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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 2.3 10/23/07
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     |*|#########||    ----==== FIRE EMBLEM ====----       /'
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    Fire Emblem Gaiden (Fire Emblem 2) Walkthrough
    by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2007
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Story
    003.  Characters
    004.  Walkthrough
      004a. Chapter One-To Sofia
      004b. Chapter Two-To Titt
      004c. Chapter Three-To Mira's Shrine 
      004d. Chapter Four-To Rudolf
      004e. Chapter Five-To Doma
    005.  Fighting
    006.  Enemies
    007.  Class Changing
    008.  Magic
    009.  Items
    010.  Lion Heads
    011.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the Nintendo Entertainment System
    (NES) game called Fire Emblem Gaiden.  It's a Japanese game,
    and you can tell that's it's the sequel to a game called
    Fire Emblem (you can tell this by the word "Gaiden" at the
    end of the title).  I've never played Fire Emblem 1.
    You can contact me at my incredibly long e-mail address,
    ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject blank
    if you do so I know that it's not junk mail.  Or you could
    make the subject something like "Fire Emblem Gaiden" so I
    know it's about this guide.  If you want to use this guide
    for something, please ask first.
    Thanks to Ancient Anguish for providing me with the cool
    sword picture to put at the top of this guide.
    Thanks to Chicobo329 for letting me know about the steel
    bow, GP, traingle attack.
    Thanks to Artemis251 for the translation on leveling-up
    Thanks to Nathan AKA AnalogMoz (analogmoz@elitemail.org)
    for the info on the dragon shine lion heads and a solution
    to the Ragnarok bug.
    Thanks to Swift Finch for letting me know about a typo.
    Thanks to OOOOOO
    Well, I don't know the story, so I'm gonna make one up.
    Far away from here, there is a beautiful land named Valencia.
    While it was being formed, Valencia was split up into three
    kingdoms, Rigel, Sofia, and Mira.
    Mira is actually not much of a land, more like a city.  A
    good way to explain it is to think of the Vatican.  Vatican
    City is a city inside Italy, but it technically is its own
    country.  Mira is just like that, including the religious
    implication.  Mira herself is a priestess/goddess.  She has
    a big religious following, and people flock to her shrine
    to pray for good harvests and things like that.
    Now, Sofia and Rigel are rivals, so Mira built a river to
    separate the two of them.  The river separates them, Rigel
    on north, Sofia on south.  In order to get rid of the
    river, the two countries would have to cooperate (Sofia can
    only get rid of the river at Mira's shrine in the east, and
    Rigel can only get rid of it at the west, and only when
    both of them do it at the same time will the river truly be
    Most unfortunately, harsh times have befallen both Sofia
    and Rigel.  The eastern part of Sofia has been taken over
    by Geeth, a master thief.  Geeth has a lot of power and is
    also a kidnapper.  Not that he is only attacking Sofia, he
    has basically taken over the eastern half of Valencia,
    which means he has power in a good part of both Sofia and
    Rigel.  Due to the river, he cannot control both parts, so
    Geeth focuses on the south.
    Rigel, most unfortunately, has undergone civil war, and is
    weak from it.  Rigel is becoming quite desperate, and
    Emperor Rudolf is getting edgy.  Perhaps a bit too edgy...
    The game starts here.
    (In alphabetical order)
    Albyne Alm Rudolf: Alm's official name.  Somewhat like how
    Anteze is Celica's official name.  See Alm.
    Alm: The hero of the game.  He is just a villager, but
    manages to lead a liberation effort and he saves Sofia!
    Way to go, Alm!
    Anteze: Princess of Sofia, who hasn't been seen for years.
    She is later revealed to be Celica.
    Atla: A villager whose brother and sister were kidnapped
    by Geeth.  He joins Celica's party to get revenge.
    Balbo: An unknown person who Baro's party talks about, so
    Balbo might just be a nickname for Baro.  No one knows.
    Baro: An armor who led a party of three in a fight against
    Dahha, a pirate boss.  Celica's party lands in the middle
    of their fight, so Baro's party and Celica's party
    instantly unite to beat Dahha.  When the battle ends, his
    party joins Celica's.
    Berle: A magic knight who shows up in the final fight.
    Bird: A person who lives in Alm's village.  He joins Alm
    in the fight to save Sofia.
    Boey: A wizard who joins Celica's party to "protect the
    ladies".  He seems to have a high opinion of himself, which
    is weird because he's not that powerful.
    Cami: A member of Baro's party.
    Catu: A Pegasus Knight.  Sister of Pala and Est.  After Est
    is kidnapped, Pala and Catu go searching for her.  They
    unwillingly hook up with Celica's party to pursue their
    Celica: The heroine of the game.  She has red hair and is
    a warrior priestess.  She is the last of the Sofia royalty.
    She also happens to worship Mira.  She and Alm knew each
    other when they were younger.
    Chuam: A strong wizard who leads the party that Celica
    fights just before Judah's party.
    Clea: A knight who rides a flying horse.  She was held
    captive in a southern Sofia fort.  She joins Alm's party in
    thanks for saving her.  Her brother, Cleve, is the head of
    the rebellion.
    Cleve: First introduced as Cleve, but is always called Cleb
    from then on.  He is Clea's brother.  He was head of the
    liberation effort, but gives the job onto Alm.
    Cleb: See Cleve.
    Cliff: A person in Alm's village.  He joins the liberation
    effort, despite being a terrible fighter.
    Dach: See Dahha.
    Dahha: A pirate boss.  He controls a minor base of
    operations at the sea.  Baro's party went out to get some
    revenge on him.
    Dean: One of Geeth's big henchmen.  He joins your party if
    you kill Soni and her witch friends.
    Dolk: Shaman who protects the entrance to the lost woods.
    Doma: A bad guy who was sent to capture Mira.  He succeeded,
    but is much, much worse than anyone expected, including the
    person who sent him to capture Mira.
    Drak: Person who can summon the Dragon of Death.  Most
    likely Drak is Doma.
    Doz(z)eh: See Tozeh.
    Dyute: Girl who was controlled by the sorceress Tartara.
    Sister of Ryu.  If Tartara is killed before Dyute, she
    joins Alm's party.  However, this is hard to do because
    Tartara makes her attack Alm's party.
    Est: Sister of Pala and Catu.  She was kidnapped by Geeth,
    so Pala and Catu go looking for her.  When she is finally
    rescued, she joins Celica's party.
    Fols: A knight in the liberation camp headquarters.  He
    joins Alm's party.
    Gaha: A thief, who leads the party Celica fights first in
    Chapter 3.
    Gane: A wizard who shows up in the final battle, when he is
    too weak to affect the fight.
    Garci: Shaman who is the leader of the enemies Celica
    fights first in chapter four.
    Gazel: Leader of a group of archers.
    Grey: The third person in Alm's village who joins the
    liberation effort (Bird and Cliff are the other two
    villagers who join).
    Geeth: Evil thief who has taken over a big part of Sofia
    and Rigel.  He has two henchmen, Soni and Dean.  They hate
    Geeth, but are equally powerful, so they won't rebel
    against him.
    Girl: A girl who was held captive in a southern Geeth fort
    tells Celica about her mother and her mysterious past.  She
    gives Celica something...
    Hades: A pink (ooh, how scary) knight that shows up in the
    final battle.
    Hark: A sage who uses his magical sage powers to turn Alm
    into Hero Alm.
    Hes: A witch who hangs out with Magnu.  She looks a lot
    like Soni, which is a strange coincidence because Soni and
    Hes are both witches.  She reappears in the final fight.
    Hul: See Hark.
    Jeni: A sister who joins Celica's party.  She has a modest
    opinion of her skills, saying she can only heal "little"
    Jerome: A general of Rigel.  He works with Zeke to help
    stop Sofians.
    Jesi: A man who was trying to save Est.  He was captured.
    When Celica's party rescues him, he comes up with a plan
    to beat Geeth.
    Judah: He guards entrance to Doma's tower.  He is pretty
    much Doma's right hand man.  He is in the final fight.
    Leo: An archer who is a member of Baro's party.
    Loso: A paladin who leads the fight right after the Tozeh
    fortress fight.
    Magnu: A baron who leads a party against Alm in chapter
    Mar: She is just like Hes (they look the same).  They show
    up in the final battle.
    Math: See Menah.
    Matil: A paladin who was being held at Tozeh's fort.  If
    Alm captures the fort, she is freed and joins Alm's party.
    May: A female wizard that joins Celica's party.  She boasts
    about her ability to use thunder, and she doesn't like Boey
    all that much.
    Menah: General of the Rigel Elite army.  His dialogue is
    Mika: Shaman whose party prevents you from entering Mira's
    Mira: A goddess.  If something bad happens to her, bad
    things will happen...and when the game starts, something
    bad has already happened to her.
    Misen: Wise and famous former-general of Sofia.  He is the
    grandfather of Alm and Celica.  He protects the Queen from
    Tozeh's attack, and also has dealings with the last
    surviving person of Sofia royalty...
    Mular: An archer who leads a fight against Alm in chapter
    Norm(a): A sage.  He lives on an island off of Sofia.
    Misen sent Celica to him to protect her, and Norm watched
    over her ever since.  He secretly follows her throughout
    her adventures.  If Celica can find him while he is
    watching her, he'll join her party.
    Nuibaba: A wizard who kidnapped Tita to get revenge on
    Pala: A Pegasus Knight.  Sister of Catu and Est.  After Est
    is kidnapped, Pala and Catu go searching for her.  They
    unwillingly hook up with Celica's party to pursue their
    Pay: Archer who guards the liberation camp headquarters,
    and who (stupidly) tells you that you are at the liberation
    headquarters (what if you were a spy for Tozeh?).  He joins
    your party.
    Queen of Sofia: Misen took her away so she wouldn't get
    hurt when Tozeh took over (he killed all the royalty he
    could find).  When Tozeh is kicked out of Sofia, she
    doesn't return.
    Ripurel: Celica's mother.  She was a sister of Mira, and
    was made Queen.  She didn't like being Queen, and died from
    illness.  A tragic tale.
    Rudolf: Emperor of Rigel kingdom.  Celica thinks he cannot
    be as bad as people say. 
    Ruka: A member of the resistance to Tozeh's rule of Sofia.
    He comes to ask Misen for help, but does not get it, so he
    instead recruits Alm.
    Ryu: A wizard.  His sister, who he calls Dute (her real
    name is Dyute) is being controlled by an evil sorceress.
    He joins Alm's party in an attempt to save her.
    Saizo: Leader of a group of enemies, right beyond Shiza.
    Sevr: An unemployed mercenary who likes drinking.  He is a
    rough person, since he has an eyepatch, likes to drink, and
    yells at people.  Celica employs him to protect her.
    Shek: (See Zeke).
    Shell: A magic knight who shows up in the final fight.
    Shiza: Leader of the paladin group Alm fights first in
    chapter four.
    Silk: A sister of Mira.  She was captured by thieves, and
    joins Alm's party after she is rescued.
    Soni: One of Geeth's mean henchmen.  She joins your party
    if you kill off Dean and his mercenary friends. 
    Sreida: Tozeh's master guard.  A paladin.
    Tartara: Sorceress who is controlling Dyute.  She makes
    Tartara fight Alm's party, which presents a difficulty,
    as Alm's party wants to save Dyute, not kill her.  If
    Tartara is killed before Dyute is, Dyute will go back to
    normal, and then joins Alm's party.
    Teeta: (see Tita)
    Tita: Zeke's girlfriend.  She is held hostage by Nuibaba.
    She joins Alm's party when saved.
    Tozeh: Big bad guy who took over Sofia castle, and killed
    all of the royalty there.
    Wolf: A sniper who wields a steely bow.
    Zack: An armor, who leads the first battle against Alm in
    chapter 3.  There isn't much point in him having a name.
    Zeke: A general of Regal kingdom.  He is hostile to Alm,
    but if Alm saves his girlfriend first, Zeke joins their
    party.  He is accredited with saving Celica's party at the
    beginning of chapter 3.  I don't think this is accurate.
    When starting the game, if you hold start and select, you
    can choose easy mode, rather than normal mode.  In easy
    mode, EXP gain is twice as much as normal.  This is very,
    very good, as it makes the worst parts of the game go
    faster.  This guide is written for the normal mode, but I
    recommend doing the easy mode.
    Easy mode has a bunch of perks, like hidden items (certain
    enemies who are itemless in normal mode have items in easy
    004a-Chapter One-To Sofia
    Alm is pacing back and forth.  Misen, now an old man, tells
    Alm, "Alm, rest.  Your sword practice is over, go and play.
    Don't leave the village, bandits have been around." 
    Walk Alm right.  Woah, a stranger has appeared in town!  He
    wants to talk to you?  Better see what he has to say...
    It's someone named Ruka.  Ruka says that someone named
    General Tozeh has taken over Sofia, but Tozeh is quite
    ruthless, and a liberation is forming.  Misen used to be
    a general, so Ruka wants to know if Misen well help. 
    Well, looks like you'll have to ask Misen if he wants to
    help the fight.  Go left (Misen walked inside while you
    were talking with Ruka) and talk to him.
    Misen makes sure Alm knows his answer is definitely not.
    Alm decides to fight in his grandfather's (Misen's) place,
    and he joins up with Ruka.
    Before leaving town for the liberation army camp site, talk
    to the three villagers there.  All of them, Cliff, Bird,
    and Grey, join up with Alm and Ruka.  So now there are five
    people going together to join the cause to save Sofia.
    Exit by going through the gates on the right hand side.
    Unfortunately, it appears evil has taken a really strong
    grip on Sofia, and before your party can really go anywhere,
    they get attacked by thieves.
    Battle One
    Hey, go down and read the fighting section before going to
    Move Alm as far right as possible, and have him fight the
    thief there.  Move the rest of your guys to the right.  Alm
    does about 16 damage to an enemy in one fight, and so does
    Ruka.  Grey does 14 damage, Bird does 10, and Cliff does
    Cliff is really lame.  You'll want to get him some experience
    fast.  Let him kill thieves that have been damaged by the
    other characters.  For example, let Grey and Bird both fight
    a thief, (since the thieves have 26 HP, this will leave the
    thief with 2 HP), and let Cliff deliver the final blow.
    This works because a character gets about 30 EXP for each
    kill, compared to the 5 or so they get in a fight where
    the enemy lives.
    The enemies will attack Alm because he's the main character
    (if Alm dies, the whole mission will fail and the game ends)
    and because he is the strongest.  Alm will live through
    the fight, but not kill any enemies, just damage them (if
    Alm pulls a special move, which your characters do randomly,
    he will kill an enemy).
