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    Mini-FAQ by AdamL

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    A Mini-FAQ for...
     __    ___  __    ___          ___    __ _ __             __
    / _\  /___\/ /   /___\/\/\    /___\/\ \ ( ) _\     /\ /\ /__\/\_/\
    \ \  //  // /   //  //    \  //  //  \/ //\ \     / //_//_\  \_ _/
    _\ \/ \_// /___/ \_// /\/\ \/ \_// /\  /  _\ \   / __ \//__   / \
    \__/\___/\____/\___/\/    \/\___/\_\ \/   \__/   \/  \/\__/   \_/
    by Tecmo
    The Mini-FAQ section is straight from the pages of THE GAME COUNSELLOR'S
    Transcribed by Adam Lamontagne (adamant@bigfoot.com) on 11/15/00
    Solomon's Key is perhaps one of the most difficult NES games ever released. 
    Not only do you need to have quick reflexes to avoid the various beasties and
    traps, but also must use your brain to solve a variety of puzzles.
    I beat this game years ago using a Game Genie, but apparently never got the
    good ending.  Seeing how this game is so difficult and might never get the full
    walkthrough it deserves, I figured I would copy the FAQ from THE GAME
    can incorporate it into a full walkthrough for the game.
    Everything in the FAQ below comes straight from the above mentioned book. 
    Hopefully it helps someone.
    Q: What is the star found in Room 9?
    A: The star is Room 9 is Solomon's seal.
    Q: How many seals are there in the game?
    A: Eight.
    Q: Where do I find the seals?
    A: They can be found in Rooms 9, 13, 17, 19, 21, 29, 46, and 47.
    Q: How do I find the Page of Time?
    A: When you get the seals from Rooms 9, 13, 17, and 19, a constellation symbol
    will appear in Room 20.  Grab this symbol, and you'll enter the room that
    contains the Page of Time.
    Q: How do I find the Page of Space?
    A: When you get the seals from Rooms 21 and 29, a constellation symbol will
    appear in Room 40.  Grab the symbol to enter the room that contains the Page of
    Q: Why didn't I go to the Princess Shrine after Room 48?
    A: You must have missed one of the seals.  If you had picked up all the seals,
    you would have entered the Princess Shrine and received a different ending to
    the game.
    Q: I found the gold flags.  What do they do?
    A: Those are gold wings.  When you touch them, they'll warp you ahead six
    Q: Where are all the gold wings in the game?
    A: You'll find the gold wings in Rooms 7, 15, 23, 31, and 39.  Be careful,
    though.  If you take all the gold wings you find, you may warp right past a
    room that contains a seal.
    Q: A friend told me about some hidden rooms in the game.  Are there really
    hidden rooms in Solomon's Key?
    A: There are 12 hidden rooms in the game.  The first hidden room can be found
    in Room 4 and then in every fourth room that follows.
    Q: Which rooms contain the extra men?
    A: Rooms 3, 14, 19, 27, 30, 35, 40, 47, and 48 have extra men inside.
    Q: What are those faces that look like chipmunks in Rooms 20 and 38?
    A: When you pick up those faces, you'll receive 500,000 points and a 1-up.  To
    get the faces to appear, you must create a block and then break the block with
    you head.
    Q: I found some other faces in Rooms 19, 30, 41, 42, and 48.  Are those
    chipmunk faces also?
    A: No, but they are worth a 200,000-point bonus!
    Q: I heard about something called a golden goose.  Where can I find it?
    A: The golden geese are located in Rooms 23, 26, 32, 33, 44, 45, 46, 48, and in
    the Princess Shrine.  They're worth 100,000 bonus points each.
    Q: Where can I find a gold sphinx?
    A: In Rooms 31 and 43.  Each gold sphinx is worth 500,000 points.
    Q: I found this worthless gold head in Room 47.  What does it do for me?
    A: Worthless!?  That head is worth one million points!
    Q: Is there a continue code for the game?
    A: To continue, press UP, A, and B on Controller 1.
    Game Genie Codes:
    XTKKKEXK	Infinite lives
    GZOXLAAX	Indestructible fireball
    AAXZIALZ	Continuous fairies
    KAXOOEVE	Start with 40,000 life points
    GZUPTOSE	Start on last level reached
    VTUPTOSE	Start on next level
    SZUOPOSE + UPUOLPGA + PAUPIPAE	Start on level 10
    SZUOPOSE + UPUOLPGA + LPUPIPAA	Start on level 20
    SZUOPOSE + UPUOLPGA + IPUPIPAE	Start on level 30
    SZUOPOSE + UPUOLPGA + YZUPIPAA	Start on level 40
    And perhaps the coolest Game Genie codes of all:
    SAXOOEVE - Start with over 330,000 life before each level!
    SZUOPOSE+UPUOLPGA+**UPIPA* Start on Level_____
    ** * Level
    PA A 2                  PP E 26
    ZA A 3                  ZP E 27
    LA A 4                  LP E 28
    GA A 5                  GP E 29
    IA A 6                  IP E 30
    TA A 7                  TP E 31
    YA A 8                  YP E 32
    AA E 9                  AZ A 33
    PA E 10                 PZ A 34
    ZA E 11                 ZZ A 35
    LA E 12                 LZ A 36
    GA E 13                 GZ A 37
    IA E 14                 IZ A 38
    TA E 15                 TZ A 39
    YA E 16                 YZ A 40
    AP A 17                 AZ E 41
    PP A 18                 PZ E 42
    ZP A 19                 ZZ E 43
    LP A 20                 LZ E 44
    GP A 21                 GZ E 45
    IP A 22                 IZ E 46
    TP A 23                 TZ E 47
    YP A 24                 YZ E 48
                            AL A Princesses Room
                            PL A Solomon's Room
    Make Mighty Bomb Jack appear:
    Reach level 17 on your first life. Hit the gray unbreakable block on the far
    right side eleven times. Dana will transform into Mighty Bomb Jack. All the
    enemies in the room will transform into fairies with bonus items.
    The Mini-FAQ section is transcribed directly from THE GAME COUNSELLOR'S
    ANSWERBOOK FOR NINTENDO GAME PLAYERS.  All copyrights and trademarks are

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