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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shirow

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    Ultima V -- NES
    By Orochi K
    (formerly known as Zoxea)
    v Final
    May 29, 2002
    Mail me: kartelkertra <at> caramail <dot> com
    Copyright 2001-2002, Orochi K. This is a free document and is intended to
    be viewed on GameFAQs exclusively. You are not allowed to host this on 
    another site, to rip off part of this guide or to try and make money out
    of it. In other words, don't steal and don't plagiarise! I did not write
    this guide just to have some imbecile steal it but to help people who are
    stuck in this game.
    Obviously, this is a FAQ/Walkthrough for Ultima V which is also known as
    Ultima: Warriors of Destiny. Now, I don't know what happened but this game
    really hurts and was a huge disappointment. Just because I wrote a guide for 
    it doesn't mean I like it. :)
    Anyway, I hope this FAQ is helpful to you and you find whatever you need
    in here. I also tried something different other than the typical lay-out
    of walkthroughs. As a matter of fact, I consider this to be more of a 
    quick walkthrough with analysis and tips thrown in and it will take you to
    the [lame] ending of the game.
    The cluster of locations around Britanny Bay is probably the best place to 
    start. Talk to everyone you meet for clues. Go out at night for 
    monster-hunting, but not far from the towns - retreat to a town if you're in 
    danger of getting killed. Look for Mantras and Words of Power. When your group 
    attains third or fourth level, explore dungeons for loot. Buy ships, get a 
    grapple, sextant, Black Badge, Spy-Glass, lots of Skull Keys and the Magic 
    Carpet. Stock up on Mandrake Root, Nightshade and other reagents. Use the 
    Black Badge and get the Crown and Word Of Power from the prisoner. 
    While seeking one of the Shards, get the Mystic Armour. Get all the Shards and 
    names of the Shadowlords. Learn what to do with the Shards. Destroy the 
    Shadowlords and find their Keep. Get the Sceptre and Amulet. Complete all the 
    Shrine Quests if you haven't already. Get the Sandalwood Box and stock up on 
    supplies. Rescue Lord British. 
    The keys to character development lie in the Shrines and in living up to the 
    virtues. Don't take food or crops, kill innocent people or do other 
    'unAvatarish' acts that will cost you points in a related Virtue and inhibit 
    some characters from giving you clues. To boost Compassion, give one piece of 
    gold to Beggars. Never lie or boast (say no when asked if you're proud of 
    something, unless asked if you are the most humble). To boost Karma, complete 
    a Shrine Quest, then return to that Shrine and give gold. People who will join 
    the party are mentioned in the "TOWNES, CASTLES & KEEPS" section and in the 
    TABLES. Release prisoners in Blackthorn or Yew. 
    Slings and Bows will serve you well until you get Magic Axes. You can equip 
    with more than one weapon, such as a Magic Axe and a Short Sword. A Bow is 
    good until you get a Magic Axe. Don't forget you can fire missile weapons 
    diagonally this time. Use them until the enemy is within arm's reach. Step 
    back as the enemy approaches, and they'll move into better positions for you 
    to hit them. Line your team up in a pair of columns, keeping missile weapons 
    and Mages in the back. 
    You will be able to reach most places by foot, horse or Magic Carpet. The In 
    Por spell and the Grapple are essential for travelling, especially when 
    seeking the Shards. The exceptions will require a ship or travel by Moongates. 
    Avoid entering a location when Shadowlords are present. (You will get an 
    audible warning; also, the trees will be bare of foiliage and the inhabitants 
    will be reluctant to converse with you. By using a telescope at night, you can 
    see the location of the Shadowlords). Some locations have locked doors or 
    moats preventing entry during the night. You may have to wait until daylight, 
    cross moats on the Magic Carpet, or find secret entrances. Inhabitants follow 
    certain routines and will sleep, open or close shops, have lunch and so on 
    only during certain hours. Generally it is best to "hole up" outside until 
    morning. This also gives you an opportunity to revitalize spell points, heal 
    and sometimes be visited by Lord British, who may reward you or caution you to 
    follow a certain path to meet your goals. 
