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    Shogi Meikan '92
    (Shogi Directory '92)
    NES 1992
    Version: 1.0
    Note: This guide uses Shift-JIS to display Japanese characters, switch to this
          encoding to read them properly.
    Shogi (sometimes spelled Shougi) is a board game very popular in Japan. It
    plays a little like Chess with similar pieces and moves. This game does not
    actually let you play the game itself, but instead allows you to either watch
    games played by famous pros at tournaments, and also try and guess which moves
    are most appropriate during the game. There was a sequel released a year later,
    aptly named Shogi Meikan '93.
    Watch Mode (観戦) - Automatic/Manual
    This is basically just watching a game at either your own speed or by using the
    manual speed setting. Both timing modes allow you to fast forward or reverse
    the moves.
    Explanation Mode (解説) - Automatic/Manual
    These are the same matches than the Watch Mode but the difference is that after
    the beginning moves have been done, the game will start asking you questions
    about which move would be ideal at this position. It gives you several choices
    along with a short explanation why. You also score points for getting the
    correct answers but they do not seem to be kept on record anywhere. Note that
    if you skip through the game it will not ask you questions, you have to let it
    move at a slow pace.
    Automatic will ask for your speed setting (1-5). The difference between these
    two that in manual you always have to press a button to get the next move
    whereas the automatic does not stop unless you press pause. If you want to
    review the match on your own pace you should choose manual timing.
    A starts the match. START to pause the game. Press UP for the next move, DOWN
    to revert the last one and hold down LEFT and RIGHT to fast forward/reverse.
    Press SELECT during the game to get the option to return to the menus with the
    START button. If you do not want to do this press A.
    The board takes up most of the screen. On the right and left are two white
    boxes with a blue border are the players' names. The orange boxes nearby will
    hold the pieces that have been lost during the match.
    The bottom of the screen has a tiny box for the number of moves made so far.
    The larger box is for the move description, other details as well as the move
    selections during explanation mode.
     A 第3期竜王戦, 羽生 vs 谷川
     B 第48期名人戦, 谷川 vs 中原
     C 第56期棋聖戦, 屋敷 vs 中原
     D 第57期棋聖戦, 屋敷vs 森下
     E 第31期王位戦, 佐藤 vs 谷川
     F 第38期王座戦, 谷川 vs 中原
     G 第40期王将戦, 南 vs 米長
     H 第16期棋王戦, 羽生 vs 南
     A 第9回全日本プロトーナメソト, 桐山 vs 森下
     B 第40回NHK杯争奪戦, 南 vs 先崎
     C 第24回早指し選手奪戦, 加膝 vs 羽生
     D 第9回早指し新鋭戦, 佐膝 vs 森内
     E 第6回天王戦, 阿部 vs 森下
     F 第11回将棋日本ツリーズ, 谷川 vs 中原
     G 第21回新人王戦 泱勝三番勝負, 大野 vs 森下
     H 第13回若獅子戦, 佐膝 vs 村山
     A 第17期女流プロ名人位戦, 清水 vs 林葉
     B 第13期女流王将戦, 林葉 vs 斎田
     C 第2期女流王位戦, 中井 vs 植村
     D レディースープソトーナメソト, 清水 vs 中井
     A 第49期順位戦特選譜 A級, 米長 vs 有吉
     B 第49期順位戦特選譜 A級, 高橋 vs 谷川
     C 第49期順位戦特選譜 A級, 青野 vs 大山
     D 第49期順位戦特選譜 A級, 内藤 vs 米長
     E 第49期順位戦特選譜 B級1組, 小野 vs 小林
     F 第49期順位戦特選譜 B級1組, 森 vs 石田
     G 第49期順位戦特選譜 B級2組, 西川 vs 森安
     H 第49期順位戦特選譜 B級2組, 島 vs 東
     I 第49期順位戦特選譜 C級1組, 森下 vs 伊藤
     J 第49期順位戦特選譜 C級1組, 佐藤 vs 神谷
     K 第49期順位戦特選譜 C級2組, 丸山 vs 森内
     L 第49期順位戦特選譜 C級2組, 阿部 vs 森安
     M 第49期順位戦特選譜 C級2組, 畠山 vs 小林
     A 古典1, 伊藤 vs 天野
     B 古典2, 石本 vs 天野
     C 古典3, 大橋 vs 天野
     D 古典4, 米村 vs 天野
     E 古典5, 深野 vs 天野
     F 古典6, 小林 vs 天野
     G 古典7, 大橋 vs 天野
     H 古典8, 天野 vs 伊藤
     I 古典9, 天野 vs 市川
     J 古典10, 知田 vs 天野
     K 駒落戦1, 加藤 vs 日浦
     L 駒落戦2, 森 vs 安西
     M 駒落戦3, 小林 vs 中田
     N 駒落戦4, 谷川 vs 村山
     O 駒落戦5, 桐山 vs 長沼
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