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    FAQ by ABR

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/26/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Type: FAQ/Walkthrough 
    Game: Where's Waldo
    Version: 2.0 (updated 2/26/02)
    System: NES
    Author: ABR
    E-mail:    melloyello44@juno.com (see 7 before sending something)
    Table of Contents             *=Area New or Updated this version
    1. Introduction
    2a. Updates (Past)
    2b. Updates (Future)*
    3. How to Play/Start/Difficulty Levels*
    4. Walkthrough/Hints* (Basic Area and sub-area f Updated)
       a. Train Station
       b. Forest
       c. Cave
       d. Fairground
       e. City
       f. Subway*
       g. Castle
       h. Launch Pad
    5. Review
    6. Codes (Game Genie)*
    7. Contact Policy*
    8. Legal
    9. FAQ (When they come)*
    Introduction (1)
    I have been playing this game for about 10 years. I looked at the 
    reviews here at Gamefaqs.com and I saw mostly 1's. I think reviews like 
    these are posted by people that simply aren't good at the game and 
    could use help. That is why I wrote this. Hopefully people will use 
    this and be able to do better. Well, here we go...
    Past Updates (2a)
    1.0 Everything is new. Absolutely everything promised on the Table of 
    Contents is included. (This could be the Final if I wanted to be, which 
    I don't) (2/25/02)
    2.0 (One day after orginal FAQ posted) Felt I had to do it, there were
    a few errors, and as long as I'm updating it, I'll add more things...
    Wow! A lot of updates. 3 errors corrected (areas 3, 4f and 7), 
    better game genie info (see 6), future update area slightly changed. 
    I have also developed a way for you to give me your questions while
    my E-mail is down. (See 7) Next,  I will start puting a (*) in the Table 
    of Contents when the area has been updated, so if your waiting for a
    hint on a hard level, more game genie codes, or your question you'll
    know right away if it's been updated. I added info at the top of area 4.
    Oh yeah, FAQ section added.
    Future Updates (2b)
    Major (x.0):
    No Plans at this time
    Minor (x.1-9):
    2.x  More Hints, error corrections and Codes if I can find them
    How to play/Start/Difficulty Levels (3)
    When your playing...
    Press a when you find Waldo with the White box over him. If it is not 
    him, you will get a time penalty, depending on the difficulty level
    that you choose.
    When you start there will be an options screen. Choose between Practice, 
    Easy, Medium, or Hard. The box that you use to move over Waldo when you 
    find him gets smaller for the harder levels. (Practice and Easy are the 
    Here are separate guidelines for each difficulty level:
    Level Name
    Time (How long you have throughout the game)
    Field/Area Size
    Time Penalty for a wrong guess
    Other Info
    No time limits
    Size is same as your TV
    No time penalty
    You can only do Train Station, Forest, and Cave. After that the game
    will reset automatically.
    Size is same as your TV
    -10 Seconds per wrong guess
    Size is 1 ½ times your TV (Move box to the right of your screen and you 
    will find more of the level)
    -20 Seconds per wrong guess
    In many of the levels, Waldo is not wearing red/white stripes. He could 
    be wearing any color.
    Size is 2 times your TV (Move box to the right of your screen and you 
    will find more of the level)
    -30 Seconds per wrong guess
    In many of the levels, Waldo is not wearing red/white stripes. He could 
    be wearing any color.
    Level Guide (Walkthrough)/Hints (4)
    Once you start you will be on the "Level Field" you will see the level
    you are going to and possibly the next few levels. This area is
    automatic, your controller does nothing.
    Train Station (a)
    No hints here really. Waldo is standing anywhere, and rarely shows up 
    in the same place twice. If you are playing the medium/hard levels 
    Waldo will still be in his red/white stripes.
    Forest (b)
    No hints here either (don't worry, there's one on the next level) Waldo 
    is rarely in the same place twice. If you are playing the medium/hard 
    levels Waldo is usually in Brown/Green stripes. He has the same shape, 
    use that to find him.
    Cave (c) 
    It's dark and you can't see a thing. Waldo will appear for split 
    seconds at times.
