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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DBM11085

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                             Robocco Wars FAQ/Walkthrough
                                 For the NES/Famicom
                            Version 1.0 (Created 4/5/2006)
                                   By Devin Morgan
        This file is Copyright (c)2006-2007 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved.
    Table of Contents
    1. What's New
    2. Introduction
    3. Controls
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Items
    6. Copyright Notice
    7. Contact Information
    -=  1. What's New -=
    Version 1.0 (4/5/06): The first complete version.
    -=  2. Introduction -=
    Robocco Wars is a fairly simple platformer for the Famicom, featuring a robot 
    known as R-10 (and his human controller Lance). The actual purpose of the 
    game is unknown, but you must go through 10 stages defeating a total 
    onslaught of enemy robots. You take the form of a spaceship and a submarine, 
    as well as the regular land-dwelling robot form throughout the course of this 
    game. The gameplay is very simple with one button to jump, and the other to 
    shoot, and the stages are quite linear with minimal difficulty. For a short 
    and simple platformer, made by a licensee of Taito no less, feel free to give 
    this one a shot.
    -=  3. Controls -=
    Control Pad: Move character
    Start: Pause/resume game
    A: Jump, drop bombs (in spaceship), shoot upward (in submarine)
    B: Attack normally (hold for continuous fire)
    -=  4. Walkthrough  -=
    Stage 1 - Sweet Castle
    Starting off, head right while shooting the small robots that come your way. 
    When you jump to the upper ledge ahead, kill the robot there to get a Heart 
    Container, giving you 4 hearts total. Please note that the green robots you 
    encounter in this stage are the ones that will drop items, so make sure you 
    kill all of them especially. Continue ahead until you reach a platform moving 
    up and down in the air. At this point the path splits, and you can choose to 
    go up or continue to the right. Going up is the easier path that leads to the 
    mini-boss, but going right will be more beneficial to you overall.
    Going right, jump over the spikes and head into the second area. Wait for the 
    moving platform to return to the left, and ride it across the spike pit. 
    Defeat the robot on the platform above you and collect the Power item. Go out 
    the door to the right, then continue into the following area to reach a tank 
    mini-boss. It moves slowly, shooting at you every now and then; blast at it 
    and it will quickly be destroyed.
    Jump up to the higher ledge in the next area, and continue into the next 
    room. There, go right and you'll see that you can drop down to the lower area 
    (and fight that tank again) or ride the moving platform to the right. Take 
    the platform going right and continue moving in that direction while blasting 
    any robots in your way. A couple of them drop hearts, in case you took damage 
    up to this point. At the end, drop down and go right to the boss area.
    The boss here is a locomotive that starts off blue, but turns yellow and then 
    red as you attack it. It moves forward to the center of the room, then shoots 
    2 pellets in the air so they fall on your current location. The train will 
    then move back and shoot a couple more blasts before returning to its far-
    right position. Dodge the shots and return fire, causing the boss some 
    damage. Be careful because the train will now rev up before charging across 
    the room, and then moves back to the right. Jump to avoid getting hit here. 
    Avoid getting hit as you attack this boss, and the battle should be quick and 
    Stage 2 - Base No. 3310
    This horizontally-scrolling stage will give you control of a spaceship of 
    sorts. You can drop bombs below by pressing A, and fire straight ahead by 
    pressing/holding B. There will be a variety of flying enemies, usually 
    appearing in groups to attack, so take them out quickly and safely. On the 
    ledges below you'll see small domes that shoot fireballs upward; try and bomb 
    those quickly so you don't accidentally get hit as you pass.
    The smaller spaceship-like enemies will contain the items in this stage. The 
    first one will give you a regular Heart, and the second one will give you a 
    1-Up. When you reach the segment where white flags are in the air, you will 
    automatically enter the next area. There you will fight a chubby plane for a 
    mini-boss, which shoots high-heel shoes at you to attack. The plane moves in 
    a circle around the area, so avoid the shoes and constantly blast it. The 
    battle isn't that hard, so you should be just fine here.
    In the second area, fight through some more waves of enemies, making sure to 
    hit the single shuttles to get items. The items dropped here are 
    Invincibility, the Speed and Power items, and a Heart Container (giving you 5 
    total). After the Contra-esque landscape ends, you'll go ahead to the stage's 
    second mini-boss. The enemy is a blimp that stays on the right side of the 
    room while moving up and down, shooting several projectiles at a time in your 
    direction. Simply move up and down to avoid its shots, while you blast it 
    constantly with your own. It's much easier than Stage 1, so you should 
    definitely have no problem here, especially if you picked up that Power Item 
    In the third and final area, go right as the screen scrolls, blasting the 
    enemies that appear ahead of you. They will be shooting at you this time, so 
    pay attention and you will hopefully avoid taking hits. The two shuttles you 
    encounter here will drop Heart items, so try and destroy those if you need 
    the health. Be sure to also blast the domes on the ground since they can make 
    things annoying for you in the air. At the end, you will proceed to the main 
    boss of the level.