    Send in the other characters to help Alm (let Cliff hang
    back).  Kill as many enemies as possible, but make sure to
    let at least one live, so Cliff can get him.
    Once the battle is over, you go back to the map.  You can
    go back left into the town (hey, Misen disappeared...that's
    unexpected), but eventually you'll have to go into another
    battle.  Save before you do.
    Battle Two
    Well, this battle isn't hard, but the main problem is that
    stupid archer.  Send Ruka after the archer.  Bring the other
    members of your party closer together (don't do a gather,
    because Alm doesn't move if you do one of them).  End your
    The enemies attack, except for the archer.  Send Cliff
    downwards away from the fight, and do a mass assault.  On
    your next turn, do another mass assault.
    From there, this battle is simple.  If anyone is seriously
    injured, send them southwest to the healing space there.
    You might want to consider bringing Cliff up to get a kill.
    Whatever you do, finish off the enemies to end the battle.
    It's not hard (the fourth battle is where things become
    After the battle, save and move north into the thief's
    shrine.  Go north one screen into...
    Battle Three
    Wow, the programmers really DIDN'T make this hard.  Five
    thieves, that's all?  Just like the...FIRST BATTLE?
    On your first move, move Cliff to the spot where he's at,
    and do a mass assault.  Do a mass assault on your next move
    (let Cliff move this time).  
    On the next move there shouldn't be more than three enemies
    still there.  Let Bird, Grey, and Cliff finish them off,
    for reasons soon to become clear.
    After the battle, go north into the main room of the shrine.
    There are two lion heads there. The lion heads help boost
    stats and bring people back from the dead, and you can read
    more about them in the "lion head" section.
    Talk to the young lady here.  She says, "I'm Silk, a sister
    of Mira.  I was taken by a group of bandits.  Please, take
    me from here."  Note that by sister, she means she is a
    religious follower of Mira, not a blood relative.
    So Silk joins up with your party.  She deals in magic,
    both white and black magic.  She uses black magic to steal
    enemy HP and give them to herself, and she uses white magic
    to give HP to other characters (it takes up her HP to do so,
    though).  Very useful, but it turns out her healing powers
    are better than her stealing powers.
    Walk up to the angel.  If anyone can class change, they
    will do so.  Check the class changing section for more
    Okay, for reasons I'll explain after battle five, don't
    class change any of your characters.  Trust me on this
    Once this is done, leave the shrine and save.  Now enter
    it again.  Repeat battle three and get Silk some experience,
    as well as experience for the other party members.  I
    recommend doing battle three exactly four times.  You'll
    want all of your characters level 3 or higher (besides
    Whenever you think you're ready, save your game and move
    east to the surprisingly difficult...
    Battle Four
    Oh my!  You have a new enemy, a magic knight, who is as hard
    as...heck...to beat.  You've got an archer (not much of a
    problem), and eight thieves (one of them is a level 3 thief,
    so you'll want to kill it first.
    You'll notice Alm starts up directly below the magic knight.
    Send him up as far as he can go (not far as it is difficult
    to travel through rock).  Send Silk after Alm.  Send your
    other characters right and end your turn.
    The magic knight will come after Alm.  Bring Alm and Silk
    closer to the knight once more.  Send your other characters
    after the enemies, preferably with a mass assault.  Over
    the rest of the turns, have your four guys here take care
    of all of the enemies.
    The magic knight, in the meantime, will attack Alm.  Have
    Alm attack back, and have Silk heal Alm.  Don't continue
    bringing Alm up; keep Alm down there and let the magic
    knight attack you (this way a badly injured character can
    run to Silk for healing).
    Continue having Alm attack the magic knight and having Silk
    heal Alm (she can also try to steal HP from the magic
    knight if you want).
    The magic knight eventually retreats so follow and kill the
    coward.  After that, the battle is merely a matter of killing
    any stragglers, and then you're done.
    On the map screen, go to the items menu.  Give Alm's leather
    shield (he got it from the corpse of the magic knight) to
    Silk, which raises her pitiful defense level.  Save and go on
    to the next battle.
    Battle Five
    The enemies are located in three areas, let's call them
    the left, middle, and right areas.
    The middle area has the most enemies, so you'll want to
    concentrate your attack there.  Move all of your characters
    so they are below the middle part, except for Alm (send him
    On your next turns, send Alm up the right side and have him
    kill the rcn (strange name for an enemy...) and archer
    there.  I'd give Alm a head start on this before sending
    the rest of your party north to the middle section.
    So basically, you want to have Alm clear the right section,
    and have you other characters deal with any rcns that come
    looking for you.  When this is done, Alm and the rest of
    your party is not in good shape.
    I'd suggest ending your turn, again and again and again.
    Keep on ending turns without doing anything.  The enemies
    don't come for you, so eventually you'll use up all your
    turns and be forced to retreat.  (The retreat option pops
    up in this fight, so that can be used to make the retreat
    Then, by the next time you come, the archer and some of
    the enemies won't be there.  You can go off and finish
    the remaining enemies in a much easier fashion.
    Once the battle's over and you're on the map, go to items
    and give the bow Alm got from the archer to somebody else,
    like Cliff.  Move right, and you enter a castle.
    Talk to the person inside.  She's Clea, and she joins your
    party.  Her brother is the head of the rebellion.  She is
    1a bad fighter.
    Open the chest in the castle.  Inside a thunder sword,
    which Alm will equip, which makes him an even better
    fighter than before.  He can attack from a distance with
    this sword (the distance is one square, so he can attack as
    long as he is one square away from a fight with an enemy,
    which leaves you 12 possible places to attack one enemy
    Wait a second!  After battle three I said I'd have a reason
    for you not making your characters class change.  When you
    class change a character, they become more powerful.  Here's
    the thing: if I upgrade a level 10 character, the result
    will be much more powerful than if I upgrade a level 4
    character.  So I want your characters to be about as
    powerful as they can be before they upgrade.
    Go back to battle 3.  Send Alm up, and have him fight the
    thieves by himself.  Go back into battle 3 and do this
    again and again to get Alm experience.  We want to get him
    so much EXP that killing thieves becomes a pointless way
    of getting EXP (eventually you get 1 EXP from killing a
    thief).  For Alm, this point is level 9 (technically it's
    past level 9, but let's ignore that since Alm won't be
    able to upgrade for quite some time), so get him to level
    9, and then save your game.
    Now you want to do the same from Ruka.  Get Ruka to level
    20, when he maxes out (strangely, for Ruka, the experience
    he gains from killing thieves stays at a constant 5 EXP
    per kill rather than going down, like with other
    characters).  I know it takes a long time, but it's either
    play the game or give up and play with your rubber snake.
    NOTE: Due to various complaints from the RSA (Rubber Snake
    Association), I would like to say that my previous comment
    in no way shows any dislike for rubber snakes.  Thank you.
    Once Ruka is level 20, it becomes impossible for him to
    get any more EXP.  That's what I mean by being maxed out,
    in case there was any confusion.  Save the game. 
    Now onto Silk.  She can't exactly handle five thieves at
    once, so send her up with Grey.  The Grey/Silk combo works
    well for getting them both experience.  When Silk reaches
    level 7, she learns warp magic (she can now warp other
    party members to a different part of the battle screen).
    Once Silk learns warp magic, she'll be able to fend for
    herself against the thieves.  Have her max out to level 20
    (this is slightly easier with Silk than it is with Ruka,
    as Silk can kill a thief in one turn, whilst Ruka can't.
    Also, Silk has a constant 6 EXP for a kill against Ruka's
    constant 5 EXP). 
    By now, Silk knows a bunch of magic.  See the magic section
    for more information about it.
    Okay, you're not done with getting EXP for your characters.
    Let's go back to Grey.  Now, if you move him up, the
    thieves have an annoying habit of going past him to other
    characters.  To solve this problem, warp him up to the
    thieves, and continue with getting him EXP.  Get Grey to
    level 20.  You may want to give Grey the thunder sword to
    speed things up a bit.
    Well, from this you should know villagers can be maxed out
    without the rate of EXP get to four or below for a kill.
    You have two more villagers, so max out Cliff and Bird as
    well.  You might want to give them the thunder sword as
    Okay, we're right about at the end of this whole ordeal.
    Give Silk's shield to Clea.  Then get Clea to level 12,
    which is the level she does a class change at (most
    unfortunately, by level 11 her EXP gain for thieves goes
    very low...).
    Now that everyone is at a comfortable level, you'll want
    to go to the angel statue and upgrade them all.  Have Ruka
    become an armor, and have Silk become a nun.  Have Clea
    become a knight.
    As for Bird, Cliff, and Grey, they can become a number of
    things.  Since there are swords coming in the future, I'd
    make Grey and Cliff mercenaries, and make Bird a knight
    (there's another knight coming in sometime in the future).
    Once that's done, give the thunder sword back to Alm, and
    the shield to Silk.  Save, and move onto...
    Battle Six
    Have Silk cast illusion, and do a mass assault.  Keep doing
    mass assaults until the battle is over.  It is very, very
    easy since you did all the upgrading.
    Once the battle is over, save and go onto...
    Battle Seven
    As you can imagine, simply doing mass assaults over and
    over again will take care of all of the enemies.
    Once that's done, go left into the liberation camp
    headquarters.  A man named Pay guards the entrance.  He
    tells you to look out for monsters.
    Go north, and you find the monsters he talked about.
    Zombies and skeletons.  Have Silk cast Dear, which kills
    all of them, save for one or two.  Do mass assaults to
    destroy the survivors.
    Once the battle is over, continue on (hmmm...there are
    graves here).  In the back room are two people.  Talk to
    Kreb (Clea's sister, although she said he was Cleve).  Kreb
    makes Alm head of the liberation effort.
    Talk to the other person, Fols, to learn that Tozeh is
    trying to get Rigel's aid, and that Mira has disappeared,
    which has let all those bad things happen.
    On the way out, talk to Pay again.  He joins the party,
    so now you have 10 people in your party, Alm, Ruka, Cliff,
    Bird, Grey, Silk, Clea, Kreb, Fols, and Pay.  Pay mentions
    Sreida, the master guard at Tozeh's.
    On the map screen, give the bow to Pay, since he's the only
    one that can use it.  You'll notice there's only one more
    fight left, the fight for the castle.
    But before that, you'll want to go through upgrading again.
    This time you can use the zombie/skeleton lair to get EXP
    for people, which should result in more EXP due to the fact
    there are more (experienced) enemies to fight.
    Pay is a bit overwhelmed by the zombie lair, so you should
    get him EXP at the thief lair.  Pay is really good at
    killing thieves, and his EXP gain stays high for a while.
    He is an archer, so he can attack from far off, you know.
    Get Pay to level 20, and the have him class change to a
    sniper.  Get Kreb to level 11 and have him class change to
    a paladin.  Get Fols to level 20 and upgrade him to an
    armor.  Technically, we can turn the armors to barons,
    the knights to paladins, and the paladins to knights, but
    I'm tired of class changing, so we won't.
    Save your game, and go to the castle.
    Battle Eight
    Tozeh yells at you.  I guess from behind his defenses, he
    thinks he'll beat you easily.  Heh heh heh...let's show
    him that he's wrong, okay?
    Well, first off, there's several archers near the entrance.
    Send Pay and Clea towards them, then do a gather to bring
    your party together (they are quite far apart).  On the
    next two turns, do mass assaults.
    The archers and their rcn buddies should be dead now (kill
    off any stragglers).  See the entranceway which is so wide
    that three characters can walk abreast (= side by side)?
    You want to send everyone through the entranceway at once,
    which means you'll have to wait for slower characters
    (Ruka, Fols) to catch up. 
    Your main problem will be Tozeh and Sreida.  Kill Sreida
    first, because as soon as he dies, Tozeh runs for it (the
    wuss).  Now, do you see the spot below Sreida?  If you put
    someone there, the bad guys there won't be able to get out
    except through that character, which will buy you time for
    fighting the knights.  Have Silk warp Ruka there, and then
    do a mass assault.
    Ruka is best suited for fighting Sreida.  He takes about
    1/3 of his total HP for damage.  Have him attack Sreida
    and do a mass assault.  By the next turn, Sreida should
    be dead and Tozeh fled.
    Move Ruka up through where Sreida was, so he is on one of
    the healing spaces there.  Do a mass assault.  From then
    on, this battle is just killing off any remaining enemies.
    Keep in mind Alm is the person who is best at killing the
    ht (enemy armor).
    Once the battle is done, Sofia castle is freed!  Go inside
    and talk to the various people.  We learn that Tozeh fled
    to a fort in Rigel, and that he possess a very fine sword
    which cannot be used by everyone.  We learn about someone
    named Anteze (we learn more about her later; she's part of
    the Sofia royalty).
    We learn that Misen was faking his timidness, and that he
    took the Queen and someone else to safety.  The Queen hasn't
    returned, yet, though, for unknown reasons...Also, the
    Dozzeh/Dozeh person is Tozeh (the translation isn't so
    There's also a chest inside that you can open.  Open it for
    a Knight Spear, which goes to Ruka.  Once you're done
    talking to the people, go upstairs through the upper/left
    staircase.  Who's there?  Why, it's Misen!
    Misen gives you a nice hello.  He says that Alm is fated
    to save Valencia, with the help of a red haired girl who
    will soon arrive.  The chapter ends, and you get to save.
    Do so.
    004b-Chapter Two-To Titt
    Note on the chapter name: In this chapter you meet a new
    party.  It is referred to as Titt throughout the pop-up
    menus in the game.  I don't know why.
    This chapter starts off away from Alm.  A red haired girl
    named Celica, who is a warrior priestess, is about to make
    a pilgrimage to Mira's Shrine, due to all the strange things
    that have been happening.
    Norm, the sage who protects Celica, says that it will be
    difficult.  Mira's shrine is near Geeth (Norm says Geese)
    thief headquarters (Geeth is the main thief boss), and
    Celica will have a hard time.
    Norm also says that Mira is one of the last people of Sofia
    royalty.  Misen knew this and suspected a difficult future,
    so he sent her away to protect her.  However, Norm can't
    stop her from going, so he asks that Mira protect Celica
    as she leaves.
    Have Celica talk to the other three people there.  They
    are May, Jeni, and Boey.  They join up with Celica, so now
    Celica is in a party of four.