    Barkeeps will give you useful clues for a price. If short of cash, save the 
    game before you bribe a Barkeep; get the information, then restore game. This 
    may not seem 'Avatarish', but in the early stages of the adventure you must be 
    prudent at times! Secret doors are marked with white dots in the walls, but 
    these are sometimes hard to see. A ship is needed to reach some places; 
    consult the map before setting out for a new location to see if this is the 
    This castle has five levels: four above ground and one below. Like most 
    locations, it can be plotted on a 32 x 32 grid. On the Ground Level (near the 
    stable), talk to Treanna. You may find items by searching the level below, 
    where you will find an Armoury and items to be picked up by searching (but 
    DON'T fight any Guards here!). And don't take anything from the locked room 
    down there, since it belongs to Lord British. On one level above you may find 
    an "orb" with which you may view the floor the way you would with a gem. 
    On the second level above you will find Lord British's quarters (use a Skull 
    Key to enter, or blow the door off with a cannon). Here lies the Magic Carpet 
    at the entrance and a secret door that opens if you play the harpsichord. The 
    secret door permits you to obtain the Sandalwood Box. (DO NOT SAVE THE GAME 
    HERE!!). You may also meet Saduj, who may offer to join you. (DON'T let him - 
    he may cause you to lose the Sandalwood Box). In this room you can also go 
    through the fireplace to a secret place. Going through fireplaces costs you 
    hit points so be sure you can take a few hits coming and going. The stairway 
    in Lord British's quarters leads to an Observatory with a telescope. Don't go 
    to the roof unless you have Skull Keys. 
    The Towne of Compassion has an Inn and an Armoury. There are sleeping 
    quarters, terrace and a balcony on the upper floors. Talk to Anon, Greyson, 
    Terrance and Guenno. 
    Here there is a Healer and a Shipwright. Plans for the HMS Cape, which permit 
    faster sailing aboard frigates, are in one of the drawers in the Shipwright's 
    There is an Inn, a Stable and a small garden. A little north of the entrance 
    is a tree stump with three gems. Talk to Joshua and Leof. 
    Here you will find two gardens, a Tavern and a Graveyard. The gravestones have 
    humorous epitaphs if you have the patience to decipher them. Some graves yield 
    corpses and loot if searched. 
    Located on an island west of the southern tip of the Isle of the Avatar, the 
    palace is surrounded by a moat. You must be equipped with the Magic Carpet to 
    avoid some of the trap doors inside. Hug the walls when going through the 
    palace, because the traps are normally centered away from the walls. If 
    captured by guards you will be taken to Blackthorn, asked to reveal the Mantra 
    of a Shrine and whether you do or don't, the second man in your party will be 
    tortured and killed. It is best to avoid detection. There are three levels 
    above and a basement level from the ground floor. On the top level in the 
    centre of the grid you will find the Crown of Lord British. When worn, it 
    protects you from magic spells. You can avoid being captured by knowing the 
    password and wearing the Black Badge. If captured after obtaining the Crown, 
    you can escape in the following manner: In the dead of night, go to the down 
    ladder at the northern central part of the Top Level. Go down to the bedroom 
    and south to the wall and search for the secret door. Take the down ladder on 
    the other side of the door, then search north for another secret door. Take 
    the down ladder on the other side of the door and you will be on the Main 
    Level. Go directly north through the triple doors, and the Magic Carpet will 
    get you over the stream. 
    On the Upper Level, you will meet Dupre and Sentri, a pair of Fighters you 
    should chat up. Talk to Sir Simon and Tessa for valuable information; an 
    Armoury is available. 
    This location has a Guild, Armoury, an Inn, a Tavern and a Shipwright. Talk to 
    Scally. You meet Geoffrey, an old friend who wants to join you. Sven gives a 
    clue on where to obtain a glass sword. (It's a powerful weapon but 
    disintegrates when used, so it may not be worth searching for). You can get 
    information on a grapple for a drink for a woman. 
    Cove is southeast of Locklake and may be reached from there. You may purchase 
    reagents and obtain healing here. Speak to the Sisters of Virtue about Tibse. 
    Ambrose (around midnight at the Healers) will speak to you of the Mystic Arms. 
    Talk to Sin'Vraal for the name of a Shadowlord. 
    There are three levels: the first has a Healer, the second a balcony with the 
    Flame of Love. Toshi, a student will offer to join you. Talk to Tim. Converse 
    with Lord Michael (and say 'grapple'). Cory will give free food if you ask for 
    'squid' or 'shark'. Julia offers to join you. The third level is just a walk 
    around the perimeter where you may find Tim at times.
