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    FAQ/Walkthrough by countryguy

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fire Emblem Gaiden- Nintendo-  1991
    FAQ by Alex Deerkop Copyright 2001. adeerkop@hotmail.com
    GameFAQ name x countryguy
    1. My inspiration
    I got interested in this game after I heard that two characters from this 
    game were in Super Smash Brothers Melee.  I started to play it and was 
    impressed by its graphics.  Since I saw no FAQ was written for this game I 
    took it upon myself to write it.  Note this is my FIRST FAQ, and I am 
    probably in way over my head here.  But if I get some support I just might 
    finish this thing.  Feel free to e-mail me just label the message ďFire 
    EmblemĒ or something and I will give any credit where it is due.
    2. Table of Contents:
    1. My inspiration
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Version History
    4. Characters
    5. Controls
    6. Menus and commands
    7. Battle screens and menus
    8. Battle Setup
    9. Battle Process
    10. Magic Use
    11. Class Changes
    12. Walkthrough
        A. Chapter 1- To Sophia
        B. Chapter 2- To Titt
        C. Chapter 3- To ???
    3. Version History:
    V 1.0- December 7, 2001- I just started this thing, and itís going to take 
    me a while to beat the game and write the FAQ. Bear with me.
    V 1.1- December 9, 2001- I started making my FAQ a little more substantial 
    by adding magic use, menus, and battle operations.  Plus I am about halfway 
    through the first map.  Iíll get there eventually.
    V 1.2- December 10, 2001- I finished the first chapter and started the next. 
      I made the guide a little easier to read by defining the sections a little 
    better.  Thanks for the tip from Matt about the non-connection between Alm 
    and Prince Marth.
    V 1.3- December 13, 2001- I finished the second chapter.  I added info on 
    magic and things like that.
    V 1.4- January 3, 2002- Note that this is Fire Emblem 2.  I did half of 
    chapter three.  I also got info on magic and will start a class list soon.  
    Sorry for not updating for a while but I got busy.
    4. Characters:
    Alm- Seeming protagonist of the story.  Blue hair and armor.  Grandson of 
    General Misen.
    General Misen- Old man in purple armor.  He is the grandfather of Alm.
    General Tozeh- First villain you hear of.
    Ruka- Leader of a rebel group against General Tozeh.  Red hair and armor, 
    although during battle, his armor is green.
    Princess Sofia- The person you need to rescue in the first chapter.
    5. Controls
    A Button- confirm, pull up menus, get info on highlighted item.
    B Button- cancel, scroll through characters in battle mode.  Returns cursor 
    to characterís location on world map.
    Start Button- no use
    Select- Pull up menu in battle mode.
    6. Menus and commands
    Move- Move along your current path. Choose direction with d pad.
    Rank- Switch party order.  Press A to highlight a name and press a on the 
    name you ant to change it with.
    Item- Trade items with members of your party and your inventory
    Info- Shows player stats
    Item- Shows how many enemies are left and how many turns you have taken
    Save- Save or erase your game
    7. Battle screens and menus
    To access the battle menu, make sure nothing is highlighted and press A or 
    Roster- Shows level, exp, and a picture of what they look like
    Assault- Your fighters move as close as they can to the enemy or attacks the 
    nearest one.
    Gather- Your fighters move as close together as they can
    Remove- Shows what map you are on and how many turns out of 40 you have 
    taken.  I imagine that it is a draw if you donít finish the battle in 40 
    Quit- My game screws up when I do this. But I think it means run.
    Config- Set options
         Music- on or off
         Animation- on or off
         Wait timer- 1-5
    End Turn- Duh!
    8. Battle Setup:
    You are the blue team, the enemy is red.  You should notice the all-useful 
    cursor on the screen.  You can move and click on an enemy to see his class, 
    level, and hp.  Once you have checked out your enemyís strength, you can 
    start issuing commands to your troops.  Just highlight them and press A.  
    After their stats come up press A again and the cursor will re-appear.  Move 
    the cursor and press A to move to a location.  You can only move so far each 
    turn so learn your limits and adjust your strategy accordingly.  If you 
    click on the square right next to an enemy, an option screen will come up 
    and say fight or end.
    During a battle you go through a pre set number of moves and the fight ends. 
