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    Wall Street Kid - NES
    Version 1.0
    December 14, 2000
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Tips
    4. Stocks
    5. Walkthrough
    6. Credits
    7. Copyright
    1. Introduction
    Wall Street Kid was released around 1990. I
    never owned the game, but I rented it a few times.
    I loved the game and I may be the only person
    that really loves this game. 
    You play as the Wall Street Kid, but he's 
    never actually given a first name. His last
    name is Benedict. It seems your relative has
    died and you stand to inherit his fortune. Yet
    you have to prove yourself first. 
    You have to prove yourself by earning enough 
    money on Wall Street, buying and selling stocks,
    to buy a house, a yacht, and finally a castle. 
    You start out with a half million, but you need
    to turn it into a million by the end of the month
    for the house. Also, you can go to the bank to
    get a loan of 800,000, but you'll have to pay it
    back in a month as 840,000. 
    Not only must you succeed with the business side
    of the game, you have a fiancee. Her name is 
    Prisila. She will come to you and want you to
    buy her things such as a car or dog. However, 
    halfway through the game, you will marry her. You
    have to take her out sometimes on a picnic, shopping,
    or to the carnival. Otherwise she'll say you're
    neglecting her. She'll leave you and the game will
    be over. You also still have to purchase her things
    when she asks for them, such as a dress, clothes, or 
    a painting. 
    The other thing you have to do is exercise. If you
    get too greedy the game will end, because you feel
    so terrible. The options are going swimming, to the
    gym, or hiking. She'll call you sometimes to tell you
    that you look awful and that's a good time for you
    to get some exercise, before the game ends. Everything
    you do in the game takes time off the clock.
    The game lasts a total of four months. You only have
    a few hours a day to buy and sell, take your wife out,
    or exercise. You have to keep a balance of taking
    care of yourself, her, and still earn a lot of money. 
    The game gets complicated sometimes, but it really 
    only takes two or three hours to get through the
    entire thing. 
    You only work on weekdays, but there
    are two holidays in the game. You also get a week
    long honeymoon in June. The game starts on April 3rd
    and ends July 28th. The newspaper lists the date as
    "This day 1990". There's a box on the right side of
    the screen listing the date and time. Fifteen
    minutes passes quickly. There is also time that passes
    any time you do pretty much anything in this game. 
    However, there are a few things that you can do to
    be sure you succeed. Just watch the newspaper for
    information on the stocks, take your wife out some
    times and buy her things, while also exercising
    every few days or so. If all of it's done correctly,
    the game isn't as difficult as one might think it
    to be. 
    In general, this is just a point and click game.
    You see a view of the desk. You move to the computer
    to check information on the stocks, buy or sell, and
    check your portfolio. To the right is a flower pot.
    Click on that to take Prisila somewhere. The 
    newspaper automatically comes up at the beginning of
    a day. However, if you need to see it again, it's
    easy to find on the desk. There is another machine
    you click on the right side of the screen to get to
    the exercise options. You click on the clock at the
    top of the screen to move forward to the next day,
    unless you wan to hike or go to the carnival all day.
    There's not much to control, but a mouse would have
    been easier, due to all the pointing and clicking in
    the game. 
    2. Version History
    Version 1.0 - The stocks, tips,
    and a walkthrough included in
    this first version of the document.
    3. Tips
    Buying and Selling
    - For me this hint is the key to victory,  
    The daily paper lists what types of of stocks
    are up and down, so it's a good idea to know
    what stocks fall into what type of group. These 
    stocks go in cycles of one week at a time.
    There are usually two types that are the most
    successful each week. For example, one week the
    blue chip stocks and the cyclical ones might be
    doing the best. So you certainly want to buy one of 
    those stocks included in one of those groups. The 
    next week it might be growth and speculative stocks. 
    It varies from week to week, but it's always listed
    in the paper to check on. 
    - The newspaper always lists five hot stocks. 
    You don't necessarily have to buy the one
    listed at the top or any at all on the list, 
    but it's very wise to get one of them at least.
    Especially early in the game. To me it was never
    very profitable to buy a blue chip stock, due to
    it's high price. It's better to get one of the other
    types. If it's a blue chip and growth week, then
    go for the growth stocks. 
    - Some stocks do better than others every time,
    but in general you can't buy one stock at the
    beginning of the game and hold it all the way
    through to win. The stocks go up and down on 
    different days. You really have to buy and sell
    to get the most profitable stocks at all times. 