    In Farthing you may learn a spell from Temme and get a spyglass from Lord 
    Seggallion if you answer "VIRTUE". Talk to Quintin. 
    This is the lighthouse on the island just south of Brittain. Jotham will speak 
    of the Underworld. 
    This lighthouse is on a peninsula South of Trinsic. Here you will find Sir 
    Arbuthnot, the royal coinmaker. David the Keeper will provide you with a 
    sextant when you ask about it. Talk to Lord Kenneth, who will teach you to 
    play the harpsichord. Be sure to search, for you will find five gems, 50GP and 
    a blue potion. 
    Just a small hut and a graveyard occupy this small island. At 9:00am, a young 
    mage, Sutek, arises and reveals the secret of destroying the Shadowlords. 
    Check out the small graveyard for messages. 
    There are two levels, the second consisting mainly of sleeping quarters. The 
    first level has an Inn, a Tavern, an Armoury and a Shipwright. You may obtain 
    a magic axe outside the walls to the East, but must first find the secret door 
    in the Northeast section on the main level. Talk to Thorne and the bewildered 
    Mage who speaks and responds to "backward" words. (Ask for a "Word of Power", 
    but spell it backwards - "Drow of Rewop", then say "Dratsed"). Searching will 
    net you food, torches and a scroll. 
    This Keep houses the Flame of Truth and has three levels. On the first level 
    is a stable. She also tells how to find a Shrine. On the second level, talk to 
    Mariah in the Healer's Room during the day. There is a Library and a Tavern. 
    Talk to Lady Janell, Rollo and Lord Shalineth. The third level has a Healer 
    and the Flame of Truth. Sir Sean will explain how to get to Stonegate, the 
    fortress of the Shadowlords. Search for items. 
    Some buildings on Minoc have second levels with sleeping quarters and items if 
    you search for them. The ground level has a Healer (who does not charge for 
    her services), a Shipwright and an Armoury. Follow Shenstone at noon. He leads 
    you to a place where you can find keys. Rew reveals a Mantra and more useful 
    information. Talk to Tactus, Fenelon and Fiona. 
    The towne of Honesty has second levels where you can search for items, plus a 
    telescope. The ground level has many items, an orb for viewing, and a shop 
    selling reagents. You may also purchase rations here. Talk to the man in the 
    tower. Malifora knows a Word of Power and a Mantra. 
    Ron Wartow has a Mantra. Katrina will offer to join you. Talk to Kaiko. 
    The gates to Paws are closed at night. You will find a Guild, Inn and Tavern. 
    Glinkie tells how to find a Shrine. Talk to Bandaii (if you know where to find 
    the talking horse). Stables hold a clue to the wishing wells. 
    The gates open at 5:00am at this Bastion of Courage. Here you will find the 
    Flame of Courage. An upper level has a large dining room. Kristi the cook will 
    sell you five Skull Keys. Talk to Lord Malone, Monsieur Loubet and Gardner. 
    Maxwell, a sleek Fighter, offers to join. A sub-level in Serpent's Hold 
    contains the Flame of Courage. If you fall down a trap-door and appear to be 
    closed in, search for secret doors. 
    The towne of Spirituality has a drawbridge that is raised at midnight. Here 
    you will find an Inn, a Healer and a Shop selling reagents. Kindor reveals a 
    Mantra. Talk to Saul about Mandrake and Nightshade. A wizard on the upper 
    floor of the centre building (after you defeat the bats) will answer to the 
    word "OPPRESSION". If you provide him with a name he will send you to Windmere 
    to see Elistaria and give you the password. Find and talk to the child in 
    town, son of a prisoner in Yew. 
    See the paragraph on the SHADOWLORDS & THE SCEPTRE. 
    A lighthouse located Southwest of Minoc, this has three levels and two 
    inhabitants. Information is scarce, but try anyway.
    On the upper level you will find sleepwalkers. Sindar gives a Word of Power. 
    There is a Stable, a Healer and an Armoury. 
    A three-level lighthouse off the West coast of Verity Isle, this may not yield 
    any information. 
    Elistaria, in response to "IMPERA", gives you a badge that, if worn, helps you 
    in Blackthorn's Palace. She also says Thrud will provide you with jewelled 
    weapons for the resistance password. 