    Now for some information on these characters.  Boey can
    cast a fireball spell, which takes one HP.  That's about
    all he can do, which makes him pretty lame.  May was right
    when she said he was still just a kid.  May can cast
    thunder, which takes two HP and is a better attack.  May
    has a bad habit of attacking relentlessly with thunder,
    and then draining her HP to make her an easy target.
    Remember Alm's thunder sword?  That's the thunder spell.
    Jeni, works just like how Silk worked in the beginning.
    She has a strong magical defense.  As for Celica, she can
    cast fire, just like Boey and May.  Unlike the two of them,
    however, she can actually attack an enemy using a sword
    (their only attacks are magic attacks).  Oh, and since they
    are all using magic, they can attack from a distance (the
    same amount of distance Alm could use the thunder sword).
    Okay, so have your party go out the entrance to the north.
    They go directly north into a graveyard.
    Battle One
    A battle already?  Oh no, you have to fight seven zombies?
    This is a problem...luckily your party is a mostly magic
    party, and zombies have no magical defense.
    Your best chance for this battle is simply just to do mass
    assaults.  Keep an eye on your characters' HPs, though,
    and have Jeni heal anyone who needs it.  With luck, you
    should be able to make it.
    Once you make it through the battle, save your game, and
    go west to the town of Nowhere.  From talking to the people
    there, you learn that a dragon zombie guards a very nice
    sword somewhere in the Sea Shrine.  We also learn that
    there is a pirate boss called Dahha.  Someone went out to
    get revenge on Dahha, and they haven't come back.
    Talk to the man at the bar.  Sevr is his name, and he joins
    your party.  Go on the boat and sail out to sea.
    Battle Two
    Positioning is key in these battles at sea.  There is only
    a small passageway for enemies to get onto your ship, and
    for you to get onto their ship.  Let's use a picture,
    shall we?
    Let's say S represents ship.  As you should be able to
    tell, there is a bridge between the ships.  This is the
    area in the diagram.
    Place Sevr in spot 1, Jeni in spot 3, May in spot 4, Boey
    in spot 5, and Celica in spot 2.  It may take more than one
    move to do all this, so at least make sure Jeni and Sevr
    are in position.  End your turn.
    Now, the enemies will have to get through Sevr to go to the
    rest of your party.  Jeni can heal Sevr, and steal HP from
    attacking thieves.  May also can attack thieves with her
    thunder spell.
    Using this ability to attack thieves with more than one
    person at once, kill all the thieves that attack you
    (one stays where he is).  He's no different from the other
    thieves.  Send Sevr after him, and kill him.
    Once the battle's done, save.  Now, you'll need more power
    than you've got to survive the next battles.  So
    unfortunately, it's back to the graveyard to get EXP for
    your characters.
    I recommend forgetting about your other characters, and just
    getting EXP for Celica and Sevr.  You can probably stop
    doing the graveyard fight when Celica and Sevr are both
    level 3.  Then save, and go onto...
    Battle Three
    You are outnumbered in this fight, that's for sure!  An
    archer, a magic knight, a level 3 thief, and 7 normal
    thieves.  10 of them, 5 of you.
    See the passageway between the ships (the one on the
    right)?  One of characters is one space below from being
    on the passageway.  Move that character out of the way,
    and put Sevr there.  End your turn.
    Enemies will come attack you, most of them coming through
    the passageway Sevr is blocking.  See the little barrel
    thing on the ship?  Have Celica stand one space above it,
    and one space to the left.  Move Boey one space below her.
    Have Jeni one to the left of Sevr, and May one below
    Sevr.  End your turn.
    On the next turn, the enemies attack.  You don't want to
    be moving your characters.  The Celica and Boey combo is
    good for killing the enemies that come at them.  Sevr is
    good at killing the thieves that come (have May attack the
    magic knight).  Your only real problem is the magic knight
    and the archer.
    Once Celica and Boey are done beating the enemies there,
    they can come back and help out Sevr.
    Once the magic knight and archer are done, the battle is
    simple.  Once you've finished the battle, give the shield
    you got from the magic knight (hmmm...sounds familiar...)
    to Jeni.  Save your game.
    When you're ready, go north into the pirate fortress.
    Battle Four
    Hey, this is Dahha's (Dach's fortress).  He's the big guy
    up top.  Click on him twice to see a picture.  Wow, he's
    ugly.  He looks like...Richard Nixon!
    NOTE: Due to various complaints from the RNA (Richard Nixon
    Association), I would like to say that my previous comment
    in no way shows any dislike for former President Nixon, even
    if he was not the best president he could have been.  Crazy
    RNA.  Thank you.
    NOTE: Due to various complaints from biology teachers, I
    would like to say that RNA is an essential part of my
    being, and I highly respect it, even if it cannot be seen
    by the naked eye.  Thank you.
    Dach has two level 5 thieves to work as his guard.  There
    are three more level 5 thieves there as well.  The rest of
    the thieves are normal thieves.
    Baro, who was the guy you heard about earlier (the one who
    went out to get revenge on Dahha), is here with two of his
    friends.  He'll help you out during the fight.  You can't
    control any of his characters, though.
    Okay, now here's the problem with Baro's party: his
    characters are so intent on revenge that they take dumb
    risks and get killed.  You don't want that because they
    join your party later.
    Note that in this fight, the retreat option pops up.  It
    shows up randomly.  So on your first turn, before moving
    someone, choose retreat if it's there.  If it's not there,
    quit playing, and try again.  Keep doing that until you
    get retreat, and then retreat.  Give the shield to Sevr,
    and save your game.
    When you come back, Baro's party is gone, which makes the
    fight a bit harder.  Oh well.
    Placement is key in this battle, just like in the other
    ones.  See the bridge between your ship and the land (the
    one on the right)?  Put Sevr on the gray spot (this may
    take more than one move).  Put Jeni one below him, May
    one below Jeni, Boey one left of May, and Celica one right
    of May.
    Once the enemies come at you, you'll be able to see the
    wisdom in this plan.  The enemies can only attack Sevr,
    which is why you have Jeni there (so she can heal him, and
    he doesn't take as much damage as he should because he has
    the shield).  Celica, May, and Boey can all attack thieves,
    and not be attacked in return.  And remember how thieves
    have no magic defense?  You should tear through these guys.
    Some of them run for it, but don't chase them.  The only
    healing space available to them is underneath Dach, and
    Dach is not going anywhere.
    There will be a momentary break in the action while the
    thieves leave.  Move one character (not Sevr) to the healing
    space and have them stay there until they're completely
    You can keep having people getting healed, one by one (have
    Jeni heal Sevr).  Eventually, the hurt thieves come back
    for another fight.  Since they're hurt, they get killed
    Now, the only enemy left is Dach.  Move your party towards
    him.  Have May go to a spot directly underneath him, but
    below the orange/brown barrier.  Put Jeni beneath her.
    May can attack Dach with thunder from here, so have her
    keep on doing that turn after turn (Dach doesn't move).
    It takes a while to kill him because he's on a healing
    space.  Have Jeni heal May along the way.  Don't do anything
    with your other characters, or Dach may move.  Eventually,
    May kills Dach.  Hooray!
    Once the battle is done, go right.  Inside the fort is
    Baro's party.  Baro, the armor, Cami, the mercenary, and
    Leo, the archer, join your party.  They tell you the secret
    to beating dragon zombies, which is...angel magic.
    Open the chest for a cool sword, which goes to Celica.  Go
    back to the map, and give the shield back to Jeni.  Save
    your game.  Sail on for...
    Battle Five
    Only one enemy in this battle, a shaman.  Be warned, he
    casts a messiah spell, which makes enemies appear out of
    nowhere.  The enemies he can summon are zombies, but later
    on, more complex enemies will be summoned.
    Move Celica and Jeni so Jeni is at the topmost part of the
    bridge between the ships, and move Celica one place above
    her.  This way, three enemies can attack Celica at once,
    but none can attack Jeni.
    Now what you want to do is not move Celica or Jeni.  The
    enemies will continually attack.  Have Jeni alternate
    between attacking enemies and healing Celica.  This is a
    good way to get EXP for your characters.
    When Celica is level 5, she learns the angel magic, which
    will be used for killing the dragon zombies.  Just to make
    that battle easier, get her to level 6 (retreat when done).
    Now, you'll want to do the same thing, getting EXP for all
    of your characters.  Give Jeni's shield to May, and get
    May to level 6.
    Give Jeni her shield back, and get Boey to level 4.  Get
    Sevr to level 7.  Get Cami to level 5.  Get Baro to level
    3, and get Leo to level 5.  Finally, if Jeni is not level 5
    already, get her there.
    Bit of a side note: After you kill a lot of zombies, you
    get the steel shield, so you may want to keep fighting
    until you get it.
    Save your game.  Now we're going to attack the shaman.  On
    the first turn, put Jeni on the healing space, and do a
    mass assault.  On the next turn, have Jeni cast the
    illusion spell, and do a mass assault.
    If you look at the statistics, Celica and Sevr are best
    suited for fighting the shaman, due to their superior skill
    and high magical defense.
    BUT, due to the difficulty of this battle, this makes only
    a little difference.  You'll want to attack the shaman with
    as many people as once.  The cuad people Jeni summons are
    really good at fighting the shaman (he can kill them
    easily, but they do him damage, and if there are a lot of
    them, they'll just keep on coming and end up doing a lot
    of damage).
    So, basically, there isn't much of a strategy to use during
    this battle.  You want to attack the enemies with as many
    people as possible.  Just do your best.
    Once the battle's done, save your game.  Give Celica's 
    sword to Sevr.  Go to the Dragon Shrine to for...
    Battle Six
    No, not good, not good at all.  See, only Celica knows
    angel magic, so only she can attack the dragon and do some
    major damage.  Move everyone except Celica right, and move
    Celica towards the dragon (zombie).
    Have Celica attack the dragon with angel magic.  He is
    good at killing her, so have her attack him from a
    distance.  It may take a couple of tries before you finally
    kill him.
    Save your game.  Now, Celica gets the holy ring from the
    dragon zombie.  The holy ring heals its wearer every turn.
    Give the holy ring to Jeni, the shield to May, and the
    sword to Sevr.  Save your game again.
    Remember how there was a good sword in the Sea Shrine (that
    was told to you in nowhere).  Enter the Sea Shrine, and
    you find the second part of that tale (the heavily guarded
    part) was true as well.
    Battle Seven
    10 enemies, 2 skeletons and 8 zombies.  The bad news?  This
    is the easier part...more on that later.
    Well, mass assaults should finish this battle.  Just be
    careful that no one gets severely beaten.  If no one dies,
    continue on in the cave.
    Well, as you might expect, there are crosses and the angel
    statue.  But behind the angel statue is an opening.  Save
    your game, and enter it.
    Battle Eight
    The second battle of this cave.  There are three zombies,
    five skeletons, and two gargoyles.  A gargoyle is much
    better than a skeleton; they can move further and do more
    All that aside, same strategy as the last battle.  If you
    really can't make it, do battle seven again, and then try
    battle eight again.
    Whenever you beat battle eight, you make it to the far end
    of the cave.  A treasure chest is there...open it to find
    the coveted...Holy Sword!
    Yes, this baby is holy, so it heals whoever wields it!  But
    it's also a sword, which means you can do more damage with
    it!  Give it to Celica.
    Save your game, and start sailing north.
    Battle Nine
    Time to put that new sword to the test.  Move Celica so she
    is in the passageway between the two ships.  Don't move
    her; just let her fight everyone who comes to attack her.
    Celica should defeat them easily.  In case her HP dips down
    too low, you can always have Jeni heal her.
    Once the battle's done, save your game.
    Battle Ten
    Ah, the last battle of the chapter (technically).  Seven
    wizards, all of them level one (except one, who is level
    Well, there will basically be two fronts, the north and the
    west.  Move Celica as far west as possible, get Pay as far
    east as possible, and stick Sevr in the passageway between
    the two ships.
    Okay, end the turn.  Now, some wizards go after Celica, and
    some go after Sevr.  The two of them can defeat the wizards
    without much trouble (if Sevr gets in bad shape, have Jeni
    heal him).
    Once Celica has beaten her enemies (she finishes them off
    better than Sevr), have her attack Sevr's enemies from
    their west sides.  The enemies shouldn't be much trouble
    after that.
    Once the battle's done, save your game and go into town by
    the Sofia castle.  Inside you'll meet the Pegasus Knight
    triplets from Akaneia, Pala, Catu, and Est.  Unfortunately,
    Geeth pirates have captured Est, so you only meet Catu
    and Pala.
    Well, Catu and Pala don't do much.  Exit their town and
    enter Sofia.  Now, Celica's party doesn't have much going
    for it in the way of getting EXP until chapter four.  So
    go down to the thief shrine, and start getting EXP for the
    Get Celica to level 10, by then she learns some new magic.
    Give Leo to level 8.  Get Jeni to level 9, by then she
    learns the ever-useful ibro spell (see the magic section
    for more details).   Get May to level 8.  Get Boey to level
    6.  Get Baro to level 6, Cami to level 8, and Sevr to level
    9.  You'll probably want to give the holy ring to anyone
    you want to get experience, so they can survive fighting
    off all five thieves at once.
    Okay, fine, that's enough EXP for Celica's party.  Have
    them go into the castle and talk to the people there.  We
    learn that the people of Sofia are happy about being saved,
    but are planning to attack Rigel (Regal) kingdom in
    Talk to the man in purple.  It's Misen, who apparently is
    Celica's grandfather, too!  He wishes her good luck in her
    journey to Mira, and advises her to see Alm before leaving.
    Well, take Misen's advice.  Go upstairs (where you last saw
    Alm).  Celica and Alm talk to each other.  The conversation
    makes sense if you remember Celica is the last of the Sofia
    From the conversation, we learn Alm and Celica were good
    friends as kids, until Misen sent her to live with Norm
    because he suspected Tozeh's attack.  Alm is going on to
    attack Rigel because 1) Tozeh needs to be stopped and
    brought to justice 2) The Queen is still missing.
    When Celica learns the Queen is missing, she realizes she
    might have to take the throne (being the last of the Sofia
    royalty and all).  She says goodbye to Alm, and leaves.
    The chapter ends and you then get to save.
    004c-Chapter Three-To Mira's Shrine
    Alm is left alone.  Move him downstairs.  An earthquake
    takes place, unblocking a road and blocking another.  Now
    Alm and Celica can continue on in their respective
    journeys, but Celica can no longer enter Sofia castle.
    Instead of sending Alm north to continue on, move him
    south of the castle.  Switch to Celica's party.  Give the
    holy sword to Celica, the steel sword to Cami, the holy
    ring to Sevr, and shield to Jeni.  Save.
