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    Game Script by jadeserpentt

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/05/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *                                                                             *
    *                             FIRE EMBLEM: GAIDEN                             *
    *                    Script Translation by Shimizu Hitomi                     *
    *                      Contact: shimizu_hitomi at yahoo                       *
    *                                                                             *
    *                                Version 1.00                                 *
    *                            last update: 06/04/09                            *
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                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    I.    Intro
    II.   Opening Demo
    III.  Chapter One: To Sofia!
    IV.   Chapter Two: Cellica's Departure
    V.    Chapter Three: Liberation War
    VI.   Chapter Four: The Land of Sorrow
    VII.  Chapter Five: Reunion, and then...
    VIII. Ending
    IX.   Character Death Quotes
    X.    Miscellaneous
                                       I. INTRO
    This is a complete translation of the Fire Emblem: Gaiden script, based on the
    Japanese script at http://www.pegasusknight.com. My translations for Chapters
    3-5, the ending, and the death quotes were originally posted at LiveJournal in
    April-June 2009. At the current time of writing, the site Serenes Forest has
    their own translation of the demo and Chapters 1-2 posted, which I have read,
    but did not actively reference.
    According to the Fire Emblem Complete artbook, Gaiden takes place in the year
    606, in between Books 1 (604-605) and 2 (607-608) of Monshou no Nazo. Both
    games take place in the same universe, but on different continents; aside from
    four overlapping characters and an implied overlap in the mythology, the games
    are unrelated. Alm, the male protagonist of Gaiden, was born in 590. Female
    protagonist Cellica is presumably the same age.
    For the romanization of the names, I used a mix of the "official" spellings as
    seen in the game credits, official localizations (for the pegasus knight
    sisters and other terms present in Shadow Dragon), and what looks good
    (to me)/common sense.
                                    II. OPENING DEMO
    Once, there existed "gods"
    Upon these lands.
    On this remote island
    Known as Valencia
    Were two sibling gods
    Called Doma and Mila.
    However --
    Doma, who believed that power was everything,
    Could not forgive the degradation of mankind.
    He came into violent dispute with
    His younger sister Mila, who dreamed of a paradise
    In which all living beings could frolic in freedom.
    A long, long period of darkness passed...
    At last, between the two of them,
    They sealed a single pact.
    The land of Valencia would be divided in two --
    The north to be ruled by Doma;
    The south to be ruled by Mila...
    And so thousands of years passed.
    The respective domains of the gods
    Gave rise to two kingdoms:
    The southern kingdom of Sofia,
    Which had become corrupt in its prosperity,
    And the northern empire of Rigel,
    Which had forgotten kindness in its might.
    Thus did these times filled with contradiction flow on.
    Until finally,
    To the royal families of Rigel and Sofia,
    Two lives were born
    Who would reverse the fate of Valencia.
    From that day forth, the history of Valencia
    Began to stir once more,
    Moving forward into an age of violent warfare.
                               III. CHAPTER ONE: TO SOFIA!
    Mycen:     Alm, take a rest.
               Your sword training is over. Run off and play now.
               However, don't go outside the village.
               Mountain bandits have been loitering around this area recently.
    Villagers: Yo, Alm. You've come just in time.
               You come listen to what this guy has to say too.
    Luka:      That infamous General Dozer has finally initiated a coup.
               Sofia's castle has been captured by Dozer's troops. The king's been
               killed as well.
               Dozer is a cruel man. Many people are suffering every day.
               We formed a liberation force to fight against Dozer, but
               unfortunately, it's not going too well.
               Because of that, we came to ask General Mycen to lend us his
    [upper left]
    Villager:  Ehh, so your old man used to be a general?
    [upper right]
    Villager:  Hey, Alm. The people of our country are in trouble. Let's go help
               everyone out, yeah?
    [lower right; entrance after talking to Mycen]
    Villager:  We'll wait right here, so you go try asking your old man.
    Mycen:     What? Join the liberation forces?!
               Absolutely not. I won't allow it!!
               You must not go to war. All you'll get from it is sorrow.
    * (recruiting Luka)
    Luka:      No good, was it? ... Too bad.
               Sir Mycen, too, has grown cowardly in his old age.
               To think that he was once esteemed by all the kingdom as Sofia's
               greatest hero...
    Alm:       Wait -- I'll join the liberation forces in place of Gramps.
    Luka:      Eh! You'll come in General Mycen's stead?