    The stage's boss is a giant prop plane which constantly fires at you with its 
    small guns. It moves up and down shooting at you, periodically moving towards 
    the middle area before retreating back to the right side. Every now and then, 
    it will send out a couple of smaller planes in an attempt to attack you, but 
    they are easy to avoid. The giant plane even shoots small missiles straight 
    ahead, but you can avoid those easily. Stay to the left and move up/down with 
    the boss, constantly barraging it with your blasts, until you win.
    Stage 3 - Nemonemo Tree
    In the first corridor of this area, go right and red vegetables will fall 
    from the ceiling to hit you. When they roll on the ground, jump to avoid 
    them, do NOT attack them since that's how you'll get hurt. Attack the green 
    robot enemies (this level's item-givers) to get a Heart and a Full-Health 
    Heart later on.
    In the second area, ride the moving platform over the gap to the other side. 
    You'll then have the option to take the upper or lower path to the right. 
    Taking the upper area will be shorter, giving you access to a green enemy 
    which drops a Power icon and then brings you right into the mini-boss room. 
    Take the bottom path though, and attack the first green robot ahead to get a 
    Heart Container (you'll have 6 hearts total now). Hop across a series of 
    platforms while avoiding the fireballs coming up (jump as they are falling to 
    avoid a surprise attack). At the end, go past the waterfall and kill the 
    green robot beyond the frog enemy to get a Power icon.
    The third room, regardless of the path you took, will be the mini-boss 
    segment. It is a green shell-covered motorcycle of sorts that simply moves 
    back and forth on the ground, periodically jumping over you. Simply jump over 
    it when it passes and blast at it whenever possible. After the short fight, 
    you'll go into the next section of the stage.
    Over here, drop down the waterfall, moving to the sides to avoid the fish 
    swimming upstream. At the bottom, you can either continue down the falls to a 
    lower area, or simply continue right. If you go right, you have to fight the 
    motorcycle mini-boss again, and only receive a Heart from the green robot 
    nearby. However, if you continue down the waterfall to a lower area and go 
    right, you can get a 1-Up from another green robot. Continue right to a car 
    boss, which is the last one of the stage.
    For the car boss, it stays to the right while tossing a bunch of tires at you 
    (shoot at them, they'll disappear). After shooting 4 tires at you, its hood 
    will open and shoot out 3 beams. Stay to the far left and shoot at the 
    exposed engine, all while jumping to avoid the blue beams. After the beams 
    are done, move left and jump to avoid getting rammed when the car charges at 
    you briefly. It will then move to the middle area or the far right and the 
    pattern repeats. After the hood is open, you can even jump and shoot at it; a 
    few hits will break it off permanently so the engine stays vulnerable. It can 
    take a while, but if you get the timing right and are quick enough to shoot 
    away the tires, you'll be okay.
    Stage 4 - Selena Island
    For this stage, you take control of a submarine version of your character. 
    You can shoot upward at enemies in the air by pressing A, or directly in 
    front of you with B. The screen scrolls right, so move around and blast at 
    the enemies as they approach. For most of the enemies in the air above, they 
    will fall or drop something on you as you pass under, so be quick to move out 
    of the way! The white marine robots will be the item-droppers, so be sure to 
    shoot them as well. The first one has a regular Heart, and the second one 
    will have a Speed item. The third one further ahead will give you a Heart 
    Container (7 total). When you reach the barricades, 5 shots to the square 
    white enemies will clear the way.
    When you reach the end of the first area, you will enter into a mini-boss 
    lair. It is a round fish-like enemy that moves around the area, emitting 
    small shots in four directions (can be diagonal or cardinal). It moves fairly 
    slowly and sporadically shoots at you, so it shouldn't be a problem at all to 
    kill it quickly.
    After you beat the mini-boss, you'll be in the next area. Fight your way 
    through more of the same enemies you saw before, shooting down the white 
    submarines to get a Power boost and a Full-Health Heart, which will be well-
    earned by now probably. Further ahead the vertical space between the floor 
    and ceiling will be somewhat cramped, so be careful when triggering the 
    spikes from above so you don't get hit. Get a 1-Up and a Speed item from the 
    white submarines you encounter, and continue onward to the stage's boss.