    Battle One
    This is not a good fight; you stand little chance against
    the enemies.  The Pegasus sisters join up with you in this
    fight, though; so that's good.
    Okay, so there are two fronts.  Send Celica on the bridge
    to block the enemies from going south and fighting your
    other characters; have Sevr go after the characters in the
    Okay, you'll want Celica and Sevr to be the only people
    fighting in this fight.  Jeni's ibro spell will allow her
    to heal either of them from where they are.  She might even
    have to heal one of the Pegasus sisters (you do NOT want
    them to die).
    Hopefully, you survive with no casualties.  Once you do,
    go into the town you met Catu and Pala in.  Talk to both of
    them; they join your party.
    Well, they're not exactly very good at fighting; there
    usefulness now lies in the items they have.  They have the
    angel ring, and the spear/sword combo.  See the items
    section for more info.
    Get to the dragon shrine.  Have Pala and Catu fight the
    enemies alone.  You want them both to get to level 12, and
    then class change them.  Boy, this sure takes a while...
    Once you do this, save.
    Now, in this chapter, there are rogue groups of enemies who
    appear randomly and move around the map.  You may encounter
    them.  Sometimes they hang out with enemies in other
    battles; which you don't want.  By this, I mean if there is
    a group of four paladins you must fight, and a rogue group
    is at the location the battle takes place in; you will have
    to fight the rogues and the paladins.  Luckily, you can
    select the item closer to the bottom (on the map screen
    menu) to lure the rogue groups towards you and away from
    other enemies.
    If you meet up with a group of rogue enemies, do your best
    in fighting them.  Some are big groups of enemies, and
    others are small 3 paladin groups.  You can retreat during
    those fights; use it to your advantage.
    Okay, back on track.  On the map screen, choose rank.
    Switch Catu with Sevr.  Save, and go into the mountain
    graveyard for...
    Battle Two
    Okay, time to put Pala and Catu's new skills to the test.
    Move them northwards, only them.  End the turn.  For some
    reason, the enemies seem to always choose a fight against
    a Pegasus Knight rather than anyone else.  Go figure.
    So, the enemies will attack Pala and Catu, who can kill
    each of them with only hit.  The battle is over, very
    By the way, I had you switch Sevr and Catu so Catu would be
    on the right side of the screen during the fight, instead
    on the left, next to Pala.
    Once you are done, when the battle's lost and won, and when
    I'm done paraphrasing Shakespeare, go left into the
    village.  Talk to the youngster in the upper/left part of
    the town.
    Hey, he's Atla, a level 10 villager.  He's mad because
    Geeth, a thief king, has enslaved his brother and sister.
    Atla joins your party to get some revenge.  He doesn't have
    much going for him in the way of good language, but let's
    not hold that against him.
    Well, talk to everyone else in the village (except for the
    dude in the middle of the village; he comes into play
    later).  It seems Geeth is enslaving people, and that he
    has a lot of power.  Exit town, and you're forced to do
    battle two again.
    If Jeni can cast the dear spell, have her do so, and that
    kills off a lot of the enemies.  In fact, that's a really
    good strategy for ending this battle in one turn.
    Once you've done battle two again, save, and go north of
    the graveyard.
    Battle Three
    Okay, move Pala as far north as she can go.  Move Catu as
    far right as she can go.  End your turn.
    Move Catu north and have her fight the three enemies there. 
    Have Pala fight the unnamed sword master.
    Continue on with Catu and Pala fighting until you win.
    Pala gets a Dark Sword from the dead sword master; if she
    has an item, she has to decide which of the two (the one
    she has and the dark sword) to keep.
    The one she decides not to keep will show up in the item
    menu on the map screen.  Select take, and there is the
    dark sword.
    Okay, time to mess around with the items Celica's party
    has.  Give Celica the holy sword, Atla the dark sword,
    Pala the angel ring, Catu the holy ring, May the leather
    shield, Sevr the steel sword, and Baro the spear/sword.
    Save your game.  Move east to...
    Battle Four
    Mika the shaman's group is stopping you from entering the
    Mira temple.  Meanie.
    Well, you can guess what will happen here.  Send Pala and
    Catu to attack Mika's party from the right-hand side.  The
    fight isn't easy, so Jeni may have to do an ibro spell or
    two.  Make use of the healing spaces there as well.  You
    should wait to have Pala and Catu completely healed before
    sending them left to fight the rest of the wizards there.
    You get to meet ers, new, upgraded archer enemies.
    Once the battle's done, save and enter Mira temple.  Talk
    to the people inside to learn a thing or two.
    Great, Rudolf sent some Doma guy to capture Mira.  Doma
    took Mira to the north, and has some sort of dragon working
    for him.  Even worse, Geeth attacked the shrine after Mira
    was stolen, leaving it in a poor state.
    Unfortunately, no one can go north due to the river.  And
    only Sofia royalty can get the guy in the basement to move
    the sewer gates.  Darn.
    Well, we'll have to find some way to prove Celica is of
    Sofia royalty.  Save your game, and go back to battle two.
    Once you've beaten it, give the angel ring to Jeni, save,
    and go east into...
    Battle Five
    Okay, this is Wolf and his party of archers.  Wolf has a
    steely bow.  
    Have Pala and Catu clear out most of those archer enemies.
    Jeni, with the angel ring, can use ibro magic to heal
    them as often as necessary.
    The fight isn't tough, just a bit long because archers
    attack from a distance.  Pala and Catu don't attack from
    far off (unless one has a particular item). 
    Once the battle is done, you can enter the castle Wolf was
    protecting.  Open the chest inside for a steel spear.  Talk
    to the person inside.
    It's Jesi.  He was trying to save Est (the kidnapped sister
    of Pala and Catu), but was captured.  He figures that
    if they kill one of Geeth's henchmen (either Soni or Dean),
    the other would help Celica fight Geeth.
    Now, onto items.  Give the steely bow you got in the fight
    to Leo.  Give Jesi the dark sword, Sevr the steel sword,
    Pala the angel ring, Baro the spear/sword, Jeni the holy
    ring, and May the leather shield.  The steel spear can go
    to Catu.
    Okay, from here you need to fight either Dean's party or
    Soni's party.  Soni's party is much harder to fight than
    Dean's, so I'll give instructions on how to beat them
    (Instructions on how to bet Dean follow).  So save, and
    go south to fight Soni.
    Battle Six
    Okay, you have to fight a lot of witches.  Unfortunately,
    they have their ability to warp themselves, so some come
    after weak party members (i.e. Atla).
    Send Catu down south to attack Soni and the witches there.
    Jeni WILL have to use ibro magic to heal Catu during this
    fight.  Leave Pala with the other party members so she can
    protect them if a witch appears.  If a witch does appear
    and Pala is for some reason unable to defeat her (perhaps
    multiple witches will appear), just attack with everyone
    (try to get Celica a kill, though, soon you'll be getting
    her to level 20).  Jesi is surprisingly good at fighting
    Catu needs to kill Soni.  Just do your best during this
    battle, and hopefully you'll make it out without any
    casualties, and as a bonus, you'll get Soni's shield.
    Once the battle's over, you see Dean's party run into
    Geeth's tower.
    NOTE: If you want to fight Dean's party, it is slightly
    easier as none of Dean's party can warp themselves
    anywhere.  Dean has the her sword, so if you kill him,
    you get that.  The strategy is to just send Pala and Catu
    up to kill him and his party. 
    Item time again: Give Jeni the holy ring, Celica the holy
    sword, Catu the angel ring, and Pala the steel spear.  Do
    what you want with the other things.
    Okay, save, and go onto Geeth's fortress.
    Battle Seven
    Son of a monkey, this fort is heavily protected!
    Right, onto the fight.  You'll have three people attack in
    the fight, Celica, Catu, and Pala.  Jeni will heal them
    with ibro magic.
    It'll be best if you let the enemies come at you, rather
    than you go for them.  On the first turn, send Celica
    east to the n there.
    On the next turn, just keep moving Celica towards the n.
    When they meet, have them keep fighting until Celica wins.
    Eventually, the enemies come out of the castle; have Catu
    and Pala attack them.  The main idea is to let them attack
    you, rather than you attack them.
    When Celica's done, she can join Catu and Pala, if they
    are still fighting enemies.
    Well, eventually the enemies stop coming (except for the
    ones the shaman makes).  So, from here the plan is to end
    your turns without doing nothing until all 40 turns are up,
    at which point you are forced to retreat (the option may
    pop up in the menu, making it take less time).
    Once you've gotten your retreat, save.  Go back to the
    fight.  Now, you'll want to send Celica east to defeat the
    enemy there.  Send Catu and Pala to defeat the two enemies
    in the middle/lower part of the castle.
    Once those enemies are done, move Pala and Catu a bit
    north.  The magic knight (twice upgraded mercenary) will
    come at them.  Kill him (make use of the healing space
    there, then send them north to finish off the shaman up
    Side Note: If you kill a lot of skeletons, you get the dark
    sword.  The shaman summons skeletons.  So, you may want to
    put off killing the shaman, and just have a character fight
    skeletons until they get the dark sword.
    From then on, the only remaining enemies are just the guys
    on the side.  Deal with them, one side at a time.  Once
    that's done, you've won the battle.
    Enter Geeth's fortress.  Now, this is important, so listen
    up.  Talk to the person on the left and on the right, but
    NOT the girl in the purple in the middle.
    The girl on the left is Est, who joins your party.  The
    dude on the right is Dean.  Leave the place, and save.
    Get to the Sea Shrine.
    Side Note:
    Now that you have Est, you can perform a secret move called
    the triangle attack.  If you arrange the three of them in a
    particular fashion around an enemy, they do insanely large
    amounts of damage.  Here's how it works:
    x = Catu, Est, Pala
    o = Enemy
    Thanks to Chicobo329 for letting me know about this! End
    Side Note.
    Okay, now Celica is going to upgrade to Royal Celica once
    she talks to the girl in Geeth's fortress.  So you'll want
    to upgrade her to level 20 before doing so.  Keep on doing
    the Sea Shrine until she's level 20 (for a change of pace,
    you can do the dragon zombie cave, but Celica can't fight
    three dragon zombies at once, so it isn't that efficient).
    Note that Celica has the angel ring.  Now, normally when
    someone goes from one level to another (say from level 3 to
    level 4), some of their statistics go up (HP, skills,
    magical defense, whatever).  With the angel ring on, the
    statistics go up twice what they normally go up.   Very
    So once Celica's level 20, you'll want to give the angel
    ring to Est.  Note that if you're playing the translation,
    you'll only want to get Celica to level 19 (the magic
    learned at level 20 is bugged).  Get Est to level 12, and
    upgrade her to a Pegasus Knight.
    Okay, so that's all the upgrading you'll need for Celica's
    party for now.  On the rank part of the main screen, make
    it so Pala, Catu, and Est are in the first ten in the list
    of people in Celica's party.  Save, and go to Geeth's
    fortress.  Talk to (the) Girl inside.
    Take some time to read the novel that is the conversation
    between Girl and Celica.  Basically, Girl says that Celica's
    mother, Ripurel, was a sister at Mira's shrine.  Ripurel
    was made Queen, and gave birth to Celica, who Ripurel called
    Anteze.  Ripurel was then forced to stay at Mira, against
    her wishes, and Anteze was taken away.  Ripurel cried
    whenever she thought of Anteze.
    Ripurel is now dead.  However, she left her crown with
    Girl.  Girl gives Celica the crown, so now Celica has proof
    that she is the last of the Sofia royalty.
    Well, now that Celica can prove she is Sofia royalty, which
    means the butthead in the basement of Mira's shrine can
    empty the sewers and allow access to the north.
    Okay, now head back towards Mira's shrine.  But, before
    going there, once you do the graveyard fight, go into the
    Remember the person in town that I said came into play
    later?  Yeah, of course you don't.  Well, he's in the
    middle of town, and doesn't speak English in the translated
    He's a trader.  You can use him to give items to Alm's
    party.  Choose yes, and send the angel ring to Alm's party.
    He leaves town.  Now continue on to Mira's shrine.
    But wait!  The sewers cannot be opened!  Why?  Something
    must happen to the aqueducts in the west for the river to
    disappear!  Hey, that's where Alm's party is headed...
    Save, and switch to Alm's party.  In Alm's party, go to
    items (on the map menu) and take the angel ring.  Go down
    to the thief shrine.
    Now, we could upgrade all of the characters in Alm's party
    so they rock.  But what's easier to do is just upgrade a
    few characters so that they really rock.
    The combination I found that worked well is the
    archer/mercenary combo.  Pay's your archer, so we'll make
    him really good, and I recommend making Cliff the good
    mercenary (it's ironic, he was terrible at the beginning,
    So, give Pay the angel ring and have him fight until he's
    level 11 (he gets too little EXP from kills to continue on
    after that, but you easy mode people should be able to
    continue on past level 11).  Then upgrade him to a bowman,
    the last class change he can undergo.  If things seem to be
    taking too long, you can go north of Sofia castle, and have
    Pay fight against any rogue fighting groups there for some
    EXP (if there aren't any, keep on selecting the second item
    on the map menu until there are).
    When Pay's a bowman, we could technically get him more EXP
    so he's a level 20 bowman, but that'd take time and I'm
    lazy, so we won't.  Let's work on Cliff now.
    Give Cliff the angel ring.  Get him to level 10, and class
    change him to a sword master.  Get him to level 10, and
    class change him to a magic knight.  Remember, you people
    in easy mode can go farther than this.
    Well, once Cliff's a magic knight, let's get back to the
    game.  Give Pay the steely bow and save.  Get to Sofia
    castle and go to the battle north of there.
    Battle Eight
    Okay, so in this battle, just have Cliff and Pay fight.
    They can move long distances, so you won't have to worry
    about other characters getting involved in the fray.
    The battle is easy.  Pay is better at killing Zack, the
    leader of the enemies.  Save, and continue on.
    Battle Nine
    Okay, looks like you'll be fighting wizards in this battle.
    The biggest concern is the level 3 wizard, who does not
    move around much.  Cliff is efficient at killing wizards,
    but Pay is also useful as wizards attack from a distance
    with the Dora spell and Pay, unlike Cliff, can attack them
    while they attack from a distance.
    In any case, this battle is even easier than the last one,
    because there are less enemies.  Once the battle's done,
    go to rank on the main menu, and make it so Pay and Cliff
    are numbers 8 and 9 on the list.  (that means they will be
    down near the bottom of the list).  Save, and continue.