               Thank you. My comrades will definitely be pleased as well.
               Well then, let's go together to the liberation's secret base.
               ~ Soldier Luka joins the party ~
    [upper left]
    * (recruiting Cliff)
    Cliff:     Me!? ... What should I do...
               Weeell, all right then, I'll go with ya.
               But if I get in trouble you've gotta help me out.
               We're not like you. We're not good at fighting yet, y'know.
               ~ Villager Cliff joins the party ~
    [upper right]
    * (recruiting Robin)
    Robin:     Alm, you're our leader, aren'tcha? Of course we're not gonna let you
               go alone.
               Let's go take back Sofia's castle together.
               ~ Villager Robin joins the party ~
    [lower right; entrance after talking to Mycen]
    * (recruiting Gray)
    Gray:      Alm, I'm going too.
               After all, this village of Rahm is bound to get attacked too at some
               In that case, let's go beat up that Dozer or whatever first.
               ~ Villager Gray joins the party ~
    * (recruiting Silk)
    Silk:      I'm Silk, a priestess in the service of the goddess Mila.
               I was captured by bandits and brought to this shrine.
               Please, take me away from here.
               ~ Sister Silk joins the party ~
    Claire:    Thanks. You've saved me. I'm Claire of the knights of Sofia.
               I was captured by Dozer's soldiers and imprisoned here.
               Clerbe, the leader of the liberation forces, is my older brother.
               Since I'm returning to the base too, why don't we go together?
               ~ Pegasus Knight Claire joins the party ~
    Paison:    This is the secret base of the liberation forces.
               Suspicious characters aren't allowed to pass.
               Eh, you're new recruits? In that case, head on into the room inside.
               But be careful, demons show up in the caves.
    * (recruiting Clerbe)
    Clerbe:    Ah, so you're Alm? Thanks for taking care of my little sister.
               As expected of General Mycen's grandson, you're a brave one.
               Well, Alm. I've got a favor to ask of you.
               From today on, won't you act as our leader?
               There's no one we can depend on now that the royal family of Sofia's
               been destroyed.
               That's why we went before Sir Mycen, the great hero of Sofia, to
               tell him of our desires and beseech him to become our king.
               But for some reason, the general refuses to step up.
               Therefore, I would like you to command the liberation forces in his
               That will enable the rest of us to fight to our heart's content.
               So, Alm. I'm counting on you.
               Please save Sofia.
               ~ Knight Clerbe joins the party ~
    * (recruiting Fols)
    Fols:      It seems that Dozer's requested aid from the northern power Rigel.
               Sofia's forces can't compare to the might of the knights of Rigel.
               If the Kingdom of Rigel makes a move, we won't stand a chance.
    Alm:       But the "Pact of the Gods" upheld by Sofia and Rigel means we
               shouldn't come to blows, right?
               Our guardian, the Lady Mila, would never permit such a thing.
    Fols:      Yeah, but see... There's a rumor, it seems, that Lady Mila's
               Hey, hey. Don't be so surprised. After all, it's been kind of weird
               lately, hasn't it?
               Around here, the crops have been failing, and all that's showing up
               are a bunch of strange demonic creatures.
               You can't help but wonder if the powers of Lady Mila, Protector of
               the Earth, are waning.
               Well, if you go to the Temple of Mila, you should be able to find
               out if this rumor's true.
               ~ Soldier Fols joins the party ~
    * (recruiting Paison, if you've recruited Clerbe)
    Paison:    Eh, where's everyone going?
               What? We're finally marching on Sofia Castle?
               Then I'm going too.
               Let's go for it -- for the liberation of Sofia!
               However, Dozer's troops are pretty powerful.
               It'll be dangerous if you don't watch out in particular for Slayder,
               the captain of the guards.
               ~ Archer Paison joins the party ~
    - SOFIA GATE -
    * (opening)
    Dozer:     Worms of the rebel forces!
               You think you can defeat me?
               Slayder, command the cavalry to scatter those bastards!
    * (fighting Slayder)
    Slayder:   Die, rebels!
    * (upon Slayder's defeat)
    Dozer:     What!! Slayder's been downed!?
               Shit! Rebel bastards, I'll remember this.
               I'm retreating. You men! I'm leaving this to you!!
               ~ Dozer runs away ~
    * (upon Dozer's defeat)
    Slayder:   Hehehe... Foolish bastards. What you just defeated was Lord Dozer's
               Lord Dozer has already returned to his own lands.
