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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CMori

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/28/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dai 2 Ji Super Robot Taisen (Super Robot Wars II) Walkthrough
    Version 1.1 - 05/28/2002
    by Carlos Satoshi Mori (csmori@hotmail.com)
       This is my walkthrough for the Famicom (FC) version of Dai 2 Ji Super
    Robot Taisen, or Super Robot Wars II. I'm writing this because, well, I felt
    like it, and I thought players might enjoy knowing its storyline, since it
    had several successful sequels on a number of platforms.
       Because this is a pretty traditional simulation game, I have decided not
    to take too much time explaining the basics of this kind of game; I believe
    most players already know how to play it, or won't have much trouble figuring
    it out, so I will only cover less obvious aspects (well, at least aspects I
    think are not so obvious) of the game.
       But, first of all, I should tell you this FAQ is a succession of spoilers;
    as a matter of fact, it's one single, huge spoiler. I give up the storyline,
    as most of this FAQ's intended readers can't understand japanese. So, if you
    don't want to know what happens before it happens, don't read this.
    LEGAL STUFF (a.k.a. Disclaimer)----------------------------------------------
       (Let's keep it short) This document copyright 2002 Carlos Mori. No one is
    allowed to change this document, in any way, without my express permission.
    No one is allowed to sell this document, nor use it as a gift or a promotio-
    nal tool of any kind.
       As of this version (1.1), the only website allowed to publish this file is
    GameFAQs - its publishing is forbidden for any other sites. Similarly, this
    document can not be reproduced, even partially, in any other kind of media,
    including magazines or guides.
       Copyrights and trademarks of this game, its characters and the television
    shows it refers to are property of their respective owners.
    TABLE OF CONTENTS------------------------------------------------------------
     I   - Prologue
     II  - Gameplay Details
              1 - Basic Controls
              2 - Commands
              3 - Items
              4 - Seishins
     III - Walkthrough
     IV  - Help Needed
     V   - Contact Information 
     VI  - Version History
     VII - Credits
       There once was a scientist with a superhuman intellect and extraordinary
       According to his unmatched brain, the destruction of mankind was drawing
    near: a monstruous power from space. It seemed to him like humans would not
    be able to stand against it. So, he built one huge robot in order to draw the
    power necessary to defend the Earth. This robot's name is Valcion; the
    ultimate robot, boasting immense power.
       Until here the story is relatively nice. But the scientist, Bian Zoldark,
    felt insecure. He thought if all mankind wasn't united, if all their efforts
    weren't concentrated, they would not be able to defend themselves against the
    space invasion.
       To prevent this thought from coming true, he formed a secret society, the
    Divine Crusaders (DC) and steadily built reserves for it. To unite the world
    by force; in other words, to conquer the world...
       DC's mobilization was quick. Unexpectedly, Super Robot pilots fell, one by
    one, into DC's hands. With more and more Super Robots joining them and the
    threatening power of the Valcion, it seemed like it was just a matter of time
    before all the world fell under DC's control.
       However, even if DC conquered the entire world, there would be people that
    continued to oppose their rule. Miraculously, three Super Robots escaped from
    DC's hands: Gundam, Mazinger Z and Getter Robo; they and their pilots stand
    against DC with all their hearts.
       And now begins the world-silencing Second Super Robot War.
    GAMEPLAY DETAILS-------------------------------------------------------------
    1 - Basic Controls
    Directional Pad - Move cursor/choose items or units
    A Button        - Chooses items or commands/scroll messages
    B Button        - Cancel
                    - Speed up Cursor (hold B and move the cursor around)
    Select Button   - Switch between targets on your attacks
    Start Button    - Start Game
    2 - Commands
       These are the general commands of the game. You can access the General
    Commands Menu by placing the cursor in an empty square and pressing the A
    ターンおわり  (End Turn)   Finishes the Player Phase and starts the Enemy
    ぶたいひょう  (Team List)  Lists all your units.
    アイテム      (Item)       Chooses an available item for use
    セーブ        (Save)       Save the game to continue later (through the
                               'continue' option in the Start Screen
    アニメ        (Animation)  Switches Transformation animations on and off.
    もくてき      (Goal)       Lists the requirements to clear or lose
                               the scenario.
       Next, the Unit Commands. You can access the Unit Commands Menu by placing
    the cursor over one of your units and pressing the A button. Notice not all
    commands are available for all units or at all times.
    いどう        (Move)       Moves the unit around.
    じょうたい    (Condition)  Takes you to the Unit Status screen.
    こうげき      (Attack)     Attack an enemy, if there's any enemy in range.
    せいしん      (Seishin)    Use a seishin. Available only if there's any
                               seishin this unit can use at the moment.
    へんけい      (Transform)  Transforms the unit into its other mode(s).
    せっとく       (Persuade)   Talk to an enemy unit standing next to you,
                               causing varied effects. Only available in very
                               particular situations (I'll describe them in the
    はっしん      (Launch)     Battleships only. Launches out an unit stationed
                               inside the battleship.
    3 - Items
       In this game, you can shop at given points; to enter a shop, place any of
    your units at certain points of the map (I will indicate where are the shops
    in the walkthrough). When an item is used, it's gone for good, so think well
    before using them - they cost a lot. These are the items available:
    ゆうきのしるし   (Sign of Courage)       $4000  Heals 100 HP of who uses it.
    とっくんのもと    (Special Training Book) $5000  Gives 1 to 255 experience
                                                    points to whoever uses it.
    ちょうごうきんZ (Super Alloy Z)         $3000  A very hard alloy created
                                                    from a metal called Japanium;
                                                    Increases Defense by 1 point.
    チョバムアーマー (Chobham Armor)         $2000  Also called Composite Armor.
                                                    Increases HP by 5 points.
    マグネットコーティング (Magnet Coating)  $4000  Improves a robot's reaction
                                                    speed via magnetism.
                                                    Increases Speed by 1 point.
    ひっちゅうのねらい (Certain Hit Aiming)  $1000  Rises a unit's attack hit
                                                    rate by 10%.
    せいぎのこころ   (Heart of Justice)      $5000  Heals a pilot's SP by 20.
    4 - Seishins
       Seishins are spells your pilots can use, just like magics on other games,
    and that are learned when the pilot reaches a certain level. Each pilot can
    have up to six seishins.
       Not every seishin a pilot has is visible at any moment; healing seishins
    are only available if your unit isn't at full HP, for example. Also, if you
    don't have enough SP (seishin points) to use a seishin, it won't appear on
    the seishin list.
       These are the seishins available (the number near the name is the amount
    of SP necessary to use them):
    かそく     (Kasoku/Acceleration)   10  Mobility + 3 for your next move
    はやて     (Hayate/Speeding)       50  Mobility + 5 for your next move
    こんじょう (Konjou/Will-power)     30  Heals 50 points of your own HP
    そごぢから (Sokodikara/Potential)  60  Heals completely your own HP
    しんらい   (Shinrai/Trust)         30  Heals 50 HP of one chosen unit
    きずな     (Kizuna/Bonding)        70  Heals a chosen unit completely
    ゆうじょう (Yuujou/Friendship)     50  Heals 50 HP of all your units
    いのり     (Inori/Prayer)         100  Heals 100 HP of all your units
    あい       (Ai/Love)              150  Heals all your units completely
    ちょっかん (Chokkan/Intuition)     10  Increases you own Hit Rate by 10%
    がまん     (Gaman/Endurance)       20  Decreases suffered damage by half on
                                           the next enemy attack
    ひっさつ   (Hissatsu/Certain Kill) 40  100% hit rate for the next attack
    ひらめき   (Hirameki/Flash)        50  100% evade rate for the next attack
    きあい     (Ki'Ai/Focus)           40  The next attack inflicts double damage
    ねっけつ   (Nekketsu/Hot Blood)    80  The next attack inflicts triple damage
    めくらまし (Mekuramashi/Blinding) 100  Reduces all enemies' hit rates by half
    いかり     (Ikari/Anger)          100  Damages all enemies by 10 to 100 HP
    げきど     (Gekido/Rage)          150  Damages all enemies by 10 to 255 HP
    テレポート (Teleport)             150  Transports a chosen unit to any place
       Usually, battle-oriented pilots have seishins that help them inflict more
    damage or escape enemy attacks, while pilots of healing-oriented units have
    more healing seishins.
       Whenever an NPC or enemy unit is piloted by an "important" pilot (that is,
    someone that is not just a regular soldier or an AI system), I'll mention the
    pilot's name between square brackets [].