    The boss you face here is a large jellyfish-like creature. It shoots a bunch 
    of sea urchins from its head, which move in your direction, so move fast to 
    avoid them. Its head is invulnerable to attack, so you may have to attack 
    from below by pressing the A button, or aiming lower from the sides. All you 
    really need to do is avoid the urchins and attack when possible, and that's 
    all there is to it.
    Stage 5 - Rainbow Sirup
    In this stage, head to the right as your normal robot self, blasting the 
    enemies you come across. As usual, the green robots are the ones that drop 
    items, and the ones in this area will give you a 1-Up and a regular Heart. Up 
    ahead you'll encounter a bunch of platforms that crumble after you land on 
    them. Quickly hop across them all and beat the last green robot to get the 
    Power upgrade, then continue into the mini-boss room up ahead.
    The mini-boss you'll face here is a purple box-like creature. It simply moves 
    back and forth on the ground, stopping every few moments to send a couple 
    balls bouncing in your direction. These can be annoying to avoid, but if you 
    can resist the temptation to jump over them, it shouldn't be too hard. Keep 
    your distance from this robot and shoot at it when you have a chance, and the 
    fight will be over in short order.
    Heading into the third section, go right and hop across another series of 
    gaps, from which fireballs and spears shoot out from below. Watch out and 
    jump when the coast is clear, making sure to get the Heart Container (you 
    should have 8 hearts total with it, which is the maximum, but if you get a 
    game over you continue with just 3), a Full-Health Heart, and another Power 
    item from the green robots you come across. When you reach the last high 
    platform, get a running start and jump to the right, landing on the low ledge 
    below. In the room ahead you will face that purple mini-boss yet again, so 
    defeat it the same way you did before to progress.
    In the next area, pay attention since there are more fireballs and spears to 
    avoid as you jump over the pits. The green robot in this area will drop a 
    regular Heart, so you're not missing a whole lot if you don't kill it (unless 
    you need the health). At the end of this short area, you'll meet up with the 
    stage's boss.
    There will be a giant motorcycle robot you have to face off against here in 
    this level. It first shoots 4 projectiles in the air, which are aimed to land 
    on you, so move around to dodge them. After that, it'll send 4 small enemies 
    from its front compartment to dash at you (you can shoot at and kill these, 
    fortunately). After this, the large bike will charge at you; avoid this by 
    going all the way left and jumping when it approaches. You have to be able to 
    attack somewhere in here, so the best chance you'll have is when it shoots 
    the four green enemies on the ground (jump to attack). It may take a while, 
    but this battle really isn't that bad if you're patient enough.
    Stage 6 - Starlight Smile
    In this stage, you are flying in the spaceship for the second time. The 
    enemies will come at you in groups, but they are easy to kill and won't 
    present too much of a challenge. The slow-moving spaceships are the ones that 
    drop items, so be sure to shoot them down if anything. The first one will 
    give you Invincibility, which is useful for racking up points and clearing up 
    a couple waves quickly.
    Keep blasting the enemies as they come at you, and destroy the item 
    spaceships to get the Power and Speed items they contain. Not too far ahead 
    will be the second area. The mini-boss here is a floating orb with a mouth, 
    which moves up and down while shooting multiple projectiles at you. Move up 
    and down to avoid its shots, and return fire yourself to win this easy fight.
    In the third section, you'll be faced with a slow but steady onslaught of 
    enemies coming at you from ahead. They'll be easy to kill off, so there's no 
    need to stress at this point. Towards the end, an item spaceship will yield a 
    Full-Health Heart if you destroy it. When you reach the castle backdrop, you 
    will be at the end of the area, and will continue onward to a boss battle.
    You will face off against a giant jet in this somewhat more difficult boss 
    battle. It will move up and down, periodically stopping to shoot either a 
    small laser or a taller energy blast in your direction. Other than that, the 
    jet has no surprise moves, so keep shooting at it while avoiding its two 
    alternating shots. After you hit it enough times, it will explode in defeat 
    and the stage will end.
    Stage 7 - Mysterious Dream
    In this first area, go right while defeating the enemies you encounter. The 
    snails will be the item-holders, and from them you can receive a Heart and a 
    1-Up. Hop onto the moving platforms to bridge a couple of the gaps, and keep 
    going right until you reach the next area inside the ship. You will face a 
    mini-boss here, in the form of a robot that shoots a couple pellets at you 
    before hopping halfway across the room and repeating it. Shoot at it and jump 
    when it approaches you; hopefully you go high enough to avoid taking damage. 
    It's a really simple fight though, and it won't take long before it's over.