    Battle Ten
    Three paladins.  Cliff and Pay will be closest to them
    (that's why I had you move them in the rank menu).  For
    some strange reason, this battle is harder than it should
    be.  Perhaps it's because you're fighting paladins and not
    Whatever, it's not so hard that you can't win without too
    much difficulty.  Once that's done, enter the forest
    The person who stands still is another trader.  Don't talk
    to the trader.  Talk to everyone else.  One person is Ryu,
    a wizard who joins your party.  He wants to free his sister
    Dyute from the control of the evil sorceress Tartara.
    Another person has a missing daughter.  If you rescue his
    daughter, he'll reward you!  The other people in town tell
    you useless things.
    Okay, so go to rank and move Cliff and Pay so they are two
    and three.  Save, and continue onto...Tozeh's fortress.
    Battle Eleven
    Tozeh is there.  Remember how he ran away from the last
    battle you had with him?  Chicken.  He and his gang appear
    to be having fun beating up a paladin named Matil.
    Throughout the fight, Matil gets attacked while she's in
    her little room thing there.
    Send Cliff and Pay up to fight Tozeh and all the enemies
    there.  Have Pay kill Tozeh and the shaman, have Cliff
    fight the hts.  Once they're all dead, send someone to kill
    the wizard down in the bottom/left.
    Once that's done, go left into the fort.  Matil, the
    paladin you saw earlier, is there.  She joins your party.
    Also there is a sword...the royal sword.
    Give Alm the royal sword (only Alm can use it, which is
    peculiar).  Someone talked about it once, it was the sword
    of an old Regal king.  Give Alm's thunder sword to Bird.
    On rank, make Cliff third and Pay fifth.  Save, and go
    Battle Twelve
    Okay, lots of knights.  Move Cliff and Pay upwards.  One
    will fight the guys on the right, and the other will fight
    the guys on the left.
    Loso, the boss of all these guys, is on the right part of
    the screen.  The battle shouldn't be extremely hard.
    Once the battle's done, save and move left into the forest
    Battle Thirteen
    Uh oh, gargoyles.  Clea, Pay, and Cliff will be your best
    fighters for this, so only let them fight.  Remember, Clea
    is a Pegasus knight, so the gargoyles will be strangely
    drawn towards her.
    Once that's done, talk to the girl inside.  She says, "It's
    scary" and runs off.  Go back to the mountain village.  The
    man there is happy you saved his daughter.  Enter his house
    for the Holy Spear.
    Give the holy spear to Clea or a knight/paladin, save, and
    head off to the next battle.
    Battle Fourteen
    Ah, an archer battle.  Pay will shine golden in this battle.
    The boss of these guys, Gazel, looks just like Dean, but
    with a haircut.
    Well, this battle is no problem.  Pay defeats them easily.
    Okay, save, and get ready for the last battle of the
    Battle Fifteen
    Okay, this is the battle for the aqueduct.  Dyute, Ryu's
    sister, is here, but Tartara (the ugly dude) will make
    Dyute fight you.
    Use Silk to warp Cliff to the healing space that is one
    below Tartara.  Have Cliff attack Tartara until she is
    dead.  The spell on Dyute is broken, and she leaves.
    Tartara's last words?  A regret that she refused Doma, the
    person who has Mira captive.
    That just leaves you with the wizards.  Pay can attack some
    from the opposite shore, which works well.  Cliff can kill
    others while going back down to the rest of the party.
    Whatever, the wizards don't put up a terrific challenge.
    Once that's done, move into the aqueduct.  Dyute is there.
    She joins your party.  Talk to the man there.  He opens the
    aqueduct (if Celica didn't get the person in Mira's basement
    to open the sewers, this man won't open the aqueduct).
    Once the aqueduct and the sewer have been opened, the
    river is gone, letting Alm and Celica continue on in their
    respective journeys.  The chapter ends here.
    004d-Chapter Four-To Rudolf
    Here's where things start to get difficult.  According to
    strength numbers (you can see them on the map), the next
    party is about as good as yours.  Save, and move Alm's
    party north.
    Battle One
    Okay, lots of enemies in this fight.  Send Pay and Cliff
    upwards.  Move everyone else down (have Silk cast the
    illusion spell while moving down).
    Since Silk cast illusion, that really evens up the odds.
    The cuad men can defeat all the enemies just by themselves,
    but that takes a while, so have Cliff and Pay help them
    out.  The cuads aren't good at defeating the hts and Shiza,
    the leader of these enemies.
    Once the battle is over, save.  Now, Alm can go either
    left or north here.  Have his party go north.
    Battle Two
    You have several witches to fight, which means you'll have
    trouble with their warping ability.  Luckily, most of your
    party starts by a healing space.  Try to get all of your
    party together by the healing space (have Silk cast
    illusion again).
    With your party grouped together, it's easier to protect
    them when witches warp towards your party.  You can simply
    wait for the Cuad people to destroy the enemies, or send
    some party members out to help them when the witches are
    dead.  It's your call.
    In any case, the battle isn't that difficult because the
    enemies were less powerful than the last battle.
    Once the battle's over, save.  Move right onto fear
    Battle Three
    Okay, you'll notice on the right are some enemies, and on
    the top are some more.  Send Cliff right and Pay up, and
    have them defeat all of the enemies.  Look out for the o.
    Once the battle's done, save.  Now, you may have noticed
    that only Cliff and Pay are good at fighting anymore.  So,
    we'll have to make everyone else a bit better.  Luckily,
    there's a fear shrine to the right.
    Only your first ten fighters are allowed in here, so give
    them all the items (perhaps not the thunder sword, it
    doesn't work so well anymore).  Give Alm the angel ring,
    and move right into...
    Fear Shrine
    Bad news for you, this shrine has quite a few battles in
    it.  Wait, that means there's a lot of potential EXP gain.
    Good news! 
    Okay, so in the first battle is a shaman and seven wizards.
    Send your party up to deal with the wizards.  Once they're
    dead, the shaman starts summoning gargoyles.
    So, this never-ending assault of gargoyles is very good for
    EXP gain.  Since Alm has the angel ring, send him up
    towards the shaman (if he can't fight that many gargoyles
    at once, warp him into a corner, so only two can fight him
    at once).
    Eventually though, you must continue on.  So once the
    shaman is dead, your party can keep on going.
    Go north past the angel statue.  Some stairs lead to the
    Here's a map of the basement, with the rooms numbered.
    S means start:
    2 9-8-7
    |     |
    1     6
    |     |
    Room 1 has five witches, three wizards, and two ns.
    Room 2 has two lion heads in it, but no angel statue.
    Room 3 has ten gargoyles.
    Room 4 has three mummies and seven zombies.
    Room 5 has nothing in it.
    Room 6 has ten skeletons.
    Room 7 has nothing in it.
    Room 8 has a shaman in it.
    Room 9 has stairs leading down to the second basement.
    In the second basement, you can enter the stairs below the
    stairs you used to enter.  Once you do this, you can get
    a magic shield from the chest there.
    Also in the second basement, you can enter the water (from
    beneath) to get a holy bow, and a shield (either the silver
    shield or the holy shield).  That ends the fear shrine.
    Okay, so the fear shrine is good for EXP.  Get Alm to level
    20, give Clea the angel ring, and get her to level 10. 
    Make use of the shaman create an "endless" stream of
    enemies to fight.
    That'll make it so you have four really good characters,
    Pay, Cliff, Alm, and Clea.  Give Clea the holy spear and
    give Alm the royal sword.  Give Pay the holy bow. 
    Now that the training's over, onto more fighting.  Save
    and go north.
    Battle Four
    One of the enemies has a mage ring.  Figure out which one
    it is.  This is the most powerful of all the enemies; his
    Medusa magic almost assures a character will die.  This
    character is Nuibaba.
    Move Pay, Cliff, Alm and Clea north.  End your turn.
    Now, see the yellow stuff?  That prevents you from
    attacking.  Everyone must attack the enemies by use of the
    stairs to the north.  Clea can simply fly over it, and Pay
    can attack from far off, even over that stuff.
    See the shaman?  Have Pay stand directly beneath the shaman
    and attack.  Pay kills the shaman (the shaman can't attack
    someone that far off).  Move Alm and Cliff up, but make
    sure Pay is closest to the enemy with the mage ring.
    End the turn.  The mage ring enemy attacks Pay.  Pay can
    kill him, but will get hit with the Medusa spell.  If he
    dodges it, great!  He now has the mage ring!  If not, well,
    it was nice knowing him.  You'll have to do the battle
    over again.
    Send Clea, Alm, Pay, and Cliff out to attack the rest of
    the enemies.  You can take them without much trouble, so
    long as you fight them in groups and not all at once.
    Once the battle's done, enter the fortress.  Tita (Teeta)
    is there.  She was taken captive when her lover, General
    Zeke, betrayed Nuibaba (Zeke is against the war).  Tita
    joins your party.
    Also inside are some traders.  Have one of them take the
    angel ring back to Celica's party.
    Exit the fortress.  Save your game, and have Alm's party
    go left towards the city there.
    Battle Five
    Uh oh, lots of enemies.  Hey, wait...what?
    Zeke and a bunch of his fighters are there.  He sees Alm has
    rescued Tita, and agrees to help Alm fight the enemies.
    Warp Cliff up there to help Zeke's party.  Send Clea and
    Pay as far up as they can go, and have them join the fight
    on the next turn.
    Now, it doesn't matter if anyone in Zeke's party dies,
    including Zeke because if he dies he will magically
    reappear in town.  So this battle is easy in that regard,
    you can let his party do most of the fighting.
    On a side not, the leader of the enemies is called Jerome.
    He's a general who isn't very nice.
    Once the battle is done, save and go into town.  Talk to
    the people in town, specifically Zeke.  Zeke has a strange
    conversation with Alm, and joins Alm's party as Shek.
    We learn that since Jerome died, other people have become
    more hostile.
    But more interestingly, we learn that Rudolf sent Zeke to
    find the "chosen one", someone with a cross-shaped birth
    mark.  This person has to be Alm, or Zeke wouldn't have
    joined his party.  Strange...
    Leave town (to the south) and save.  Now switch to
    Celica's party.  First of all, use the item menu to take
    back the angel ring.
    Enter Mira's shrine.  Girl is there, she mentions a Sage
    Hark that can help you.  Go down to the basement, which is
    empty.  From the bottom stair, go two left and all the way
    up.  You walk through the empty area (if you can't go up
    through the area, try until you find a place where you can
    do so).
    Go all the way right.  Norm is there.  He was following
    Celica the whole time.  He joins her party.
    Look at the wall.  See how a portion of it is different than
    the west (actually two portions)?  Stand beneath the right
    one and walk down into the black area.  Walk left.  When
    you are underneath the left portion, go down.  You enter
    a hidden room.  Go up the stairs, and open the chest for
    a mage ring.  Exit Mira's shrine.
    On the items screen, give each of the Pegasus triplets a
    healing ring (angel ring, mage ring, or holy ring).  Save,
    and have them go north of Mira's shrine into a swamp.
    Battle Six
    See that big glob of nasty looking stuff?  If a characters
    stays on it, they take damage.  Pala, Catu, and Est are the
    only people who can cross the nasty stuff in one turn, so
    send them to the right hand side of it.  On the next turn,
    have them cross it.
    The priest is the one who can do the most damage, so have
    the Pegasus sisters kill him first.
    Beyond the priest, you can simply defeat the enemies as you
    go north.  On the top is the leader of this group, Garci.
    He's the toughest, but isn't much of a problem.  The battle
    is over without much trouble.
    Go to the rank menu on the map screen.  Put Pala, Catu, and
    Est in positions five, eight, and eleven.  Save and go to
    the swamp grave.
    Battle Seven
    Okay, this battle has a bunch of spaced out enemies.  These
    are the kind of enemies that go towards Pegasus Knights
    before other characters, so send Pala, Catu, and Est out
    to draw them away from the other characters (don't worry
    about them standing in the nasty stuff).
    The battle is over quickly, the hard part is if the enemies
    go after a weak character.  Even then you should be able
    to save them from death.
    Another, super good, strategy is to have Jeni cast the dear
    spell, which kills off most (if not all) of the enemies.
    Save the game, and move west to Dolk's fort.
    Battle Eight
    Move Pala, Catu and Est down to fight the enemies (have
    one kill the wizard that is on the way).  Move all the
    members of your party (besides Pala, Catu, and Est) off of
    the nasty ground that takes away HP.
    Dolk can summon dragon zombies, and he probably will do so.
    Defeat all of the enemies (besides Dolk) and have Pala,
    Catu, and Est get back to full power.  Then have them all
    attack Dolk at once.  He should die without killing any of
    your characters.
    Save your game.
    From now on, only the first ten members of Celica's party
    will be able to fight (technically this isn't correct,
    but that doesn't matter).  You also will be able to upgrade
    all your characters quickly here, so you have to make a
    decision, which of your characters are going to be part of
    that lucky ten?
    Celica has to be one of the ten, and of course it would be
    dumb not to include the Pegasus triplets.  Jeni's ibro
    magic makes her a strong contender.  But, the choice is up
    to you.
    Once you've decided, give the angel ring to someone who
    isn't part of the ten (just for an experiment).  Put them
    in the top ten and enter the blue space in Dolk's fortress
    to enter the Lost Woods.
    The Lost Woods is a tough maze.  Luckily, a very nice (and
    very handsome, I've heard) person has sent in a map which
    shows you how to get through the Lost Woods, which should be
    accessible from the place where you got this guide from.  If
    not, you can find it at gamefaqs.com.
    Using the map, get to the mummy fight.
    Battle Nine
    You have to fight a lot of mummies.  Mummies are just like
    zombies.  Have the person with the angel ring fight the
    zombies by themselves.
    Now, you'll see that when someone kills a mummy, they get a
    lot of EXP.  You folks in easy mode will be getting 100 EXP
    for each kill, several kills in a row.  You can see how doing
    this battle over and over can get a lot of EXP.
    Okay, so you will want to max out all of the ten characters
    you chose, but that takes a long time.  Instead, just
    choose three of the ten (not Celica or any of the Pegasus
    Give the angel ring to one of the three.  Have them fight
    until they are level twenty.  Give the angel ring to
    another one of the three, and get them to level twenty.
    Give the angel ring to the last of the three, and have
    them get to level 20.
    Once that's done, you'll want to class change those three
    characters.  Use the map I talked about earlier to find an
    angel statue in the Lost Woods, and class change them.
