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"One of the coolest platformers ever released"

Yo! Noid is one of my favorite games on the original NES. Featuring the Noid, Domino Pizza's old mascot, this capcom-produced game was more like a pizza advertisement than an actual game. But the game is still pretty good and ranks up there on the list of the best NES games out there.

The graphics aren't incredible, but they are very decent and do not detract from the gameplay whatsoever. The backgrounds are flat and generally uninspired but there is a decent variety of backgrounds, which is a welcome sign after playing Adventure Island. The enemies are very well designed as well. decent graphics overall.

Yo Noid has an outstanding music soundtrack overall. Great music all around and the sound effects are great as well. The hip hoppy background music that plays within each stage is great. Overall outstanding music soundtrack that ranks right up there on the list of best music in NES games.

The control in the game is responsive and solid overall. One of the buttons is jumpo and the other button is shooting out your yo-yo. Using special weapons iis easy as well. However, it is sometimes very difficult to control Noid when you are flying above town in the sky. it gets very frustarting after a while when you run into spikes three or four times in a row!!! Otherwise, the control in the game is pretty good.

I absolutely love the gameplay in Yo Noid! There is a lot of stuff to dothroughout the game. You must travel throughout a variety of stages, including a haunted house and a circus. After every stage is one of the most unique things i have ever played in a video game: a pizza eating contest.Yes, a pizza eating contest.Basically, the object of the game is to eat more pizzas then your opponent, but not in real time, instead it is in a turn-based card game. Finding special icons in the stages help you greatly inn the pizza eating contest. You can do everything in a stage from basic platform action to skateboarding to flying over the sky, trying to avoid spikes, enemies, and fans that try to blow you into the vaunted enemies. Overall, a fantastic platformer that goes above and beyond the basic platformer action and expands on the ideas previosuly found in the genre.

Yo Nid may look stupid at first, but it is one of the most enjoyable and best games that i have ever had the pleasure of playing. Woth outsnading gameplay, good graphics, and lots of mini games, Yo Noid is a surefire winner

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/16/01

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