    In the next area, drop down into the caverns below. Go left and ride the 
    platform upward, then continue to the left while jumping from ledge to ledge. 
    Avoid the fireballs that come up from the pits, and kill the flying enemies 
    as well. At the end, watch out for the spears being thrown from the wall and 
    kill the snail to get a Full-Health Heart. Then, drop down to the following 
    room. You'll have to fight that robot mini-boss for a second time, so do that 
    After you beat the second mini-boss, you'll be in another cave. Go right 
    while avoiding the fireballs that drop from above and rise from the floors. 
    Shoot and destroy the various robots you encounter on the way as well. At the 
    very end, go outside through the exit doorway. Out in the ice, you'll have to 
    be extremely careful since you can EASILY slip off the edges to your doom. Go 
    left and jump across the many ledges you encounter. Towards the end of the 
    area though, wait for the moving platform to come to the right side before 
    jumping into the large pit. Ride the platform to the left, then continue 
    onward, defeating snowmen enemies along the way.
    At the end of the area, go into the next room and you'll face a 2-part boss 
    battle. The first part, which is the head of the train, dashes back and forth 
    quickly before stopping to shoot at you once. The only time the head is 
    vulnerable is when the nose opens up to shoot at you. So, take advantage of 
    that and shoot at it before/after jumping to avoid the projectile. After 
    enough shots, the head will be destroyed and the main body will roll out. It 
    is impervious to attack normally, but it will open a compartment above and/or 
    below itself to shoot missiles at you. Those panels are your targets for 
    causing damage to the boss, so hit them when you can. After you cause enough 
    damage, the body will be destroyed and you will have won the fight.
    Stage 8 - Silence Portrait
    In this underwater stage, you are given much less moving room, since there 
    are quite a few walls to maneuver around so you don't get crushed by the 
    scrolling screen. There will be few enemies coming at you in groups, but you 
    shouldn't have any trouble clearing them up. The white submarines will drop 
    the items; you can get 2 Hearts and a Speed item from the ones in this 
    section. All you have to do is keep going right while defeating the enemies 
    and moving through the sometimes narrow passages until you reach the next 
    Here, you will have to face a submarine mini-boss which shoots a spray shot 
    at you while moving up and down on the right side of the room. The best way 
    to deal with this is to stay below it and use your A button attack to fire 
    torpedoes upward. That way you're out of range of its spray shot and will be 
    less likely to die here. After the fight, you'll go on to the third section.
    Over here, you'll have more enemies to fight, and structures to maneuver 
    around. The white submarine you first encounter will drop a Heart Container 
    if you need it. Further ahead, you'll be able to get a 1-Up from another 
    submarine enemy. Fight your way through several waves of blue swimming 
    enemies that shoot at you, then when you reach the green background area, 
    you'll continue onward to the boss fight.
    This stage's boss is a strange orb with a star hat in the background, which 
    has a larger spray shot used to attack you. This is actually going to be a 
    difficult fight since the boss constantly bombards you with spray shots, 
    which will be hard to avoid since they require a lot of concentration. Its 
    only weak point is its mouth, so aim for that whenever you have a chance.
    After so many hits, the head will turn yellow and the attack pattern will 
    change. The boss will shoot out a bunch of stars which will form a ring 
    before being sent in your direction. Wait until they are about to charge at 
    you to move, to effectively dodge the attack. The mouth is still the weak 
    point, so keep shooting it when you can. After you manage to damage it enough 
    in this form, the boss will be finally defeated.
    Stage 9 - Invincible Fortress
    In this stage, you have control of the spaceship yet again. It's a good 
    change of pace from the previous stage, and it's a bit easier as well. Shoot 
    down the waves of flying enemies as they appear on the screen. The item-
    carrying ships only have Hearts and another Speed item, nothing too major. 
    Don't fly too low though, since there are towers (one of them has a gun 
    shooting at you) and you can get stuck with the scrolling screen if you don't 
    move quick enough.
    In the area ahead, the mini-boss is a flying robot that shoots a couple shots 
    at you while moving up and down. It's a really simple fight, so all you have 
    to do is dodge the few shots and return fire to defeat it. Continuing into 
    the third segment of the stage, you'll have many more gun turrets atop the 
    buildings to deal with, so try and take them out quickly without getting hit 
    yourself. There are also various flying enemies in the air, so you'll have to 
    be careful not to take too many hits here. The item spaceships will have a 
    Power item and a 1-Up for you, as well as a Heart Container should you need 
    Keep going to the right and you'll end up in the fourth area. There, you'll 
    face a blue flying transport which moves very quickly around the room while 
    shooting at you randomly. The hardest part here will be actually hitting it 
    since the mini-boss moves so fast. After several successful hits of your own, 
    it will go down, though.