    After the class change, get the three to level 20 again,
    with each of them doing so with the angel ring so as to
    improve their skills by a greater amount.  Repeat this
    process until the three characters are all level 20 and
    cannot class change anymore.
    Side note: villagers become mercenaries, who become sword
    masters, who become magic knights, who become villagers.
    Technically, your characters who use this class change
    path can never be in a position where they can't class
    change anymore (unless as villagers they don't upgrade to
    mercenaries).  You can simply stop class changing them when
    they become magic knights.
    Once those three are done, you'll want to max out the
    Pegasus triplets.  Unfortunately, they become so powerful
    that at around level 10, killing mummies gets them only a
    little EXP.  So just get them to level 10 (you guys in easy
    mode can go further).
    Then use the angel ring, and max out Celica.
    Now for the other three people in the ten you chose.  They
    need upgrading, but like I said, maxing them out takes a
    long time.  So do what I like to call a half-max: use the
    angel ring to get one to level ten, upgrade them, and get
    them to level ten again, and continue until they can't
    class change anymore (see the class changing section for
    more details).  Do this for all three of those characters.
    Then you'll be done upgrading.  Just to recap, Celica is
    maxed out, three characters are maxed out, the Pegasus
    sisters are level 10, and so are the other 3 people.  That
    whole group are in your first ten positions.
    Once you're done upgrading, you'll be just about done with
    the Lost Woods.  Use the map to get all three of the
    treasure chests inside the Lost Woods, then exit to the
    Sage Village.
    Talk to the people in the village.  The man farthest to the
    left is Sage Hark.  He makes it so Alm can escape, in more
    ways than one (more on that later).  Talk to the other
    people in town, and use a trader there to give the angel
    ring to Alm's party.  Exit Sage Village, and go through
    the exit to the Lost Woods (exit Sage Village through the
    south exit, and go left twice).
    Go to the item screen, and arrange it so the ten people you
    chose all have items they can use.  Save your game, then go
    Battle Ten
    There are a bunch of witches north of your party, and to
    the left is the main castle.  First you'll want to defeat
    the witches.
    The five party members who aren't part of the ten you chose
    will be in the lower/right.  Send them downwards, then do
    a mass assault.  On the next turn, move the five who aren't
    part of the ten out of the way, and do another mass assault.
    By the next turn, the witches are pretty much dead.  You'll
    want to attack the castle.  The people who you'll want to
    attack are Chuam, the leader of the group, and the shaman
    who summons enemies for you to fight.  Beware of Chaum, he
    can pull off a magical move that resembles dear magic; it
    causes every member of your party to get about 10 damage.
    Unfortunately, only the Pegasus sisters can move freely
    in the castle; the other people have to go through the
    halls.  Two strategies work here.
    Strategy One: Send the Pegasus sisters south, west across
    the ocean, and assemble them so they attack the castle from
    the west side.  At the same time, have the rest of your
    party attack from the right side. 
    Strategy Two: Have the Pegasus sisters attack the people
    on the south side of the castle.  Send the other party
    members to attack the people on the north side.  Have them
    all come together and attack the people in the middle, who
    are the most powerful people (Chuam, the shaman are in this
    No matter what strategy you use, this battle shouldn't be
    too much trouble.  If you play it safe, you'll be able to
    finish it with no big injuries.
    Once the battle's done, go to rank.  Move the Pegasus
    knights into positions seven, eight, and nine.  Save.
    Battle Eleven
    This is the battle where Judah (some people talk about him
    in Sage Village) shows up.  He is not meant to be killed in
    this battle.  You can try, but he prevents you from
    attacking him.  If you're really good, you can try to get
    him to waste all of his HP casting the Death spell.  But
    that most likely won't work. 
    Okay, there's a new enemy here, a Bigle (looks like an
    eyeball).  Have the two Pegasus sister right by the Bigle
    attack it; it should die.  When it dies, Judah runs for it
    That simplifies things quite a lot.  All you have left are
    three mages.  Don't go towards them; let them come to you.
    Magical characters are good at killing them, but either
    way they're not too tough.
    Save your game.  Now, this is pretty much the end for
    Celica's party.  Move your ten characters into the first
    ten spots in the rank menu (this should already be done).
    Make sure you've visited all the lion heads, then save
    and go to Doma's tower, which will be the last for Celica
    for a while.
    Doma's Tower
    Doma's tower, rather than being one battle, is a bunch of
    battles put together.
    Outside are two lion heads, the one on the left increases
    luck (I don't know what the one on the right does).  Use
    them, then enter.
    For the first battle, it's your first six people against
    two wizards, a mage, and three priests.   You'll want your
    solid fighters (magic knights, barons and such) for this
    fight.  So before entering it, use the sort function (pops
    up in the menu if you press A while not fighting in the
    tower) to put your solid people there.
    Once that battle's done, you gain access to the next floor
    of Doma's tower.  Use the lion head there to increase
    skill.  Move your Pegasus knights into the top four
    Enter the building again.  You have a fight against three
    dragons and an ighter.  Basically, each character has one
    enemy to fight.  The dragons die easily under the Pegasus
    Continue on.  The next battle is just like the last battle,
    so it's just as easy.  This gives you access to the top
    On the top level, there are two lion heads.  The one on
    the right increases power.  The one on the left increases
    defense.  Use them and go up into the main chamber...
    Judah is inside.  Celica talks with him, and then you
    switch to Alm's party.
    Well, remember how Sage Hark "freed" Alm?  Take a look,
    he's now upgraded to Hero Alm!  Give him the angel ring and
    go to the fear shrine.  Have fight all of the enemies
    alone.  Hey, he can use a bow and arrow while using a sword!
    So, once you've tried out the new Alm, give him his royal
    sword and go back to the Rigel village.  Exit town to the
    north.  Before going north, go to rank.  Put Clea, Pay, and
    three other characters who can receive a lot of HP and still
    live in the last five spots (makes sure Cliff is not one of
    Save and go north.
    Battle Twelve
    Five Dragon Zombies.  Three go south to attack the group
    of five there (have Clea and Pay defend them), and two
    attack the rest of the party (have Cliff and Alm defend
    them).  The battle is over quickly.
    On another note, have Silk cast the dear spell.  I don't
    know how this spell works, but if it does, it kills all
    the dragon zombies, making this fight and the following
    ones much easier. 
    Another good idea is have your characters wield Holy
    weapons, as holy weapons will do extra damage against the
    dragon zombies, because zombies are unholy.
    Unfortunately, that was just a warm-up.  Save your game.
    You'll notice you can't move; you're stuck!  Select the
    second item from the main map menu.
    Battle Thirteen
    Seven Dragon Zombies.  Two attack the main party on the
    right hand side, and the rest attack the party on the
    south.  Not much different from the last fight, except the
    dragon zombies will attack the weaker characters on the
    south with more ease.
    Since the party at the right is not so well protected, you
    can have Silk warp Alm so he is to the left of the closest
    dragon zombie.  Instead of attacking the other characters,
    the dragon zombie attacks Alm, and the other one follows
    suit, which is a good way of making sure those other
    characters don't get harmed.
    Save.  Moving still isn't one of your strong points, so
    choose the second item.
    Battle Fourteen
    Ten Dragon Zombies.  As you might guess, eight fight the
    party on the bottom, and two fight the rest.  You should
    still be able to win without any casualties.
    Once the fight is over, we go back to Celica.  Have her
    follow Judah.  As soon as she catches up with him, we see
    a tough-looking fight start, but then the game switches
    right back to Alm.  That's weird.
    Go to the rank menu.  Put Cliff as number ten, and Pay as
    fourteen.  Give Cliff the angel ring, Clea the mage ring,
    Pay the holy bow, and Alm the royal sword.  Save, and go
    east to the waterfall.
    Battle Fifteen
    Ooh, look at the nice waterfall effect there.
    Send Grey to block the bridge to the right.  Send Alm to
    block the stairs to the north.  Send Pay left towards the
    shaman.  End your turn.
    Now, you'll have to keep up various fronts in this battle.
    Have Alm kill all of the enemies that come at him, while
    being on the stairs.  Have Cliff kill all of the enemies
    near him.  Have Cliff kill the shaman, and then the baron
    to the left of him (that's Magnu, the leader of the bunch).
    By the way, Magnu's last words are "How ironic.  You kill
    ME.  Congrats."  That's kind of interesting.
    Once Alm and Cliff have finished fighting their enemies,
    have the two of them attack the fortress thing in the
    upper left from below, while Pay attacks from the right.
    You might want to kill Hes (the level eight witch) first,
    as she summons other witches to fight your party.
    Bad thing: When Hes dies, the witches she summoned do not
    go away.
    Anyway, once the battle's done, save, and give Alm the
    angel ring.  Now go east into the waterfall, which leads
    to a hidden place...Doma's tower.
    Note this is different from the Doma's tower that Celica's
    party entered.  This Doma's tower is more like one of those
    shrines you saw earlier.
    Battle Sixteen
    You have seven zombies and eight mummies to fight.  Just
    like with Celica's party, killing mummies is good for EXP.
    This battle is not difficult at all.  Have Alm kill all of
    the enemies.
    Once the battle's done, you can continue on to the angel
    statue, but there's nothing else to do in here.
    Exit Doma's tower.  Then go back in and get Alm more EXP.
    Get him to level 20.
    Okay, so we'll want to do what we did with Celica's party
    to Alm's party, but this time, only choose nine party
    members instead of ten (Alm is one of those nine).  I would
    recommend Tita, as she is the only one who learns reserve
    Max out three of the nine (not Clea, Alm, Pay or Cliff), 
    and half max all of the rest.  Once you're done with that,
    give them all items and make sure they are the first nine
    in the rank menu.  Save and go on to...
    Battle Seventeen
    Okay, this battle has an interesting set up; it's made so
    your characters get attacked before they can attack the
    Well, luckily you have a character who can take the attacks
    and attack the enemies with his bow.  I am, of course,
    talking about Alm.  Send Alm up in between the second and
    third columns.
    Keep sending Alm up, and have him kill the enemies in the
    second and third columns (including the leader, Mular)
    along the way.  By the way, an er from another column may
    attack some of your characters; just move them out of the
    way so he can't harm them.
    Once Alm has cleared out the second and third columns, send
    him up top.  Have him clear out the other columns, one by
    one.  The battle is finished easiliy.
    On the item screen, make it so Alm has the royal sword.
    Save and go onto the last battle of the chapter.
    Battle Eighteen
    Okay, you're at Emperor Rudolf's castle.  Rudolf himself is
    here, with all of his minions.
    Now, this battle can be extremely easy if you know what to
    do.  Here's the secret: the battle ends when Rudolf dies,
    and Rudolf won't attack Alm.
    See how Rudolf is right next to a healing space?  Send Alm
    to the space, and have him attack Rudolf.  Rudolf can't run
    for it, because you're on the healing space (he has an
    angel ring, which he uses to heal himself).  Ignore the
    other people, concentrate on killing Rudolf.  Since he
    doesn't attack Alm, it's easy.
    Once Rudolf is dead, the battle ends.  You get to hear his
    dying words...revealing why he did not harm Alm.  Alm's
    real name is Albyne Alm Rudolf...Rudolf's only son!
    Rudolf also tells Alm that Mira sealed "Falcion" (some sort
    of weapon), and Alm should retrieve it and use it to kill
    Alm gets the angel ring, and enters the Rigel palace.
    Inside is...MISEN?  Jeez, this guy has a habit of turning
    up in palaces, doesn't he?  Alm talks to him.
    Alm is extremely saddened and confused (and thus angry)
    about the news that he killed his father.  Misen has to
    explain this all to Alm.  A bit is left out, but I can
    make a good guess of what it was.
    Years ago, Rudolf sent Misen some children that he weren't
    supposed to exist.  Most likely, Rudolf expected Misen to
    kill these children, as Misen was a Sofia General and
    Rudolf was head of Rigel.
    Misen realized then that Rudolf was mad.  Rather than kill
    Alm, Misen had Alm become good friends with Celica.  The
    point was this: Alm and Celica were the respective heirs
    to the thrones of Sofia and Rigel.  If they were friends,
    Sofia and Rigel could stop fighting and all of Valencia
    could live in peace.
    However, there was the unavoidable business of Rudolf being
    mad to deal with, and Misen sent Celica off.  Rudolf most
    likely got Tozeh to attack Sofia.  Rudolf got Doma to
    capture Mira, even though that spelled the doom for Rigel
    as well as Sofia.
    Now Alm, as the last of the Rigel royalty, must undo
    Rudolf's damage.  Misen joins Alm's party.  Thus ends the
    fourth chapter.
    004e-Chapter Five-To Doma
    Talk to everyone inside.  Most people hail Alm.  There is
    a general, who says a lot of (bugged) stuff.  But the
    important stuff is said by a guy by some stairs.
    Okay, the stairs lead to the basement.  The basement leads
    to where Celica is fighting Doma.  At a certain point,
    though, you can no longer go back.  Exit the palace.
    Put Misen as your tenth character.  Give Alm the Royal
    Sword, which we now know he can equip because he is of
    Rigel royalty). Also, make sure to go to all the lion
    heads, since you won't be able to go to the lion heads
    again after this.
    Save before going into the basement of Rigel Palace.  The
    first ten characters listed under rank are Misen and the
    nine you chose earlier.  Of all of your characters in Alm's
    party, make sure that two of them are unequipped.  This is
    ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.  Got all that?  Good.  Enter the
    Now, the basement is pretty much a maze to get to Celica,
    but, it's also a race against the clock (the longer it
    takes to get to Celica, the more damage her party takes).
    Okay?  Go right.
    A rock blocks your exit.  Poop.  Keep going right.  You go
    past a treasure chest on the way.  Eventually, you can't
    go right anymore.  Go down.  Hey, Celica's party is on the
    other side of the wall...
    Celica tells Alm to hurry up and save her party from being
    Go one screen left.  See the stairs?  Note the doorway-like
    thing directly above the stairs.  Walk through the
    doorway thing that is one left of the doorway thing
    directly above the stairs.
    You are transported to somewhere else.  You walk through
    black spaces here.  Go as far up as possible, as far right
    as possible, as far up as possible, and as far right as
    possible.  Open the chest for the Gladius spear; give it to
    Misen.  Go back through the doorway thing to the area with
    the stairs.
    Go one screen left.  There are four black spaces in the
    middle of the ground here, and they form a square (if you
    connected them).  Enter the bottom/right one, and then go
    one screen right.
    Battle One
    This battle isn't too hard.  See how the bottom of the
    battlefield is that nasty stuff that takes away HP.  On
    every turn, the nasty stuff moves one row up.