      You get exp based on the amount of damage you inflict.  If you kill your 
    enemy, you get a larger amount of exp.  A little bar appears after each 
    battle and fills up accordingly.  You level up when the bar resets.
    You should notice that usually there are these two by two grids of squares.  
    This is a recovery square.  There you can slowly recover your health.  You 
    can move off at any time and you can only put one person there at a time.  
    If an enemy attacks you while you are on a square, you will still fight back 
    so donít worry.
    You win the battle by killing all of the enemies.
    9. Battle Process:
    After you initiate a battle, or vice versa, you are taken to a black screen. 
      Now you automatically do whatever moves your class entitles you to do.  So 
    even if you are attacked first you can still attack back twice if you do 
    that.  Magic and archers use long range attacks, so if you have a square in 
    between you and your enemy, you can attack and he cannot as long as he does 
    not have a long range attack.  This also is true if your stand diagonally to 
    each other.
    The white bars along the top of the battle menu are the characterís hit 
    points.  Once all of the hit points are gone the character dies.  Once a 
    character is dead THATíS IT!  You cannot revive people.  The three status 
    bars from top to bottom are Accuracy percentage, Attack power, and defense 
    power.  This value change when you are faced against magic or melee battles.
    10. Magic Use:
    Magic is different in this game than in most others.  Instead of costing mp 
    to cast a spell, it costs hp to cast a spell.  There are some spells that do 
    not cost hp though.
    When I put _ space range it means that is the farthest you can be and still 
    cast the spell.  Cast anytime is obvious in meaning.
    Here is my list of magic spells and their casting cost that I know of.
    Recover- 1 hp.  Heals depending on the power of the healer.  One square 
    Ibro- 3 hp.  Heals depending on the power of the healer.  Can heal anyone on 
    the screen.
    Illusion- 12 hp.  Creates about five soldiers.  Expendable but not 
    controllable.  Cast anytime.  The soldiers do not gain experience for anyone 
    Drain- 0 hp.  Drains about 8 hp.  Two square range.
    Fire- 1 hp.  Fire elemental attack.  Decent damage, 2 space range.
    Thunder- 2 hp.  Lightning elemental attack.  Higher damage, 3 space range.
    Excalibur- 3 hp.  Non elemental, powerful.  2 space range.
    Angel- 4 hp.  Holy attack, massive damage especially against undead 
    creatures.  2 space range.
    Aura- 6 hp.  Non elemental but very powerful.  2 space range.
    11. Class Changes:
    Your guess is as good as mine on this one but I do have some good guesses 
    about them.  Three of your starting characters start as villagers.  After 
    they level up a couple of times, a screen will come up after all of the 
    stats are advanced.  It will say the characterís name and some more 
    scribbles.  The translation of my copy only covers dialog.  Anyway, after 
    the screen mentions that you should be able to change your class at these 
    goddess statues.  The first one you come across is in the thievesí shrine.
    When you do class change, however, your level goes back to one.
    12. Walkthrough
    A. Chapter 1: To Sophia
    You start out with Alm pacing back and forth and speaks to Misen.  After 
    Misen speaks walk east to the group of people.  Speak to the man all the way 
    east.  This is Ruka.  He asks you to go talk Misen into joining them.  Misen 
    is in the building north of where you started.  Leave and talk to Ruka 
    again.  This time he is on the left side of the group.  After a brief 
    conversation, Ruka will join you.  Talk to the other people and they will 
    join you as well.  Once everyone joins you, save your game and exit to the 
    Here is what you can expect from your characters.
    Alm is the strongest, toughest and can move the farthest.  Attacks twice per 
    Ruka is as strong as Alm but moves a little less than Alm.  Attacks twice.
    Grey starts at level five and is the strongest of the villagers.  Attacks 
    Bird is pretty weak but still attacks twice.
    Cliff is the weakest and only attacks once.  Soften enemies up for him and 
    let him make a few kills, it should help him some.
    After leaving the village, you automatically enter into a fight.
    There are five level one thieves in this fight.  Nobody has an item.  The 
    recovery square is located on your left.  This battle isnít hard, just 
    select the assault option and you will be fine, in case anyone does get low 
    on hp just have them fall back and go to the recovery square.
    Ok, now that you beat that one. Save and move on to the next fight.
    Take note that your party heals completely between battles.
