Review by Rick L

"Well, I've played better games than this..."

Normally, I love wrestling games. I'll sit down and play even the lamest of games. Unfortunately, this is not a very fun game for even me. Let me explain;

Graphics: 5/10

This score rides mainly on the fact that the wrestler portraits nearly resemble crap. They barely even look like the wrestlers, for cryin' out loud! Howard Finkel looks OK, the ring's alright, and the crowd is somewhat interesting to look at. The wrestlers, even though they resemble skinny midgets, you can at least make out who they are.

Sound: 4/10

Not to mention that the portraits look like crap, the rendition of their music sounds like bloops, bleeps, and someone sloshing through a straw! No joke! It also repeats the bad parts of their music as well. It gets too repetitive. Once you actually get to the ring, the crowd sounds alright for a few minutes, and the ''Ugh!'' gives it some extra flavor, which gave it the score of a 4.

Gameplay: 1.5/10

Really, this is no fun to wrestle with. You kick, punch, run, toss, grapple, suplex, and slam your way through the match, and there's no other moves to do. The cage is a nice touch, and it's actually somewhat fun to wrestle in, but even that will get old quickly. Your best bet for fun is to have steel cage matches. They are the only source of fun in this game. Pinning is a pain because either you can't do it, or you're stuck in a pin, even if you're furiously mashing the buttons and get a sore thumb. That absolutely sucks, you know?

Replay Value: 0/10

I'll sum that up in one question: ''Does this game know what the hell replay value is?'' Well, it's just the championship mode that has any real excitement to it. Once you win them, you won't want to go back and do it again. Even the exhibition mode gets old.

Overall: 3/10

While it's not a good game, it's good for maybe a rental, or for a borrow from a friend for a day, but it'll get old quickly. I reccomend WWF King of the Ring any day. This game got old so fast for me, that I went and rented Mega Man 4 the day I bought this game! So, again, rent or borrow. Don't buy unless you're a hardcore collector, or a huge WWF fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/10/01, Updated 12/22/01

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