    To start off the battle, notice how there are four enemies
    close to your party, and the rest are farther away, up
    towards the top?  Do a mass assault to finish off those four
    For the rest of the enemies, I'd send up a few characters
    who are good (Since you get to choose the ten that fight
    here, I can't tell you which ones to choose) to deal with
    the enemies there, and leave the others alone, moving them
    north only if they're in danger of falling in the nasty
    Once the battle's over, you're in a room with a door.  Go
    through the door.  See the sign?  Only Rigel royalty are
    allowed.  Well, that means only Alm can continue on from
    here.  Go up the stairs.
    Battle Two
    Alm, all by himself, has to fight ten leecs.  Put his on
    the healing space, which makes it so only one leec can
    attack at once.
    In three or four moves, the wall disappears, so they all
    can attack Alm at once.  Alm should be able to fight them
    Once he does, go up the stairs.
    Battle Three
    Alm has eight Balrogs to fight.  For some reason, I found
    them incredibly easy to beat (easier than the leec).  Well,
    that's convenient.
    Once you're done with them, go up more stairs.
    Battle Four
    You have to fight two white dragons here.  This battle is
    easy due to the fact that there are only two (it would be
    harder if there were, say, twelve).
    Once the battle's done, go up the stairs and get the
    Falcion sword.  Yay, now you can kill Doma!  Give it to
    Alm, then go back down all the stairs you went up.
    Once you get to the bottom level, exit the door and go a
    screen left.  See how there are only three black spaces
    now?  Enter one (they all lead to the same place).
    Go one screen right.  Down at the bottom are some stairs.
    Go all the way up these stairs until you end up in an area
    where you can't go up any more stairs (hint: you've been
    in this area before).
    Go one screen left.  This time, go through the top/left
    black square.  Go one screen right.
    Battle Five
    This battle isn't that difficult.  Send some of your
    strong guys over to defeat the enemies.  It shouldn't be
    a problem.
    But, one thing to look out for is that yellow square.  If
    someone steps on it, a bunch of the nasty stuff shows up.
    Beware of that.
    Once the battle is over, go one screen right.  Hey, there
    are four more black things here!  See the one on the right?
    Enter it, but enter it from beneath.
    It transports you somewhere else.  Go up the stairs until
    there are no more stairs, then enter the door to get to
    Battle Six
    Last battle of the game.
    Okay, since I let you choose who is fighting, I really
    can't tell you how to fight this battle all that well.
    I'd send Alm's party up to fight the three enemies above
    them.  For Celica's party, you can use the Pegasus triplets
    and set them up in a row to protect the other members of
    the party.
    Once Hades, Berle and Shell have been killed, send Alm and
    Pay right.  Have Alm kill the bigles on the way.
    Have Pay kill Judah.  Pay is the only one who can attack
    Judah, because Pay can attack from far off.  Judah, while
    dying, says that Doma will finish you off.
    From then on, you can kill the rest of the enemies with
    whoever you want.  It's better to kill all of the enemies
    there before killing Doma.  Do as you wish.
    NOTE: It is rumored that if you kill a lot of bigles, you
    get a really good weapon.  Since bigles summon bigles, it
    isn't hard to kill a lot of them.  However, at this point
    I have no confirmation on whether this is true or not.
    When it comes to Doma, there are two ways to kill him.
    The first way is by using Alm, who has the Falcion sword. 
    You see, whenever someone attacks Doma, Doma will simply
    block it.  If Alm has Falcion, Doma's attempt to block the
    attack doesn't work.  So Alm with Falcion is basically the
    only way to attack Doma.
    The second way to hurt Doma is to have a sister/nun/magic
    person use the drain spell to steal Doma's HP.  Because
    this attack does low damage (and Doma has high magic
    defense because he can use magic ), this is hard, and
    probably should only be done if you're looking for a way
    to make the final battle harder.
    Anyway, Doma has about 150 HP.  So just keep having Alm
    attack Doma with the Facion again and again and again
    (when Doma's HP gets low, he starts to heal himself, and
    unfortunately I don't think you can do anything about
    that).  You shouldn't have to worry about Alm dying,
    because the Falcion heals him on every turn.
    When Alm kills Doma, the game ends.  Hope you enjoy the
    So you want to learn how to fight, huh?  Okay, here's all
    the information you need to know:
    When a fight starts, all of your characters are blue.  All
    of the enemies are pink.  You might notice a pink square
    somewhere.  That's a healing square.  If someone stands on
    the square for a turn or more, their HP goes up.
    You start each fight with each character at their maximum
    HP, as well.
    To move a character, move the cursor on them, and press A.
    Move the cursor to where you want the character to go, and
    press A again.  If you want that move, select end.  If not,
    you can press B to undo it.
    If you end a move so you are right next to an enemy, you
    can choose to fight them.  If you are next to more than one
    enemy, you get to choose which one you want to fight.  Press
    A to continue the fight (Press B to end it).
    Once the fight starts, the characters run up to each other
    and fight each other.  You get to see how much HP each
    character has.  You kill an enemy when the enemy's HP
    reaches zero.
    Sometimes, a character does a special attack, which means
    they inflict three times as much damage as normal.
    Certain characters, like archers, can attack enemies from
    a distance.
    When one of your characters dies, you can't bring them back
    to life again.
    If you want a character to fight, but stay in the same place,
    move the cursor on that character and press A three times.
    If you move the cursor on any character and press A twice,
    you get to see some statistics on that characters (their
    strength, how many squares they can move at once, stuff
    like that).
    If you press A while the cursor is not on a character, a
    little menu pops up.  It has a lot of things you can choose.
    First off is roster.  You can choose this to see a roster
    of the people who are fighting for you.  In the roster, you
    can press left/right to flip through their stats.  This is
    a good way of comparing your characters and seeing which
    ones are the best.
    Second is assault.  Choose this, and your party does a mass
    assault.  The computer automatically moves your characters
    so they can fight as many enemies as possible.  Quite
    Third is gather.  Choose this, and the computer moves your
    party members so they are all gathered together.
    Fourth is remove.  Remove shows you how many turns you have
    done so far, compared to the maximum number of moves you can
    make (40).  If you go over the maximum, the fight
    automatically ends.  This can be used as a strategy; if you
    kill some enemies, you can return at full strength with the
    already-defeated enemies gone.
    Fifth is quit.  I don't know what this does.  The game stops
    as soon as you choose it.
    Sixth is config (short for configuration).  You can
    configure the music (turn it on or off), the animation
    (turn it on or off; turning it off speeds up fighting),
    and wait timer (you can set up a timer).
    Seventh is end turn.  Once you select end turn, your turn
    ends and the enemies get to move.  When they're done, it's
    your turn again.  Note that if you do gather or mass
    assault, your turn will automatically end when you do those.
    At certain points in the game, another option pops up in
    the menu.  It is the retreat option.  It allows you to exit
    a fight without killing all of the enemies.  A strategy is
    to enter a fight, kill some enemies, retreat, reenter, and
    repeat until all the enemies are dead.  Note that you must
    do a retreat before moving any characters, or else the
    option will go away.
    Sometimes during a fight, you will gain GP, which stands
    for Group Points (thanks to Oceanus for pointing this out
    to me!).  What that means is, unlike EXP, everybody in the
    party gets the number of GP added to their EXP.
    Good luck fighting.
    Thief: Axe-wielding enemies.  They have 26 HP.  There is
    no honor amongst them.
    (Arche)r: An enemy that can attack you from a distance.
    Due to size limits, the full name archer couldn't be put
    in, so it is just labeled as r (rather than Arche, which
    would surely lead to bad "where is Jughead" jokes).
    (M)agic Kn(ight): Oooh, an enemy that is hard to beat.  It
    does about five damage on each turn, and gets about four.
    Best to fight against one with more that one person.
    rcn: Enemies.  They're either easy or hard to beat.  That's
    Knight: Just like the knights you have.  These guys have
    24 HP.
    Zombi: Zombies have a lot of HP, and because of this can
    be hard to beat.  Eventually, they become pushovers, though.
    Skeln: These guys take little damage and do lots of it.
    Eventually, they too will become pushovers.
    Sreida: Tozeh's master guard.  He is not someone to screw
    around with.  He's a powerful paladin.
    ht: Enemy armors.  Don't know what ht stands for, though.
    Perhaps it stands for hot, like hot stuff, but I'm not in
    the game, so that can't possibly be it...(gets slapped in
    the face repeatedly)
    Wizard: Rejects from the Land of Oz, they're going to make
    sure your party never goes back to Kansas.  They do a Dora
    spell, which forces you to learn Spanish.  Wizard of Oz
    and Nick Junior references aside, these are the enemies
    you fight that have magic power.
    Dach: Also known as Dahha, this guy is a pirate boss.  He
    is very unmerciful.  He is quite unattractive.  He's a
    level 10 thief, and has a lot of power.  However, his weak
    spot is that he has no magical defense.
    Sham(an): These guys summon undead enemies to come fight
    you.  Not cool, not cool at all.  In hand to hand combat,
    they also do well with the Dora spell.
    Dzombie: Dragons are bad, zombies are bad, but dragon
    zombies are worse.  People who can do angel magic are the
    only ones who can defeat them (aside from Pegasus knights).
    Gargoyl(e): Once skeletons start becoming easy to fight,
    gargoyles show up to take their place.  They can travel
    long distance and usually attack twice.  Their weak point
    is their low amount of HP.
    Gaha: A white colored, level 10 thief.  You fight him once.
    Not much of a challenge.
    Witch: They can warp themselves to anywhere on the board,
    but besides that, they're just like wizards.  Since they
    can warp themselves anywhere and attack from a distance,
    they can do a lot of damage to characters with low magical
    Er: Basically, an enemy archer that has undergone two
    class changes.  They can attack from long distances, which
    makes them really annoying.
    Mika: Shaman who is the leader of the group that prevents
    access to Mira's Shrine.  He's level 5.  Fighting him is
    less difficult than fighting the people who work for him.
    He summons gargoyles.
    Zack: A level 5 enemy armor.  In the first battle Alm
    fights in Chapter 3.
    Wolf: A level 3 sniper, armed with a steely bow.  He hangs
    out with a bunch of ers, and he's so good that he makes
    them look bad.
    Soni: A level 5 witch.  She has a steel shield.  Basically,
    she hangs out with a bunch of wimps to make her look good.
    Dean: Soni's counterpoint, a swordmaster.
    n: Upgraded magic knight.
    (f)ighter: Enemy archer that has done two class changes.
    (P)aladin: An upgraded knight.
    Tozeh: The big bad guy of chapter one, you don't fight him
    until chapter three.  He's a powerful baron, and hangs out
    with strong people in his fort.  Killing Tozeh is hard
    enough, but you have to kill him while fighting all of the
    other strong people in his fort.
    Loso: A level 3 paladin.
    Gazel: A bowman.
    Shiza: An upgraded paladin.
    Saizo: A magic knight.
    rdM: Basically the same as Shiza.  They are knights,
    upgraded paladins.  They have better spear control.
    (Bar)o(n): Enemy baron.  Imagine Ruka having done two class
    M(u)m(m)y: The same as zombies, but they give much more
    (Pr)iest: Upgraded n.
    Nuibaba: A very good wizard, can do the terrible Medusa
    Garci: A level 5 shaman that summons gargoyles.
    Dolk: A level 10 shaman that summons dzombies.
    Mage: Shadowy, gray enemies.  They look like Barons.  They
    do a lot of damage and take a little.  Use magic to defeat
    Chuam: A level 10 wizard, who can cast death.  He also has
    the unfortunate ability to harm every single member of your
    party at once, but luckily he casts that spell rarely.
    Bigle: An eyeball that summons other eyeballs.  These guys
    are really annoying.  Pegasus knights can fight them
    Judah: He can prevent your characters from attacking, and
    does a powerful attack.  He is damn near impossible to beat.
    Luckily, he pulls a Tozeh and runs for it once you kill the
    main person working for him.  This is because he is not
    meant to be killed.
    Magnu: A level ten baron.  He's not that difficult to kill,
    really, because my strategy involves an archer attacking
    him, while Magnu is unable to retaliate.
    Hes: A level eight witch.  She doesn't move to attack your
    party, preferring to summon witches to attack your party.
    This is very dangerous, you'll probably want to kill her
    quickly.  The witches she summons do NOT go away when she
    dies (as with the enemies summoned by shamans and bigles),
    which is unfortunate.
    Mular: A level ten archer, who leads a fight against Alm in
    chapter four.  By the time you face him, he isn't that hard
    to beat.
    Leec(h): These guys are pretty much skeletons, but they've
    been upgraded so they're harder to beat.  Alm has to fight
    ten of them all by himself, and they never show up again.
    Balrog: Like the leec, except these guys are upgraded
    gargoyles.  Also like the leec, they only show up in one
    White Dragon: Two of them show up to fight Alm in chapter
    three.  They are somewhat hard to kill, but since there
    are only two in the whole game, they don't present much of
    a challenge.
    Hades: A pink, level ten knight.  Shows up in the final
    Berle: A green, level ten magic knight that shows up in
    the final battle.
    Shell: Berle's counterpoint, a green, level ten magic knight
    that shows up in the final battle.
    Gold: A really, really good archer that shows up in the
    final battle.
    Hes: (see above) She shows up again in the final fight.
    Mar: She's just like Hes, except she and Hes summon bigles
    in the final fight.
    Gane: A level ten wizard that shows up in the final fight.
    Not even a challenge.
    Judah: He shows up again in the final battle.  He seals all
    attacks made on him, meaning you can't attack him.  The only
    way to kill him is with an archer, attacking from far off.
    Doma: An evil god with a variety of attacks (tentacle,
    eyeball, bigle summoning).  The only safe way to kill him
    is with Alm and the Falcion sword.  Doma has about 150 HP.
    007-Class Changing
    Okay...in this game, characters can class change at certain
    points in the game.  If you have a character do a class
    change, their skills improve.
    Here are the official rules for upgrades, with various
    comments added:
    When a villager reaches level 3, they can class change into
    a mercenary, soldier, archer, or knight.
    Soldiers becomes armors at level 7, armors become barons at
    level 10 (armors/barons have high HP and do a lot of
    damage, but can only move about 4 spaces on each turn, so
    they are very slow)
    Mercenaries become sword masters at level 7, sword masters
    become magic knights at level 10, magic knights can become
    villagers at level 10 (they jump a lot is kind of weird.
