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    Game Genie Codes by THedstrom

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/14/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        Original NES Game Genie codes created by:
          Tony Hedstrom   t_hedstrom@yahoo.com
             Version 1.0    Nov. 14, 2003
    What's new for version 1.0 -- Added 3 new codes
    Zelda II: The Adventures of Link
    A few people have reported that the infinite energy
    code (SZUTYUSE) didn't work for them.  This may be
    because there are 2 different versions of the game, but
    I'm not sure yet.  I made and tested these codes with
    an emulator, so I haven't been able to test them on a
    real NES yet.  So keep in mind that some of these codes
    may not work for you.
    Infinite energy! (Take no damage from enemies.)
    Infinite magic!
    Take less damage from enemies.
    Take much less damage from enemies!
    Don't lose all of your experience points when you 
    level-up (you may still lose some).  This code lets
    you level-up faster.
    Don't lose any experience points when you level-up!
    This code lets you level-up much faster.
    Don't lose any experience points when you are hit by
    enemies that normally subtract from your experience
    points when they hit you (i.e. Mini-Horsehead).
    You can walk across water and over mountains!  Great
    for exploring the map.
    Super mega jump with zero gravity moon float!  You will
    float as long as you hold down the jump button.
    Get 256 exp points for some enemies that you kill.  This
    lets you level-up very fast!  Has only been tested on
    enemies that you encounter at the start of the game, but
    it may work on others as well.
    Infinite keys (you have to have at least one). 
    When you start a new game, you will be able to max out
    most of your abilities (Attack, Magic, and Life).  If
    you're using this code with an emulator, you must enter
    the code, then reset the game and start a new game.
    Max out most of your abilities (Attack, Magic, and Life)
    when you level-up.  Similar to above code, except works
    on saved games or new games.  I haven't tested this code
    very much yet, so it may not work right in some
    NOTE: I haven't had time to thoroughly test these codes

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