    The towne of Justice closes its gates at night. Search the cemetery graves 
    for items. There is a Tavern, an Armoury and a Reagent shop on the ground 
    level and quarters on the lower level. Janna will offer to join you. Ask 
    Landon about the Crown. To reach the lower level, go through one of the 
    fireplaces. Chamfort will tell you of resistance and a Mantra. If jailed, you 
    will be taken to the cells behind Judge Dryden's office and should talk with 
    Jerome. In another cell you will meet Felespar. Give him the password of the 
    resistance, and he'll give you a Word of Power. Ask Judge Dryden of the 
    oppression. Tell him Tactus of Minoc sent you. Tell Greymarch that Froed is 
    well, and he tells of the Sceptre. 
    You may be able to defeat the Shadowlords in battle, but they will return 
    unless you get rid of them permanently. To accomplish this you must first 
    learn their names, obtain the Shards of Cowardice, Falsehood and Hatred from 
    the Underworld, and finally destroy them at the Flames of Courage, Truth and 
    Love. At the flames you must yell their names and, when they stand in the 
    flames, use the Shards to destroy them. The Lords of the three locations of 
    the Flames will reveal to you the names of the Shadowlords. Use each Shard in 
    the Flame of the opposite alignment. The Shadowlord must be standing on or in 
    the Flame, positioned so he's due North of your character and his icon is 
    covering the Flame's icon. 
    Do not attempt to acquire the Sceptre until you have eliminated the 
    Shadowlords. Stonegate, the Shadowlord's fortress, is located at EK JE. Just 
    North of the Sceptre is a trap-door that leads to certain death; equip the 
    Magic Carpet before entering. A leather-winged abomination guards the 
    entrance. The answer to his riddle is "WELL" but even if you answer correctly, 
    he will still attack you. 
    The Shards are located in the Underworld, which may be reached by dungeons. Be 
    equipped with the Magic Carpet. The Shard of Hatred is reached by either 
    dungeon Wrong or Covetous. Falsehood is reached from Deceit, and Cowardice 
    from Hythloth. The In Por spell (Blink) and the Grapple are needed for this 
    To descend in Wrong: Yell the Word of Power at the entrance. At the exit, head 
    South into a room. Kill off monsters, then descend to Level 2 via the ladder 
    in the middle of the room. Move South SIX times, then West FIVE times to the 
    ladder leading Down. (Watch out for the pit trap and force field). 
    Descend to Level 4, then go South SIX times and take the ladder Down to Level 
    5, where you may heal at the fountain by going through a secret door North of 
    you, then go West ONCE and North TWICE. 
    The other fountain, TWO spaces East, is poisonous! From where you entered 
    Level 5, head South TWICE then follow along either East or West until you 
    reach a chance to go Down, making sure to destroy electric fields in your way 
    (use An Grav spell or the Sceptre), then descend to Level 6. 
    Wear the crown (to ward off Wisps as you enter Level 8). On Level 6 move East 
    (or West) TWICE, then North TWICE and descend to Level 8. On Level 8 move 
    North TWICE, East ONCE, then face North to reveal a secret door. Go through 
    the secret door and West THREE spaces to a healing fountain. Going East all 
    the way, then South all the way will bring you to the exit to the Underworld. 
    Be prepared for battles, electric fields and bomb traps. 
    In the Underworld, go South on the path to the fork, then go East on it for a 
    short while before heading South again. At the next fork, move South. At the 
    next fork, go West and look for a gap in the High Mountains to your East. Find 
    it and begin climbing East, following the path of low mountains between the 
    High peaks. View the gem and you'll see a glen in the middle of some 
    mountains; this is the Shard. Keep climbing until you reach it. 
    To descend in Deceit: At the entrance yell the Word of Power. From the exit of 
    the dungeon, go North through a secret door to the ladder leading Down, then 
    descend to find a healing fountain (you'll neeed it after battling the Daemons 
    on the next level). Go due South down a hallway and take the ladder Down to 
    Level 3. 
    You're now in a room filled with Daemons, where a force field blocks the 
    middle of the room (dispell it). Take the ladder Down at the other end of the 
    room to Level 4. Climb Down again to Level 5. Go West THREE times from the 
    ladder, then due South and take the ladder Down to Level 6. Go West ONCE and 
    search for the pit trap (in the middle of an intersection). Find it, step on 
    the spot where it is and go North to take the ladder Down to Level 7. 