    This battle contains six level one thieves and a level one archer.  Archers 
    are a pain in the butt.  They can attack from a distance and from a diagonal 
    direction so you can not counterattack them.  Concentrate your attacks on 
    the archer, then the rest of the battle is easy.  The trees slow your 
    progress just to let you know.  Nobody has an item.  There are two recovery 
    squares.  They are located to the left of Almís starting point and on to the 
    north that is covered by an enemy.
    Not too bad, was it?  Save your game and head north to the thief shrine.
    Once inside, walk north and (surprise) you get attacked by thieves.  Five of 
    them in fact.  Nothing to worry about, either attack them one by one or use 
    the assault command.  No recovery squares so watch it.
    Head north to find a girl in the room.  Her name is Silk.  Talk to her and 
    find that she was kidnapped.  She joins your party and guess what?  She 
    knows how to use magic, cool.  There is also a statue to the north.  You 
    should be able to change the class of a couple of the villagers if you want. 
      I say go for it since it is better than the villager class.  Iím no expert 
    on classes but the class changes do seem to be random.  If you can help me 
    out here I would appreciate it.  Also, every time you come back here you get 
    attacked by the thieves again.
    This next battle is tough and the only recovery square is deep within enemy 
    territory.  There are seven level one thieves, one level three thief, a 
    level one archer, and a level 4 mercenary with a leather shield.  The 
    mercenary is really tough to kill so watch it. Silk knows Drain and 
    recovery.  Donít get surrounded.
    Save and head north for yet another fight.
    There are six level one soldiers here.  They arenít too much worry.  The big 
    threat is the archer with the steel bow.  His attack power is high and the 
    steel bow gives him a longer range so donít get in his line of sight.  Also 
    be careful of the narrow passageways since you can only fit one person 
    through at a time.  There are three recovery squares in the fort.
    Now that you bet that group head inside the fort.  Inside you will find 
    another captive.  Her name is Clea and is a knight of Sophieís.  Talk to her 
    and she will join you.  There is a treasure chest containing a thunder 
    sword.  It will equip itself to Alm.
    Save and head to the next battle.
    In this next battle, there are 7 level one soldiers, a level one archer, and 
    a level one knight.  The only recovery square is located in a small fort to 
    the north.  It will take the knight a few turns to get to the battlefield, 
    so use that time to get rid of the archer and a few soldiers.  Soldiers are 
    stronger than thieves.  If you get into trouble fall back to Silk and have 
    her heal you.  I donít suggest having Silk engaging in combat, she doesnít 
    fight well.
    Save and go north for the next battle.  Donít worry, you have almost made it 
    to the liberation HQ!
    This battlefield is pretty large.  There is a narrow river running through 
    the field.  The only enemies are six level one knights, two south of the 
    river and four north.  Knights can cover a lot of ground, so just take 
    notice of that.  There are two recovery squares to the north, but the only 
    way to get there is through a narrow bridge.  One excellent strategy is to 
    quickly kill the two southern knights.  Then surround the bottom of the 
    bridge so that one knight can move one square out below the bridge.  Use 
    your short range fighter to attack them from the sides and use your magic 
    users, Silk, a wizard if you have one, or Alm with the thunder sword to 
    attack diagonally.
    All right, you have made it to Liberation HQ.  Save before you enter then do 
    just that.  A guy at the entrance will yell at you then let you pass, 
    warning you of the monsters (great.)
    The next battle starts when you reach the top of the screen.  Your 
    opposition is 8 zombies and 2 skeletons.  Undead monsters lurking about in a 
    populated headquarters?  Whatever, the zombies are really weak, but they 
    have a lot of hp.  The skeletons are really tough.  They are weaker against 
    magic than physical attacks, use that to your advantage.
    After that, head north and speak with both of these people.  Iím not 
    revealing plot here so just talk to them yourselves.  They both join your 
    group.  Kreb is a knight and Fols is a soldier.  If anyone needs their class 
    to be changed you can do so at the goddess statue.  Head out of the 
    headquarters, but talk to the guy who yelled at you before.  His name is Pay 
    and he is an archer.  Equip Pay with the steel bow you got earlier and he 
    will be all set.
