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                   ___          \                 .            _       
                 .'   `.   ___  |   ,   ___       /   / `   ___/   ____
                 |     | .'   ` |  /   /   `      |_-'  |  /   |  (    
                 |     | |----' |-<   |    |      |  \  | ,'   |  `--. 
                  `.__.' `.___, /  \_ `.__/|      /   \ / `___,' \___.'
                            Anpanman no Hiragana Daisuki
    NES 1991
    Version:        1.0
    Anpanman is one of the most popular anime cartoon series in Japan since 1968.
    This is the first of two Anpanman games in the Oeka Kids series released on the
    The game uses a peripheral, a tablet that works similar to a PC mousepad that
    you move around and control the screen actions. The tablet comes with the
    game, and you cannot play without it. There is emulation available to help
    anyone without the hardware to play this, although due to emulation's grey-area
    I will not discuss it in more detail.
    If you switch on the game without the tablet in the Expansion Port, you will
    only get a title screen. After you plug in the tablet it will automatically go
    to the game, although it is usually recommended by the game companies that you
    switch off the console first, plug in the device, then switch the NES back on.
    During the game there are several tasks to do. Each game, however, has a menu
    at the top to alter it, and the door icon is for exiting back to the main
    The tablet technology is a little old, so do not hammer it with commands. If
    you think the command is not getting through then simply wait a second and try
    The main menu is a small village with houses and a tree. A train track
    connects them all together. Click on any of the five locations to start a
    Top Left: (Red House)
    There are six puzzles to choose from. Each has several pieces and they need to
    be moved from the left container to the right one to build the correct image.
    Click on the image you want to move, then move the cursor over to the right
    and the image will appear. Click again where you want to drop it off. If you
    made a mistake you can simply pick it up again. It seems there is no way to
    put a piece back into the left container if you want to wait until later to
    place it down, so you will need to place it somewhere on the right
    The left-most puzzle only has six pieces and is the easiest to finish. The
    right-most one has 16 pieces and is the hardest.
    Top Right: (Apple Tree)
    Get the game started by clicking one of the two menu buttons. One game is for
    simply walking left and right whereas the other also includes having to walk
    up and down.
    Anpanman will fly through the sky and drop apples. Stand underneath to catch
    it. Each apple is worth 10 points.
    On the 2D mode collecting apples is not too hard, since you simply have to
    stand underneath in a vertical line. On the 3D mode, however, you need to
    watch out for the apple's shadow more closely to see where it will land.
    After a while a UFO will appear and drop bombs. Bombs do not kill you but they
    take you out and you cannot move for a few seconds. This prevents you from
    collecting more apples, naturally.
    Over time the music will play faster and faster. The game itself does not
    actually increase speed so do not take this as a hectic sign. Instead is just
    means the game is coming towards the end. Anpanman throws around 100 apples in
    total, I'm guess 99 since the max is only 990 points.
    Bottom Left: (Tall Blue House)
    Pick one of the three hideouts spots: windows, balloons or trees. Each game
    is the same.
    You need to uncover the friendly faces to get points. If you find one of the
    evil ants by mistake then the game is over. There is no way to know where the
    ants are hiding. You can try to only uncover a very small portion of the
    corner and if you spot the Baikinman's black face, purple stripe or big white
    teeth then you better not erase the rest of this location.
    Different faces give different points.
    Anpanman             =  40 points
    Currypanman          =  20 points
    Shokupanman          =  20 points
    Jam Ojisan / Cheese  =  10 points
    Melonpanna?          =  10 points
    After finding all five you have 100 points and win the game.
    Bottom Center: (Pencil-shaped Building)
    Pick any of the Hiragana characters to start drawing it. Anpanman will pop up
    and walk along the lines to show you how to write it and which strokes to
    start out with. After he walked along one stroke, follow it with your pencil.
    You do not have to get it perfectly on the line but close enough for the game
    to recognize.
    Each Hiraga builds to a word (bottom right corner) which is displayed in the
    top right corner. It is supposed to be a learning aid.
    To quit this mode, go up first and you will find the door icon on a different
    place then usually.
    Bottom Right: (Small Blue House)
    This is a simply game of finding the different between the new picture and the
    original. Click on the spots that appear changed.
    Switch between the pictures for three available ones.
    Select one of the difficulty settings. '??' has more changes than '?' in one
    puzzle. Both have three differences, the only change is that under '??' you
    can only start pointing out the differences once the original picture has
    Each time you play the changes are random, here is what to look out for:
    (when I say a person's right or left, it means from your perspective)
    * Smiley Face
    * Cheese's Ear(s)
    * Cheese's Mouth
    * Anpanman's Head Right Side
    * Anpanman's Head Left Side
    * Anpanman's Left Eye
    * Anpanman's Right Shoe
    * Anpanman's Bowtie
    * Anpanman's Belt
    * Anpanman's Cape
    * Anpanman's Left Shoulder
    * Baikinman's Tongue
    * Baikinman's Nose
    * Baikinman's Chest Button
    * Baikinman's Left Antenna
    * Baikinman's Belt
    * Baikinman's Eyes
    * Baikinman's Right Shoe
    * Blue Kabirunrun's Eyes
    * Kabirunrun's Mouths
    * Brown Kabirunrun's Antennas
    * Kabirunrun in the bottom left corner
    Jam Ojisan:
    * Jam Ojisan's Left Foot
    * Jam Ojisan's Right Hand
    * Jam Ojisan's Left Hair
    * Jam Ojisan's Pants
    * Jam Ojisan's Hat
    * Jam Ojisan's Right Sleeve
    * Jam Ojisan's Mouth
    * Cloud
    * Cheese's Tail
    * Cheese's Mouth
    * Cheese's Eyes
    * Cheese's Ears
    You may make up to three mistakes. Otherwise the game is over and you need to
    try again.
    This guide is available for and to anyone who wishes to use the information on
    their site or in their own guide. Remember this was posted on GameFAQs first if
    you want to copy and credit anything.

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