    Go West into the room and exit it to the North. Go North to the wall, East 
    ONCE, North TWICE to a ladder Down to Level 8. Go South FOUR times from the 
    ladder to the intersection, move East TWICE, then face South. Go South through 
    two rooms (behind some pillars in here are some Dragons, which can be killed - 
    but you can't get their treasure; also watch for a trip that releases some 
    Now enter the next room South to the room with 5 Black Squares in a wall (in 
    the middle of the room) and a ladder Down on the other side. Take a Torch in 
    the upper right-hand corner, walk into the space formerly occupied by the 
    torch and push on the East wall there. (On the way out, however, push the WEST 
    wall in the LOWER LEFT-HAND CORNER!). This allows you to access the first 
    block, where you'll defeat a monster. Push on the West wall there to open a 
    block to the East. Defeat the monster, enter the block he occupied and push 
    the East wall. That opens a wall to your West, where you enter another block 
    with a monster. Kill him, enter his space and push the West wall. That exposes 
    the block furthest to the East and releases the Dragon. (Try to use 
    Morningstars or spells on him before you release him). 
    Go all the way Down to the space he occupied and push the East wall. That 
    releases the other Dragon. Kill him, then go East ONCE from the space he 
    occupied and push the South wall to open a wall so you can access the ladder 
    Down on the other side (but on the way out, push NORTH, not SOUTH!). Take the 
    ladder to the Underworld. (On the way back out, push on the WEST wall in the 
    LOWER LEFT-HAND corner to open the wall. Then follow the previous directions, 
    except in the previously noted exceptions). 
    In the Underworld: You begin at (5) on the provided map). Go Southwest over 
    lots of mountaintops until you reach some large caves. Then head Southwest to 
    a major intersection, where you turn Northwest and go Northeast at the branch. 
    Go North a long way, until the path switches West, through some rocky hills to 
    the Southwest and finally you will come to a lake. Look for the river that 
    flows South. Jump on the Carpet and take a ride down the rapids to find the 
    Shard on a small island. 
    To descend in Hythloth: From the exit, descend to Level 7. On Level 7, move 
    South TWICE (through a secret door), West ONCE and UP to Level 6. On Level 6 
    move West TWICE and Down to Level 7. On Level 7 move South TWICE, East ONCE, 
    South TWICE, then East FOUR TIMES through a secret door. On Level 8 move West 
    THREE TIMES to the Underworld exit. (Mystic Arms are found near the Underworld 
    Exit in Hythloth). 
    In the Underworld: Carry lots of gems. Go to a clearing due South (as far as 
    you can go on foot). "BLINK" into the clearing to the West, then go Northwest 
    as far as you can walk and view a gem. "BLINK" into the clearing to the North. 
    Then go North and "BLINK" over more mountains. Move West and "BLINK" across 
    more mountains. Go North and "BLINK" again. Head Northwest to the clearing, 
    where you'll find the Shard. 
    The Amulet is located in the Underworld (go through the dungeon Destard, then 
    Southwest, using the Magic Carpet to avoid the poisonous area), among the 
    Graves of Valiant Warriors (near OE GJ). (See Underworld Map). 
    To Descend Dungeon Destard: 
    You don't HAVE to enter through the dungeon: just follow the journal of Lord 
    British's last trip in the manual. But you should exit through the dungeon by 
    reversing these directions. 
    Yell the Word of Power. 
    From Level 1, head: S - S - E - E - E - E - S - S - E - E - E - E - S - S then 
    descend to Level 2. 
    From Level 2, head: S - S - E - E - E - E - S - S - E - E then descend 
    (through Level 3) to Level 4. 
    On Level 4, head: N - N into a room and fight off the monsters. Then take the 
    grate down to Level 5. 
    On Level 5, head: S - S - E - E then descend to Level 7. 
    On Level 7, head: N then E into a room and exit N - N - W - N - N into a room, 
    then descend through the grate to Level 8 (after a battle!). 
    On Level 8, you may DES POR to The Underworld or travel to the exit. Either 
    way, you will have to fight your way through two rooms when you re-enter the 
    Dungeon. The exit to the Underworld (from the ladder) is: S - S - S - S - S - 
    S - W - W - S - S - W - W - S - S - S to a room entrance and enter. (Demons 
    and Wisps are in here). 
