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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TVotava0077

    Version: 4.0 | Updated: 04/24/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Solomon's Key
    Version 4.0
    Copyright 2008 by Tom Votava 
    E-mail: rdrunner0077@yahoo.com
    Last Updated: 4/24/2008
    # Updates #
    It's been SIX years since I have updated this guide, but after finding enough
    new things in this game since then, I decided that it was high time that I
    shared a few things with everyone:
    Found some new hidden items in rooms 16, 19, and 21.
    Fixed an error on the location of Room 21's Seal.
    I now know the secret to collecting the coins in the upper middle of Room 42.
    This one I received from a gamer in an e-mail, but then lost his name and
    e-mail address (sorry!).
    Finally, since my last update, I have played another great game by Tecmo called
    Mighty Bomb Jack.  Many of the unnamed items in Solomon's Key were taken
    directly from this other game!  This shouldn't be much of a surprise, since
    Mighty Bomb Jack himself appears in Solomon's Key.  Anyway, playing both of
    these games has allowed me to give a few previously unknown items their proper
    Demon Face Coin -> Mighty Coin: Used to build up your powers in Mighty Bomb
    Jack. The black face is actually Jack's head!
    Chipmunk Face Icon -> Tecmo Bunny Icon: Those ears are longer than I thought.:)
    Egyptian Head -> Beezelbub Head: That's no ordinary head, it's the final enemy
    in Mighty Bomb Jack!
    # Contents #
     1. Introduction
     2. Story
     3. Basic Gameplay
     4. Controls
     5. Items
     6. Enemies
     7. Strategies
     8. Codes
     9. Walkthrough
    10. Endings
    11. GDV Rating System
    12. Acknowledgements/Copyright Info.
    13. Feedback
    # 1. Introduction #
    Welcome to the very first in-depth guide (that I'm aware of) to 
    Solomon's Key for the NES!  
    Solomon's Key has been overlooked by the gaming world for over 13 years
    (it was made by Tecmo in 1987).  Maybe it was because it was so difficult 
    to learn that no one liked it.  Perhaps it wasn't as exciting as some other 
    games.  Whatever the reason, it's a shame that this game hasn't been as 
    popular as it could have been.  The fact is that this game is one of the best 
    puzzle games ever made...it just takes a little getting used to.
    As I began putting this guide together, I was quite disappointed in the lack
    of information available for a game as difficult and as deep in secrets as 
    this one.  Sure, I found all of the cheats on various web sites, but 
    gameplay tactics were left out entirely.  Anyone who has attempted to get 
    through this game probably shares my pain.  Hopefully, this guide will ease 
    everyone's suffering.
    # 2. Story #
    (copied directly from the manual)
    Long, long ago the world was in a state of chaos, where demons caused evil 
    & tormented all. That changed when Solomon, a great king & magician, 
    invented a magical formula which he wrote inside a secret book called 
    "Solomon's Key". This book arrested and sealed away all evil demons into 
    a constellation sign which was hidden. "Solomon's Key" restored light and 
    peace to the world. Upon hearing this legend, a taoist monk searched for 
    a long period of time to find "Solomon's Key". After locating the 
    constellation sign, he discovers the "Key". Once in his grasp many dreadful 
    demons were freed from the magical power of this book. The world was 
    brought back to chaos and darkness. Everything on earth was now under 
    control by the demons just like the pre-creation days. King Yutra from 
    the fairyland called "Lyrac", ordered the wizard, Dana to restore order 
    back to the world. Dana accepted this mission and stepped into the 
    forbidden land of the "Constellation Sign". 
    # 3. Basic Gameplay #
    So what is the "Constellation Sign"?  It is a world that consists of 50 rooms
    full of blocks and demons.  The book, "Solomon's Key", is heavily guarded
    in the last of these rooms.  Your main goal in each room is to collect the key
    and escape through the door before your life (a timer) runs out.  It may sound
    simple, but it isn't always easy!  To accomplish this goal usually requires a 
    great deal of strategy.  You can't expect to just quickly run through each 
    room because Dana, being the old wizard that he is, doesn't move around very 
    well.  Almost every demon in the game is capable of outrunning him.  Still, 
    Dana's few abilities give him a fighting chance.  He can run (slowly), jump, 
    break orange blocks with his head (requires 2 hits), and use his magic to 
    create/destroy orange blocks on either side of him, as well as cast his 
    VERY limited supply of fireball magic.
    # 4. Controls #
    Left: walk left
    Right: walk right
    Down: crouch
    Up: jump
    Up and Left: jump left
    Up and Right: jump right
    A Button: create/destroy orange blocks
    B Button: shoot fireball
    # 5. Items #
    IMPORTANT: Many items in this game are invisible at the start of a level.  
    In order to make them appear, you have to destroy a block somewhere.  This
    sometimes means creating the block first before destroying it again!
    All items in Solomon's Key can be found in the exact same places during each
    time you play.  The only exceptions to this are the random items you receive
    when you destroy enemies with fireballs.
    * Regular Items *
    Fairy: Collect 10 of these for an extra life.
    Bell: Makes a fairy appear out of the exit door.
    Jar of Manda (blue jar with a flame on it): Adds a fireball to your supply
    (shown on the scroll at the upper right of the screen).  When you shoot one 
    of these, the flame will come out of your wand and follow the walls until it
    hits something or runs out of power.  You don't get very many of these (you
    don't even start the game with any of them), so use them carefully!
    NOTE: You can also shoot fairies with these things (not good)!
    Jar of Magadora (orange jar with a flame on it): Adds a SUPER fireball to your
    supply (tall flames on the scroll).  Super fireballs act just like regular 
    ones except they're able to kill multiple enemies.  It will plow through 
    anything in its path until its juice runs out.  
    NOTE: Only the fireball on the far left of the scroll will be shot.  If you 
    already have some regular fireballs, you'll have to shoot them first before 
    the super one becomes active.
    Crystal of Rad (looks like a flower to me!): Increases the range of your 
    fireballs.  Blue ones make your shots go a 1/2 block farther while orange ones
    add 2 full blocks.
    Scroll of Lyra (scroll wrapped in string): Stretches your fireball scroll to
    allow you to hold an extra one.  At the start of the game, you can only hold
    3 fireballs.  That amount can increase to as many as 8.
    Medicine of Meltona (orange jar): Certain kinds of enemies will be cleared
    from the screen when you pick this up.
    Medicine of Edlem (gray jar): Half-full jars of this stuff double your life
    timer while full ones multiply it by 5.
    WARNING: This does NOT give you extra time!  When your life is multiplied, it 
    also counts down twice or 5 times as fast!  Treat this stuff only as a chance
    to score extra points for finishing the room quickly.
    Hourglass of Norm: Resets the life timer.  Blue ones set it to 10,000 while
    orange ones set it to 5,000.
    WARNING: Don't pick this up if it will give you less time!  Also, beware of 
    taking this when you've already drank some gray medicine in the same room.
    Your life still counts down faster even after you take the hourglass!
    Treasure Bags, Jewels, and Coins: Worth anywhere from 100 to 50,000 points.
    * Bonus Items *
    These items can only be found during the FIRST time you play a room!  Some 
    hints on the web say that you can only get them on the very first life of your
    GAME, but this is not true (Example: You died several times before reaching
    Room 17.  You can still get Mighty Bomb Jack to appear on your first try in
    Room 17!).
    NOTE: Your first life after using the continue code counts as a first try.
    Medicine of Mapros (orange jar with an "E"): Gives you an extra life!
    Golden Goose: 100,000 points!
    Mighty Coin (coin with a Mighty Bomb Jack's shadow pictured): 200,000 points!
    Gold Sphinx (lion with an Egyptian's head): 500,000 points!
    Tecmo Bunny Icon: 500,000 points and an extra life!
    NOTE: This item takes a bit more work to collect...it will be gray and 
    untouchable when you first reveal it.  At that point, you must cover it with
    a block and then break it WITH YOUR HEAD to turn it orange.  You can take it
    when it is orange.  If you destroy the block normally, the icon will disappear
    and never return!
    Magic Lamp: 500,000 points and an extra life!
    Beezelbub Head (Egyptian Head from Mighty Bomb Jack): 1,000,000 points!
    Mighty Bomb Jack (caped Tecmo hero): Turns all enemies into fairies!
    * Special Items *
    Golden Wings (yellow flag): If you complete a room after getting this, you'll
    skip the next 5 rooms.  This isn't always a good thing (more on this later)!
    NOTE: If you die after taking this, you need to get it again in order to warp.
    Constellation Icon: There is a hidden room at the end of each "shrine" 
    (every 4 rooms).  To enter it, you must collect this icon, which matches 
    the constellation symbol (on the level screen) for the current shrine, and 
    complete the room with it.  It is always located in the 4th room of the shrine
    (Rooms 4, 8, 12, 16, etc.).  There are 12 hidden rooms in the game (and the 
    symbols match the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, for those of you who read 
    horoscopes).  You don't want to miss the hidden rooms because they are full 
    of fairies and other random hidden items!
    NOTE: If you die after collecting the icon, you need to get it again to reach
    the hidden room.
    Solomon's Seal (black icon with a 6-pointed star on it): THE most important 
    special item.  There are total of eight of these seals in the game.  Together
    they form a magical lock that keeps you from reaching the deepest secret 
    rooms of the Constellation Sign.
    NOTE: Once you collect a seal, it stays with you when you die (even after 
    using the continue code).  You don't have to get it again.
    Pages of Time and Space: These are pages that were torn out of Solomon's Key.
    They are said to possess an extremely potent magic.  According to the manual,
    combining these two pages will have an "incredible influence on the game's
    final result" (hint hint).
    Princess Lihita: King Yutra's daughter, the princess of all fairies, is held 
    captive somewhere inside the Constellation Sign.  Again according to the 
    manual, her release will "cause the world to be full of fairies" 
    (hint hint hint).
