Review by Rick L

"The first! The fun! The...umm....something!!"

This game was one of the first WWF games I played. I didn't really pick the game up until after other good games came out, but I loved it. I had a blast just kind of practicing.

Graphics: 8/10

People, these characters are not underdetailed stick figures!!!! I should smack some of the guys that said that. Anyhow, the graphics are very well done! The characters look like themselves and the animation is alright. Again, the character portraits didn't go over very well, and they just seem to look like black splotches on grey paper. (''Tell me, Rick, who is that?'' '' mother?'') In the ring, there are some lacking things, like a crowd. Even if it wasn't very detailed, it would've been nice to see the crowd.

Sound: 8/10

The game seemed to rely heavily on music in this game. Nevertheless, the music is good to listen to, and it doesn't get repetitive all that quick. During the match, it's cool that you get to hear the entrance music to the wrestlers that are in the match. The lack of sound effects in this game is a minus. It would've been cool to hear the crowd cheering if they pulled off a big move like a bodyslam or a leap off the rope.

Gameplay: 6/10

This, in my opinion, is where it lags. The controls are good, but the whole thing feels slow. The wrestlers just don't seem to move fast enough, except when they're running. It feels like it takes forever to turn around from left/right or right/left. It seems that I could leave the game, go make lunch, eat it, come back, and he'd be halfway done turning around. There is a variety of moves in the game, which is a plus, but the only grappling move is the bodyslam, which is a bummer. While it was good, it could've been better.

Replay Value: 5/10

While you're going to tire of this game sometime, you're going to be coming back to it every so-often to play it again. It has that certain charm to it that some old games have. I guarentee you'll be coming back to this game.

Overall: 7/10

One of the better NES wrestling games, and also one of the first to have the WWF license. The game's charm and fun will keep you playing it for a little while. But once you put it down for a while, you will be coming back!

This is the Rick, tellin' you to go play!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/19/02, Updated 01/19/02

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