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Reviewed: 01/02/02 | Updated: 01/02/02

Don't aim for the trash can yet...

Where's Waldo was one game I sort of grew up with, and I loved it. While that doesn't help too much with the score, I couldn't just give it a complete 0.

Graphics: 0.5/10

What in the blue hell were the programmers thinking here?! On most of the stages, the things look like complete crap. Waldo looks alright in the Cave Level, which is the only thing keeping it from total bomb-ation. I mean, God, Waldo doesn't even LOOK like Waldo half the time, and the other people look like ink blots on paper. (''Tell me what that is, Rick.'' ''Umm....a tank of hazardous waste?'') Sometimes Waldo can't even be seen, or he's in disguise as someone else. All I got for a comment is ''Whazzupwitdat?''

Sound: 1/10

Nothing enjoyable here. Just the opening music, which is too loud and annoying, the music in-between levels, which is easy on the ears, the sound for a correct guess, and the sound for a missed guess, and the music for beating the game. A whole whopping total of three songs and two sounds! Not a lot to offer in this area.

Gameplay: 4/10

This score relies entirely on the Subway level in the game, which I will get to later. The first level is the Train Station. Waldo is either right there or he's put on his Cloaking Device and hid somewhere. The next level is the forest, which is the only level with Waldo's colors in it. The Cave, where all you do is find Waldo in the dark, and etc. The Subway level is the only source of fun in the game. It's a maze, and personally, I like mazes. Even that is heavily flawed by that moving guy always moving where you are, sucking out your time like a vampire sucks blood. In the maze, you have to find Waldo, his glasses, and the way to the exit. It's fun, and it's the only fun thing! Then it's off to more of the same, then you play a slot machine game, then you beat the game. *Yawn* Stupid ending as well.

Replay Value: 0.5/10

Unless you feel like torturing someone or get in a mood to play this again, don't play it again. That's the only reason I put up a 0.5 score.

Overall: 3.1/10

The only thing fun in this game is to actually be in the Subway level. Other than that, I wouldn't really do much but rent this game once. There SHOULD be an option to play the subway level. Other than that, I'd pretty much stay away.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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