    When exiting from this room, take North, East or West exit if going to the 
    surface. If headed for the Underworld, go South, use any weapon and hit the 
    torch in the middle to open the South exit and turn that half of the room into 
    a lava field. (You'll need a high-level party to survive this and the next 
    room). Then exit South and move South to the ladder to the Underworld. 
    Here you will finally meet and rescue Lord British. The dungeon is located at
    the exact centre of the Underworld and is reached by descending through 
    Dungeon Shame. Use the Amulet to get through the dark area to Doom. You must 
    have the Crown, Sceptre, Amulet and Word of Power for Doom. You also need the 
    Sandalwood Box. 
    To Descend Dungeon Shame: 
    Yell the Word of Power. At first you appear to be locked in, but by attacking 
    rocks on the Southern edge of the level with magic axes, you'll eventually 
    reveal a Southern exit. 
    Go through the exit and take the first corridor on your left. Follow it around 
    to the descent to Level 7. A sign will inform you that this is the "deepest" 
    On Level 7, go: S - S - S - S then descend to Level 8. 
    On Level 8, go: W then DES POR to the Underworld. The exit, if you care to 
    find it, is (from your entrance on Level 8): W - W - S - W - S - S - E - E - E 
    through a secret door. 
    To find Doom, travel East as far as you can go, then "BLINK" to the Grassy 
    Plain. Cross the water on the Magic Carpet. 
    You must have already killed all the Shadowlords before entering Doom. Also 
    required are the Crown, Sceptre and Sandalwood Box. UP and DOWN Spells cannot 
    be cast here, so you can only exit by saving Lord British or by being killed. 
    Rings of Invisibility don't work well here. It helps to wear the Crown. 
    LEVEL ONE Exit the room at (a) by walking up to the edge of the West wall and 
    using the Sceptre, which clears out the walls. Follow the hall to the ladder 
    down at (b). 
    LEVEL TWO From (c), walk to (d) and take the ladder down. 
    LEVEL THREE From (e), go due East through the secret door and East to the room 
    at (f), where you can go down. 
    LEVEL FOUR You emerge from level Three at (g), but continue down the ladder to 
    level Five. 
    LEVEL FIVE AND FOUR You emerge at (h) and go East, then climb up the pit at 
    (i). You'll be at the top of the '+' sign-shaped area (j) on Level Four. Go 
    South and search for the pit (k). Climb down the pit, and you'll be in the 
    East/West corridor on Level Five. 
         If you look at a gem, this area looks like a giant grid, with endless 
    hallways in each direction. Right now you are in between intersections. 
    (You're about to get bounced around between levels a few times here). There 
    are pits going up at the intersection in this area. Go east to the first 
    intersection, turn North and take the first pit that goes up between 
    intersections (this is NOT shown on the maps). You should come out at (m) on 
    Level Four. 
         Search for the pit at (l) in the area's Southwest corner, which takes you 
    to a ladder that goes down through Level Five and drops you off at (n) on 
    Level Six. 
    LEVEL SIX Go West from (n) to the room at the junction, then move North to the 
    ladder and go down. 
    LEVEL SEVEN From (o), go North to the room in the middle of the hall. Don't 
    just pass through. You must slay all monsters in the room. A Fear Spell - 
    followed by a Tremor or something like that - does wonders here. Be SURE to 
    wear the Crown here. After wiping out the fiends, collect all their stuff. 
    From a sandtrap in the centre of the room, you'll find a chest. Open it, take 
    out everything, and a ladder appears under the chest. Go down this ladder. (If 
    you've taken extensive damage, leave the room and heal first). 
    LEVEL EIGHT You emerge in a room (p) divided by a river. Kill off the Dragons 
    and Sea Serpents (a Fear Spell works well here, too). To cross the river, you 
    must activate a trip mechanism in the upper left corner of the room. Use a 
    magic axe, spears or a throwing axe and hit the wall in that section. It's 
    left of the two waterfalls. When you hit it, the bridge is lowered so you can 
    cross the river. This also releases some monsters, but you can just race 
    across the bridge if you don't want to fight it out. Go West and climb the 
    ladder to (q) on Level Seven. 
    LEVEL SEVEN In the room at (q), you want to go South but there is no exit. So 
    wipe out the monsters and push on the wall near the grate to activate the 
    trip, which exposes a section of wall to the North. From where the grate is, 
    go to the section of wall just revealed and push on it, which opens an exit to 
    the South. After going South, search for a trap at the end of the hallway. 