    Scenario 1 - "Rescue!! Z Gundam"
    16x20, Surface
    Goal: Destroy all enemies
    Player Units: 6
    Initial Enemy Formation: Zen II Lv04 x01
                             Zssa Lv03 x01
                             Zaku Lv03 x03
                             Zaku Lv02 x03
                             Zaku Lv01 x03
                             Dabras M2 Lv01 x01
                             Garada K7 Lv01 x01
    Events: none
       First of all, Bright wants to gather more battle power, so the idea is to
    rescue Camille and his Z Gundam, captured in the city of Belfast. When asked,
    he says the forces in the city aren't significant, so you should be able to
    deal with them with your current resources.
       When your units are already out, Bright says, according to the information
    he got, the enemies are short-handed, so the idea is to destroy them all and
    only then go in the city to rescue Zeta. As Kouji wants to thrash all enemies
    Sayaka tells him not to do anything stupid: if his HP gets low, he should let
    her repair it. Bright extends this warning to everyone else, and reminds them
    they can also board the White Base for repairs.
       The enemies shouldn't give you any trouble; just be careful when reaching
    the city: the Zssa can make long-range attacks, and if too many enemies hit
    you at the same time, they might somehow end up killing you.
       After the battle, Camille thanks you for setting him free, and Amuro says
    it was quite stupid of Camille to be caught; Camille admits he was negligent,
    but the fact is the enemies' power exceeded his expectations - especially one
    particularly powerful blue robot he has no idea how to beat. Bright's worried
    the enemy has robots they still don't know, and thinks some prudence will be
    necessary. Jack mentions that, by the way, there's no point in sitting there
    - they should move on fast.
       As you wasted resources at this battle, you will have to reach some nearby
    base for supplies; the nearest base is in Madrid, and Sayaka believes someone
    else is there too. Ryou remembers Michiru should be there, and intends to ask
    her some help if they can talk to her.
       So, a communication channel with Michiru is open (for Musashi's joy), and
    she tells you DC has not attacked Madrid yet; also, she'll get supplies ready
    for you to pick up. Jack goes ahead of you to thank her, against Musashi's
    Scenario 2 - "Trick City"
    32x15, Surface
    Goal: Destroy all enemies
    Player Units: 7
    Initial Enemy Formation: Marasai [Jerid] Lv09
                             Marasai [Kacricon] Lv07
                             Getter Q [Michiru] Lv05
                             Arsos Lv05 x01
                             Bado Lv04 x01
                             Gouf Lv04 x02
                             Zaku Lv04 x03
                             Zaku Lv03 x03
    Enemy Reinforcements: Gouf [Ranba Ral] Lv10
                          Zaku [Akorth] Lv04
                          Zaku [Gozun] Lv03
    Events: Turn 3, Enemy Phase - Texas Mack appears
            Turn 6, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements arrive
       As you approach Madrid, Bright wants everyone on standby. A familiar robot
    comes your way: Michiru's Getter Q. She immediately tells you not to come any
    closer, for reasons she can't explain right now: all you need to know is it's
    a trap.
       There are indeed several DCs hidden just behind the mountains; they're led
    by Jerid, who obtained Michiru's cooperation by threatening several prisoners
    - now, Jerid wants her to attack you (he is not in the mood for fighting), or
    else the prisoners get it.
       Michiru is left no choice; the Getter Q is your enemy here, and you can do
    nothing to change it. However, on Turn 3, Jack pops up, saying he's saved the
    citizens; once Michiru hears this, she moves back to your side (as a NPC), so
    Jerid is forced to come to battle.
       On Turn 6, enemy reinforcements come, led by Ranba Ral, who sees your team
    as something Jerid can't deal with. Ranba Ral is strong, but not invincible -
    the really tough enemy here is Jerid.
       After the battle, Michiru says she is sorry for her betrayal, but everyone
    on your group says they would do the same thing in that situation. Also, they
    call Michiru to join the party, but she refuses, as she doesn't want to leave
    the city unprotected; Jack says he'll stay here too to help her - his help is
    no longer that necessary since Z Gundam joined you.
    Scenario 3 - "Supremacy over Dakar"
    16x24, Surface
    Goal: Destroy all enemies
    Player Units: 6
    Initial Enemy Formation: Zaku (Char Custom Type) [Char] Lv13
                             Elmeth [Lalah] Lv10
                             Bado Lv06 x02
                             Hi-Gogg Lv06 x03
                             Zssa Lv05 x04
                             Zaku Lv05 x03
                             Toros D7 Lv04 x01
    Enemy Reinforcements: Dom [Gaia] Lv14
                          Dom [Ortega] Lv13
                          Dom [Mash] Lv13
    Events: Turn 4, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements arrive
                                  F-91 appears
       Bright thinks of going to Africa - Dakar, more specifically - to weaken DC
    at least a little, while Kouji still believes he can breeze through any enemy
    and Sayaka is getting tired of his bragging.
       Once you're out, Amuro has a strange feeling, like a voice is calling him;
    on the DC side, Lalah feels the same. Musashi says he isn't hearing anything
    special, and Hayato says his lack of perception is hopeless.
       On Turn 4, the Black Trinary (Gaia, Ortega and Mash) arrives, but Seabook
    and his F-91 arrive right after to save the day. Amuro asks how could Seabook
    get here, as he had been captured, but Seabook wants to leave the talking for
       Amuro can persuade Lalah, in which case they both wonder how do they know
    each other's name, even though they never met before; in due time, he manages
    to convince her to join you, to Char's dismay.
       After the fight, Seabook tells not even he knows very well how he escaped:
    his captors suffered an attack, and he seized the opportunity to escape jail.
    That's pretty weird: other than you, there shouldn't be any force with enough
    power to attack DC; anyway, you might be able to take advantage of that. Now,
    the enemy may be preparing a counterattack, so it's good to get ready...
    Scenario 4 - "Strike Back"
    26x23, Surface
    Goal: Destroy all enemies
    Player Units: 8 (including Lalah)
    Initial Enemy Formation: Dom [Gaia] Lv13
                             Dom [Ortega] Lv13
                             Dom [Mash] Lv13
                             Marasai [Jerid] Lv08
                             Marasai [Kacricon] Lv08
                             Zakrello Lv11 x01
                             Z'gok E Lv09 x03
                             Bado Lv09 x02
                             Gaza C (MS) Lv08 x04
    Enemy Reinforcements: Zakrello Lv10 x01
    Events: Turn 5, Player Phase - Enemy Reinforcements arrive
       As expected, the enemy puts up a counterattack; fortunately, you are ready
    to deal with it. The enemies are Jerid, Kacricon and the Black Trinary, each
    more eager to defeat you than the next.
       None of these enemies is as hard as they used to be, but the Zakrello can
    recover their friends' HP, so it'd be better to deal with them first. On Turn
    5, another Zakrello appears, but by now you should have defeated a fair share
    of enemies, so the Zakrello isn't so important.
       After the battle, an apparently friendly transmission comes. It comes from
    a ship called Argama; the woman there, Fa Yuiri, tells you their Kilimanjaro
    base is under attack, and asks for your help. Turns out Camille already knows
    Fa - more reason for you to help. Fa informs the only defense the base has is
    an iron wall, which should still hold up a little longer.
       Bright says the Kilimanjaro base is their greatest base, and it can't fall
    without help. Fa thanks you for your assistance, and says Captain Henken has
    entrusted you the Argama - it's much more efficient than the White Base, and
    you're sure to make good use of it.
       Kouji is eager to go to the Kilimanjaro, but Sayaka says she won't go with
    you; she believes her Aphrodi A won't be able to keep up with the rest of the
    team. Besides, Dakar still isn't safe, so she will stand there for at least a
    little longer. Fa says she'll fight to cover for Sayaka; her MS, the Methuss,
    has repairing skills like the Aphrodi A. Now, to the Kilimanjaro.
    Scenario 5 - "Desert of Treachery"
    32x15, Surface
    Goal: Destroy all enemies
    Player Units: 8
    Initial Enemy Formation: Big Zam [Dozul] Lv21
                             Marasai Lv13 x03
                             Toros D7 Lv12 x03
                             Zssa Lv11 x03
                             Bado Lv10 x05
    NPC Units: Psycho Gundam (MS) [Four] Lv26
    Item Shop: (10,9) - Super Alloy Z ($3000)
                        Magnet Coating ($4000)
                        Certain Hit Aiming ($1000)
                        Heart of Justice ($5000)
    Events: Turn 3, Player Phase - Four attacks Dozul
                                   Ashura appears, takes Four and Dozul away
       Fa detects some movement, but can't tell for sure whether they are enemies
    or not - there are too many Minovsky particles around. Bright orders everyone
    on standby, and opens a communication channel. The unit outside is piloted by
    one Four Murasame, who claims to have deserted DC.