    In the next area, you'll get to deal with several more gun turrets as you 
    approach a narrow corridor. As you pass through the narrow section, you'll 
    see several fireball-shooters in the ceiling, which you can't do anything 
    about. Try to get past them without taking damage, and you'll be in the stage 
    boss's lair. You get to fight a rather intimidating flying boss, which is 
    full of weapons to hurt you with.
    It has several panels along its lower area, which will shoot missiles at you. 
    The front section is a mouth that will periodically open up, shooting a 
    stream of fire straight ahead. Additionally, there is a clenched fist hanging 
    in front of the top wing, which will extend out to punch you; this is more 
    difficult to avoid, but is possible if you're quick enough. If you can 
    survive the attacks while returning enough fire back to it, you'll be able to 
    win here.
    Final Stage - Square Magic
    This is the final stage of the game, so as you can expect it will likely be a 
    pain in the neck to complete. You'll see the sign marked "Cube Castle" as you 
    enter, so head right. As you go in, you'll notice there are four differently 
    colored backgrounds (red, yellow, blue, green) and colored arrows on walls 
    pointing in certain directions. If you follow a particular color of wall 
    arrows through the castle, you'll eventually come to an opening where you'll 
    enter a mini-boss fight against a fairly simple robot. Defeat it and you'll 
    get either a Heart Container, Full-Health Heart, Power item, or a 1-Up.
    As you may guess, since there are four colors, there will be that many rooms 
    to find and as such, four mini-bosses to kill. Once you do all that, you'll 
    have to follow the green wall arrows to reach your next destination. By 
    following the green ones, you'll eventually reach an open-air room where a 
    red orb in the air will turn into a box as you approach it. If you get here, 
    then you've reached your goal. Jump towards the red box to enter a boss 
    battle against a red car-like robot.
    This boss will hover over the center block while shooting out drills from 
    both sides, which will fall straight down and are very hard to avoid. The 
    best way to dodge this is to stand on the block directly below him. After 8 
    sets of those drills drop, move before the boss falls on you. At this point, 
    the car will race back and forth on the ground surfaces with great speed. 
    Your best bet there is to jump when it comes to your side, while shooting at 
    it if you can.
    It will take a while to kill this boss, but if you're patient and manage to 
    not take much if any damage (you'll be very lucky to do that), you will win. 
    Following the battle, enjoy the ending and congratulations on beating the 
    -=  5. Items  -=
    1-Up: Appears as a spaceship icon. Gives you an extra life.
    Full-Health Heart: Appears as a flashing heart icon in a circle. Fully
                       restores all your hearts.
    Heart: Recovers one of your missing hearts.
    Heart Container: Appears as a white heart icon in a circle. Adds a new heart
                     to your health bar.
    Invincibility: Appears as a star icon. Makes you invisible to enemy attacks
                   for several moments.
    Power Item: Appears as a P icon. Doubles your attacking power.
    Speed Item: Appears as an S icon. Doubles your movement speed.
    -=  6. Copyright Notice -=
    This file is Copyright (c)2006-2007 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved. Please 
    view the following URL to see the list of sites that are allowed to post my 
    This list is comprised of sites I know and trust well. If your site is not on 
    the aforementioned list, you are currently not allowed to post any of my 
    files on your site. If you wish to acquire permission, feel free to email me 
    (see the section below); permission may or may not granted at my discretion. 
    Please respect my work and do not steal it or post it without my permission. 
    I only want my most recent work to be available and I do not feel that can be 
    achieved if others take from me without my knowledge or permission.
    If you are writing a FAQ for this game as well, and would like to use some 
    information, contact me and we'll talk. Please do not rip me off, as that is 
    blatant plagiarism and such will not be tolerated.
    -=  7. Contact Information  -=
    As of this version, the file contains all the information I know to date. If 
    it is a work in progress, give me time before bombarding me with emails about 
    things being missing. All I ask is that you READ THE FAQ before emailing me, 
    since that's what it's here for! Don't waste my time (and yours) by asking me 
    for information obviously covered in the guide. If it's in reference to a 
    side quest or item, chances are they can be found in another section besides 
    the walkthrough, so check the appendices as well.
    If you have any questions, comments, or things to add that are not already in 
    this FAQ, feel free to email me. I usually do post submissions, credit given 
    of course, so long as I feel they are relevant to the game in question. My 
    email address is: dbmfaqs(at)gmail.com. Thanks for reading, and be sure to 
    check out the rest of my work at this URL:
    =- End of File -=

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