    However, they can become villagers again, which means you
    can have them become villagers, and upgrade them back to
    magic knights, which, as you might imagine, turns them into
    completely great fighters)
    Archers become snipers at level 7, snipers become bowmen at
    level 10.
    Knights become paladins at level 7, paladins become knights
    at level 10. (these guys can move long distances, which is
    why they're particularly useful).
    Male wizards become mages at level 20.  (I've heard that
    mages heal themselves on every turn) 
    Female wizards become priestesses at level 20.  (Celica is
    a priestess)
    Sisters become nuns at level 12. (nuns annoyingly use up
    their HP in angel attacks, which makes them easier to kill,
    but their ability to heal anyone from anywhere (ibro magic)
    makes that worth it. They also automatically heal all of the
    characters who are next to them).
    Pegasus Knights (with flying horses) upgrade at level 12.
    (Pegasus Knights are pretty much useless until they
    upgrade, at which point they are able to kill zombies and
    gargoyles in one move.  Since they ride flying horses,
    terrain means nothing to them).
    Celica becomes Royal Celica when she gets the Royal Crown
    near the end of chapter 3.  (Royal Celica isn't much
    different from normal Celica, but it is necessary to give
    Celica an opportunity to upgrade, or else she would fall
    behind everyone else).
    Alm becomes Hero Alm after Celica talks to the Elder in the
    forest maze.  (Hero Alm can attack someone with a sword,
    and he can also attack from a distance with a bow, which he
    is surprisingly good at).
    To get a class change, you must walk up to an angel statue,
    which are located inside caves.  You can choose to upgrade
    or not.  If you're trying to upgrade a villager and you
    don't like the option you get, select no and do it again
    for (hopefully) a different option.
    Since we're talking about upgrading, here's the profile of
    a "perfect" character, one who has all of his or her
    abilities as high as possible.  You'd find it on the info
    menu on the main map screen.
    Level 20
    MaxHP 52
    Power 40
    Skill 40
    Speed 40
    Luck 40
    Defense 40
    M(agical) Defense 40
    Counter 9
    The last two were uncertain, but fortunately, Chicobo329
    has figured it out. It turns out you can't upgrade either
    of them. Magical Defense never goes up in this game, and
    Counter is actually a fancy way of saying how many squares
    your character can move, which also doesn't change in the
    For the English translation, the leveling up text is messed
    up so you don't know what it means.  Well, here's a
    translation for the translation.  The first few symbols
    are on the left, and the statistic they stand for is on the
    ||    power
    20    magic power
    OB36    defense
    OC    speed
    02    luck
    2D    skill
    Yes, the magical characters can do magic.  There are two
    different kinds of magic, white magic and black magic.
    Black magic is used to attack enemies, and all other magic
    is white magic.  It takes up HP to do magic, though.  Here's
    a description of all the magic you can use:
    Black Magic:
    Drain (0 HP): Use this to steal HP from enemies.  You drain
    them of HP, and their HP goes to the person who cast the
    Fire (1 HP): Use this to throw a fireball (ball of fire) at
    an enemy.
    Thunder (2 HP): Use this to make someone get hit by
    lightning (thunder has less letters than lightning, so the
    programmers chose to call it thunder rather than
    Excalibur (3 HP): Use it to hit an enemy with a sort of
    wave thing that looks like this: (
    Angel (4 HP): Use this to throw five angels at an enemy.
    It does them damage.  Angel magic is best for killing
    dragon zombies.
    Aura (6 HP): Cover the enemies in what looks like a green
    spring.  Confusing.  Do the confusion 'til your head falls
    off!  Blow your nose in your overcoat!
    Arrow (8 HP): Fire a volley of arrows at your enemies.
    Ragnarok (10 HP): Bugged in the translation, so it doesn't
    work, and the game freezes when it is cast.  Once a
    character learns it, you will be unable to choose any kind
    of magic for that person to use.  If you're using the
    translation, use the information (below) to avoid ever
    learning ragnarok.  But if you're not using the bad
    version, it is quite useful (it does about 50-60 damage),
    but the 10 HP that is used to cast the spell might make
    you not want to cast the spell unless you really need to.
    Here's some information from Nathan, who found a way to
    work around the ragnarok bug.  This is good, because by
    the time the bug hits, you're probably too far in the game
    to want to start over due to a bugged save file.
    "After you select black magic option on Celica's screen,
    the [something] hits the fan shortly afterwards. If you
    use "end turn", "gather", or "assualt" it's lock-up time.
    BUT if you use the quit option and then reset the emulator,
    you have an option of "continue" after the title screen. Use
    continue and VIOLA! No more locked screen! Of course, if you
    access Celica's black magic screen again, the same problem 
    ensues. But it's something..."
    White Magic:
    Recover (1 HP): Use this to give HP to your other
    Ibro (3 HP): Better than recover, it can heal any of your
    characters on the screen, no matter where they are.
    Warp (8 HP): Used to send a character from one place on the
    screen to another place on the screen.
    Illusion (12 HP): A character uses this to summon numerous
    Cloud (Cuad) people to come join your party in the fight.
    You can't control the Cuad people, though.  Different
    people summon different Cuad people (Tita summons Pegasus
    knights, Jeni summons soldiers, Silk summons magic
    Reserve (12 HP): Tita uses this to heal all of her allies.
    Yes, all of them at once.  Cool.
    Dear (14 HP): The effects of this are now known, thanks to
    Chicobo329. Basically, dear magic kills all undead enemies
    who are onscreen at the time.
    And now here's information on magic pertaining to all of
    your characters who can use magic, yes, all of them* (in
    alphabetical order):
    * You can say, hey, Sevr doesn't use magic.  True, but you
    upgrade him into a swordmaster, magic knight, villager, and
    then a wizard.  That's how I got the information on
    characters who are usually non-magical.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Learns arrow magic at level sixteen.
    Learns recover magic when he becomes a sage.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Learns excalibur magic at level six.
    Learns recover magic when he becomes a sage.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Learns thunder magic at level three.
    Learns arrow magic at level twelve.
    Learns excalibur magic at level eighteen.
    Learns recover magic when he becomes a sage.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Learns excalibur magic at level seven.
    Learns recovers magic upon becoming a sage.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Learns angel magic at level five.
    Learns thunder magic at level eight.
    Learns recover magic at level nine.
    Learns excalibur magic at level sixteen.
    Learns ragnarok magic at level twenty.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Learns thunder magic at level four.
    Learns excalibur magic at level seven.
    Learns arrow magic at level eleven.
    Learns aura magic at level twenty.
    Learns recover magic when he becomes a sage.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Starts off with aura magic.
    Learns angel magic at level eleven.
    Learns ragnarok magic at level sixteen.
    Learns recover magic when she becomes a priestess.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Learns arrow magic at level nine.
    Learns thunder magic at level ten.
    Learns recover magic when he becomes a sage.
    Starts off with drain magic.
    Starts off with recover magic.
    Learns illusion magic at level four.
    Learns ibro magic at level eight.
    Learns dear magic at level twelve.
    Learns angel magic when she becomes a nun.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Learns excalibur magic at level two.
    Learns thunder magic at level nine.
    Learns recover magic when he becomes a sage.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Starts off with thunder magic.
    Learns aura at level nine.
    Learns angel magic at level fourteen.
    Learns recover magic when she becomes a priestess.
    Starts off with recover magic.
    Starts off with arrow magic.
    Starts off with excalibur magic.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Starts off with thunder magic. 
    Starts with fire magic.
    Starts off with excalibur magic.
    Learns thunder magic at level ten.
    Learns arrow magic at level fifteen.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Learns angel magic at level five.
    Learns recover magic when he becomes a sage.
    Starts off with drain magic.
    Starts off with recover magic.
    Learns warp magic at level seven.
    Learns dear magic at level fourteen.
    Learns illusion magic at level eighteen.
    Learns angel magic at level one.
    Starts off with thunder magic.
    Starts off with excalibur magic.
    Starts off with fire magic.
    Learns angel magic at level fourteen.
    Learns arrow magic at level eighteen.
    Learns recover magic when she becomes a priestess.
    Starts off with angel magic.
    Starts off with drain magic.
    Starts off with ibro magic.
    Learns reserve magic at level four.
    Learns illusion magic at level seven.
    Learns warp magic at level eight.
    You can get a variety of items in this game.  Near the end,
    of the game, due to the sheer number of items, it is hard
    to decide which item to give to which character.  So, to
    help, here's a list of the items, in alphabetical order.
    As a general note, any item that is Holy will heal the
    character who has that item on every turn.  In addition to
    that, Holy items do extra damage to undead (creatures that
    should be dead, but aren't.  For example, zombies).
    Angel Ring: Heals the character who has it on every turn.
    If you gain a level while wearing this ring, you upgrade
    twice as normal.  For example, you usually get 1 HP for an
    upgrade, but with the angel ring on, you get 2 HP.  It also
    increases a character's luck to 40.  Gotten when Pala and
    Catu join Celica's party in chapter 3, and also gotten by
    killing Emperor Rudolf.
    Dark Sword: Won in battle 3 of chapter 3.  Decreases speed
    by five, but increases power by 13.  It sometimes curses
    the person who has it, taking away a lot of their HP.
    You can also get it by killing a lot of skeletons. 
    Dragon Shield: The enemy called Judah has this, but he is
    super hard to beat, so getting this is not likely.  It is
    easier to force Judah to flee.  You can get it from
    attacking a lot of dragons (it's best to do this in chapter
    four or five on dragon mountain).
    Falcion: A sword Alm obtains to kill the final boss of the
    game with.  Heals him every turn.  This is the only weapon
    that can harm the final boss.
    Gladius: A spear that you get in chapter five.  Use it to
    attack from a distance.
    Her sword: Raises power by five.  Gotten from Dean.  It
    might raise the probability of you attacking the enemy, but
    this is unconfirmed.
    Holy Bow: An archer's best friend.  Since it is holy, it
    does extra damage to enemies (they burst into flame when
    hit).  It gives 5 to the wielder's power.  Gotten in the
    fear shrine.
    Holy Ring: Heals the character who wields it.  Gotten from
    defeating the dragon zombie (battle six) of chapter two. 
    Holy Shield: Doesn't raise defense, but heals whoever has
    it on every turn.  Gotten in the fear shrine.
    Holy Spear: Increases power by three.  Gotten by saving
    the daughter of a man in a mountain village (near Tozeh's
    Holy Sword: Heals the character who wields it, and raises
    their power by 3.  Found inside the Sea Shrine, which is
    accessible in chapters 2, 3, and 4.
    Knight Spear: Gotten in Sofia castle.  It does extra damage
    to enemy knights/paladins.
    Leather Shield: Raises a character's defense by 3 points.
    Obtained from the magic knight in battle 3 of chapter 2.
    Leather Shield: Raises a character's defense by 3 points.
    Obtained from the magic knight in the fourth battle in
    chapter one.
    Mage ring: Like the angel ring, it heals the person who has
    it on every turn.  If a magic person has it, the character
    can cast spells and have an effect five squares away,
    instead of the normal two squares away.  Gotten from
    killing Nuibaba and in Mira's shrine.  You can also get it
    after killing Judah.
    Magic shield: Gotten in the fear shrine.  It deflects
    magical attacks.  Very useful for characters who are bad
    at taking magic attacks.  Rarely, magical attacks go
    through the shield.
    Prayer ring: You get it if Dyute joins Alm's party.  It
    heals whoever has it, just like a holy ring.  Also, if
    the character wielding it has more than one HP, that
    character will not die from any attack.
    Royal Sword: Inside Tozeh's castle.  Only Alm can use it.
    It raises his power by 7, and heals him on every turn.
    Silver Shield: Raises defense by 8.  Gotten in the fear
    Silver Spear: Decreases speed by one, increases power by
    eight.  Gotten in the Lost Woods.
    Silver Bow: Raises power by seven and decreases speed by
    two.  Found in the Lost Woods.
    Silver Sword: Increases power by eight, decreases speed by
    one.  Found in the Lost Woods.
    Spear and Sword: This combo allows you to attack from a
    one-square distance.  It increases power by 3 and speed by
    2.  Gotten when Pala/Catu join Celica's party.
    Speed ring: Makes a character's speed become 40, and allows
    them to go five extra squares on a turn.  Excellent to use
    with barons and the like.  I can't remember where you get
    it from. 
    Star Spear: Increases power by 10. You can get it by
    killing a lot of Gargoyles.
    Steel Shield: Raises defense by five.  Gotten from Soni.
    You can also get it by killing a lot of zombies.
    Steel Sword: Decreases speed by one, raises power by four.
    Obtained from Dahha's fortress in chapter 2.
    Steel Spear: Increases power by four, decreases speed by
    one.  Gotten in a chest in the castle that Jesi is found
    Steel Bow: A bow made out of steel; only archers can use
    it.   Increases power by 3, takes away one speed.  Increases
    attack range.  Gotten from Wolf in Chapter 3.  Also gotten
    from the fifth battle of chapter one. 
    Thunder Sword: This sword automatically casts thunder
    magic, without taking away any HP.  Found inside the first
    fort you reach in chapter 1. 
    010-Lion Heads
    Okay, so what's up with the lion heads, you wonder? Well,
    if you walk up to a lion head, it can boost your character's
    stats. You can visit each pair of lion heads a maximum of
    three times.
    You can use a lion head at any time you want to.
    Note that when you revive someone from the dead, you can
    have them revived as a member of whichever party you
    choose. Thanks to Oceanus for this information.
    The lion heads are listed in the order you can visit them.
    Lion Heads Celica can visit:
    Monastery: The left one increases power, the right one
    increases speed.
    Sea Shrine: The left one increases skill, the right one
    increases maximum HP.
    Dragon Shrine: Revive dead people (thanks to Nathan for
    this information)
    Sage village: Boosts defense.
    Mira Temple Basement: The right one boosts EXP to 99, the
    left one raises power rating.
    Lion Heads Alm can visit:
    Thief Shrine: Left one raises speed, I don't know what the
    right one does. 
    Liberation Headquarters: Left one raises defense, right one
    raises power.
    Forest Temple: I don't know what either one does.
    Fear Shrine (lion heads closest to entrance): Left one
    raises speed, right one raises luck.
    Fear Shrine (lion heads in basement): I don't know what
    either one does.
    Doma's Tower: Right one raises defense, I don't know what
    the left one does.
    Note that the ones I don't know most likely revive dead
    people; it's just that I don't feel like repeating the
    game over again just to double-check this. If someone
    figures it out, let me know.
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2007.  If you want
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions under
    general information)

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