       Ryou doesn't know whether they should believe her, and Hayato thinks she's
    a spy, but Camille has a feeling she can be trusted. In doubt, Bright decides
    to let her in anyway - there will be time to adopt contermeasures if anything
    goes wrong. Camille and Four hit it off from the start, upsetting Fa a little
    bit, but enemy units approach before she has time to express it better.
       The enemies are led by Dozul, who was chasing Four - and didn't expect to
    find you here. He orders his men to destroy Four's Psycho Gundam anyway. Upon
    seeing Dozul's mobile armor, Four warns Camille the Big Zam is very powerful.
    Notice the city on (10,9) holds a shop, where you can buy items.
       Four doesn't do anything until Turn 3, when she decides to fight to defend
    Camille. She attacks Dozul, and, right after that, Ashura shows up, capturing
    Four and taking her and Dozul away.
       After the battle, Camille regrets not being able to protect Four.
    Scenario 6 - "Destroy the Enemy Fortress"
    24x24, Surface
    Goal: Infiltrate the Enemy Fortress
    Player Units: 8
    Initial Enemy Formation: Mecha Kochou Ki [Kochou] Lv16
                             Fixed Cannon Lv13 x05
                             Fixed Cannon Lv12 x05
                             Dom Lv12 x03
                             Marasai Lv11 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements (1): Asshimar (MA) [Bran] Lv16
    Enemy Reinforcements (2): Dom [Gaia] Lv16
                              Dom Lv13 x03
    NPC Units: Psybuster [Masaki] Lv??
    Events: Turn 2, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
            Turn 6, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (2) arrive
            Turn 7, Enemy Phase - Masaki appears, attacks enemy fortress
            Turn 8, Player Phase - Masaki leaves
       At the Kilimanjaro, you finally meet with Captain Henken, who was thinking
    his forces alone couldn't possibly win. According to him, the enemy has built
    a fortress very close to his own base, and they are being bombarded by their
    cannons. He, then, asks you to destroy their base, and Bright promises you'll
    do your best.
       The enemy base is just as big as the Kilimanjaro Base, and Bright alerts
    everyone that its weapons have quite a long range, so don't get too close for
    nothing. On the enemy side, a woman named Kochou recognizes the famed Getter
    Robo, but doesn't seem very impressed.
       During the battle, Kochou focuses on Getter Robo; Ryou can convince Kochou
    by telling her she's not that kind of person, but she refuses to listen; only
    when her HP is less than 30% of its total you can really talk to her; by then
    she already acknowledged her defeat and asks for Ryou to deal the final blow;
    he hesitates, and she asks why - after all, it's only natural for the strong
    to defeat the weak. Ryou asks her why is she so concerned about fighting, and
    why can't they be friends; she answers one only survives on DC by being cold;
    he suggests she could leave DC and join their side - after all, without her
    fighting-only spirit she is no longer Kochou Ki ('Ki' means 'devil'), but the
    beautiful Kochou. She thanks him, and joins your party.
       On Turn 2, Bran appears, saying this is a good opportunity to test his new
    machine, the Asshimar; for starters, he already likes its high mobility. On
    Turn 6, Gaia appears, wishing to avenge the defeats of Ortega and Mash.
       However, on Turn 7 a strange new robot appears, and his pilot berates you
    for not being able to deal with these enemies; he says if you can't take down
    such a lousy fortress you will never defeat DC. Kouji wonders whether he's a
    DC, but he says he just came to give you a little hand.
       He approaches the fortress, and tells you to duck if you don't want to get
    hurt; he then launches an attack that wipes out almost all cannons in a split
    second. After that, he enters the fortress and calls you in, leaving your men
    unsure about whether he is a friend or not; then again, he did leave the door
    open for you to enter, and you can discuss it later.
       Once you enter the fortress or destroy all enemies, the goal inside is to
    destroy the fortress power central.
    Scenario 7 - "Duel!! Rain X1"
    20x20, Base
    Goal: Destroy Rain X1
    Player Units: 8
    Initial Enemy Formation: Rain X1 [Lorelai] Lv21
                             Genova M9 Lv15 x03
                             Zai Lv14 x02
                             Marasai Lv14 x03
                             Zssa Lv14 x02
                             Gaza C (MS) Lv14 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements (1): Bado Lv16 x05
    Enemy Reinforcements (2): Zen II Lv18 x01
                              GiruGiru Lv16 x05
    Events: Turn 6, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
            Turn 8, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (2) arrive
       Inside the base, everything is messed up, presumably by the same pilot you
    met before. Anyway, Amuro urges you to destroy the fortress power central as
       The pilot who destroyed the cannons is also inside, unhappy someone called
    Shuu just escaped him. Fa asks his name, and he introduces himself as Masaki
    Andou; his robot is called Psybuster. Kouji never heard of this name - Masaki
    tells you to forget it, as this isn't the place to talk about it. He says he
    has someone to catch, and leaves.
       More enemies appear at Turns 6 and 8, but they're not strong, and won't do
    more than delay you. When you approach the Rain X1, Lorelai decides to battle
    you with honor, lika a samurai must do. Notice long-range attacks cannot hurt
    the Rain X1.
       Once you defeat Lorelai, he is impressed with your power, and decides to
    give you a piece of information in order to honor this power: your old friend
    Grendizer is imprisoned at Odessa, and also warns you to be careful with Ma
    Kube's trap before dying.
       Boz and his BozBorot appear - he was imprisoned here. He wants to join you
    and fight DC, but Kouji isn't willing to let him come. Also, Lalah decides to
    stay in the Kilimanjaro Base: you're now going to Odessa, and she knows Char
    is there; she considers him her patron, and she does not intend to fight him.
    Scenario 8 - "Ma Kube's Trap"
    28x20, Surface
    Goal: Destroy the Gyan; prevent Grendizer's destruction
    Player Units: 1 (Mazinger Z) + 10
    Initial Enemy Formation: Gyan [Ma Kube] Lv29
                             Minerva X [Minerva X] Lv18
                             Fake Grendizer [Fake Duke] Lv15
                             Marasai Lv16 x03
                             Zssa Lv16 x03
                             Gaza C (MS) Lv16 x03
                             Gaza C (MS) Lv14 x03
    Enemy Reinforcements: Genova M9 Lv16 x01
                          Zai Lv16 x02
    Item Shop: (21,3) - Magnet Coating ($4000)
                        Chobham Armor ($2000)
                        Sign of Courage ($4000)
                        Special Training Book ($5000)
    Events: Turn 2, Player Phase - Fake Grendizer reveals itself
            Turn 3, Player Phase - Ally units appear
            Gyan is damaged - Grendizer, BozBorot appear
            Turn 10, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements arrive
       Musashi says Henken was a really nice guy: not only he gave you supplies,
    but he also upgraded some of your weapons - from now on the attacks available
    to some of your robots, like Mazinger Z, are the strongest ones. Fa calls you
    because of some strange transmission she's receiving.
       The transmission comes from DC's Europe District Commander, who tells you
    to remember his name, Ma Kube. Musashi says they don't need to be told to
    learn anything; Ma Kube replies that if Musashi's memory is as bad as his
    face... Anyway, he's just calling to tell you're going to die very soon, and
    that he knows you're coming to rescue Grendizer - it's pretty obvious.
       He says he is willing to give away Grendizer and its pilot, Duke Freed, as
    long as Kouji comes alone to pick him up - and if you don't accept it, Duke
    will bear the consequences.
       Kouji goes alone, as ordered, and when he arrives Ma Kube says you're free
    to take Grendizer away with you. However, on Turn 2 Duke reveals to be a fake
    (if you moved close to him, he'll say he got you, otherwise he'll say you've
    escaped) and attacks you. Still on Turn 2, Kouji sees Minerva X and says it
    looks familiar - it resembles Mazinger Z.
       Kouji can persuade Minerva X, in which case he'll say Minerva X is a robot
    designed by his grandfather to be Mazinger Z's partner robot. Minerva X never
    attacks Mazinger Z, so he asks her whether she doesn't want to fight him, and
    she agrees - after all, she was created to save Mazinger Z. So, he calls her
    once more and she joins you.