    Exercising/Marriage Tips
    - If you need to keep her happy and exercise both,
    do your buying and selling. Then take her on a picnic
    and then go swimming for yourself. They both only
    take two hours each, so that leaves time for other
    things without taking up all day. Otherwise, 
    alternate. One day go to the gym and the next take
    her shopping. Just whatever you feel you have time
    - If you want a day to pass quickly and you
    want to do something productive at the same
    time, either go hiking or take your fiancee/wife
    to the carnival. Both of them take up the entire
    day, but you can only choose them at the very 
    beginning of the day. 
    - Watch the newspaper for reports of accidents
    or something like that. If there was a problem with
    the equipment, don't suggest to your wife that you
    go to a carnival. She'll be very angry and think
    you have a death wish against her. Same goes for if you 
    read about ticks on the hiking trail or problems with
    the pools being contaminated. 
    4. Stocks
    These are basically rip offs of real life company
    names. There are four types of stocks - blue chip,
    speculative, growth, and cyclical. 
    Every week the same type of stocks rise and fall. 
    Early on the same stock will stay at number 1 for days,
    but later in the game, it switches from one stock to the
    next. This makes it more difficult to guess which one
    will be the hottest stock. However, knowing what types
    of stocks are popular gives you a better chance. 
    It's a weekly thing. Two types of stocks are popular
    all week and then next at least one of them will 
    usually change to something else, sometimes both 
    will. Basically, any of the stocks included in that 
    type will rise a little. Some more than others though, 
    which is indicated by the five hot stocks of the day 
    list. That varies much more than the type of stocks do. 
    Blue Chip 
    Pan Am
    American Depress
    C. Schlob
    5. Walkthrough
    As far as I know, the game doesn't really have 
    one set play through. The same 20 stocks are 
    always included, and they usually have the same
    starting price each time. They also usually do
    about as well one time as the next, but they go 
    up and down on different dates. So, what I'm 
    going to attempt to do is just to do one type 
    of walkthrough as I play the game once. This 
    won't be the exact same way it's played every 
    time, but I figure maybe it will give some tips 
    on how to play the game. Besides, certain events
    happen the same day every time. For example, 
    your fiancee will ask for a party on the same 
    weekend every time you play. So more than anything 
    this will set up the events of the game and when
    they take place. 
    -Mon. 4/3. Ralph calls, but he doesn't offer you the 
    house yet. 
    -Fri 4/7. The fiancee asks for a dog.
    -Sat 4/8. You actually go to buy the dog. It's usually
    1,000 for one of them or 500 for the other, or buy 
    neither of them. Sometimes the price is 2,000 and 1,000
    for the dogs. Since this is a minor expense, it usually
    won't hurt to buy either dog.
    -Mon 4/10. Ralph calls yet again. He will continue to
    call every Monday. You can either choose to buy the house
    by the end of the week or pass on it until the next week.
    If you choose to buy, you have to have the 1 million 
    dollars by the very end of that week. That' why it's a
    good idea to hold on on saying yes to Ralph until your
    last chance, which would be 4/24. 
    -Fri 4/14. Your fiancee needs a new car. The next day you
    will go and look at them. They are both usually expensive,
    but you can by either or say no to both of them. This is
    a slightly high expense and at the least you probably will
    have to spend 25,000 dollars. It might be wise to pass on 
    this, unless you really have a ton of money accumulated.
    -Mon 4/24. Say yes to Ralph about buying the house. He'll
    call you on 4/28 to remind you to have the 1 million 
    dollars the next day. Be sure to sell all of your stocks, or
    at least most of them, so you have the million in cash. The
    next day you'll go to the house and buy it. 
    -Mon 5/1. Doc calls the first time, but he doesn't offer
    the boat yet. He says he'll call back next week about the
    yacht. You probably won't have much money after paying the
    1 million for the house. So, it might be a good idea to
    go to the bank and pick up a loan. You have to pay it back,
    plus interest, after a month. If you get it on the 1st, it
    will be due back the 31st. 
    -Fri 5/5. The fiancee calls and says you need to get some
    Tv and stereo equipment for the new house. You agree and so
    the next day you go to pick some out. The cost is usually
    either 6,000 dollars for the best and 3,000 for the cheapest,
    but since neither is high expense, it's not a big deal either
    way. However, you can choose neither. 
    -Mon 5/8. Doc calls for real about the yacht. He says you
    can have it by paying 700,000 dollars in cash by Saturday. If
    you don't have that much the game will end. So it's best to
    hold off on buying the boat this time, on 5/15/ and 5/22. 
    However, the 22nd is your last chance, so you have to choose
    it that time. 
    -Fri 5/12. Prisila, the fiancee, wants a new piece of art
    to put in the new house. So the next day you go to buy one.
    These are both pretty expensive, around 50,000 if I remember
    correctly. You can pass on these, unless you really have a
    lot of money. 