    This next battle has a ton of enemies so listen up.  There are six knights, 
    five archers, two soldiers, a paladin, a wizard, one armor class, and the 
    Baron who yelled a you when you entered the battle.  Everyone is level one 
    but the Baron has a dragon shield.  His power is 22, his defense is 31, and 
    his magic defense is 20.
    As for basic strategies, they wonít come after you so you must attack them.  
    Also on of the doors to the castle are closed, you canít open it so you only 
    have one place to enter.  Have your team gather first and then make your 
    move.  Have Pay snipe out some of the archers and have the rest of your 
    party advance.  Clea can also fly over the walls and help with that nest of 
    enemies.  Remember that Baron I warned you about?  He will run away if you 
    kill his paladin.  Just remember to use long range attacks on the paladin 
    and you will be fine.
    If you made it through, good!  If not, try again.  Save and enter the 
    Inside you will find many grateful people and a treasure chest east of the 
    entrance.  Inside is a knights lance, it will equip itself to Ruka.  On the 
    other side is an already opened treasure chest.  Go up the stairs to the 
    east and youíll find that Misen is already there.  Talk to him and 
    afterwards a save screen will come up.  Congratulations.  You have beaten 
    the first chapter!
    B. Chapter 2- To Titt
    Yeah, I know it looks perverse but thatís what it says.
    Now you start off with a new character.  Her name is Celica, a priest.  Talk 
    to the three ladies ahead of you.  The middle one is Boey, a wizard.  The 
    one on the left is Jeni, a sister, (Similar to Silk.)  The one on the right 
    is a witch, May.  Boey and Celica know fire and May knows both fire and 
    thunder.  Jeni knows Drain and recover.
    After you acquire your party leave by going north.
    Once you leave, you automatically go into battle.  This battle just has 
    seven zombies.  Nothing too big, just make sure Jeni doesnít get her butt 
    kicked, Sisters are not good fighters.
    Once this battle is completed save and head to the town of Nowhere.  Iím not 
    making this up here.
    The town is not large.  Go into the tavern and you see a guy drinking at the 
    bar.  Talk to him and he joins.  Sevr is a mercenary.  After that, hop onto 
    the boat and set sail.
    Once you get on the boat you start your next battle automatically.  You are 
    back to your basic thieves again.  Seven of them in fact.  You have a 
    recovery square on your ship, make good use of it.  There is only one path 
    between the boats, use the strategy that you used before about surrounding 
    the path.  I suggest having Boey, the wizard, attack from the side since she 
    has a higher defense than May.  The thieves will go after Celica so make 
    sure you send Jeni out to heal her.
    I think you have figured out what to do next.
    You have some tougher enemies here.  First you have your basic seven level 
    one thieves and an archer.  However, the two people hoddled up in the corner 
    of the boat are much stronger.  The level three thief is not that much 
    stronger but the person to worry about is the level four mercenary with the 
    leather shield.  Use long range attacks on the mercenary.  Jeniís drain 
    attack seems particularly effective on the mercenary, be careful since she 
    canít take a lot of abuse.  You cannot blockade the bridge in time to stop 
    their advance.
    I equipped the shield to Jeni to make her a little tougher.  Next comes a 
    land battle and a fortress to contend with.
    Looks like you are going to get some help with this one.  Once you enter the 
    battlefield, a rather large man says something to you and he and two others 
    will help you in your effort to take the fort.  Baro, (the big guy) is an 
    armor class, Cami is a mercenary, and Leo is an ever important archer.  You 
    canít control them though.  Any help is a good thing since there are 13, 
    count Ďem, 13 thieves on this stage.  The seven closest to the boat are 
    level one, all the rest are level five except for the notorious pirate 
    leader, Dach.  He is level ten, however, his stats are not much greater than 
    the level one thieves.  Magic attacks are still as effective as ever.  One 
    good strategy is to move your people up the right side.  This draws the fire 
    from the other three since they canít heal themselves.
    After the battle enter the pirate fortress.  Once you are inside whoever 
    survived from the battle will join your group.  The treasure box has a steel 
    sword inside.  It will equip itself to Celica.