       When you cause any damage on Ma Kube, he lets out Grendizer (the real one)
    and tells you to leave your robots if you don't want him to pay. However, Boz
    appears just then; Ma Kube asks what is that poor robot doing there, and Boz
    attacks to prove the value of his BozBorot. Chances are Boz will miss, but it
    gives Duke the chance he needed to break free and attack Ma Kube.
       When you destroy the Gyan, Ma Kube leaves saying he'll teach you a lesson;
    Musashi says once again he's coming with this 'learn' thing... For Ryou, the
    enemy attacks are becoming more severe, and if they don't increase their war-
    power things will get too tough. Fa suggests going to the enemy city of Hong
    Kong, as it has facilities you'll need in order to power-up. Camille says it
    isn't so simple - the enemy forces there are high-leveled.
       Bright thinks Fa's suggestion has more advantages than disadvantages, and
    decides to go to Hong Kong. Kochou decides to leave, though: she is taking an
    alternate route to divert the enemy attention; for her, the Argama is way too
    slow, and that makes it easy for the enemy to find them. Ryou says they will
    soon catch up with her, and she gives him a farewell, for now.
    Scenario 9 - "Winds of Revenge"
    22x32, Surface
    Goal: Destroy the Gyan
    Player Units: 10
    Initial Enemy Formation: Gyan [Ma Kube] Lv26
    Enemy Reinforcements (1): Zssa Lv19 x03
                              Zai Lv18 x03
                              Gaza C (MS) Lv18 x03
                              Bado Lv18 x03
    Enemy Reinforcements (2): Guided Missile Lv19 x04
    Events: Turn 1, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
            Turn 2, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (2) arrive
            Turn 3, Enemy Phase - ZZ Gundam appears
       An enemy unit managed to approach you undetected; it's Ma Kube again. Ryou
    says he's got some nerve to come here alone, but Kouji doesn't care - he only
    want bo beat him up.
       Still on Turn 1, Ma Kube says he had predicted your moves and has a little
    surprise for you: more enemies. On Turn 2, willing to increase the fun, he
    calls a bunch of missiles to attack you; they're easy to destroy, but if they
    manage to hit you they can hurt.
       On Turn 3, Judou appears on the ZZ Gundam; he was imprisoned by DC, but he
    says his captors were quite incompetent, and he had little problems escaping.
    The goal of this stage is to defeat the Gyan, but it may be even tougher than
    before, since it's on the water now - making most beam weapons useless.
       Once you defeat him, you are back on track to Hong Kong, but Kouji notices
    something is wrong with Minerva X; after some examination, you find out it is
    overloaded, and cannot be repaired on the Argama. It must be carried back to
    the Kilimanjaro Base for some overhauling.
       A transmission comes from Kochou: she was attacked on her way to Hong Kong
    - the only thing she tells you before the transmission falls is about a blue
    robot. Camille wonders whether this blue robot is the one he fought before.
    Scenario 10 - "Marionette Four"
    28x30, Surface
    Goal: Destroy all enemies
    Player Units: 9
    Initial Enemy Formation: Biaran [Lyla] Lv31
                             Biaran [Jerid] Lv31
                             Psycho Gundam (MS) [Four] Lv24
                             Dai Lv23 x01
                             GiruGiru Lv19 x02
                             Dreissen Lv19 x03
                             Dreissen Lv18 x03
                             Bado Lv15 x03
                             Marasai Lv13 x03
    Enemy Reinforcements (1): Dai Lv21 x01
                              Gushios Beta III Lv20 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements (2): Zakrello Lv21 x01
    Item Shop: (16,18) - Magnet Coating ($4000)
                         Chobham Armor ($2000)
                         Sign of Courage ($4000)
                         Special Training Book ($5000)
    Events: Turn 5, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
            Turn 10, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (2) arrive
       Because you're approaching Hong Kong, Bright wants everyone to be careful,
    since DC may have assembled some strict guard here. Seabook has a suggestion:
    most of the enemies are concentrated at Kowloon, and directly attacking them
    would imply too many damage on your team; so, why not acknowledge the risks,
    split the team in two, and send one of them in a diversionary mission?
       Bright is worried dividing the team would also weaken you a lot, but Amuro
    says that, if it does work out, the enemy power will be reduced drastically.
    Duke volunteers to divert the enemy: transformed into Spazer, Grendizer has a
    very high mobility, being ideal to draw out the enemy; the ZZ Gundam can also
    transform into a high-mobility shape, so Judou volunteers as well, and the Z
    Gundam goes too.
       At the battlefield, Camille sees the Psycho Gundam, piloted by Four, and
    tries to call her. However, she was brainwashed, and does not recognize him.
    She feels strong headaches, and believes they're being caused by the enemies;
    Jerid is impressed by the Scirocco's mind control, and wants to pay back the
    defeats he suffered, while Lyla tries to calm him down, as anger doesn't help
       On Turn 4, if you didn't damage the Psycho Gundam until this point, Four's
    headaches get stronger; from this point on, Camille can talk to Four - she'll
    remember him and join you.
       Once you destroy all enemies all the facilities of Hong Kong are available
    to you. Camille and Judou meet with Astonage, who was imprisoned at the enemy
    base. He is a mechanic, and can develop new stuff for the ZZ Gundam and F-91.
    While he's doing his job, Bright leaves Seabook and Judou there to help him
    with their MSs.
    Scenario 11 - "Wonderful!! The Ultimate Robot Valcion"
    26x32, Surface
    Goal: Protect the Medea
    Player Units: 9
    Initial Enemy Formation: Dai Lv24 x01
                             GiruGiru Lv23 x02
                             Mecha Raijuu Ki Lv22 x01
                             Genova M9 Lv21 x02
                             Bado Lv21 x03
                             Asshimar (MS) Lv20 x03
                             Gushios Beta III Lv20 x01
                             Gushios Beta III Lv19 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements (1): Valcion [Bian] Lv31
    Enemy Reinforcements (2): Biaran Lv22 x01
                              Zssa Lv22 x02
    NPC Units: Medea [Matilda] Lv13
    Events: Turn 5, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
            Turn 7, Enemy Phase - Psybuster appears
                                  Bian leaves
            Turn 8, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (2) arrive
       You receive a transmission from a Medea; its pilot, Matilda, reports she
    is being attacked nearby Shanghai, and requests help. The Medea is carrying
    power-up parts, so rescuing it is very important. Because the Argama is under
    adjustments, there is no choice but sending the remaining units only.
       The goal is to defend the Medea, so don't get too far away from it. It can
    refill energy, and will usually restore its own HP (which is good, since you
    can't heal it).
       On Turn 5, however, the Valcion appears, piloted by the leader of DC, Bian
    Zoldark. Hayato asks why is he in the frontline; Bian answers this may be the
    last chance to deal with things personally. Kouji says he is very mistaken if
    he thinks he can finish you here.
       On Turn 7, it should be pretty clear you can't defeat the Valcion, but the
    Psybuster appears. Bian is surprised to see a mech he didn't know of. Masaki
    says he decided to come back to you after he gave up searching for Shuu
       Bian does know Shuu Shirakawa and his Granzon, and is curious about what
    Masaki has to do with him, but concludes it doesn't really matter: you are no
    match for him. So, he will entrust your demise to his subordinates, and go
    home. Masaki wants to fight, but Bian says he can only dream of defeating him
    and credits his ignorance to his youth; anyway, staying any longer is a waste
    of time. Some more enemies appear later, but they're not strong.
       After the battle, Masaki tells you DC's main citadel is at the Moon, and
    asks whether you have some sort of transportation to go to space; you'll need
    a shuttle booster to do it, so Masaki tells you to go to Llasa. DC has a base
    there working as a spaceport, and you are bound to find things like boosters
    Scenario 12 - "Fighting at Llasa"
    20x30, Surface
    Goal: Destroy the Big Zam and obtain the Shuttle Booster
    Player Units: 11
    Initial Enemy Formation: Big Zam [Dozul] Lv27
                             Dai Lv23 x01
                             Bong Lv23 x01
                             Arsos Lv23 x02
                             Mecha Raijuu Ki Lv22 x02
                             Zssa Lv22 x02
                             Asshimar (MS) Lv21 x01
                             Bado Lv21 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements: Bado Lv23 x03
    Events: Turn 5, Enemy Phase - Near Argama, F-91 appear
            Turn 6, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements arrive
       Bright asks Masaki if you can actually win the war by invading the enemy
    stronghold; Masaki answers your power is ridiculous if compared to DC's, but
    he wants to use surprise on your favor, and if you won't come along he'll go
    by himself. Bright orders Fa to head the Argama to Llasa, but the ship starts
    losing power output, and its Minovsky Craft also develops problems, forcing
    the rest of your team to go alone ahead of the Argama.