    # 6. Enemies #
    Demonic Symbol (looks like a bat): It sits still and can't hurt you, but
    you can't create a block over it.  While we're on the subject, you can't
    make a block appear over ANY object, whether it's an item or an enemy.
    Mirror of Camirror (black skull-shaped mirror): This eerie decoration is 
    sometimes a place where armies of enemies enter a room, one after another.
    Demonshead (heads): These appear out of the Mirror and can change directions
    only by bouncing off of walls.  They disappear after a set length of time.  
    Their initial path alternates on some levels.  Orange blocks are destroyed 
    when heads run into them. 
    Goblin (blue and white man): Paces back and forth whatever ledge he is on, 
    destroying any orange blocks in his path.  If you're at the same height on
    the screen as he is, he'll quickly charge towards you when he faces you.
    "Blue Wizard" (NOT in manual!): Moves and acts the same way as a Goblin.
    Saramandor (red, horned devils): You will learn to HATE these things!  They 
    also appear out the Mirror.  They change directions in two ways: they turn 
    around when they run into a solid wall and when they drop off a ledge, they 
    will head towards you.  When they run into orange walls, they stop to blow it
    away with their flaming breath and keep going in the same direction.  They 
    will also stop to breathe on YOU if you're not extremely careful!
    Dragon (slow-moving pink animal): Moves and acts similar to the Saramandor
    with a few exceptions...They can't drop off of ledges and move MUCH slower.
    However, they're smart enough to turn around and fry you if you get too close!
    Gargoil (big gray thing): Slowly paces ledges, but shoots a fireball across 
    the screen at you when you get near his height.  He takes a couple of seconds
    between shots and moves 3 quick steps towards you during this time (when he
    has room).
    Ghost: Flies left to right along the same line, bouncing off of solid walls.
    If it hits an orange wall, it destroys it and turns around.
    Neul: Ghost with bat wings.  Files up and down instead of sideways.  I still
    think of them as Ghosts.
    "Red Bat-Devil" (NOT in the manual!): Moves and acts the same way as a Ghost.
    Panel Monster (stone head): Shoots fireballs every few seconds, but can't move.
    Sparkling Ball (a sparkball): Follows along the sides of blocks.
    Burns (a flame): Doesn't do anything, but guess what happens when you touch it?
    Only the glowing kind can be put out.  The blue ones never leave the screen.
    If you use block magic on it, the flame will be shorter for a while, but 
    during that time your fireballs will be weakened. 
    # 7. Strategies #
    Making Items Appear: This is worth repeating.  To make hidden items appear,
    you have to break a block.  In order to break one, you sometimes have to 
    CREATE it first!
    Transforming Jewels: Diamond-shaped jewels can be turned into other items by
    using your block magic on them repeatedly until you see the item you want.  
    The items you can get depend on the color of the diamond.  Blue jewels can 
    be changed into fireballs, coins, and orange crystals (in that order).  Orange
    diamonds may become super fireballs, scrolls, or fairy bells.
    Save Your Fireballs: DON'T just use fireballs simply because you have a few
    of them to burn :)  Every room can be beaten without using fireballs, so save
    them for emergencies only (like when you're cornered).
    Increasing Block Range: Normally, you can only create blocks right next to 
    you.  However, if you stand at the edge of the block you're standing on, you 
    can make them appear farther away!  Standing on an edge also enables you to 
    break more than one overhead block from the same block.
    Creating Bridges: Don't forget that if you use your block magic while ducking,
    you can create blocks next to the ledge you're on instead of right next to
    you!  In this way, you can create bridges across the screen instead of always
    having to climb when you make blocks appear.
    "Blocking" Fireballs: The fireballs shot by Gargoils and Panel Monsters can 
    destroy orange blocks.  Place blocks both next to you and next to your 
    stepping stone to protect yourself.  After they are destroyed, put them back.
    If you can't do this from where you are, then get out of there fast!
    Redirecting Ghosts: Ghosts, Neuls, etc. usually come in groups that are set
    up to really get in your way.  By blocking them, they can be turned around 
    sooner than usual.  If you do this in the right places, you can bunch up pairs
    of ghosts that used to be far apart, making them easier to avoid.  If you
    happen to turn them so they're too close together to jump, place two blocks
    close together in their path.  One of them will turn sooner than the other,
    giving you room to jump.
    Dumping Monsters: A few enemies can be killed simply by breaking the block
    they are standing on to make them fall.  Often times you'll have to make a
    solid ledge longer so they can walk out onto a breakable block (sometimes
    they freeze won't move out when you make the block...just break it and try
    again).  This works against Goblins, Dragons, and Gargoils.  You can also put
    out a glowing flame this way, but blue ones continue to burn even when dropped.
    NOTE: A falling enemy can still kill you!  Wait until it disappears before
    Flame Defense: Don't worry about losing your fireball power for a short time--
    it's a HUGE help to make the flames shorter by using your block magic on them.
    Even then, these things look like they're taking up too much space for you to
    get past them, but you do have some room to maneuver.  You can stand on the
    edge of the same block as a flame and if you're close enough, you can even 
    make a block appear on the other side of it!  
    Sparkball Defense: Since these things follow the edges of connected blocks,
    it's a good idea to defend yourself by using that against them.  Not only can 
    you trap one by surrounding it with blocks, but if you destroy a block it is
    touching, it will keep flying in whatever direction it was going until it 
    finds another block!  Sometimes you'll have to release a group of them to
    get where you're going.  You'll usually have to jump over some of them, so
    build a staircase so you can get to higher ground so you can make the leap
    once you let them out.
    Demonhead/Saramandor Defense: Several approaches are needed to get around 
    these guys...
       1. Most of the time, you can set things up so that their paths don't
    cross yours.  Try setting the blocks up so they fall between two solid walls
    and can only pace back and forth.  
       2. Never let them get on the same ledge as yours...break the floor to make 
    them fall before they reach you.  Make sure they fall far enough that they
    can't destroy your ledge either.
       3. If nothing else, you should be able to jump over the Demonheads or use
    a block to turn them around, but NEITHER works against Saramandors.  
    Those things will plow right through every block in their path and jumping 
    them isn't worth the effort.  If a Saramandor is coming at you, get to higher 
    ground...at least 2 blocks higher than the demon so it can't destroy the 
    ledge you're on.  
       4. Sometimes you'll have to build a block ladder while these things are
    dropping on you.  When it comes to this, make sure they can't land next to 
    you or your ledge!  Try building a thin tower with this approach: first, 
    create a block to one side and jump on it.  Second, turn around and create a
    block in the spot where you were before and stand on it.  Finally, destroy
    the first block you made.  Repeat until you're high enough.
    # 8. Codes #
    I know this section seems a bit out of place (cheats are usually found at the
    end of guides like this), but I'm trying something different.  I'm putting
    the ultimate secrets (walkthrough and ending) last so that people can read as
    much of this guide as possible without learning more than they might want to 
    know (I HATE spoiling endings!).
    The ONLY way to get good at a game like this is to cheat.  Otherwise, you're 
    only given the 3 lives to get through all of the puzzles leading up to whatever
    room you're working on.  This just isn't enough.  I must have died over 1,000
    times trying to uncover all of the solutions to this game (not to mention all
    of the hidden items).  It's just not worth your time to play through the levels
    you've already solved just to play the room you're stuck on 3 times!  Once 
    you've completed every puzzle, THEN you can play the game from the beginning
    and test your mettle.
    Anyway, here are the codes:
    * Continue *
    On the Game Over screen with the GDV rating (more on that later),
    hold UP, A and B on the first controller.
    NOTE: This code only lets you start at Room 41 or lower.  If you continue
    in a room after that, you'll be backed up to Room 41 again.  You'll have to 
    fight your way through the last levels in one game!  Hopefully, you will find
    enough fairies and extra lives for this to be possible.
    * Game Genie *
    XTKKKEXK        Infinite lives
    GZOXLAAX        Indestructible fireball
    AAXZIALZ        Continuous fairies
    KAXOOEVE        Start with 40,000 life points
    GZUPTOSE        Start on last level reached
    VTUPTOSE        Start on next level
    SAXOOEVE        Start with over 330,000 life points
    Replace *'s with the letters below to select level!
    ** * Level              ** * Level
    ----------              ----------
    PA A 2                  PP E 26
    ZA A 3                  ZP E 27
    LA A 4                  LP E 28
    GA A 5                  GP E 29
    IA A 6                  IP E 30
    TA A 7                  TP E 31
    YA A 8                  YP E 32
    AA E 9                  AZ A 33
    PA E 10                 PZ A 34
    ZA E 11                 ZZ A 35
    LA E 12                 LZ A 36
    GA E 13                 GZ A 37
    IA E 14                 IZ A 38
    TA E 15                 TZ A 39
    YA E 16                 YZ A 40
    AP A 17                 AZ E 41
    PP A 18                 PZ E 42
    ZP A 19                 ZZ E 43
    LP A 20                 LZ E 44
    GP A 21                 GZ E 45
    IP A 22                 IZ E 46
    TP A 23                 TZ E 47
    YP A 24                 YZ E 48
    AP E 25                 AL A Princess Room
                            PL A Solomon's Room
    NOTE: You can also select the hidden rooms using this code, but strange 
    things happen when you travel through the exit doors!  Completing the first
    two hidden rooms takes to you the next one on the list, but then when you 
    leave the last one, the game tries to get you to another hidden room, but 
    you end tumbling off the screen and into Room 41, with all 3 lives (if you
    lost any) and no points!  It's almost as if the game thinks you used the 
    continue code in a level past Room 41.  The music is also screwed up in these 
    rooms--the normal game music is played rather than the "hidden room" music.
