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"It's a Paint game! Paint your way to victory!"

There have been a lot of video game genres released and created over the years. Some of the genres have been rather unique, ranging from games like Sonic Blastman 2 to Ninja Gaiden. But one of the most interesting game genres ever crated, in my opinion, was the video game painting game genre. I have no idea how this genre started, and a lot of people think that the genre started and became popular with Mario Paint. While Mario Paint did make the genre popular, it was not the first paint game to ever be released on a console.

That is because there was a game named Videomation, released for the NES about eight years ago. It was not a very popular game, and is actually a kind of rare game to find nowadays, but it does exist. Two years ago, during my big Funco Land invasion, I decided to purchase this game, since it was only 49 cents, no big deal to a rich person like me (well I was kind of rich at that time). I went home and played it, and I had mixed feelings about the game.

It was a fun game to play, sure, but it did have several problems that I do need to discuss. The biggest problem that I found in this game is the fact that it did not support the use of any sort of mouse or special controller. I have always found it difficult to control a game like this without using a mouse, so I was rather disappointed to see that there was no mouse featured in the game, because it would have made the game a lot easier to control, more so then it already was.

Graphically, this is one of the most interesting games I have had to review. Because the game does not focus much on graphics at all, there is nothing much to see here at all. You have the basic gray screen, with the logos around it, and that is about it. There is not much here when it comes to graphics, but I am not going to complain too much because I have never cared much about graphics to begin with, especially when the game purposely does not focus on graphics at all. And this is one of those games, so the graphics are perfectly acceptable.

Music in the game is for the most part non-existent. Sure, you hear the basic music at the main screen and stuff, but there is just not enough here to actually make a difference. Again, just like the graphics, I am not going to complain too much, because the game does not focus on music. Another area which the game does not focus on (on purpose, mind you) is sound effects, mainly because there are no real sound effects to be heard in the game. But, of course, I really am not going to hold it against the game.

The heart of the game is nothing more than an actual painting game, in the reins of a Mario Paint. You touch a logo with the hand cursor icon, and then you can actually paint stuff on the gray screen. However, I do need to complain about one aspect of the game. It is rather difficult to control the hand icon during the game, because the game does not support the use of a mouse or other sort of special controller. I would have much rather preferred using a mouse to control the cursor. Regardless, the game is still a lot of fun to play.

You will want to play this game for a few minutes, then you may find it to get quickly boring. I did play this game for a little while, but the problem is, there is nothing to keep you coming back to it again and again. Who cares if the game is fun, if there is no point to actually playing it? Especially with the lack of a mouse or special controller, that just makes it even less re-playable. So, the replay value is good, but it could have been a whole lot better. Oh it’s true, it’s true!

There is really not much challenge involved in the game, so I will not do a challenge category for this review.

Overall, this is one of the better paint games I have played, although the control of the game is rather terrible. I do wish that some aspects of the game would have been improved, because when compared to some other games, this comes up way short. While the biggest problem is the lack of a special controller to control this game, there are some other flaws, such as a lack of any real challenge, or a lack of replay value. I advise getting this game only if you find it cheap like I did, don’t waste any more than a buck and a quarter on this game.

Good Points
-This review is not as long and tedious as a King Broccoli review.
-One of the most fun paint games ever released.
-The game focuses on other aspects than graphics and music.
-The game has a pretty cool cover, in my opinion.

Not So Good Points
-The graphics in the game could have been a lot better.
-The lack of a special controller (mouse) hurts the control a lot.
-There is nothing drawing you back to the game.
-Mario Paint is a lot better.

I Run Down the Ratings… DaLadiesMan style!
Storyline – Not Available
Graphics – 6.1/10
Music and Sound Effects – 3.8/10
Gameplay and Control – 5.2/10
Replay Value – A Little Below Average
Challenge - Not Available
Buy it? – Only if you find it cheap.
Overall – 4.8/10
The Last Line: Do you like painting? Then paint your ass on out of here, jabroni!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/02/00, Updated 07/16/01

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