       When you reach the enemy base, you find out it's guarded by Dozul Zabi and
    his Big Zam; Four says she'll take care of him, and asks the others to deal
    with the remaining DCs.
       On Turn 5, Bright appears, bringing Seabook and Judou; he calls Amuro, the
    Getter Team and Kouji into their new battleship, the Near Argama. Once these
    pilots enter the ship, their robots are replaced by new models: the Nu Gundam
    for Amuro, Getter G for the Getter Team, and the Great Mazinger for Kouji.
       After you defeat Dozul, you put your hands in the Booster and can now head
    to space. Moreover, you managed to power up everyone's weapons, which will
    hopefully make the upcoming fights a bit easier. Four never went to space, so
    she asks Camille how it's like; he describes it as being cold and empty, but
    also huge, and it makes you feel like you're immerse in it - like a child who
    sees the sea for the first time. Four wishes to see the space - good for her,
    because she's going there.
    Scenario 13 - "Scirocco's Shadow"
    24x24, Surface
    Goal: Destroy all enemies; prevent the Near Argama's destruction
    Player Units: 11
    Initial Enemy Formation: Qubeley [Hamaan] Lv38
                             Palas Athene [Scirocco] Lv36
                             Zaku III Kai [Mashmar] Lv29
                             Bound Doc (MS) [Jerid] Lv29
                             Qubeley Mk-II [Puru] Lv26
                             Palas Athene [Reccoa] Lv23
                             Palas Athene [Sara] Lv21
                             Jalaga Lv24 x01
                             Dreissen Lv23 x04
                             Gaza C (MS) Lv19 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements: King Gori Lv24 x03
                          Arsos Lv24 x03
    Events: Turn 2, Enemy Phase - Scirocco, Reccoa, Sara leave
            Turn 5, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements arrive
       The preparations for launching are complete, but Fa gets a severe fever.
    She'll be fine, but Seabook spots enemies in the radar before you can start
    the countdown.
       Hamaan orders his forces to aim at the Near Argama, since losing it would
    leave you powerless; she especially expects Puru to show a good performance.
    Judou gets some strange feeling, as if a voice is calling for him; both Amuro
    and Camille sense something as well, but Judou seems to have his mental wave-
    lenght synchronized with whoever is causing these feelings - hence the 'voice
    calling' sensation.
       Judou can talk to Puru, and they'll introduce themselves. She asks him if
    he doesn't want to play with her, but Hamaan orders her to stop talking and
    take Judou down. She refuses to, arguing he's not an enemy ("he's Judou") and
    they'll play together. Judou manages to convince her to leave Hamaan and join
    your group, but Hamaan activates the Qubeley Mk-II's autopilot system and
    brings Puru back, taking her out of the battlefield.
       On Turn 2, Hamaan asks why Scirocco hasn't moved yet; he says he's changed
    his mind and doesn't want to fight. Jerid stays to battle, but Scirocco calls
    Reccoa and Sara and leaves, leaving your group wondering what just happened.
    Hamaan says she knew he wasn't trustworthy, and puts herself to fight.
       When you defeat all enemies, Bright calls everybody back to the ship, but
    Jerid appears again before you get to take off; Four decides to stay and hold
    the enemies back, while you get away.
       Camille doesn't want to leave her alone, even though if he leaves now he
    won't be able to return in time; Amuro says they can send a message to Henken
    and he'll come here and rescue Four, but Camille can't leave the ship now -
    it would only make Four's efforts worthless. So, into space you go, without
    Scenario 14 - "Into Space..."
    22x30, Space
    Goal: Destroy all enemies
    Player Units: 10
    Initial Enemy Formation: Hambrabi (MS) [Yazan] Lv36
                             Psycho Gundam Mk-II (MS) [Rozamia] Lv36
                             Zaku III [Rakan] Lv36
                             Bawoo (MS) Lv24 x01
                             Zaku III Lv24 x04
                             Dreissen Lv21 x06
    Enemy Reinforcements (1): Dreissen Lv24 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements (2): Jamul Fin (MA) Lv25 x01
                              Zakrello Lv25 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements (3): Zaku III Lv25 x03
    Item Shop: (15,28) - Magnet Coating ($4000)
                         Chobham Armor ($2000)
                         Sign of Courage ($4000)
                         Special Training Book ($5000)
    Events: Turn 2, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
            Turn 8, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (2) arrive
            Turn 9, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (3) arrive
       Already at space, Kouji's willing to hurry to the Moon, but Masaki says it
    is not so simple: first, you need to take down the enemy base Solomon. There
    is a good chance you're being watched, but most of DC is at the Earth, right
    now fighting, so they're likely not to care about your small team. Boz Borot
    can't act in space, so it can't be launched for the time being, but Fa is on
    her feet again.
       At the battlefield, Yazan already knew you were coming his way, thanks to
    Scirocco, and wants to finish this quickly with Rozamia's help. Rozamia just
    mumbles something about the sky falling, making Yazan question the advantages
    of using enhanced humans and wonder what's Scirocco's purpose with them. On
    your side, Camille has a feeling, which he thinks may be Four, while Rozamia
    feels like his brother may be around.
       Three more Dreissens come on Turn 2, making very little difference; when
    Camille gets close to Rozamia, she recognizes him as her brother; Fa says he
    has no sister, but Rozamia still vows to protect him. From now on, Rozamia'll
    chase Camille around.
       Some more enemies come out on Turns 8 and 9, no big deal; after the battle
    Camille says there are no enemies even inside Solomon - they all came out of
    it already. Judou says he can't go with the name Solomon, and asks its other
    name; Fa says it was "Konpei Island", due to its odd shape.
       Kouji asks Camille what's the deal with Rozamia; he doesn't know very well
    either. She introduces herself as Camille's younger sister, and Kouji cannot
    believe she's younger than Camille. Hayato isn't sure she can be trusted, but
    Musashi is willing to think a woman so pretty can't be evil. Anyway, Bright
    recommends care, as the enemy will certainly counterattack.
    Scenario 15 - "Fierce Battle! Jupitris"
    25x32, Base
    Goal: Destroy all enemies
    Player Units: 9
    Initial Enemy Formation: Palas Athene [Scirocco] Lv41
                             Palas Athene [Reccoa] Lv37
                             Palas Athene [Sara] Lv37
                             Bound Doc (MS) [Jerid] Lv33
                             Bound Doc (MS) [Mauer] Lv33
                             Psycho Gundam Mk-II (MS) [Rozamia] Lv31
                             Geymalk Lv26 x01
                             Dreissen Lv26 x02
                             Jamul Fin (MA) Lv26 x03
                             Jamul Fin (MA) Lv24 x01
                             Gaza C (MS) Lv21 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements: Bound Doc (MS) Lv26 x03
    Events: Turn 4, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements arrive
       Bright explains to Duke enhanced humans are pilots whose skills were risen
    by the use of drugs and hypnotic therapy; they think Rozamia is one of these
    enhanced humans, as they often have their memories scanned. Bright doesn't
    mind her staying in the ship, as long as she doesn't cause problems.
       Just as he says that, Fa comes to tell Rozamia got out of the ship on her
    own; while trying to call her back, Fa detects a huge object approaching. Its
    ID code identifies it as Jupitris - it's an enemy surprise attack! Everybody
    goes out to rescue Rozamia.
       Inside Jupitris, Rozamia wonders who was calling for her and Scirocco wel-
    comes you to his ship, introducing himself as DC's space forces commander. He
    invites you to join his forces, as you're much stronger than he predicted -
    even Bian is beginning to worry about you. Since you are not interested in
    being part of DC's new order, Scirocco orders Rozamia to wake up and says you
    are her enemies - she fells headaches and turns against you.
       After the battle, Scirocco tells you they are aiming the 'Solar Ray' into
    Konpei Island - good luck trying to stop it, it is on point L6. Scirocco runs
    away, and Amuro isn't sure he was telling the truth, but Masaki reminds he's
    not necessarily a liar, and seems interested in using your team for his own
    purposes. For instance, he may be planning to have you drawing DC's attention
    and take advantage of it to usurp power inside DC itself.
       Kouji obviously doesn't like the idea of seeing Scirocco take advantage of
    your victories over DC, but Camille reminds him you can't just stop fighting
    DC. Duke wants to return to the Near Argama at once - from now on, you have
    to plan your moves carefully.