    Give them a try (if you dare :)
    ZL A Hidden Room (Normal)
    LL A Special Hidden Room (Contains Page of Time)
    GL A Special Hidden Room (Contains Page of Space)
    # 9. Walkthrough #
    Okay, at this point, I've given out enough information to get you started.
    Up next is the spoiler part: solutions to every room, complete with the
    exact locations of every major item.  
    Keep in mind that in most cases, there is more than one way to get through
    these rooms.  I am only offering solutions that I found to be the best.  At
    any rate, these solutions do work!
    NOTE: Refer to the Strategies section for detailed descriptions of any
    special moves mentioned below.
    * Describing Item Locations *
    In order to avoid vague descriptions of the locations of the items, I'm
    going to use a coordinate system.  Here's how it works: the game screen is
    15 blocks wide and 12 blocks tall as shown by my "screen" below...
          C O L U M N S
       1|               |
       2|  A            |
    R  3|               | (The screen really is wider than it is tall!  Obviously,
       4|            B  |  this screen looks a bit off, but for this example,
    O  5|               |  that shouldn't cause much of a problem.)
       6|       C       |
    W  7|               |
       8|               |
    S  9|D              |
      10|               |
      11|               |
      12|         E     |
    Let's say that the five letters on my little screen are items.  Item A is
    at position (3,2), which means "column 3, row 2".  The first number in the
    pair is always the column number and the second is always the row.  Likewise,
    Item B is at (13,4), Item C is (8,6), Item D is (1,9), and Item E is (10,12).
    Some other important points: the upper left corner is (1,1) and the upper
    right is (15,1).  Lower left is (1,12) and lower right is (15,12).
    Got it?  Hope so.  On with the walkthrough!
    * Room 1 *
    Visible Items: Bell (8,2), Key (13,7).
    Hidden Items: Fireball (5,4), Fireball (11,4), Blue Diamond (11,7),
                  Bell (4,10).
    Solution: This is the perfect place to practice the basic controls because
    there are hardly ANY ways to die in this room!  Unless you let the timer run
    out, the only thing that can kill you is if you accidentally touch the goblin
    after you drop him.  Don't forget to transform the blue diamond into something
    better (I prefer fireballs unless I'm full).
    * Room 2 *
    Visible Items: Bell (8,3), Key (14,3).
    Hidden Items: Orange Jar (6,8), Fireball (9,6).
    Solution: Demonsheads will drop out of the mirrors in pairs.  As long as you
    leave the room as is, they'll just keep going to the right and you'll be safe
    in the lower left area.  When you get a clear shot, destroy the two blocks
    below where they fall so they drop all the way to the floor, leaving the
    right side clear.
    * Room 3 *
    Visible Items: Key (11,9), Bell (2,11).
    Hidden Items: Extra Life (14,1), Fireball (2,10).
    Solution: This one's a little tougher.  Wait until the panel monster's shot
    passes, then head for the upper right corner.  Destroy the block with the
    sparkballs on it and they'll fly to the walls.  Jump over them when they pass
    and seal them off back on the left side.  Now you can get the extra life
    without any trouble.  Drop to the bottom when the ghost is out of the way.
    Then climb up to the key.  Free up the sparkball and run away (you'll have
    better luck if you break the block above it, not the one to its right).  Once
    it's gone, enter the place it was and seal off the right side so it can't come
    back.  Wait until the goblin is walking away from you to drop the gargoil.
    Then jump over it when it turns to get the items in the lower left corner.
    Jump over it again, then create blocks to climb up to the middle area.  Wait
    for any fairies to come to you before challenging the dragons.  Then when
    both of them are on the right, create blocks so you're standing above the
    door and make a bridge to it.
    * Room 4 *
    Visible Items: Blue Diamond (8,7), Key (8,6), Constellation Icon (8,2).
    Hidden Items: Fairy (drop upper right Dragon), Bell (11,10), Bell (5,10).
    Solution: Make the sparkball on the right come to you by making a block that
    it can follow.  Jump over it when it reaches your ledge.  Destroy the block
    and build a bridge extending your ledge by a couple blocks (don't get too 
    close to the lowest sparkball).  Two goblins will fall from the mirrors after
    a short time.  Get rid of the one on the right by destroying your bridge as he
    charges you.  Extend the upper right ledge so you can drop the dragon when it
    steps on the new block.  You'll get a fairy.  Destroy the two blocks in the
    lower area for some bells (by now there should be a few sparkballs circling
    the outer walls...if you're having trouble avoiding them, try some of the
    strategies in the above section).  Climb up the middle area and re-direct the
    other sparkballs (try to trap them on empty solid blocks) so you can get to
    the key, diamond, and constellation icon.  Then head for the door when the
    goblin turns away.
    REMEMBER: no constellation icon, no bonus stage!
    * Room 5 *
    Visible Items: Blue Diamond (4,11), Blue Diamond (12,12), Key (8,8).
    Hidden Items: Fairy (drop upper right Gargoil).
    Solution: If you have the ammo, use your fireballs on the gargoils on the 
    left side.  You can get more fireballs from the diamonds.  Extend the ledges
    on the right and the gargoils will walk out to where you can drop them.  The
    top one on the right MUST be dropped to get the fairy...fireballs won't do it.
    Without any fireballs, you'll have to protect your back from one side while
    dealing with the enemies on the other.
    * Room 6 *
    Visible Items: Key (4,3), Super Fireball (8,2), Bell (1,12), Bell (8,11).
    Hidden Items: Blue Diamond (15,1), Bell (1,5).
    Solution: You can use the super fireball to clean up all of the Ghosts in one
    shot.  Get as close to them as possible so it reaches all of the levels.  If
    you want to save the shot for later, you can always use blocks to turn the 
    ghosts around as you try to squeeze through the narrow passages (this might
    even be good practice for tougher levels).  Jump over the goblin when it
    * Room 7 *
    Visible Items: Bell (3,5), Key (5,6), Fireball (7,7), Scroll (13,5).
    Hidden Items: Fairy (drop Gargoil), Orange Hourglass (2,1), Wings (14,1).
    Solution: You'll have to get good at blocking away sparkballs on this one.
    Break through the bottom walls and let a couple sparks out.  Break away the
    left wall so you can climb to the key, but put the wall back to protect 
    yourself from the sparks on the outside.  You don't really have enough time
    to box in all of the enemies, so just box in yourself when one of them comes
    close.  Go for the scroll only if you have time to spare.  DON'T get the wings
    if you're trying to collect all 8 of Solomon's Seals!  You'll miss the one
    in Room 9 if you do.
    * Room 8 *
    Visible Items: Constellation Icon (8,3), Fireball (8,5), Key (8,7),
                   Fireball (8,9).
    Hidden Items: Bell (12,8), Bell (14,6).
    Solution: Use your blocks to climb the right side.  The hidden bells are in
    the same rows as the ghosts.  Turn them around at the right time to bring
    the pairs of them close together.  To get all the items in the middle, you'll
    have to bunch up the two ghosts that fly up and down.  Drop through the middle
    when both of them are above you.  
    * Room 9 *
    Visible Items: Bell (6,8), Key (8,8).
    Hidden Items: Solomon's Seal (10,8).
    Solution: First, drop the flame to the bottom level and replace the block it
    was on.  Climb up either side and drop both gargoils, then prepare to drop
    down the middle.  Wait until a head disappears, then jump into the open spot
    and destroy the block below the where the key was.  This will keep you safe
    from the heads until you're ready to move.  Put the block back to switch
    sides, but be sure to destroy it again.  If you don't want the Seal, you can
    get rid of this block before jumping in so you'll fall right through to the
    bottom after getting the key.
    * Room 10 *
    Visible Items: Bell (2,12), Key (15,6), Blue Diamond (7,4),
                   Blue Diamond (9,4), Scroll (14,2).
    Hidden Items: Bell (8,7), Fairy (drop Gargoil).
    Solution: Create a block right away to stall the lead goblin, then jump over
    both of them at once.  Get to the left, jumping them a couple more times as
    they charge you.  Use blocks to turn around the heads as you head back to the
    right.  Create a block where the hidden bell is for a stepping stone as you
    cross back to the left again.  Drop the flame and shrink it before trying to
    jump over it.  Reach across it if necessary to create the step you need to
    climb higher (see Strategies section for more details).  Stay on those stones
    until after each shot from the panel monster.  Take the blue diamond on the
    right from below if you want to drop the gargoil for the fairy (as well as get
    to the scroll).  You need that space to create a block.  You'll have to know
    the timing of the gargoil's movements pretty well to kill him while he's
    shooting right at you!
    * Room 11 *
    Visible Items: Half-Full Gray Jar (11,3), Key (7,8).
    Hidden Items: Bell (4,11), Bell (11,10).
    Solution: Stand below the key and wait for the speeding sparkball to come
    around.  Trap it in the little passage when it gets there.  Destroy the single
    spark block to get it out of the way.  You'll have to place a block below the
    mirror so you can get across the gap and climb up.  Create two blocks so the
    panel monster can't shoot your bridge before you get to it.  Climb to the
    top, creating steps between the shots of the other Panel.  Watch out for that
    sparkball you let loose too.  Build a staircase in the lower right so you can
    escape the middle sparks after you set them free.  Wait until just after all
    of the them touch the block you're going to break (especially the fast ones).
    Climb the steps as far as you can to the right and jump back to the left when
    they're close enough.  Now you can get the key.
    * Room 12 *
    Visible Items: Fireball (12,12), Key (13,5), Constellation Icon (13,2),
                   Bell (2,1).
    Hidden Items: Bell (13,7), Super Fireball (11,5).
    Solution: Here's your first chance to hate the saramandors (there will be
    many more)!  First break the block below the key and create one just below
    that block to create a trap.  The saramandors will fall through the key and
    land between two solid blocks with no escape.  Get the key from below then
    it's clear.  To get to the constellation icon and key, you'll have to get to
    the upper right and then go left across the top.  Use the Strategies section
    for tips on getting around these tough enemies.