    -Fri 5/26. Doc will call with a reminder to buy the boat. If
    you chose to buy it on a week before the final week of May,
    he will call on the Firday before either way. I always wait
    until the final week and so he calls the 26th. Be sure to have
    700,000 in cash, so you have to sell some stocks. On the next
    day, you will go to the harbor and purchase the boat. 
    -Mon 5/29. It's Memorial Day. No work to be done on this day.
    The day is observed and then it passes. 
    -Wed 5/31. If you got a loan on the 1st of the month, it should
    be due on this day. 
    -Fri 6/2. Prisila calls and reminds you the wedding is the next
    day. It's a good idea to make sure you have profitable stocks
    purchased on this day, because it will be your last chance to
    do business for a while. After the wedding, you will honeymoon
    on the new yacht you just bought.
    -Sat 6/3. Wedding
    -Mon 6/5-Mon 6/12 you are on your honeymoon. The time passes
    quickly and your money rises and falls depending on what stocks
    you owned before you left. You have no chance to buy or sell
    during this week. The 12th is the first day back to work after
    the honeymoon. 
    -Sat 6/17. Your wife wants to have a party. You select what 
    type of party you want, either an expensive one or a simple
    one. It will be either 20,000 or 10,000 usually. I've seen
    30,000 sometimes. You can say yes to this, but the money won't
    actually be spent until the actual day of the party. 
    -Fri 6/23. Your wife calls and wants to buy a new dress for 
    the party you will most likely have. The next day you can buy
    her an expensive dress for about 20,000 or a cheaper one for
    -Fri 6/30. The lawyer calls to remind you the auction is the next
    day. If you had a loan, you'll have to pay it off this day as
    well. Remember to have at least 1 million in cash to take to 
    the auction with you. That's the lawyer's suggestion anyway.
    -Sat 7/1. This is the actual day of the auction. The bidding
    always begins at 2 million. You make your opening bid. The
    price will rise or fall depending on how much money you 
    actually have. It will go up as high as 10 million. However,
    it will usually stay in the 3-5 million range. The best way
    to work this is to ignore the man calling the bid. He always
    says the current bid, and he asks for the next bid, but it's
    always a half million more. This will up the price quickly.
    The least you can add to the bid is 10,000 dollars and that's
    exactly what you should do. If he says the current bid is 3
    million and he's asking for 3.5 million as the next bid, don't
    do that. Just bid 3,010,000. This will keep the price lower.
    After you win the auction, you have to pay 10% of the winning
    bid as a down payment. If you won on 3.5 million for example,
    then you'll have to pay 350,000 dollars. 
    -Tue 7/4. Independence Day. No work.
    -Fri 7/7. Your wife wants you to buy her some jewelry for
    the party. The next day you go and it's very expensive. It's
    either a necklace, a ring, or a bracelet. Only two of the
    options are given. They are usually either 70 or 50 thousand.
    Buy them if you can. She won't leave you if you don't though.
    Well, unless you never buy her anything.
    -Fri 7/21. She'll call you to remind you to bring the money
    for the party. If you are having a party that is, because it's
    the next day. If you don't have the money, you won't have the
    party. The next day is the party.
    -Fri 7/28. This is the final day of the game no matter what. 
    You have to pay off the balance of what you owe to buy the
    castle. Whatever you didn't pay off with the down payment,
    you now owe. If you pay it off, the game ends, and you don't
    have to worry about any loan you might owe at this time. There
    is only one ending, that I know of. As long as you buy the
    castle, you will see the ending, the credits roll, and the
    game is over. 
    Suggested Path
    1. Always check the top two types of stocks for a week. 
    Buy one of those stocks, but be sure to buy a cheap one,
    because having 20 shares of a stock moving up is worth
    much more than having 7 shares of one doing the same. I
    usually just buy one stock and don't spread my money
    2. Get a loan on the first day of May. Try to have enough
    money to pay off the loan and buy the yacht by the end
    of the month without getting another loan. 
    3. Get another loan on June 12th when you return from
    your honeymoon and try to have enough to pay off the 
    loan and have a million dollars left over for the
    auction without getting another loan. 
    4. Bid the least amount you can every time on the castle
    during the auction.
    5. Get another loan on July 3rd after the auction. This is a 
    loan you will never have to pay off, because if you earn 
    enough by July 28th, you simply pay off the castle and the
    game ends. 
    6. Credits
    -The game, where I figured all of this out. I didn't
    have a manual to look at. 
    -Anybody that ever encouraged me to write.
    -Anybody that reads this. 
    -The makers of the game.
    7. Copyright
    I could make up a long copyright, but I think
    it's good enough to state that this can't be
    used without my permission. If you want my 
    permission to use it, then email me.
    Copyright 2000

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