    Scenario 16 - "Escape"
    32x16, Space
    Goal: Have all your units escape through the Escape Point (32,9)
    Player Units: 10
    Initial Enemy Formation: Lafressia [Carozzo] Lv46
                             Jagd Doga (Gyunei Custom Type) [Gyunei] Lv45
                             Jagd Doga (Quess Custom Type) [Quess] Lv45
                             Gira Doga (Rezun Custom Type) [Rezun] Lv45
                             Vigna Ghina [Cecily] Lv43
                             Shigu [Radra] Lv42
                             Mecha Raijuu Ki Lv40 x01
                             Gira Doga Lv40 x02
                             Gira Doga Lv38 x02
                             Dreissen Lv39 x01
                             Dreissen Lv38 x02
                             Bawoo (MS) Lv38 x02
    Events: none
       There's probably an airtight-type colony at point L6; such a colony would
    be easy to remodel into a Solar Ray. Boz does not know what is this Solar Ray
    thing people keep talking about; Kouji berates him for that, but he doesn't
    know either. Duke explains it is a colony remodeled into a laser cannon-like
    structure. Since a colony is about 2 kilometers in diameter, such a laser has
    a terrible destruction power, and it's imperative to reach point L6 and stop
    it. On your way there, however, you're attacked.
       The DC forces were in the middle of a training when you appeared and made
    it more interesting; Carozzo mentions his 'Last Batallion' is DC's top squad.
    Upon learning this is the Last Batallion, Duke teels everyone to run away -
    you have absolutely no chance of beating them. Masaki says the Psybuster's
    Laplace Computer can find an escape route; there's a current swirl ahead, and
    if you enter it the enemy will never catch up. Memorize the point he shows -
    it's your escape point.
       You can have Seabook talk to Cecily, in which case she'll be surprised he
    is alive; she tells him to run away - she won't join you, but will be fine,
    and won't move from now on, to make your escape easier. The enemies actually
    aren't that hard, except for Captain Radra. The enemies on the left side of
    the screen won't move at all, unless you approach them.
       Once you move any unit into the escape point, it automatically leaves the
    battlefield; when they all escape, Seabook thanks Cecily for the escape.
    Scenario 17 - "Solar Ray in Operation"
    26x32, Space
    Goal: Destroy the Solar Ray within 11 turns
    Player Units: 9
    Initial Enemy Formation: Bawoo (Gremmi Custom Type) (MS) [Gremmi] Lv35
                             Qubeley Mk-II [Puru] Lv30
                             Generator Mirror Lv30 x04
                             Jamul Fin (MA) Lv30 x03
                             GiruGiru Lv29 x01
                             Zai Lv29 x01
                             Arsos Lv29 x01
                             Bawoo (MS) Lv29 x03
                             Bawoo (MS) Lv28 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements (1): Jamul Fin (MA) Lv28 x03
    Enemy Reinforcements (2): Bong Lv30 x01
                              GiruGiru Lv29 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements (3): Zakrello Lv28 x03
    Item Shop: (16,16) - Magnet Coating ($4000)
                         Chobham Armor ($2000)
                         Sign of Courage ($4000)
                         Special Training Book ($5000)
    Events: Turn 4, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
            Turn 7, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (2) arrive
            Turn 9, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (3) arrive
       Thanks to Last Batallion you are late, so you need to hurry; Masaki knows
    it is not a good time, but he needs to go elsewhere: his Laplace Computer has
    detected somehting strange, which may indicate the Granzon is nearby. He does
    not want to abandon you, but he can't let it go - he will be back as soon as
       When you arrive, Gremmi says you're too late: the Solar Ray is set to fire
    in 11 minutes, and he orders Puru to delay you further. According to Amuro,
    you can stop the Solar Ray by destroying the Generator Mirrors that power it
    - without them, the Solar Ray can fire no lasers.
       If Judou talked to Puru on stage 13, he can talk to her now, but he has to
    convince her twice to make her join your team. Enemy Reinforcements appear on
    Turns 4 and 7, but only the Zakrellos that come at Turn 9 can be a problem,
    since they can heal the mirrors. More than anything, you need to always move
    towards the mirrors - even doing so you'll be left with little time to attack
       Once you destroy all mirrors any remaining unit leaves, having no business
    left here. Hayato suggests returning to Konpei Island, since you suffered a
    lot of damage yourself.
    Scenario 18 - "Infiltration! Konpei Island"
    32x20, Base
    Goal: Destroy all enemies
    Player Units: 9
    Initial Enemy Formation: Bawoo (Gremmi Custom Type) (MS) [Gremmi] Lv37
                             Doven Wolf Lv36 x01
                             Hambrabi (MS) Lv30 x06
                             Bawoo (MS) Lv30 x03
                             Bawoo (MS) Lv29 x01
                             Bragger S1 Lv29 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements (1): Doven Wolf [Rakan] Lv39
                              Zaku III Lv30 x02
                              GiruGiru Lv30 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements (2): Messala (MS) Lv30 x01
                              Hambrabi (MS) Lv30 x01
                              Bawoo (MS) Lv30 x02
    Events: Turn 5, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
            Turn 10, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (2) arrive
       By taking adventage of the high concentration of Minovsky particles - that
    clouded the radars - DC attacks Konpei Island with two waves of missiles, and
    then with robots. Judou is quite surprised with such a direct attack, but his
    ZZ Gundam was undergoing adjustments, and cannot be used right now; Grendizer
    is in the same situation. BozBorot, however, was powered up and can now fight
    in space. Puru too will fight, despite Judou's objections.
       On Turn 5, Rakan come to back Gremmi up. Even more enemies show up on Turn
    10, including a somewhat powerful Messala.
       After the battle, you receive a transmission from Henken; due to your aid,
    they have been able to end the fights on Earth, so now they came to space and
    help you. Henken knows what's going on thanks to Masaki, who stumbled on him
    on his way back. Even better, he brought a surprise to Camille: Four.
       Upon watching their reencounter, Henken says he expected to see some cheap
    melodrama; he knows you have some tough battles ahead and doesn't want to be
    a hindrance, but asks to keep Four on his army - they've been on some severe
    battles, and she'd add a lot to their forces. Camille agrees, but can't help
    worry about leaving her beloved Four, which triggers Fa's jealousy.
       Time to plan your next operation: Bright asks Henken which route would be
    most effective to capture DC's Granada Base; Henken answers that according to
    his intel their northern side is relatively unguarded. Henken will also stage
    an attack from the south to make your capture operation easier.
    Scenario 19 - "Deathmatch on the Surface of the Moon"
    26x26, Moon Surface
    Goal: Destroy all enemies
    Player Units: 11
    Initial Enemy Formation: Qubeley [Hamaan] Lv46
                             Psycho Gundam Mk-II [Puru Two] Lv39
                             Bound Doc (MS) Lv31 x01
                             Bragger S1 Lv30 x03
                             Zai Lv30 x03
                             Bawoo (MS) Lv30 x02
                             Jamul Fin (MA) Lv30 x01
    Item Shop: (23,2) - Magnet Coating ($4000)
                        Chobham Armor ($2000)
                        Sign of Courage ($4000)
                        Special Training Book ($5000)
    Events: none
       Henken's information was correct: this route is indeed poorly guarded. Fa
    confirms the appearance of some 10 enemy units ahead. Puru has a bad feeling
    as you enter the battlefield, but can't identify its source; Puru Two feels
    the same on the other side, indicating to Hamaan Puru is among you.
       Notice Grendizer can now transform into any of its combined modes (Marine,
    Drill or Double), and some of your units gained new weapons (i.e. Hyper Mega
    Launcher for the Z Gundam, VSBR for the F-91); also, other weapons (like Nu
    Gundam's Fin Funnels) had their range extended.
       Hamaan orders Puru Two to kill Puru for her betrayal; so, Puru Two will
    usually ignore other opponents, going only after Puru. When they fight each
    other, Puru understands they are'in a sense, the same person, although Puru
    Two seems to hold the most violent part of Puru only. If you let Puru Two
    kill Puru, Puru Two gets a real bad feeling about what she just did; however,
    she won't stop fighting.
       That aside, there is nothing special about this stage, except Hamaan is a
    very hard opponent, so be careful. Once you are done with them, you are free
    to go further.