    * Room 13 *
    Visible Items: Orange Jar (5,12), Orange Jar (11,12), Orange Hourglass (8,2),
                   Key (14,12), Blue Diamond (2,9), Blue Diamond (2,10).
    Hidden Items: Solomon's Seal (8,9), Bell (13,12), Bell (15,12).
    Solution: Use a jar to buy some time to get off the ground.  Make a tower up
    the middle to get out of your hole.  Whatever you do, DO NOT leave blocks
    directly below the falling saramandors!  Also, don't forget the Seal.  On the
    right side, drop the goblin WITHOUT letting out the sparks.  Get a staircase
    ready before letting them out.  Grab the key when they're gone, then head for
    the door, watching out for the sparks as they speed along the walls. Once you
    get to the left side, you can build a ceiling above you to keep them away.
    * Room 14 *
    Visible Items: None.
    Hidden Items: Bell (13,10), Blue Hourglass (13,7), Extra Life (13,3),
                  Blue Hourglass (3,7), Key (3,4).
    Solution: Chip your way up through the mass of bricks, collecting the hidden
    items as you go.  Don't break the ceiling until you're safely above where
    an enemy can reach.  A good plan would be to break the block directly below
    a mirror after clearing out all the other ones below it as well.  As long as
    the enemies drop down far enough, you should be clear to get the extra life.
    Use the hourglasses wisely to get more time to dig for everything.
    * Room 15 *
    Visible Items: Key (3,2), Fireball (5,3).
    Hidden Items: Blue Hourglass (2,6), Bell (7,6), Wings (11,12), Bell (13,9),
                  Orange Jar (13,5).
    Solution: Move it!  You've got to break the block out of the ledge above you
    before the saramandor gets down to you!  To keep them from even reaching the
    bottom, trap them between solid walls below the hourglass.  Break out to the
    right and head up to the top.  Grab the key and fireball when it's clear.
    Use blocks to turn the ghost off to the right while you wait for an opening.
    Again, DON'T get the wings if you want all of the Seals!
    * Room 16 *
    Visible Items: Blue Hourglass (8,2), Bell (8,4), Constellation Icon (8,5),
                   Key (8,7).
    Hidden Items: Blue Diamond (4,3), Blue Diamond (12,3).
    Solution: Once again, get going!  You have to get out of the middle before
    the goblins turn around and you've got heads dropping from above.  Watch out
    for the spark directly above you if you jump.  Get to a safe height (where
    no one can break your stepping stone) below the solid block on either the
    left or right.  Drop the flame and climb up the side.  At the top, destroy
    part of the ledge the heads are landing on to protect yourself.  Jump and
    collect the items down the middle when you get an opening between the heads.
    Stop next to the door to wait for the spark to get out of your way, then grab
    the key and climb up to the top again.  It's easier to reach the door from
    * Room 17 *
    Visible Items: Key (6,7).
    Hidden Items: Bell (3,10), Orange Hourglass (11,7), Bell (13,7),
                  Mighty Bomb Jack [head-bump (15,7) block 11 times],
                  Solomon's Seal (14,2), Full Gray Jar (9,2).
    Solution: This one's a nightmare if you don't know how to do it!  You're
    stuck between narrow passages that are too small to climb through and all 8
    of the solid blocks have sparkballs on them!  With 3 blue wizards parading
    across the bottom, the only way out of the chamber is left through the middle
    of the sparks and then back to the right above them.  You can't dodge all of
    them, so you have to move them out of the way.  Start by creating a block
    next to you.  Destroy it again when the spark touches it and it will fly to
    the side wall and circle away from you.  Put the block back and jump to where
    that spark was.  Quickly turn and put another block against the wall to send
    the spark above you to the outer walls as well.  Now you need to get rid of
    the next 6 sparks in pairs so they're close together.  Here's how: put blocks
    between the solid blocks above you (one row below them) and between the solid
    blocks you're standing on.  You'll be protected as the sparks circle above
    you.  When they pass, break through to the left, but be sure to put the block
    back.  You'll need it as a safe stepping stone as you cross back to the right
    because you can't duck the sparks in these narrow cracks.  Repeat.  When you
    get to the last pair, the first sparks you released might be coming around, so
    wait until it's safe to move.  Once you're on the left side of all the blocks,
    continue to extend the ledge you've been building the rest of the way to the
    left so some sparks get trapped in the bottom of the screen.  As sparks come
    from the top, you can open the floor to let them down there as well...just
    don't let any out as you do it!  Don't waste too much time.  Cross to the
    right, where you should avoid most of the sparks by dropping between the
    blocks and landing on the steps that you made before.  When they're all on the
    left, trap them in there so you can get all the way to the right and release
    Mighty Bomb Jack (if this is your first try in this room).  Make sure you
    don't drop the flames above you until you're ready.  You can't get to his
    block once you do.  If you get him, collect all the fairies you can with the
    time remaining.  Save the hourglass until you're almost out of time.  Also,
    don't be so happy to escape this pit that you forget the Seal in the upper
    right corner!
    * Room 18 *
    Visible Items: Key (15,4).
    Hidden Items: Bell (5,10), Bell (14,3), Fairy (drop Gargoil).
    Solution: Grab the hidden bell below the second flame from the left.  You
    won't be able to get it once that flame drops.  Heads are coming from above
    and always go left, but when they drop the flames, they return to the right.
    When you feel safe, run to the right and climb up the far right side.  When
    you get to the key, the gargoil will shoot, so protect yourself.  Break the
    block under the mirror once you're safely high above where the heads may land.
    Then just run and jump down the steps to the door.  On the way down, drop that
    gargoil for a fairy.
    * Room 19 *
    Visible Items: Orange Jar (4,6), Blue Hourglass (3,7), Extra Life (2,8),
                   Key (5,7).
    Hidden Items: Fairy (drop Dragon), Solomon's Seal (5,5), Orange Diamond (4,2),
                  Mighty Coin (2,2).
    Solution: Run to the left and climb blocks so you're safely off the ground.
    The goal here is to build a bridge so you can walk just below the solid walls.
    Start on the far left and build to the right, leaving holes in the bridge
    behind you where the saramandors fall.  Keep building under the blocks with
    the sparkballs...you'll have to run back and forth as you do.  Run through
    when you can get below the last solid block, then turn around and break the
    two steps behind you.  Now reach to create a block connecting the solid walls
    with part of your bridge.  When both sparks are on the bridge, destroy the
    block to keep them there.  Next, reach for the far right wall (past the
    falling saramandors) to make another block and jump on it.  Build your tower
    up this wall.  Drop the Dragon at the top for a fairy, then start crossing
    to the left.  If you're quick, you can drop down one step on each staircase
    and plug the paths of the saramandors (they should pace between solid walls
    that are two blocks apart).  Doing this keeps the Saramandors off the bottom
    of the screen, so you might be able to get by without making that bridge below
    if you pull it off.  Grab the goodies on the left and then drop down the left
    side to the bottom.  Get to the key and out the door (note that all you need
    to do to pass through this room is get the key and leave, but then you
    wouldn't get any items).  Again, don't forget the Seal!
    * Room 20 *
    Visible Items: Bell (5,10), Key (8,2).
    Hidden Items: Blue Hourglass (4,8), Constellation Icon (11,2),
                  Tecmo Bunny Icon (1,2).
    Solution: Here's a welcome change...no enemies! :)  Instead, you have to work
    around tons of demonic symbols that restrict where you can place blocks.
    Not too tough, just create blocks in all of the open spaces.  Start at the
    bottom, filling in everything you can reach, then climb up the left side.
    When you can go no higher, head across the right, creating steps as you go.
    Make sure you fill in the block between the mirrors.  You don't need to fill
    the block below the mirror on the right, but fill in the other one close to
    it as you climb the right side.  That's where you should stand to get back to
    the left.  First, get that constellation icon near the top and put a block
    just below the key.  Now go for the upper left where the Tecmo Bunny Icon
    is.  Remove any extra blocks in the top three rows after you make the one you
    need to break with your head (reveal the gray face first, then cover it).
    They might make jumping around difficult and you don't want to waste any time
    by falling.  Finally, build a bridge to the door.
    * Special Hidden Room: Page of Time *
    Solution: If you found four Seals (Rooms 9,13,17, and 19), you'll arrive here
    if you also got the constellation icon in Room 20.  Here's the Page of Time,
    but it's surrounded by solid walls!  All of the special rooms in this game
    have tricks to destroying such blocks, but this one's easy.  All you have to
    do is break through the bottom of the triangle with your head.  Don't bother
    with the lower half of the room.  You can't get to it yet...
    * Room 21 *
    Visible Items: Key (14,11), Fireball (14,9).
    Hidden Items: Bell (12,11), Orange Hourglass (7,8), Solomon's Seal (12,6). 
    Solution: You need a fast start in this room.  Those heads will only stay
    away for so long!  Grab the key and bell and run back to the left.  Climb to
    just below the gargoil and drop him.  From there, clear out the blocks below
    the mirror where the heads come from.  This will allow you to build a bridge
    across the middle.  Again, don't leave any blocks below that mirror!  Once
    you've dropped all of the flames, make the Seal appear on the left side of the
    door.  If you have time, you can climb up and over the door (jump past the
    ghost) to get to the fireball from above.
    * Room 22 *
    Visible Items: Key (12,9), Orange Diamond (15,8).
    Hidden Items: Bell (11,6), Bell (8,9), Full Gray Jar (10,7),
                  Golden Goose (11,8).
    Solution: This one's simple, but annoying!  Grab the hidden bell and leave
    the hole there so the first set of saramandors can't follow.  Drop down and
    dig through the walls from the left side and get the other bell and the jar.
