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Different type of gaming than the others in the series, a disadvantage or not?

(Sorry for any grammatical/spelling errors, for all that don’t know, I’m not from the U.S. and my computer can’t correct spelling in english(at least not what I know). Oh well, I’m working on it, hope you excuse me).

As you all know, the zelda-series was made by Shigeru Miyamoto, a high respected game developer and a kind of ”genius” of fantasy and video gaming. He was the one that created the zelda- and mario-series among other video games he has been working with. The zelda-series started with the first game called ”legend of zelda”. I guess he never thought it would become so prosperous. Pretty soon after that game, a sequel couldn’t be avoided, so they started to do one. Zelda 2: The adventure of Link was the name of it. The differences between Zelda 1 and two is quite interesting, they are not that similar to each other and both of them have different type of gaming. Shigeru has said that the game he was least satisfied he worked with was Zelda 2-the adventure of Link. In my opinion, I think this game is as good as the prequel, if not even better. What’s better with Zelda1 might be that game is the ”immortal” classic game, the sequel can never be as good as the first one in the series. Or can it? Well, read on!

|The categories|

For anyone that never played any other Zelda game or haven’t heard anything about it(would be very strange, then you must have lived in a cave without tv the past 10 years :P just kidding) the story is about a young guy called Link. He is a young teenager, quite brave and is quite skilled with the sword. In a land called Hyrule, the power that rules the country is split in a triforce, one for each of audacity, power and wisedom. Link has the triforce of audacity, and one of the girls in the town has the triforce of wisedom, but the other triforce was stolen by the famous ”king of thieves” Ganon. If anyone can get all the three of these together, that one will rule the realm forever. Ganon is of course evil and wants to lay his hands on all of them and conquer the land, but Zelda and Link stop him. Now Ganon has kidnapped Zelda and you’re Link, that must save her and restore peace in the country. This is the main story in all of the zelda games, it may vary a little bit. But this is the storyline for Zelda2. The storyline is quite good, but I have seen better(final fantasy 3 for example). But being an old game like this, it’s just fine the way it is. It should be said that the storyline doesn’t really matters that much in this game; it’s more based on fighting and action instead(suits me just fine ;)

Score storyline: 8.3/10

Way different from the other zelda-games, at least when you’re in the sidescrolling mode. You change to a platform type of gaming and from there you almost play as super Mario but with Link instead(interesting because Shigeru was the one that also made Mario). Along the game, Link learned to use techniques by the villagers and then he could move and strike in different combinations; both upwards and downwards. When his energy was full, his sword sent a short dagger in front of him, protecting him a little bit more. To beat the game, you need to learn most of the techniques to get past tricky monsters and obstacles, and sometimes you also need to use the spells to defeat enemies. The controls at the platform-mode was kinda surprising and good. The controls for the map was easy and simple but it fit quite good. You didn’t have to do much; just walk to the place you were going to.

Score controls: 8.5/10

DEFINITELY better than the prequel! In this game, the characters are much bigger with much more details and the enemies are much more well done with animations etc. The backgrounds are also pretty okay considered that this is a NES game, and all over it looked pretty good. Okay, the graphics on the map wasn’t too good, but oh well, on the map it really didn’t matter…it was more important on the sidescrolling sequences. The few spells Link used wasn’t so impressive but their function was not to be goodlooking, but defend Link better(spells like shield etc.)

Score graphics: 7.2/10

The classic tunes and song themes are still there, yet a little different. In the dungeons the music was more dark and deep than in the first game in the series and I think the music for Zelda2 is a little better, most because it fits more for the game. For example, when you’re in a dungeon, the music changes to dark and creepy, and when you get out on the fields, it’s more happy and free, exactly as the Ocarina of time. The sound effects(if there are any for NES) is quite okay, it can’t be more than this. The only ”sounds” you can hear is when killing an enemy or casting a spell, there isn’t much more. Often it’s the same music at many places but after a while you get used to it. The music for NES isn’t often that very good but Zelda2 get the avarage score.

Score music/sound: 6.8/10

Most important and interesting catagory; especially if you compare Z1 with Z2. In Z1, you played on a ”map” all the time, in Zelda2 you can play in two ”modes”, first you choose where to go at the map and when you get into fights or dungeons, the gameplay changes to sidescrolling instead, almost looking like a platform style where Link moves as any ”regular” hero with attacks, defense, spells and stuff like that. At the map, Link cannot use any items and he has to go to the place he wants to and then go into sidescrolling mode. He cannot defend himself against enemies at the map, all he can do is run away or hide from them. What makes this game more fun than the other zelda-games is that it’s so different; this type of gaming has obviously been avoided in the others. I think the platform idea was brilliant; killing enemies like a platform game and play the game on a map as in Zelda1 but more concentrating on where to go. I think the gaming as a platform was kinda fun and it all made it more fun to fight monsters than in the prequel. This time it was much harder to flee from enemies in the others, because if you try you often get stabbed in the back or something, which made it more hard. I also liked that about powering up weopons/energy by points; then you could prepare for the next forthcoming step.

Score gameplay: 9.2/10

All Zelda-games I’ve played are quite big; this one is no exception. What matters is that this is a kind of platform/action/RPG-game, unlike the others. This will make the challenge a little different; you have to fight more monsters but you have to walk around less. To stay alive against the endless number of monsters, you have to powerup Link with better swords, increase his energy, use spells etc. This game also had another unique powering up system than the others, here you ”bought” strength and so on. Now don’t get me wrong; it’s like a RPG-game, you get points for each monster you kill and when you got enough, you can exchange these points for what you need(like stronger weopon, increase the energy and so on). In Zelda 2, you’ll face many hard enemies so you better be prepared. At some places, you need to stay and earn some experience so you can strengthen Link before you head on; otherwise you won’t stand a chance. Sometimes you also have to think to get past obstacles and use your head to get through places that need some time and effort. At some places, you need to learn techniques from hidden people in the villages to get through; only finding them is difficult. In the beginning the game seems easy but soon you’ll see that it’s not. There are several castles and bosses to beat, and when you’re ready with that, you need to go to another island that has totally different enemies etc.

Score challenge: 9.3/10

%Replay value:%
As for most games, Z2 drops in gaming interest after you beat it for the first time. Since Zelda2 is such a unique game from the others in the series that first you might think the replay value would be high. But actually I think not so, I think Z2 is a little too big and though it’s not so easy to start over everything again(for me, I got a tendence to play easy and comfortable games more than complicated ones, because those take much more time and effort). Also, Zelda2 is not one of the true“classic” titles, we all can imagine and want to replay the first and last games in the series, but a game in the middle of the series? Nah, it’s not just so interesting. What my point is that Zelda2 got nothing really special that will get you playing it again(no bonuses, secrets etc.)

Replay score: 7.3/10

Shigeru put some other type of play in this game than the other Zelda-games, but it was a quite nice experiment. I don’t see why he doesn’t like it, I think it’s great. Overall, the game gets more involving in the dungeons and the ”action” is better. What suffers by this might be the story, it plays a minor role in Zelda2, you won’t even get a real storyline but so what? Everyone knows anyway that Zelda was kidnapped, do we need to know more? Nope, I think it’s good the way it is.

Overall score: 9.3/10

TOTAL SCORE(from 1-10): 9/10

Challenge 9.3/10
Graphics 7.2/10
Gameplay 9.2/10
Story 8.3/10
Replay 7.3/10
Music/sound 6.8/10
Controls 8.5/10
Overall 9.3/10
Total 9. /10

Last line describing the game(one line synopsis): ”Different type of gaming than the others in the series, a disadvantage or not?”

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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