured in menus, etc. then in the game itself. Overall, Nintendo could have done a better job.

Gameplay/Control (6.3/10)
Yeah, Tetris is a fun game to play, no matter who makes it. But this version just isn't that fun to play, in my opinion. Sure it has its good points, but it also has some bad control issues as well. It is very hard to turn your piece at the last second and fit it into the hole that you need it to. This leads to severe frustration eventually. Oh well, at least they somwhat appeared to have tried to make a decent attempt. Overall, Nintendo's version of Tetris is not the best version.

Replay Value


Overall (6.2/10)
Too bad Tengen's version was outlawed, because I prefer it over Nintendo's version any day of the week.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/22/00, Updated 07/16/01

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