    You have got your work cut out for you on this one.  Itís only one person 
    but she is tough.  She can create zombies, A LOT OF ZOMBIES!  She will not 
    move from the recovery square she starts on.  I beat her by coming from the 
    side of her.  The thunder spells work okay, but if you actually get close 
    enough to fight her do that.  Apparently she will only cast her spell once 
    against attackers but you will get two chances to get her.  Give her 
    everything you have got but be aware of the zombies, they can finish you off 
    if you are weak.  Healing is crucial so make sure Jeni can be gotten to.  
    The zombies will disappear when she is killed.
    *Whew!*  If you managed to not have anyone killed, then good.  Save and move 
    on.  Make sure you go north because you will get your butt kicked so fast if 
    you fight the dragon zombie now.
    Okay, this one is not tough.  It is just a compliment of four level one 
    thieves, two level one archers, and four mercenaries.  Three are level one 
    but one is level four.  Donít worry though, he does not have a shield.  Just 
    block the bridge between the ships and let them come to you.  See if you can 
    get some of your magic users up a level.  They should be learning new spells 
    pretty soon.
    After brushing those guys away.  Sail to the next boat.
    This boat holds seven level one wizards.  Susceptible to physical attacks 
    but strong magic users.  There is not too much strategy involved here.  Just 
    attack and fall back when your hp gets low.  Jeni has a very high magic 
    defense so you can put her up front.
    This is just a little checkup.  Is Celica level five yet?  If not, go to the 
    Thieves Shrine and fight the thieves until she is level five.  At level five 
    she will learn Angel.  This is a very powerful attack which works great on 
    the undead.  Especially the dragon zombie in the Sea Shrine.  Hint, hint.
    Now that you have taken my advice and gone to the Sea Shrine, this is what 
    you have to do.  This is a tough battle since Celica will not last long 
    against the dragon.  Make sure she has the leather shield equipped before 
    you head out.  Now have Celica move out and have Jeni right behind her.  The 
    dragon will come to you.  Now you have to hope for some luck since Celica 
    needs to dodge a few attacks before she can cast twice.  Have Jeni heal 
    Celica, and have Celica use angel magic on the dragon.  And thatís that, 
    good luck.  I took me a few tries but donít worry.
    Did you beat the dragon?  Good, SAVE and enter the Sea Shrine.
    Inside you find a large group of undead monsters.  There are eight zombies 
    and two skeletons.  Make sure you drop the skeletons before they cause you 
    undue trouble.
    After beating that group, go north through the graves.  Go north past the 
    statue and initiate another battle.
    In this battle there are three zombies, five skeletons, and two gargoyles.  
    This one is hard since the skeletons and the gargoyles are pretty powerful.  
    The zombies are not much threat but they can finish off a real weak 
    character is they attack first.  Have Jeni drain off of the zombies and keep 
    her healing others.  I put the Holy pendant on May so she can recover some 
    hit points between rounds.  She is still pretty vulnerable though.
    Make it through this one and you can claim your hard earned prize: the Holy 
    Sword.  Make sure it gets equipped to someone who actually uses a sword.  
    After that leave the shrine.  Keep going on until you get to Sophia Castle.  
    Once inside talk to Misen.  He is up next to the stairs in the northwest 
    corner.  After that talk to Alm who is waiting there.  They talk and you can 
    save your game and start chapter three.
    C. Chapter 3: To ???
    The question marks are there since the name is not in English.
    All right, you are now in control of Alm again.  Go downstairs and an 
    earthquake hits.  A man frantically talks to you then leaves, you should 
    too.  Now both Almís party and Celicaís party can be controlled.
    Since they are separated I will do one party at a time.
    You have a whole lot of adversaries on this level.  There are fourteen level 
    five thieves along with, two level five mercenaries, a level five archer, 
    and Gaha, a level ten thief.  Donít panic because the two people you met in 
    town where Celica went just before you went to the castle come to help.  And 
    help they do.  Both of them are Pegasus knights.  Pala is the one on top, 
    she is level eight and the one beneath her, Catu is level five.  Of course, 
    you canít control them, but you can heal them.
    Now, note that your party is split into two groups, one is in the lower left 
    and the other is on a small island in the middle.  You can leave the island 
    but they are surrounded to begin with.  First off, try to surround the 
    bridges that are north of both parties.  Also see if Boey can successfully 
    cast thunder on the boss thief.  The Pegasus knights will help relieve the 
    northern party so donít worry about May too much.  Make sure Jeni heals the 
    southern party, the archer and the boss thief will cause you some headaches 
    if you donít.  It will be tricky to have everyone alive in this one, make 
    sure Jeni drains a thief every now and then to keep her hp up.