    When you're ready, drop the far left flame to send the other set of enemies
    toward you.  Jump to a safe, high block and wait for an opening.  Your best
    chance to go comes shortly after you set them free, so be ready.  Run to the
    right across the bottom.  You may need to turn and put blocks in the way of
    the saramandors to buy yourself the split second you'll need.  Quickly put a
    block in the lower right corner, jump on it, drop the flame above you to the
    floor, create a block above it, and jump!  Shrink the flames and use the edges
    of their blocks to jump around for the remaining items.
    * Room 23 *
    Visible Items: Bell (13,5), Key (7,8).
    Hidden Items: Golden Goose (15,12), Bell (3,3), Bell (4,4), Wings (4,12).
    Solution: Drop on the bell right through the middle of those bat-devils.
    It's actually safer than falling down either side of them.  Dodge back and
    forth to make sure they don't touch you.  With hardly any room in the corner,
    you'll have to jump over the wizard several times to get the golden goose.
    Create the block in the corner and let him break it to save time.  Shrink the
    flame before dropping to the floor under the key.  Grab it and pass by the
    flame again.  Since those mirrors are in the way, you need to climb up through
    the bottom row of devils to get any higher.  To reach the hidden bells, you
    have to put a block against the left wall so you have something to land on
    when you drop from above.  From that step you can jump into the small area
    with the bells in it.  This time, you won't miss any Seals if you use the
    * Room 24 *
    Visible Items: Key (2,9), Orange Hourglass (2,5), Full Gray Jar (7,4),
                   Bell (14,3).
    Hidden Items: Constellation Icon (15,12), Bell (14,9), Scroll (6,7).
    Solution: Place a block on the left next to you.  Take out the pair of blocks
    in the bottom row before freeing the first spark to your right.  Trap it in
    the spot you started as it goes by.  Next, free the spark in the lower right
    corner and trap it near the first one after it circles around the long way.
    Grab the hidden constellation icon and the bell, then seal off that corner
    from the bottom, leaving the top open (don't break any part of the dragon's
    ledge).  Now we need to get to the key by going through the pair of sparks in
    the middle.  Create a step next to the flame before dropping it (it's always
    easier to do this instead of dropping the flame first).  Free a spark and trap
    it on the right side.  Let the other one by and seal off the entrance when
    you go through.  Put two blocks below the last spark to send it around the
    outer walls.  Now comes the important part: drop the flame next to the gray
    jar and put its block back.  This must be done BEFORE you climb too high.
    The gargoil is waiting to drop another flame in your way that will permanently
    keep you away from the door if you haven't done this!  With that flame's block
    in place, you can use the step to get to where you need to go.
    * Room 25 *
    Visible Items: Key (8,6).
    Hidden Items: Bell (14,6), Half-Full Gray Jar (8,4), Bell (2,6).
    Solution: Quickly climb to the key and run to a middle ledge on either side.
    Turn and break off the edge of the platform above you so the enemies can't get
    to you.  Leave only the solid block behind.  Grab the hidden bell, and if
    you're really fast (and greedy), run across to the other wall and get the
    other one.  Break off the edge of the other ledge above you if you do.  Now
    build a tower up against the wall.  When the upper ledge keeps you for
    climbing higher, break the middle block with your head (stand on the edge of
    your tower, NOT on a block directly below it!) before breaking the one against
    the wall.  Finish off the ledge and start building a bridge to the door.
    Break the top ledge below the mirror to keep the enemies away.  Drop down to
    the lone solid block when it's safe, break the middle ledge above it, grab
    the jar, and climb to the door.
    * Room 26 *
    Visible Items: Super Fireball (8,12), Key (8,7), Orange Hourglass (8,6),
                   Bell (3,4), Bell (13,4).
    Hidden Items: Bell (7,11), Bell (9,11), Orange Jar (7,8), Orange Jar (9,8),
                  Golden Goose (6,1), Half-Full Gray Jar (10,1).
    Solution: Destroy the 4 blocks that touch the solid blocks below the mirrors.
    As in the last room, break the upper ledges from the EDGE of a block so the
    heads don't land on you.  With those 4 blocks broken, all the heads should
    fall to the bottom, freeing up the middle.  Grab an orange jar to kill all
    the heads so you can get to the super fireball and the two hidden bells
    without any pain.
    * Room 27 *
    Visible Items: Key (2,12), Bell (1,6).
    Hidden Items: Full Gray Jar (12,12), Extra Life (14,3).
    Solution: This one isn't too complicated, but those sparkballs are moving
    pretty fast!  Jump to the left right away to give yourself some room to jump
    the first one that's chasing you.  Keep jumping it as you build a trap around
    the lower right corner (a stairway that's 3 blocks high works for me).  Seal
    it off when it goes in there.  Create some more blocks in the section you're
    in and use them to trap the spark that guards the key.  Now just keep sealing
    off the remaining sparks in places you've already been to.  Just don't get run
    * Room 28 *
    Visible Items: Key (8,9).
    Hidden Items: Half-Full Gray Jar (6,10), Constellation Icon (15,1),
                  Bell (4,1).
    Solution: Climb the left side and put a block under the mirror there so you
    have a stepping stone later.  Close off the lower left corner and trap the
    spark.  Drop the flame on the far right all the way down and put a block under
    the other mirror.  Take out the blocks below the other flame that's close by
    so you can drop it later (you don't have to risk dropping it right now). Climb
    to the top and grab the constellation icon.  Turn around the ghosts or just
    jump over them.  Climb down the left side, drop the flames, and then climb up
    over to the right again, beneath the top ledge.  Drop the flame, then jump for
    the key and door.
    * Room 29 *
    Visible Items: Key (8,6), Bell (8,2).
    Hidden Items: Solomon's Seal (8,11), Orange Diamond (3,6).
    Solution: Quickly change the diamond into the desired item, drop to the floor
    (watch for charging goblins), grab the Seal, and get above ground level on the
    right side, where there's more room between the mirror and the middle ledge.
    Don't waste any time!  VERY soon after you start, heads will be coming after
    you!  Dump the gargoil and climb up the middle, turning around the ghosts
    as you go.  You shouldn't have too much trouble climbing all the way to the
    bell as long as you properly protect yourself.  Whether you're above or below
    the Ghosts, just build a bridge to the door from wherever you are (watch out
    for the heads coming from above though).
    * Room 30 *
    Visible Items: Key (9,1).
    Hidden Items: Extra Life (2,10), Orange Jar (14,10), Bell (8,8),
                  Orange Hourglass (8,4), Mighty Coin (8,2).
    Solution: This room is crawling with blue jewels that are keeping you from
    creating blocks across all those narrow gaps.  You'll have to collect them
    all, starting from the bottom.  Watch out for those heads.  They always follow
    the same path to the middle, so they should be easy enough to avoid (as long
    you don't leave a block in their path that leads to you).  Take all the jewels
    from the lowest row by jumping at them from below.  Climb up a level, take the
    jewels from the next row, climb up again, and so on.  Notice that the gaps
    that are wide enough to climb through keep alternating between the sides and
    the middle.  Climb to the upper right to reach the key.  Make the Mighty
    Coin appear while standing where the key was, then climb to the upper left to
    reach the door.
    * Room 31 *
    Visible Items: Key (12,1).
    Hidden Items: Wings (15,12), Gold Sphinx (8,8), Full Gray Jar (9,1),
                  Bell (7,1).
    Solution: Things are starting to get complicated now.  I hope you've learned
    coordinates by now because I need to start using them in my solutions!  Break
    the blocks against the walls at (1,10) and (15,10), while leaving the blocks
    just below them in place.  This will set a trap for the heads so they don't
    reach the bottom when you need to cross from one side of the room to the
    other.  Destroy the blocks below the pair of flames in the middle to drop them
    to the floor.  You can now easily get the sphinx.  Climb up to the left side
    of the block holding the flame on the far right.  Turn around and break the
    block above you with your head to send the heads to the middle (make sure they
    fall BELOW your ledge).  Drop the flame and continue climbing to the key.
    You'll have a nice roof over your head until you get to the top.  Once there,
    you'll have to be quick.  Break through with your head and immediately duck
    under the solid block below the mirror.  Wait until another head goes by
    before going for the key.  Create a block so the heads now hit the top solid
    block below the key and fall down into your trap in the lower right corner.
    Take the key and head down the middle shaft that the heads used to drop
    through.  Climb the left side to the door...it's a mirror image of the right
    side, so you can do the same things that got you up there before...stand next
    to the flame block, let the heads into the middle, drop the flame, and climb.
    By the way, you won't miss any Seals if you use the wings in this room.
    * Room 32 *
    Visible Items: Key (8,6).
    Hidden Items: Bell (8,12), Orange Hourglass (15,9), Constellation Icon (15,7),
                  Golden Goose (8,5).
    Solution: A ghost is about to run into the block you start on, so you'd better
    move.  Jump to the left and fall through the crack above the flame.  Don't
    land ON the flame cause it hurts. :)  When you land, create a block above it
    for use later on.  Run across the bottom and climb up the right side.  Stand
    on the solid block next to the hourglass and put a block against the wall.
    Carefully cross the middle underneath the solid blocks.  You need to move
    quickly between heads again.  Create your bridge between the gaps, cross it,
    and destroy it before the next head falls.  Jump and grab the key while you're
    at it.  Fall down onto that block you put above the left flame, then drop
    the gargoil.  If you want the goose and the constellation Icon, you're going
    to have to get past the other gargoil.  Jump the fireballs while crossing the
    tops of the solid blocks and drop him when you get close enough.  Hope you've
    practiced your timing!
    * Room 33 *
    Visible Items: Key (3,12).
    Hidden Items: Bell (7,12), Golden Goose (15,6), Full Gray Jar (8,1),
                  Bell (2,12).