    Scenario 20 - "Final Battle! Granada Fortress"
    32x20, Moon Surface
    Goal: Destroy all enemies
    Player Units: 10
    Initial Enemy Formation: Qubeley [Hamaan] Lv37
                             Geymalk [Mashmar] Lv36
                             Geymalk [Kyara] Lv34
                             Jamul Fin (MA) Lv33 x01
                             Doven Wolf Lv32 x03
                             Bong Lv32 x02
                             Genova M9 Lv32 x02
                             Arsos Lv29 x02
                             Hambrabi (MS) Lv26 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements (1): Granzon [Shuu] Lv41
    Enemy Reinforcements (2): Doven Wolf Lv39 x01
                              Bragger S1 Lv30 x02
                              GiruGiru Lv30 x02
    Events: Turn 1, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
            Turn 5, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (2) arrive
            Turn 7, Enemy Phase - Shuu leaves
       Still fighting your way on Granada, you meet another DC force. On Turn 1,
    the blue robot who attacked Camille appears; it is the Granzon and its pilot
    Shuu Shirakawa, who Masaki has been chasing all this time.
       Shuu wasn't expecting to meet Masaki here, and asks him since when did he
    become part of the crowd, giving up his Lone Wolf act. Masaki wants to know
    what's Shuu intending to gain from this cooperation with DC, but Shuu doesn't
    believe Masaki is capable of understanding his mind.
       Since he didn't know you, Shuu introduces himself, and says he's familiar
    with your reputation, so he felt like fighting you once - throw all you have.
    Ryou mention his affectations reminds him of Hayato.
       It shouldn't take long to be clear Shuu's way out of your league, so just
    try to mantain your units high on HP near him. On Turn 5, more enemies come,
    but they are nothing compared to Shuu. On Turn 7, Shuu says you are as strong
    as he expected, maybe more. In respect to this power, he'll leave this battle
    - but only this time. Also, you don't have enough even to think of fighting
    Bian. A great trial is coming you way, but if you manage to succeed...
       After the battle, everyone is concerned about Shuu and the huge power he
    demonstrated and wonder what are his plans.
    Scenario 21 - "Stop the Time"
    32x32, Base
    Goal: Have all your units escape the base within 15 turns
    Player Units: 10
    Initial Enemy Formation: Valcion [Bian] Lv??
    Enemy Reinforcements (1): King Gori Lv33 x01
    Enemy Reinforcements (2): Bong Lv33 x01
                              Bragger S1 Lv33 x01
    NPC Units: Psycho Gundam (MS) [Four] Lv41
    Events: Turn 1, Player Phase - Bian leaves
            Turn 1, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
            Turn 3, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (2) arrive
            Turn 4, Enemy Phase - Psycho Gundam appears
       Amuro asks Bright whether he didn't find the enemy resistance a bit too
    fragile, which would suggest a trap. Kouji doesn't care, as usual: he thinks
    he can deal with it, trap or not - besides, what's the option?
       The base is completely empty, except for the Valcion - it is a trap. Bian
    says it was all a plan to lure you in, as the base will explode in 15 minutes
    and take you along; your power exceeded his expectatives by far, but it stops
    now. He offers you a last chance to join his cause - promptly refused -, and
    then leaves.
       Now, you have 15 minutes (15 turns) to leave the base by reaching the exit
    on the bottom of the screen. You have to run at full speed, ignoring the few
    enemies that pop up on your way. On Turn 2, Ryou wonders why didn't Bian just
    explode the base immediately; Musashi says he's enjoying to see you sweat.
       On Turn 4, Four appears, but that helps nothing at all. Even if you don't
    stop for anything, units like Great Mazinger should be able to make it only
    at the last turn. When all your units are out, Duke mentions DC might be more
    afraid of you than they may show - to destroy their Granada Base just to beat
    you is no little thing.
       Henken mention he received confidential info that revealed this base was a
    trap; he couldn't quite believe it, but came to check it out anyway. Now that
    they abandoned this base, Bright wonders where DC's main citadel is. Henken's
    also received info about this: looks like they are setting a base at Jaburo,
    South America, but he doesn't know how accurate this info is. Even if this is
    not true, it's still better than doing nothing, so to Jaburo you go; Henken's
    staying to put things in order here, and will follow you as soon as possible;
    he also brought a new model battleship, the Ral Kairam, for you to use.
    Scenario 22 - "Atmospheric Entry"
    32x18, Space
    Goal: Defend the Ral Kairam for 20 turns
    Player Units: 11
    Initial Enemy Formation: Qubeley [Hamaan] Lv38
                             Psycho Gundam Mk-II (MS) [Puru Two] Lv37
                             Doven Wolf [Jerid] Lv37
                             Zaku III Kai [Mashmar] Lv37
                             Geymalk [Kyara] Lv36
                             Gira Doga (Rezun Custom Type) [Rezun] Lv36
                             Bound Doc (MS) Lv35 x02
                             Doven Wolf Lv34 x01
                             Gira Doga Lv34 x03
                             Bawoo (MS) Lv34 x01
                             Hambrabi (MS) Lv34 x01
    Enemy Reinforcements: Bragger S1 Lv33 x03
    Events: Turn 3, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements arrive
       Everything is set for your entry in 25 minutes; Bright puts all pilots on
    standby, as the enemy may decide to attack you at this moment. Sure enough,
    some 10 enemy units come your way with 20 minutes left to entry. Bright warns
    everyone they have to be back within 20 minutes - whoever doesn't return will
    burn in the atmosphere.
       Because Z Gundam's WaveRider mode is capable of doing atmospheric entries,
    Amuro asks Camille to lead their reentry, if necessary. So, you just need to
    prevent the Ral Kairam from being destroyed in 20 turns - nothing more. Since
    most enemies will attack only the Ral Kairam, you don need to worry about any
    enemy who can't make long-range attacks, as long as you keep your battleship
       If Puru Two killed Puru during Scenario 19, Judou can convince Puru Two to
    join you now (Judou has to talk to her twice); if Puru is still alive, Judou
    can talk to her, but she won't accept (because she doesn't feel guilty about
    having killed Puru). More enemies come on Turn 3, but they cannot make long-
    range attacks, so they are no threat.
       Once all enemies have been destroyed, into the atmosphere you go.
    Scenario 23 - "Scirocco's Counterattack"
    28x16, Surface
    Goal: Destroy the G-O
    Player Units: 11
    Initial Enemy Formation: G-O [Scirocco] Lv41
                             Palas Athene [Reccoa] Lv39
                             Messala (MS) [Sara] Lv38
                             Bragger S1 Lv36 x02
                             Jagd Doga (Gyunei Custom Type) Lv35 x03
                             Gira Doga Lv35 x03
                             Fixed Cannon Lv35 x03
                             Guided Missile Lv35 x03
    Enemy Reinforcements (1): Guided Missile Lv36 x04
    Enemy Reinforcements (2): Guided Missile Lv36 x04
    Item Shop: (4,5) - Magnet Coating ($4000)
                       Chobham Armor ($2000)
                       Sign of Courage ($4000)
                       Special Training Book ($5000)
    Events: Turn 5, Enemy Phase - Granzon appears, than leaves
            Turn 7, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
            Turn 8, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (2) arrive
       The Ral Kairam landed on coordinates W74, N41: in the New York vicinities,
    pretty much like planned. You are immediately attacked, and Bright thinks DC
    is probably getting desperate.
       On Turn 5, the Granzon appears. Scirocco thinks Shuu came to help, but he
    only came to inform Scirocco's plans for a coup d'etat are over - Bian has
    already discovered everything, and Scirocco's status as a commanding officer
    in DC is already gone.
       Scirocco, however, doesn't care about losing his position in DC; he thinks
    Bian's Valcion is no match for his G-O, and once he's done with you he'll go
    after him. Two waves of missiles come on Turns 7 and 8, but they're no match
    for a Psyflash.
       After you defeat Scirocco, Bright thinks it looks like DC is not as united
    as it was said to be after all; that's the perfect chance to defeeat them for
    good. Over the radio, Henken says his forces were caught in an enemy counter-
    attack as well; Camille doesn't have to worry, Four is fine.
       If things keep going this way, your forces will soon be surrounded by the
    enemy; Bright decides to go alone in the Ral Kairam to attract the enemy away
    from you; the rest of the team must seize the opportunity to invade Jaburo.
    It's dangerous, but it'd come down to this sooner or later.