    Hint: Guesses here cost nothing. Move the box all around while pressing 
    A. When you find Waldo you control him and, there will be 2 boxes. One 
    is a hollow box, that is the exit, press A. The other box (looks like 
    an hour glass) will do one of two things: 
    Take 1 minute off your time or
    Add 1 minute onto your time. It's completely chance, so try if you'd 
    like. This level is the exact same thing no matter which difficulty 
    level you choose.
    Fairground (d)
    This was a "stumping point" for me for a short time. About 85% of the 
    time, Waldo is on the bottom (outside the front gate) or at the very 
    (very) top. Your box couldn't go any higher. Look carefully.
    City (e)
    When I play the Medium/Hard levels this is often a stumping point for 
    me. Some places that Waldo is that many people don't think to look (for 
    all difficulty levels) are:
          1. In a Car sticking his head out of the sunroof
          2. Climbing out of the Sewer
          3. In the back of a Pick-up truck
          4. Using a payphone
    When I play the Medium/Hard levels Waldo is usually in Blue/White or 
    Green/White stripes.
    Subway (f)
    A long time stumping point for me. This is a puzzle game. Pressing B 
    will cause the paths to change. Pressing A will make the arrow move.
    Use the small blue arrow to get both Waldo and the Glasses and get to 
    the finish. You can either come from the left, bottom, or top of the 
    finish (not diagonal) Avoid the 3rd card. It travels around in all 
    difficulty levels and really tries to nail you on the hard level. If 
    the arrow is in the same square as that card your time will drop like 
    a rock. To avoid the third card, "travel" on the outside of the game board. 
    The card never moves there. There are no changes in level size for the
    difficulty level you choose.
    Castle (g)
    The last search level. I don't have any hints, even for the hard 
    difficulty levels. It's time to show what you've learned. Don't worry, 
    it's actually a lot easier than you'd think.
    Launch Pad (h)
    A slot machine! In the easy level the middle reel is going very fast, 
    and the others are going slowly. In the medium level, the middle reel 
    is going slow and the others are going fast. In the hard level... you 
    guessed it, all 3 reels are going fast.
    For the fast reels: try to see which character Waldo is after and try 
    to aim for that one. The slow reels are easy enough. You have to get 
    all Waldos. If you miss, press the green button. 
    If you beat this level in the time limit you will be blasted off to the 
    moon. There is nothing on the moon. It's all automatic.
    Review (5)
    "Finally, it's a game, so I don't have to read a book" 9/10
    This game was something that every Waldo lover [who has an NES] should 
    get. Once Waldo is found in the books, the fun is done, but on the 
    Video Game, Waldo is in a different location every time, therefore, 
    it's a challenge every time.
    My only problem is, once in a while (1/25 times) I have the box on 
    Waldo and it says it's not Waldo. I click again, and it says it is.
    Codes (6)  Game Genie
    AEETLZPA        Infinite time (Guesses will still cost you time) 
    VTSVYYTE        Guesses cost nothing
    I'm sure some people will be thinking this in their head so I'll answer 
    it right here, right now.
    Game Genie? What's That?
    Game Genie was sort of the 8-16 bit version of Game Shark. It was 
    released for NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, and Game Gear. You 
    cannot buy them new anymore, they have obviously been discontinued. You 
    will have to go to a used video game store or a pawn shop to find one.
    Contact Policy (7)
    That E-mail address has been broken for some time and I'm still trying 
    to get it fixed. To put in other way, don't send me any questions. I'll 
    never get them. When that address starts working again I'll make a note 
    of it. Until then, since this is the only FAQ for this game, go to the
    message boards and make a topic like this. FAQ: (YOUR QUESTION HERE) If
    you see the question you have has already been asked, post a message. I
    don't know how often I'll look, but I will try to look 2x a month.
    Legal (8)
    This Walkthrough may given out freely as long as I'm acknowledged for 
    it and it is not altered in anyway. Charging money for this Walkthrough 
    is Prohibited. I will report you to the proper person if you copy 
    something without permission. This FAQ is only at gamefaqs.com and may 
    not and will not be posted elsewhere. Everything so far is done by me. 
    FAQ (9) Coming Soon
    © ABR [2002]

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