    Solution: Uh oh!  There's eight speeding sparkballs guarding the key!  What
    to do?  Take heart, because they're trapped and you DON'T have to let them
    out!  Climb up and over to the left, dodging the bat-devils at the top.  Break
    the upper left corner off of the first "cage" and jump into it (you can do
    this from either side...I'm just describing the method from the left).  Reach
    into the cage and create a block (keep trying if the sparks block you).  You
    can now safely destroy the block to your right (above the new block).  Move
    over and create another block in there.  Go back to the left and break off
    another corner so you can squeeze two more blocks in there.  The cage should
    take up a space that's only three blocks wide when you're done.  Do the same
    thing to the other cage to reach the key.  Now I ask you: we COULD have let
    all those sparks out and trapped them somewhere on the right side, but why
    work so hard? :)
    * Room 34 *
    Visible Items: Bell (6,3), Full Gray Jar (9,3), Bell (10,3).
    Hidden Items: Orange Hourglass (7,3), Key (8,7).
    Solution: SPEAKING of not working hard, all you have to do in this room is
    wait until the ghosts break away the block covering the key and fall down
    to the door.  A little bit of effort is required to dodge the falling heads as
    you try to collect your fairies.  Just don't take the hourglass after drinking
    the gray jar or your time will run out rather quickly.
    * Room 35 *
    Visible Items: Key (8,2), Blue Hourglass (8,8).
    Hidden Items: Extra Life (8,6).
    Solution: If you plan on getting the extra life, turn the bottom bat-devil
    around a couple of times, so its movement isn't exactly the same as the other
    ones.  You should only have to work on half of this room.  Pick either the
    left or right side and drop the two outermost flames out of your way.  The
    second one in will not drop far enough unless you leave a shaft below it and
    jump diagonally between solid blocks as you climb.  Drop the next flame in,
    but do NOT let it fall too far or you might have to climb the other side
    (if you fall to the floor after getting the extra life, for example).  Put the
    block that was holding that flame back after it falls.  As you do all of this,
    heads will be coming down on you.  Keep making them pass over you or drop down
    the side.  Near the top, it is vital that you don't let those heads into the
    middle area beneath the key.  Another bad idea would be to trap them between
    solid blocks in the top area.  Keep them away from both you and these areas.
    Having said this, make the extra life appear and drop down the middle to grab
    it, dodging the bat-devils as you do (skip that step if this isn't your first
    try in this room).  Climb up again and put a block where that extra life was
    to give you a place to land as you grab the key.  Carefully moving past the
    heads, drop the gargoil in the upper corner.  When you see an opening between
    the heads and the other Gargoil's fireballs, as well as the bat-devil below,
    get the key and climb up again to the door.  Be ready to jump or dodge out of
    the way if you wait too long.
    * Room 36 *
    Visible Items: Constellation Icon (4,2), Key (6,2), Orange Hourglass (15,1),
                   Bell (8,4), Orange Jar (2,7).
    Hidden Items: None.
    Solution: This one isn't as complicated as the last one, but you need some
    fast reflexes at some points.  You need to get past three levels guarded
    by blue wizards and heads to reach the items at the top.  Each level is
    extended for you so you can drop the wizards when they charge.  Wait for them
    on an isolated block rather than standing right next to the edge where a head
    can hit you.  Reach across the gap between your block and the main ledge to
    dump them.  The heads come out in flurries.  Climb higher when things slow
    down.  When you head back down, let the head you're following hit the side
    wall and change directions on the level below you before jumping down.
    * Room 37 *
    Visible Items: Key (13,12).
    Hidden Items: Half-Full Gray Jar (10,11), Bell (14,7), Bell (14,5).
    Solution: Five panel monsters, one above the other, seem to effectively block
    your path to the door.  However, getting past them really isn't that tough.
    As you climb, all you have to do is create a pair of blocks to protect
    yourself between fireballs...one right next to you and one next to your
    stepping stone.  The shots will destroy the blocks while you create your next
    step up.  Jump on it, protect your spot before they shoot again, jump on
    another block, and so on.
    * Room 38 *
    Visible Items: Key (8,2), Scroll (13,9).
    Hidden Items: Fireball (6,5), Fireball (10,5), Bell (2,4),
                  Blue Hourglass (1,9), Tecmo Bunny Icon (15,9).
    Solution: If you get the fireball at (10,5), you'll have to use it on the
    ghost below you if you can't get back up in time (you only have a couple of
    seconds before it destroys your escape route.  You need to place a stepping
    stone in either that spot or one block below it.  The ghost will destroy the
    block if it's in its way.  With that step in place, get the other fireball
    (get it later if you're already below it).  If you didn't kill that ghost,
    keep turning it around while you wait for the best moment to drop to the
    bottom past the second ghost.  Get the scroll and dump the flame above it.
    Drop the flame to your left as well.  To get to the left side from here, jump
    on the solid block in the middle when the ghost is moving away from you, jump
    straight up when it turns around, then fall down to the left.  Climb the left
    side and break one of the blocks below the upper right flame (DON'T drop it
    yet).  Drop the two flames nearby all the way to the bottom.  Cross back
    to the right through the middle.  Make the Tecmo Bunny appear from above,
    cover it up, and drop down so you can break the block with your head.  Jump
    past the lower ghost and climb back up to where you were.  To get back to your
    starting point, you have to climb the right side.  Drop the upper right flame
    down to the solid blocks as you go by.  Depending on how fast you did all
    this, you now have to deal with two or more gargoils (they drop from the 
    mirrors every once in a while).  Break the block below the mirror on the right
    with one of them on it (GET OUT OF THE WAY!).  This will make any new gargoils
    land too far down to do any harm (as long as they fall all the way to the
    solid block below).  Drop any other ones on the right using the remaining
    breakable blocks (if you run out of them, you'll just have to block their
    fireballs).  The left side is a little easier since you can break blocks
    from the side instead of with your head...just don't let any new enemies land
    on you.  Make sure you leave a breakable block below the left mirror...you'll
    have a tough time killing any new gargoils if you let them land on the solid
    block.  Drop down on the key and climb back up to the door.
    * Room 39 *
    Visible Items: Key (14,2).
    Hidden Items: Wings (1,7), Bell (8,6), Orange Diamond (9,6),
                  Blue Hourglass (7,6),
                  Mighty Bomb Jack [head-bump (7,5) block 11 times].
    Solution: Now for a REAL test of your reflexes!  A spark and bat-devil are
    coming at you together.  Jump and create a block so the bat-devil turns
    around.  You have to climb a shaft that's only three blocks wide with a ghost
    moving up and down the middle.  Compound that with the sparks that are
    circling the room and you've got a huge mess.  It takes some timing to get
    started.  Create a block on the bottom below the left side of the shaft.  When
    the bat-devil, ghost and sparks are all out of the way, build a stairway to
    the right.  The top step should be higher than the bat-devil.  Climb higher
    when the ghost is away from you and move to the side where the sparks are not
    about to pass through.  You'll probably have to switch sides more than once
    before you reach the top.  Keep a carefull watch on the sparks, but at the
    same time, move as fast as you can.  If you want Mighty Bomb Jack, skip the key
    until you release him.  Once you reach the top, you should be able to jump or
    run under anything that comes near you.  You may have to back up to get more
    room to jump.  DON'T get the wings if you're collecting Seals or else you'll
    warp past something important!
    * Room 40 *
    Visible Items: Key (8,6).
    Hidden Items: Constellation Icon (4,6), Bell (7,2), Bell (9,2),
                  Extra Life (13,1).
    Solution: Look out!  A spark is flying at you!  Jump over it and make the
    constellation icon appear after all the panel monsters shoot.  Drop to the
    bottom and wait for the spark to circle around to you before you start
    climbing.  This will give the maximum amount of time to get to just below
    the block you started on.  Bridge across a couple of spaces so you're standing
    between the shot paths of the first and second panels.  Isolate your ledge so
    the spark can't get to you.  Wait for statues to shoot and bridge towards the
    gargoil.  Extend its ledge and hurry back to your block before you're shot at
    again.  When it's clear, drop the gargoil.  Carefully make your way to the
    right between each of the shots.  If you can, climb up to the extra life, but
    take care not to have that last panel shoot you down from below.
    * Room 41 *
    Visible Items: Key (8,11).
    Hidden Items: Full Gray Jar (12,10), Mighty Coin (5,10),
                  Orange Jar (8,12).
    Solution: Quickly break the block below the left mirror.  Run to the right
    and fall down and collect the gray jar.  You should be safe here now that the
    heads from the left mirror can't get to the right (except along the floor).
    Dig to the left and up a little bit, but don't break through the ceiling.
    Also, leave the holes between the solid blocks open so the heads drop
    to the floor.  Make the Mighty Coin appear and the heads will fall down
    past you.  When they're out of the way, grab it and jump back up to where you
    were.  Jump down and get the orange jar to wipe out all the heads and get the
    key.  Climb up the right side.  Once you're higher than the ghosts, you can
    build a bridge to the middle (remember not to put a block below the mirror)
    and drop into the door.  DO NOT JUMP INTO THE DOOR!  You'll find Room 42 to be
    much easier if you just fall in (see below).
    * Room 42 *
    Visible Items: None.
    Hidden Items: Blue Hourglass (5,11), Key (15,1), Mighty Coin (8,3), Bell (8,4).