    If you did this congratulate yourself and go to the city to pick up your two 
    new recruits.  You should know who they are.
    Now go north to the mountain graveyard.  There you will be ambushed, (big 
    surprise), by ten level five skeletons.  Their defense and offense are high 
    but their magic defense is practically non-existent.  Also they are weak 
    against angel magic.  Keep that in mind.  Keep everyone healed and it might 
    be worth it to cast illusion just so the skeletons have more people to slash 
    through before they can get to you.
    Save after you beat them and go into the Mountain Village.  In the village 
    the man standing north of the houses in the village will join you.  Atla is 
    a level ten villager.  His attack is high but his defense is only moderate.
    Once you leave the village you will be attacked in the graveyard again.  
    This time it is only a few zombies so donít worry.  This is a good 
    opportunity to get some of your weaker characters a chance to level up.  
    Also there might be a few mummies in the mix.  They are not any stronger 
    than the zombies but they give you a lot of experience.  By now that 
    creature that moved around by itself should be right on top of you by now.
    The fight involves one of those zombie creators.  The only thing is that it 
    does not create zombies.  Hmmm.  Just attack it like crazy since it is not 
    any stronger than the last one you fought.  Strangely enough Atla disappears 
    for that battle.  Might be a glitch.
    At this point you have a choice of going north or east.  The battle to the 
    north is hard so you should probably go east into the desert.  If you decide 
    to go north I will make a little bold mark for you later on.
    The battle to the east has a lot of enemies.  There are two wizards, four 
    mercenaries, and nine archers.  They are all level one.  The guy you have to 
    worry about is Wolf the sniper.  He has a steel bow and his attack power is 
    16.  Thatís enough to get an armor shaking in his boots.  A big problem with 
    the desert is that you can only move one space at a time through the sand.  
    By the time you make it up there the archers will have kicked your butt.  
    Also, since Wolf can cause 16 damage to a character you had better hope that 
    he misses a lot, (which he does.)  This is really the time for your Pegasus 
    knights to shine since the sand wont slow them down.
    Save and go into the desert fortress.  The mercenary Jesi is being held 
    there.  He will give you some important information.  Pick up the steel 
    lance while you are there too and then leave.
    At this point you have a choice of going north or south.  South leads you to 
    a lot of witches.  The north leads you to a whole bunch of mercenaries.  The 
    choice is up to you.  I suggest leaving the witches alone since you get a 
    powerful wizard if you do.
    If you went north, read on.  If you went south go to the next paragraph.  
    Okay, in this round you are up against nine level five mercenaries and a 
    level five sword master.  The sword master is the boss and the toughest one 
    there so be wary of him.  Mercenaries have practically non-existent magic 
    defense.  The sword master is very strong but his defense is manageable.  
    Palaís attack works well and she can survive a set of his attacks assuming 
    she is at full HP.  Magic is also effective.  Make sure you use the sand to 
    your advantage since you canít move fast through the sand.  After the battle 
    the witch on the bottom of the screen will run into the fortress at the 
    If you went south read this paragraph.  All of the enemies on this map are 
    witches.  All but the boss are level one and know fire.  The boss, Ean, is 
    level five and knows Excalibur.  Catu has a high magic defense and high 
    mobility despite the sand.  Pala is also excellent here.  Be careful since 
    the witches can TELEPORT with no penalty to their movement or attacks.  They 
    can gang up and kill a member of your party very easily.  Catu is speedy and 
    with the magic defense she can take some hits from Ean and hopefully can 
    drain her to a point until she cannot cast anymore.  Excalibur costs three 
    hp.  After the battle the sword master runs into the castle.
    After either battle, save and go into Fort Geeth.  This fort practically 
    holds an army.  There are two level one sword masters, one of which is in 
    the recovery square to the right of your starting point.  Two level five 
    mercenaries and thieves.  Three level one wizards and a level five wizard.  