    This pit trap takes you down to (r) on Level Eight. 
    LEVEL EIGHT Go West from (r) and climb up the ladder to (s) on Level Seven. 
    LEVEL SEVEN From (s), go West and South, searching for the pit trap on the 
    corner. Go around this one, search again and take the next pit trap (t) down 
    to (u) on Level Eight. (Be sure you're wearing the Crown before going down the 
    LEVEL EIGHT On the island (u), first wipe out all the monsters. Choose one 
    character to go to the Northern section of the room, which appears to contain 
    an exit. After the exit seals itself off, someone should push around on the 
    little niche up in the walls of the room's Northeast corner. There's a trip 
    that opens an exit to the East. Go East to (v) and climb up the ladder to (w) 
    on Level Seven. 
    LEVEL SEVEN In (w) is a giant brazier. Do not hit or push the brazier (unless 
    you enjoy being engulfed in hot lava!). To deal with the Daemons on the other 
    side of the barrier, use the Sceptre to chew it away. (If you're wearing the 
    Crown, the Daemons can't harm you). Then walk through and bash the monsters. 
    (Or you can stand near the wall and attack them with a Morningstar, though 
    this would take a long time). Exit to the East, but search before you get to 
    the end of the hallway to avoid falling into a trap. After searching, you can 
    go down the pit to (x) on Level Eight. 
    LEVEL EIGHT: FREE AT LAST! This room (x) has no exits. Walk up to the mirror. 
    (Hopefully you brought the Sandalwood Box!). Enjoy the ending! If you really
    have been able to play the whole game, you really have a lot of guts! :)
    This section deals with the game lists so you can find what you are looking
    for very quickly. The Game Genie codes have been verified by myself.
    Name --- Location - Words of Power 
    Covetous | BL JM | AVIDUS
    Deceit - | EJ PA | FALLAX
    Destard- | KI EI | INOPIA
    Despise- | ED FL | VILIS
    Wrong -- | BE HO | MALUL
    Hythloth | PA OP | IGNAVUS
    Shame -- | GG DK | INFAMA
    Doom --- | HA HA | VERAMOCOR 
    Falsehood - FAULINEI
    Cowardice - NOSFENTOR
    Hatred ---- ASTAROTH 
    Falsehood - FA MA
    Cowardice - LA LI
    Hatred ---- EB IC 
    Truth --- LYCAEUM
    Courage - SERPENT'S HOLD
    Love ---- EMPATH ABBEY 
    Spyglass -------------- Farthing (Lord Segallion)
    Badge ----------------- Windemere (Elistaria)
    Jewelled Sword/Shield - Windemere (Thrud)
    Magic Carpet ---------- Lord British's Chambers
    Sin'Vraal's Hut ------- DA, MJ
    Sandalwood Box -------- Lord British's Chambers (behind secret door, after 
                            playing harpsichord)
    Talking Horse --------- Iola's barn (NA LA)
    HMS Cape plans -------- East Brittany
    Stonegate ------------- EK JE
    Blackthorn's Castle --- Isle of Avatar, southern tip
    Harp lessons ---------- Greyhaven (Lord Kenneth)
    Crown ----------------- Lord British's castle, top level
    Sutek ----------------- Marshe Island in middle of ocean
    Grapple --------------- Empath Abbey (Lord Michael)
    Sextant --------------- Greyhaven (David)
    Sceptre --------------- Stonegate
    Skull Keys ------------ Serpent's Hold (Kristi), Minoc (can get 5 a day from 
                            NW tree)
    Nightshade ------------ JF CO (Midnight only)
    Mandrake Root --------- DG LG (Midnight only)
    Glass Sword ----------- FA EA
    Amulet ---------------- OE GD (Underworld)
    Mystic Arms ----------- OL NF (Underworld: from Hythloth in lava, North 
                            across peaks)
    Ararat (Ark)* --------- CJ CC (Underworld) 
    * Ararat is the only place in the Underworld that has an occupant. The person 
    there will join you and is useful because he casts fairly high level spells. 