    Solution: If you want to easily pass this room, pay attention: you need to be
    holding up on the controller as you first appear.  As long as you didn't JUMP
    into the exit in the previous room, your character will jump off of thin air to
    the space between the pair of orange blocks.  Quickly break one of them so you
    can stand where it was.  From there, you can collect a couple of valuable
    coins, plus the Mighty Coin and bell.  More importantly, you should be able to
    clear out the blocks below the pair of flames above you.  These orange blocks
    are tough to break if you didn't make the jump, and if you did not get up there
    at that first moment, you never will.  If you successfully removed those
    blocks, you can just climb to the upper right, take the key, and drop the
    flames as you cross the top to the door.  Otherwise, you have some work to do
    first.  Dig under the red flame on the right, climb up above it, and break one
    of the blocks below the right blue flame.  Drop down the right side.  When you
    reach the bottom, wait for the dragon to reach the right wall before dropping
    down.  Run to the left (it will stop to breathe on you, giving you a chance to
    get away).  Climb the far left side without wasting any time (you'll need it to
    break some blocks).  Get to the top and break a block below the other blue
    flame.  Back on the bottom, when the dragon heads to the right, break through
    below the blue flame on the lower left.  Climb up to the ghost, jump past it,
    and climb to the upper right.  Then just grab the key and head for the door,
    dropping the flames as you go.  
    * Room 43 *
    Visible Items: Bell (3,5), Full Gray Jar (9,6).
    Hidden Items: Key (2,12), Bell (12,5), Gold Sphinx (7,5).
    Solution: This room gets my vote for HARDEST level of the game!  There are
    rooms that are more complex, but this is difficult even when you know how to
    do it!  Hurry and get the key on the left.  The saramandors will be right on
    your tail, so quickly climb along the left wall.  Turn or jump a ghost if it
    gets close.  You have to cross a narrow path patrolled by two ghosts.  If you
    have fireballs, I HIGHLY recommend using them on the ghosts.  Otherwise here's
    what you have to do: to get across, you'll be filling in the gaps between the
    solid blocks, but if you do so at the wrong time, the saramandors get you!
    Start by turning the ghosts so they're closer together.  I recommend leaving a
    2- or 3-block space between them.  Get under the left arch (don't stand too
    close to the edge of your block or the saramandors will fry you when they go
    by).  Jump the ghosts when they pass as you wait for an opening between the
    falling saramandors.  You need as much time for this next move as possible, so
    wait until a saramandor falls past you at the EXACT same time as you jump the
    second ghost as they pass from left to right (wait as long as you have to for
    this...if the timing looks like it's way off, try going back to the left and
    turning the ghosts around some more...you have plenty of time).  When the
    right time comes, bridge across so you're under the right arch and destroy the
    bridge behind you as soon as possible so the next saramandor can't follow (you
    may have to jump the ghosts again before destroying the block, but the
    saramandor should stop on it to breathe on you, giving you another second.
    Keep standing on the left edge of your block so the saramandors go left,
    leaving the right side open.  When the ghosts pass you heading left, bridge
    across the rest of the way to the right and climb up.  Get higher than the
    upper ghosts and bridge across to the left (as always, NO blocks directly
    below the mirror).  If this is your first try, you have a chance to try your
    luck at surviving this mayhem again by dropping down on the sphinx and trying
    to climb back up.  You should have left a pair of blocks behind when you first
    escaped the middle path to keep the ghosts close together (or if you killed
    them with fireballs, you have an open path already).  If points aren't
    important enough to you, then forget it...this room was hard enough already!
    * Room 44 *
    Visible Items: Key (15,12).
    Hidden Items: Golden Goose (15,6), Full Gray Jar (8,8), Bell (4,2),
                  Constellation Icon (1,5).
    Solution: Drop these flames in the wrong order and you can kiss your life
    goodbye!  Start by breaking away ALL of the blocks in the second row from the
    bottom (DON'T drop any flames yet).  Climb the left side and drop the far left
    flame to the bottom.  Place a block above it so you don't have an accident
    later.  Climb a little higher and break a block below the flame in column 3.
    Drop to the bottom and climb up the far right.  Drop down next to the pair of
    flames near the bottom and drop both of them.  Place a block directly above
    the one on the left (6,11).  Then drop the flame above you and get the jar.
    Break through to the floor on the right side and climb back up along the wall.
    As you get the goose, break a block below the flame above you, then create a
    block just below where it was (14,7).  Without this block, you won't be able
    to climb up this wall again later.  Climb to the top, dropping flames as you
    go (the glowing ones will disappear).  You still have to clear some blocks
    below the flame by the door.  From the top, climb down into the middle.  Stand
    below the first flame you come to and create a block below you to the right
    (6,6).  Drop the flame, shrink it, and jump across it to the solid block (jump
    at this block from next to the flame instead of above it...it's a MUCH easier
    jump!).  Drop the next flame and break out a couple blocks from below the last
    one.  Get the constellation icon as you drop down the left side.  Get back to
    the lower right by crossing the solid blocks above the floor (jump the flame
    in the same manner as above).  Climb up the right side to the top and head for
    the door, where the last flame can finally be dropped out of the way.
    * Special Hidden Room: Page of Space *
    Solution: If you found six Seals (Rooms 9,13,17,19,21, and 29), you'll arrive
    here if you also got the constellation icon in Room 44.  This is the bottom
    half of the room where the Page of Time was.  The Page of Space is a bit
    tougher to get.  You can break through the top of the triangle below the key,
    but if you drop in and get the page now you'll never get out alive.  You need
    to break another block, but it seems like none of the other "solid" blocks
    are breakable.  Your block magic needs an extra boost.  To get it, you must
    try to create a block where the door is (not AROUND the door, ON IT!).  As
    usual, no block appears when you do this, but now you have the power to break
    the bottom point of the triangle so you can safely get the page (What's that?
    You say this is one of the dumbest solutions you've ever seen?  Just wait
    until the other special rooms...it gets worse!).
    * Room 45 *
    Visible Items: Bell (1,12), Bell (15,12).
    Hidden Items: Golden Goose (3,8), Key (15,6).
    Solution: Climb the right side and drop the upper flame over there (NOT the
    one near the bottom).  Drop back down and run across the bottom all the way to
    the left (one of the heads will escape to the right side, so stay alert).
    Drop the lower left flame and stand on a block in the lower left corner so
    you're out of the range of the heads.  Reach to extend the ledge and drop the
    gargoils when they come.  Climb up and drop the upper left flame.  Use blocks
    at first to turn the heads around as you try to cross their ledge.  Break the
    blocks above you so you can jump them.  Create a block at the end of this
    platform so the heads keep going to the right instead of towards you (10,10).
    Next, break through the blocks above you to let the heads from the left mirror
    come down to you.  Hurry back down and create a block that keeps them from
    reaching the ledge below (7,9).  This trap will allow you to get across the
    top to the door.  Let the heads from the right mirror back in.  Before they
    reach the ledge, jump through the gap above your old block to the right where
    the coin is.  When you get an opening, climb the stairs to the left.  Run
    carefully under the right mirror to get the key, then cross back to the left
    to the door.
    * Room 46 *
    Visible Items: None.
    Hidden Items: Blue Hourglass (11,7), Magic Lamp (14,6), Golden Goose (12,4),
                  Solomon's Seal (14,1), Full Gray Jar (9,5),
                  Fairy (drop 4th Goblin from top), Orange Hourglass (9,3),
                  Key (11,1), Bell (11,2).
    Solution: This is the LAST room with saramandors in it!  Despite this good
    news, you've got quite a fight on your hands...if Room 43 is the hardest room,
    then this one's a close second!  You should be able to extend the bottom two
    ledges and drop those goblins pretty easily since the saramandors can't reach
    that far.  Extend the next platform on the staircase by two blocks so the
    enemies can't drop down on you [you'll have to jump back down after creating
    the first block.  To make the second block, jump from an isolated block below
    the key and even with the second ledge from the bottom (11,9)].  If you want
    the Seal, you'll have to get it BEFORE you get the key.  Drop the goblin to
    your right and climb up to the door, getting all the bonus items you can.
    Go back down to where you were and drop the bottom goblin when he comes.
    Quickly run under his ledge and drop to the bottom.  Start a tower in column 3
    before the saramandors get to you.  Build it until you can jump on the ledge
    where that last goblin was.  Stand on the left edge of the tower so the
    saramandor drops down the left side, then run across the ledge to the right
    quickly extend the ledge above you so nothing lands on you.  Drop the goblin
    to your right for a fairy.  Drop the Goblin above you as well when he gets
    near, but put the block back.  Jump back on your tower and reach for the left
    wall to create a block against it.  Build a mini-tower so you can jump on the
    next ledge.  Timing is critical here: wait until a saramandor appears in the
    right-hand mirror (it goes to the left first, giving you an extra second).
    Wait a moment for the other saramandor closer to you to fall down, then jump
    and run to the right.  As soon as you're standing on the third solid block,
    create a step to your right, jump on it, turn, create another step to your
    left, and jump on that block.  If you took off at the right time, you should
    have reached that solid block before the new saramandor dropped on you.  You
    then had another second to create the steps as the monster tried to breathe on
    you.  From here, drop the top goblin, grab the key, and get out of here...hope
    you didn't miss the Seal!
    * Room 47 *
    Visible Items: Key (6,3).
    Hidden Items: Extra Life (11,4), Bell (14,12), Beezelbub Head (14,6),
                  Solomon's Seal (15,1), Bell (6,6).
    Solution: As in Room 44, do these steps in this precise order or you won't
    make it.  Quickly dig down and destroy the block below the mirror so the heads
    drop to the bottom.  Dig across the top and drop down the center of the
    screen.  Make the extra life appear, but DON'T get it yet.  Instead, drop down
    column 9 and then down the center all the way to the bottom.  Get to the right
    side and place a block in the open space below the flame on the far right at
    (15,11).  Drop that flame onto this block (if the flame were to reach the
    solid block, you would be trapped).  Using the edge of the block as a step,
    jump up to the next level and destroy the block on the far left side of the
    ledge you're on (9,10).  Try to drop down into the space you just made by
    holding up and right together as you fall (it's a tough jump, but keep trying
    until you make it...plenty of time).  When you get there, cross into the left
    side and break away every block possible so you can reach the door from above
    later.  Go to the middle shaft again and put a block in it so you have a
    future place to land (8,8).  Back on the far right side, drop the next pair of
    flames and continue up to your extra life.  Make the Beezelbub Head appear from
    above, then go to the upper right corner.  Stand below the flame and create a
    block next to where you're standing (14,4).  Stand on that new block and
    create another block below the flame.  Break out the pair of blocks above you
    so the flame falls on this second new block.  Stand on the edge next to the
    flame so you can get to the top.  Get the Seal in the upper right corner.
