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"Some People Actually Didn't Like This?"

Zelda 2, The Adventures of Link...the immediate follow-up to The Legend of Zelda. Through the years, I have heard many mixed opinions of this game. I have heard some good things being said and I have actually heard people say the game was awful or just plain sucked. The negative comments really puzzled me. How can this be considered a BAD game? Yes, the game is very different from the original, as it became a side-scroller. And thats fine with me, I like side-scrolling games and many of my all-time favorite NES games are side-scrollers. It most definitely couldn't be the graphics, as I found them superior to the original Zelda game's. And there were more noticeable changes, like the fact that Link can now jump, which is very helpful. Gradually, you level up, which I enjoyed a lot as well. Your attack, magic or life meter can increase, which is entirely up to you which you level first. And you are taught new spells and new moves, which is also an added bonus, and moves like the upward slash and downward slash which are very useful. The enemy design is quite good and appealing for an NES game. The sounds, the music, all very enjoyable. I still love the music from the Great Palace. There are a good amount of secrets in the game as well, just like in the first game. The whistle does something different, as it is not used to teleport you around like in the first game. In this game, the affect is quite different. You collect items in a very similar manner to the first game. Items that are needed in specific situations so you can continue your quest or just make things easier. So with all of that being said, this can be considered a BAD game? Lets get more in depth with this.

Graphics: 9. The graphics for the time were really good. People, this is an NES game...8 bit. I found the graphics to be better than the original Zelda game. Everything was pretty flawless, honestly. Nothing over-the-top fancy but very appealing and it all worked perfectly. Like I stated, the enemies, the level design, everything was done quite well.

Sound: 10. The music in this game is catchy, and the boss music was so much better than the music from the original. I found the labyrinth music in the original to be annoying at times and I even remember turning the sound down on my TV when I played the game as a kid. The only labyrinth music I liked was Level 9 in that game. But in Zelda 2, everything is appealing, especially the final level.

Challenge: 10. This game is TOUGH. I really did need a game genie to beat this game. Death Mountain is brutal, and you are beaten to death over and over. You aren't given many lives and when you die, you start over from the beginning. With brutal enemies that chase you with hatchets, that are extremely hard to kill BUT they take mega damage, the challenge is frustrating indeed. The last level, is ridiculously hard to beat and to make matters worse, so is the final boss who is impossibly hard unless you know the trick to beat him. The recoil is terrible...when you get hit, you fly backwards. And usually you are knocked into a pit of lava or off the screen, falling to your death. This game doesn't mess around and maybe this is why people hated the game...because it was so difficult. The puzzles are extremely hard as well. Who would know you have to use a certain spell to make a gateway appear in a certain level? Thats just a taste of things in this game.

Final Verdict: Though insanely hard, this game IS a classic. Swallow your pride, use a game genie and have a blast. Or, if you use an emulator, you will be using save states very, very often. This is a highly underrated classic and a great Zelda game in general. Many people praise different Zelda games as their favorites, but this one is my favorite.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/11/11

Game Release: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (US, 12/31/88)

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