    Scenario 24 - "GiruGiruGan's Apparition"
    26x32, Surface
    Goal: Defeat GiruGiruGan
    Player Units: 10
    Initial Enemy Formation: Qubeley [Hamaan] Lv48
                             GiruGiruGan [GiruGiruGan] Lv41
                             Geymalk Lv38 x03
                             Doven Wolf Lv38 x02
                             Bawoo (MS) Lv38 x01
                             Bawoo (MS) Lv37 x02
                             Bragger S1 Lv37 x01
                             Gira Doga Lv37 x02
                             Hi-Gogg Lv37 x02
    Enemy Reinforcements: Guided Missile Lv36 x02
    Item Shop: (6,5) - Magnet Coating ($4000)
                       Chobham Armor ($2000)
                       Sign of Courage ($4000)
                       Special Training Book ($5000)
    Events: Turn 5, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
       Kouji complains without the Ral Kairam it's very difficult to move around,
    but Amuro reminds him this allows them to sneak. If Puru's in your team, she
    complains she wants to take a bath, but there's nothing Judou can do for her.
    Suddenly, Hamaan appears and says your efforts were in vain: you are already
    surrounded. She reminds you this is their home base and as such they have the
    terrain advantage.
       Hamaan decides to show their final weapon: GiruGiruGan, a creature you all
    thought to be dead - actually, this one is a clone created by DC scientists.
    GiruGiruGan is very powerful and can cause a lot of damage, so it's important
    to destroy the units next to him fast, especially the Geymalks - very few of
    your people can stand all of them attacking at once.
       When you defeat GiruGiruGan, you hear his voice laughing and saying you're
    wrong if you thought you already won, and then appears MechaGiruGiruGan, even
    more powerful than the original.
       After you defeat MechaGiruGiruGan Duke and Kouji comment on how unexpected
    this battle was. Bright catches up with you, and after ensuring everybody is
    fine he tells Henken's okay - apparently, Scirocco's rebellion left DC in a
    complete mess, and, with the exception of a few remaining soldiers, they have
    no war power left.
       Bright mentions it looks like you had a fierce battle yourself. The fact
    such a force was launched against you right from the start confirms Jaburo is
    DC's central headquarters. If Puru is in your team, she finds a Quin Mantha,
    and believes to be able to use it; Judou objects, but Bright tells him to let
    her use it - having seen her fight, he understands her skills as a pilot are
    extraordinary, and she can deal with the Quin Mantha's higher power. Besides,
    such power would only help her survive.
    Scenario 25 - "Last Batallion, Again"
    32x22, Surface
    Goal: Defeat the Lafressia
    Player Units: 11
    Initial Enemy Formation: Lafressia [Carozzo] Lv46
                             Alpha Aziel [Quess] Lv43
                             Jagd Doga (Gyunei Custom Type) [Rezun] Lv45
                             Jagd Doga (Gyunei Custom Type) [Rakan] Lv43
                             Jagd Doga (Gyunei Custom Type) [Gyunei] Lv42
                             Ghoul [Ashura] Lv42
                             Big Zam Lv40 x02
                             Qubeley Lv39 x01
                             Gira Doga Lv39 x02
                             Jamul Fin (MA) Lv38 x01
                             Zaku III Lv38 x03
    Enemy Reinforcements (1): Vigna Ghina [Cecily] Lv46
    Enemy Reinforcements (2): Qubeley [Hamaan] Lv48
                              Geymalk [Kyara] Lv48
    Enemy Reinforcements (3): Jagd Doga (Gyunei Custom Type) [Ral] Lv48
                              Jagd Doga (Gyunei Custom Type) [Gaia] Lv48
    Events: Turn 1, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (1) arrive
            Turn 3, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (2) arrive
            Turn 4, Enemy Phase - Enemy Reinforcements (3) arrive
       When you approach Jaburo for your final attack, you head into nothing less
    than Last Batallion; however, this time you are not running away from Carozzo
    and his men.
       Still on Turn 1, Cecily appears; Seabook can make her leave DC by talking
    to her twice - she'll turn into a NPC (if Seabook already talked to her once
    on Stage 16, you only need to do it once). Hamaan and Kyara appear on Turn 3,
    and Ranba Ral and Gaia show up one turn later to make things really bad.
       When you get rid of this bunch of enemies, you have to get rid of Carozzo
    and the pilots near him; chances are Cecily will be defeated, as you have no
    control over her actions and she behaves pretty recklessly. If you manage to
    beat the funnel-attacking MSs, however, you only need to stay in the water to
    defeat Carozzo - he can't attack underwater enemies.
       Once you destroy the Lafressia, time to move on to the final stage.
    Scenario 26 - "Final Battle at Dawn"
    20x23, Base
    Goal: Defeat the Valcion
    Player Units: 10
    Initial Enemy Formation: Valcion [Bian] Lv50
                             Granzon [Shuu] Lv49
                             Geymalk [Rakan] Lv46
                             Geymalk [Kyara] Lv46
    Events: none
       All pilots shout words of encouragement, as you're nearing the last battle
    of this war. At the enemy base, Bian Zoldark says you overcame all his expec-
    tations, but you cannot destroy DC without defeating him. Shuu is with Bian,
    saying it seems they have an (undesirable but) inseparable relation.
       Get rid of the Geymalks first, of course - Bian and Shuu won't move. Make
    sure everyone's HP is full before going for the Valcion. Once you move above
    a certain line both Shuu and Bian move, so you cannot lure one of them away.
    both are extremely tough, but Shuu is worse, since his defense is high and he
    cannot be damaged by long-range attacks.
       Once you defeat Bian, he takes his defeat pretty well; for him, his gene-
    ration's turn is over, and the future is yours to build. He urges you not to
    forget one thing: no matter how peaceful things may be, the time to fight is
    always sure to come, and it's your duty to face the upcoming threats.
       It's okay to seek peace, but you can't indulge yourself in it; for as long
    as there are things worth defending you have to keep the courage and strenght
    to defend them. Before dying, Bian only regrets his daughter Ryuune never got
    to meet you.
       Kouji feels like Bian did manipulate them from beginning to end; Duke says
    people who try to guide others' fates do affect everyone else to some extent,
    and those who forget it become egotists. Judou puts an end to this depressing
    talk, and reminds everyone it's over... Time to go back home.
       Since the death of Bian Zoldark and his Valcion, the Divine Crusaders came
    to an end. Once again, the world returned to a routine of peace.
       The Super Robots and pilots who put an end to the fighting returned, each,
    to the places they came from. But Bian's last words were still held in their
    hearts: one day, another war, just like this one, will come. Maybe in a year,
    maybe in a hundred years...
       Even if this day comes, today's momentaneous peace is still most valuable.
    So, for now, let the kind-hearted warriors enjoy this moment of peace...
    HELP NEEDED------------------------------------------------------------------
       I will place in this section any doubts I might have about the game.
    Hopefully someone might be able to help me with them. More questions will be
    posted as they arise.
     - No questions right now...
    CONTACT INFORMATION----------------------------------------------------------
       If anyone has questions, comments or suggestions to make, please feel free 
    to mail me at the address written on the beginning of this document (which is
    csmori@hotmail.com). Before doing that, however, please pay attention to the
    following requests/facts:
     - Write "FAQ" as your subject, just so I can separate your mail from junk
     mail and things alike.
     - Given the amount of mail I receive, I probably won't be able to respond
     all e-mails. So, if you receive no response, it doesn't mean it hasn't been
     received and/or read. Don't send it over and over.
     - I'm aware of the 'canonical' names for mechs and characters from all the
     Gundam series; I just happen not to agree with some of them. Don't ask me
     to change that. However, please let me know the *official* names for any 
     series, especially non-Gundam ones. 
     - Feel free to let me know if I made grammar mistakes or anything like that.
     I could use some english advice, and it'd only help the quality of the text.
     - Don't ask me where you can get "romz". If it depends on me, you won't get
     them. You're on your own there.
     - As a matter of fact, don't ask me anything about ROMs, emulators or
     patches, nor complain to me if you can't run it on your computer.
     - No 'l33t' language please. I just hate it.
       Well, if you still think you can meet these requirements, go ahead and
    write me!
    VERSION HISTORY--------------------------------------------------------------
     V 1.0  (05/14/2002) - Initial Release (maybe final too).
     V 1.1  (05/29/2002) - Minor fixes, especially on MS names.
     * Banpresto - for having created this game.
     * Nintendo - for having made the Super Famicom.
     * Everyone who has written a FAQ on a Super Robot Taisen game, especially
     Edmund Chiu and Mark Neidengard. Their FAQs on the PSX versions of SRW4 and 
     SRW3, respectively, have helped me a lot on both games' versions on the SFC.
     * Glenn Rosenthal - for having written JWPce, the program I used to 
     translate much of the japanese text and information of the game.
    End of file.

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