    Drop the flame nearby and fall down the center shaft again, where a block
    should be waiting for you.  Drop the flame below the key, place a block under
    the bell, climb up the left side, and drop on the key.  Fall down the far left
    side between heads and veer to the right to safely reach the door.  Remember
    to get that Seal...it's easy to forget it in this mess!
    * Room 48 *
    Visible Items: Key (1,10), Bell (4,10).
    Hidden Items: Golden Goose (11,3), Constellation Icon (5,4), Extra Life (4,5),
                  Mighty Coin (1,5).
    Solution: Ack...12 flames?!  As if the last room wasn't hard enough!  You have
    to somehow drop them in such a way that allows you to drop down on the door
    twice (getting the key below it on your first trip).  The trick is to use the
    outer areas during the first lap and dig through the middle the second time.
    Place a block in the lower right corner, drop a flame down onto it, then drop
    flame to your left down by one (if either flame reaches the solid blocks,
    you're sunk).  Climb the right side, get the goose, and place a block below
    the third flame from the right (along the top) so you can drop it down, but
    not so far that it's in your way (12,4).  Drop the upper right flame all the
    way down to the solid block, place a block over it, and drop the next flame
    out of the way (don't worry about it blocking this passage...you won't need to
    go through here again).  Drop another flame so you can go across the top.
    Break down into the middle and grab the constellation icon while you drop the
    far left flame.  Get back to the top and drop the one next to it as well.
    Fall down the left side to the key, breaking the orange block (2,4) as you
    fall.  Now for the second lap.  From the bottom again, clear out the block
    below the bell, stand on the solid block next to it, and drop the flame above
    it to the floor.  Climb up from there to the extra life.  Fall back down and
    climb through the middle area, dropping the first flame you reach all the way
    to the floor.  Drop the next flame down by 3 blocks (leave a block between it
    and the solid block below).  Place a block below the mirror so you have a
    stepping stone later on.  While you're there, drop the flame to your right
    (the one in the same row as the mirror).  Fall down to the bottom again and
    climb up the right side.  Cross to the left past the mirror and climb through
    to the top when you reach the middle.  Now you can drop into the door.  To
    get the Mighty Coin, hold up and right together to land in the space where
    that orange block (2,4) was (just like you did in the last room).  You only
    have one shot at it this time, but if you get there successfully, you can make
    the coin appear.
    * Princess Room *
    Visible Items: Princess (8,6).
    Hidden Items: Golden Goose (5,12), Golden Goose (11,12),
                  50,000-point Jewel (10,1).
    Scoring Tip: Normally, I wouldn't include an ordinary item worth less than
    100,000 points in the items section, but here, there's more to it.  Normally,
    when you die, you lose your chance to collect special items, like the Golden
    Geese.  In this room, you can die as many times as you like and the items will
    always be there!  If scoring points is your game, this means that you can get
    250,000 points for every life you have!
    Solution: If you have all 8 of Solomon's Seals, you'll arrive here after 
    Room 48 (otherwise, you'll skip ahead to Solomon's Room).  Time for another
    silly solution (try not to break your monitor's screen in anger after reading
    this...I know how I felt when I figured it out after hours and hours of
    trying!). :)  All of the blocks on either edge of the heart are breakable
    (columns 2 and 14), but you must somehow get some extra power to break all the
    way into the inner area.  In the hidden room with the Page of Space, you had
    to use block magic on the door to get it.  This time, you have to shrink each
    of the flames below at least once each (DON'T drop them until AFTER you shrink
    them, or else they'll disappear).  Once you do that, break into the left side
    next to the lowest breakable block (3,8).  From there, you must do something
    else to free the princess.  Two blocks are breakable in here: one on either
    side of the block you were standing on at the start (7,4), (9,4).  Break one
    of them, stand in the place it was, then try to create a block inside the top
    of the princess' prison (8,5).  Don't worry if you hit the princess and no
    block appears.  After your magic even touches that spot, you can open up the
    cage by breaking into the left side (6,6).
    * Solomon's Room *
    Visible Items: Solomon's Key (8,6).
    Hidden Items: None.
    Solution: At last, the final room!  Solomon's Key is in the center of the 
    room...now you have to find a way to it.  The first thing you should know is
    that any fireballs you might have carried into this room are gone.  You have
    to get through this one without them.  All of the blocks look solid, but of
    course something has to break.  The first breakable block is the upper one in
    the middle wall (8,2).  Run and jump over the dragon when it stops to breathe
    on you.  After you break the block, stand where it was as you wait for a
    chance to jump the ghost and reach the left side.  The block below the left
    end of where that ghost is pacing is the next one to break (4,4).  Look for
    the goblin below to head to the right, then jump down to the bottom between
    the shots of the panel monster (don't land on top of it).  Run to the right
    under the ghosts and sparks.  Place a block on the floor between the
    right-hand ghost and the shot path of the panel monster above.  Stand there so
    the gargoil starts shooting.  When you see an opening between its shots, as
    well as the ones from the panel monster, climb to the ledge above, breaking
    off the edge of it to get through (13,8) (you may have to drop back to the
    bottom if the timing of each monster's shots doesn't match).  There's one more
    silly trick wall keeping you from the book: you have to cast your block magic
    on the mirror nearby before you can break into the middle from the right side
    (10,6).  Use the block magic on the book to open it.  You've done it!
    # 10. Endings #
    Congratulations!  You've beaten one of the toughest games around!
    So what happens next?  Did you find everything?
    The ending can have different looks, depending on whether or not you found
    the Pages of Time and Space and/or the Princess (finding both yields the best
    ending).  Events are added to the ending when you find them.  
    Here's how it goes...
    First, Dana runs out of the cave that was shown on the title screen (the 
    Constellation Sign entrance, I guess).  If you found the Princess, fairies
    will then fly out of the door for a few seconds.  After that, if you got both
    Pages, demons will be sucked into the door and then the ground will shake as
    the cave sinks off the bottom of the screen in a cloud of smoke.  The sky then
    turns blue (if you didn't find anything, it was already blue) and a message
    appears.  The middle part of this message is there no matter what, but the top
    part only appears when you find the Princess and the bottom part shows up only
    if you got both Pages...
    After this, if you press the Start button, you get the Game Over screen and
    the title screen after that.
    Not the greatest ending in the world, but remember that this is a VERY OLD
    game!  Just be proud of yourself for winning!
    # 11. GDV Rating System #
    Ever wonder what in the world that GDV number means on the Game Over screen?
    It stands for "Game Deviation Value."  What it represents is a unique way of
    rating how well you played the game.  The exact calculation of the number 
    is quite complicated, but here's what I do know about it (thanks to Mt. East):
    The minimum score you can get is 47.  The number then increases from there
    based on a combination things, such as how many points you score (one point for
    every 100,000 points up to 500,000) and the number of faries you collect (to
    get a high GDV, keep collecting the four fairies in Room 26, dying, and
    re-collecting them).  You'll have to experiment to see what other things will
    contribute to this rating.
    This rating is only really important for those who have played through all 
    of the rooms in the game.  The only way to get a really good GDV is to play 
    through the game without using the continue code (the GDV resets to 47 when 
    you use it).
    # 12. Acknowledgements/Copyright Info. #
    A huge thanks to Adam Lamontagne for transcribing the hints on this game from
    "The Game Counsellor's Answerbook for Nintendo Game Players."  His posting 
    on gamefaqs.com pointed out some of the major items I had missed.  This is
    also my particular source for all of the cheat codes (except the hidden rooms
    on the Game Genie stage select code...those I found on my own).  Most of the
    cheat codes can be found in many places on the web.  This was just the source
    that I used.
    The Mighty Coins in Rooms 19, 42, and 48, as well as the Bell in Room 42,
    were first found by Kyle Wicklund.  Thanks a ton for finding these!
    The Mighty Bomb Jack in Room 39 was found, courtesy of Kevin Tank.  Great find!
    Mt. East has provided me with the latest information on the GDV system and the
    Princess Room (the scoring tip and the final part of the puzzle).  A hundred
    thank you's for this!  For more great information from Mt. East, check out his
    Solomon's Key web site.  It is written mostly in Japanese, but it has lots of
    pictures which anyone can read!
    Please do not post this FAQ on your web site without my permission.  This is
    supposed to be a free guide, so don't sell it.  I don't mind if you copy and
    paste this information for personal use, but if you want to use it for any
    other purpose, you need to contact me first.  It took many hours to write all
    of this, so I'm very protective of my work.  Thanks!
    # 13. Feedback #
    Do you have any feedback on this FAQ?  Is there something I missed?  You can
    contact me at 'rdrunner0077@yahoo.com' with any questions.
    NOTE: There are MANY items that I have left out of this guide.  There are
    literally hundreds of items worth small amounts of points that just weren't
    worth mentioning, especially since solving puzzles is much more important than
    scoring points in this game.  I didn't want this guide to get cluttered with
    useless information.  My rule for including items was simple: they had to
    either help you get extra lives, have a noticeable impact on the game, or be
    worth at least 100,000 points (I suppose I could have shown where the all of
    the crystals were, but I don't think that increasing the range of your
    fireballs by a couple of blocks is that big of a deal).  If you find anything
    that fits the above description, let me know and I'll be sure to check it out!

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