    Two level one snipers and a level five sniper.  Three level one witches.  A 
    sham and the boss.  While nobody is very powerful (except the boss), they 
    have strength in numbers.  Your priorities should be the center and right 
    snipers, the sword master to the east and the witches that pop by for a 
    visit first.  Then deal with the mercenaries, thieves, or skeletons that 
    come by.  Work your way up to the central wizard and have your armor class, 
    Baro, beat up on the boss.  Make sure you kill the shaman as fast as you can 
    since the skeletons can overwhelm you quickly.  Once the sham is killed all 
    of the skeletons will disappear.  Finish off the sniper and the wizard to 
    the west and you will be all set.  There are plenty of places to heal so 
    make sure you use them.
    Now that you have finally made it through the desert enter Fort Geeth.  
    Inside the fort you will find the boss of the group you decided not to 
    attack.  In the left cell is the Pegasus knightsí sister.  She will join 
    you.  The girl in the middle knows Celica and tells her about her mother.  
    After the conversation, she will give Celica a circlet.  This will change 
    Celicaís class from a priest to a royal.  Once everyone has joined exit and 
    go all the way back to the west.  You will also get attacked by the zombies 
    again as you go through the graveyard.  Brush them away and go north to yet 
    another battle.
    If you went north earlier
    The battle has three level five mercenaries, a level one witch, and the boss 
    is a level one sword master.  The regular enemies are easy, just far away.  
    The boss has a dark sword which gives him a power of 24!  What you can do is 
    move everyone to the east and kill the weaker enemies.  Then gather everyone 
    and have Jeni cast illusion.  After all of the soldiers come out have Baro 
    follow them and let them all attack the sword master.  You should be able to 
    finish off the sword master without any casualties.
    By this time you may be attacked by a paladin coming from the temple up 
    north.  This is just three level one paladins.  While they are pretty 
    strong, they are not god-like at this point.  These guys arenít too tough 
    just make sure they donít gang up on anybody weak.
    Now, enter the Dragon Temple, (kind of ominous, donít you think?)  This is a 
    good name for the temple since you attacked by three dragon zombies in 
    there.  They are still strong but you are stronger than before.  The trick 
    is to take them out quick.  Angel magic is a must, any long range attack is 
    good, and they still wonít be able to touch Baro.  Try to pull a few shots 
    off at them with your long range people.  Then as they move closer send 
    everything you have got at them, (while keeping you distance.)  If your 
    lucky you can beat this without losing anyone.  This is good since you can 
    probably class change a whole lot of people by now.
    Leave and save and go north to the Mira Temple.  This battle has seven level 
    one wizards, two level one snipers, and the boss is a level five shaman.  
    This shaman creates gargoyles.  This will be a big problem if you donít take 
    care of him fast.  If you get one of your Pegasus knights on the inside of 
    the door, she can open it and you can attack the shaman quicker.
    Once you complete this battle, you can finally go inside the Mira Temple.  
    You wonít be able to do much so just leave her alone.
    Almís quest
    Hey, itís Alm.  Remember him?  Now you control him.  So take him up north to 
    his first battle.
    The regular enemies are four knights, four soldiers, two archers, two 
    armors, a wizard and a witch.  The ďbossĒ of this level is a level five 
    armor up in the corner.  Like all armors, he has virtually no magic defense. 
      The key thing here is to get as many people as you can before the boss 
    armor, Zack, can finally reach you.  Set up your magic users and hit him 
    with all of the magic you have.
    You that you beat that, save and enter Sofia Woods.  Here you find a horde 
    of wizards there.  Six of them are level one and the last on is level three. 
      Just send up some people with decent magic defense and you will be fine.  
    Donít forget about the recovery square that is near where you start.
    Save and move on.  This battle is just against three paladins.  This isnít 
    too bad just make sure anybody who falls low in hp falls back.
    Now enter the village.  Talk to everybody and a wizard named Ryu will join 
    you.  What is it with people named Ken and Ryu in video games?  Oh well, 
    exit and save.
    This battle has a level five wizard, a level one shaman, four level one 
    armors, and three level one archers.  The shaman generates zombies so he is 
    not much of a factor.  Use Almís thunder sword to get the baron.  Everything 
    else should be straight forward.
    Once you beat that, enter Tozeh Fort.  Donít forget to save though.  Inside 
    the fort you get to recruit the paladin that was helping you before.  Also 
    the treasure chest holds the royal sword.  Save again and go north to the 
    next battle.

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