    Resistance - DAWN
    Oppression - IMPERA 
    You must visit a Shrine, then the Codex, then the Shrine again, in order to be 
    rewarded with an increase in attributes. After visiting all Shrines, you will 
    be given an important clue (the Word of Power for the Dungeon Doom). The 
    waterfall at IK DG will take you to the Underworld if you are on the Magic 
    Honesty ---- | EJ OJ | ahm
    Compassion - | FM IA | mu
    Valor ------ | OF CE | ra
    Justice ---- | AL EJ | beh
    Sacrifice -- | CN MN | bah
    Honor ------ | MP FB | summ
    Spirituality | BD KF | om
    Humility --- | NI OH | lum 
    Yellow - Heal
    Green -- Poison yourself (Immunity to death, but rarely works)
    Orange - Sleep yourself
    White -- X-Ray vision
    Black -- Invisibility
    Blue --- Awaken yourself
    Purple - Turns you into a rat
    Red ---- Tures poison 
    In Xen Mani - Creates food
    Rel Xen Bet - Changes into a rat
    An Ylem ----- Vanish 
    When a Moongate disappears, you can search and find a Moonstone. these may be 
    carried, and when used at any (grassy) location, will establish that Moongate 
    at that spot. It is advisable to take one or more of the Moonstones from gates 
    that are not absolutely necessary, because you can travel to the location by 
    other means. For instance, it would not be wise to remove the Moonstone from 
    New Magencia. Good candidates are the stones near Brittany Bay, Yew or 
    Trinsic, because these locations are easy to get to by Magic Carpet. 
    Gate - Vicinity -- Activation --- Lat./Long. - 1st - 2nd - 3rd 
    1 | Moonglow --- | New Moon ------ | IF/OA | - 1 -- | 2 | 3
    2 | Britain ---- | Crescent Waxing | GG/GA | - 4 -- | 5 | 6
    3 | Jhelom ----- | 1st Quarter --- | OA/CG | - 7 -- | 8 | 1
    4 | Yew -------- | Gibbous Waxing- | CF/DC | - 2 -- | 3 | 4
    5 | Minoc ------ | Full Moon ----- | BD/KG | Shrine | 6 | 7
    6 | Trinsic ---- | Gibbous Waning- | MC/GI | - 8 -- | 1 | 2
    7 | Skara Brae - | Last Quarter -- | HO/BH | - 3 -- | 4 | 5
    8 | New Magencia | Crescent Waning | KH/LL | - 6 -- | 7 | 8 
    Unlimited items ---------------------------- SUSTXSVS
    Wayferer Inn is free ----------------------- AAEZIPZL
    Sulfurous ash is free ---------------------- AEUZPAPA
    Ginseng is free ---------------------------- AEUZGAZA
    Garlic is free ----------------------------- AEUZYAZA
    Tym Scroll is free ------------------------- AEUXIAGT
    Spellbook is free -------------------------- AEKZAAVP
    Spidersilk is free ------------------------- AEUXZAGA
    Black Pearl is free ------------------------ AEEZYALA
    Bow is free -------------------------------- AAEXIELG
    Wooden shield is free ---------------------- AAEXZEPP
    Dagger is free ----------------------------- AAEZGALA
    Short Sword is free ------------------------ AAEZYEAZ
    Crossbow is free --------------------------- AAOZAAVP
    Arrow is free ------------------------------ AAOZTAPA
    Bolt is free ------------------------------- AAOXPAZA
    Well, no real last note. If you have something to ask about this guide, just
    e-mail me bu put "Ultima" in the subject line. However, don't bother to send 
    me new stuff to add to the guide because it has reached its final version and 
    I will not update it anymore.
    v 1.0 - December 10, 2001
    First public version. % done: 100.
    v Final - March 1, 2002
    Last revision. There will be no more updates, so please do not bother to 
    send me contributions.
    v Final - April 2, 2002
    Edited some stuff. Also changed my contrib name.
    v Final - May 28, 2002
    Small update (nothing to do with the actual content).
    I would like to thank Video Game Strategies for supplying the Game Genie Codes
    for this game.
    Thanks also to GameFAQs for putting up this guide.
    And thank you for reading. I really can't believe you had the courage to
    beat the game! :)
    Copyright 2001, Orochi K. This is a free document and is intended to
    be viewed on GameFAQs exclusively. You are not allowed to host this on 
    another site, to rip off part of this guide or to try and make money out
    of it. In other words, don't steal and don't plagiarise! I did not write
    this guide just to have some imbecile steal it but to help people who are
    stuck in this game.
                                       - EOF -

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