               I'll pay you back in full for this someday. Until next time!!
               ~ Slayder runs away ~
    Woman:     You have my gratitude. Thanks to you all, Dozer's rebel army
               abandoned the castle and left.
               They've probably fled to their own fortress in the forest to the
    [upper left]
    Man:       It seems that Dozer's requested aid from the Empire of Rigel.
               If that guy's fortress doesn't fall before the Rigelian army comes
               attacking, there'll be trouble afoot.
    Man:       You're General Mycen's grandson?
               But the general shouldn't have had any kin...
               N-no way, that rumor was for real!?
               N... No, sorry. I don't know anything...
    [upper right]
    Man:       Dozer is a blackheart. He secretly had all the children born to the
               royal family killed.
               Sir Mycen, who tried to stop him, was instead charged with the crime
               and driven from the castle.
    Woman:     All the members of the royal family were murdered by Dozer.
               Assuming she still lives, there remains only the princess whom it is
               said Lord Mycen took away with him immediately after her birth.
               At least that girl...
               If only Princess Anteze were still alive...
    [lower left]
    Man:       Dozer escaped with the valuable "Royal Sword."
               That was a gift sent by the Kingdom of Rigel as a sign of friendship
               in the past.
               No normal person can use it. It's a special sword.
    [lower right]
    Man:       If only you had this Ridersbane, you'd easily do away with enemy
               But since it's a lance, no one but knights can handle it.
    [on the roof]
    Mycen:     Alm, so you came...
    Alm:       Ah, Gramps!! What are you doing at the castle of Sofia?
    Mycen:     Fate is a cruel mistress. No matter how I struggle, destiny cannot
               be reversed.
               That being the case, Alm, it's best if you follow the path that you
               believe in.
               Release this land of Valencia from its cursed fate.
               That is, you... as well as the red-haired girl who will soon visit
               this castle...
               Perhaps that is the fate allotted to the two of you...
                           IV. CHAPTER TWO: CELLICA'S DEPARTURE
    * (upon chapter start)
    Cellica:   Well then, Bishop Noma, I'll be off.
    Noma:      Cellica... Must you go no matter what?
               The road to the Temple of Mila is long.
               Now that the Kingdom of Sofia has also been ravaged by civil war,
               there will be no one to protect travelers like you.
               Not only Geyse's pirates, but even demonic creatures have been
               appearing frequently. You'll almost certainly be attacked.
               Even if you are a "Priest Warrior," it's far too dangerous for a
               girl like you.
    Cellica:   But, Father.
               It's already been three years since crops last grew on this land.
               The people are suffering from hunger to the point that they come all
               the way to this abbey seeking salvation.
               What in the world befell the Earth Goddess Mila? That, I want to
               make certain of myself.
    Noma:      I see... If you say as much, then I shall not stop you, Cellica.
               You know the reason Sir Mycen entrusted you to me, don't you?
               Right now, you are the only successor to the Sofian royal family's
               You are the last hope of the people of Sofia.
               Don't try to do the impossible.
    * (speaking to Noma again)
    Noma:      I have nothing more to say.
               May the blessings of Mila above be with you...
    * (recruiting Jenny)
    Jenny:     If Lady Cellica is going, then I shall go too.
               If you suffer any injuries whatsoever, allow me heal them with my
               Recover spell.
               ~ Sister Jenny joins the party ~
    * (recruiting Bowy)
    Bowy:      Lady Cellica. You must feel uneasy with just the girls, right?
               I'll go along with you too, so please relax.
               ~ Mage Bowy joins the party ~
    * (recruiting May)
    May:       That Bowy's just a kid who can't use anything but fire magic.
               As for me, Lady Cellica, I can use thunder magic as well. Please
               count on me, 'kay?
               ~ Mage May joins the party ~
    Woman:     It's said that there's a sword of miraculous power hidden at the Sea
               But there are terrifying demons on that island...
    * (recruiting Saber)
    Saber:     Oh, shaddaaap. Dun interrupt my drinkin'!
               Ha. Ha. Ha. Are you stupi--? Don't gooo.
               Y'all can't cross the sea by yourselves, can ya?
    Cellica:   That's why I want to ask you for a favor.
               You're a mercenary, aren't you? Could you not help protect us?
    Saber:     What? You're saying you wanna hire me?
               Hm... Might be interesting.
               All right, sounds good to me. I'll go with ya.
               ~ Mercenary Saber joins the party ~
    [at the bar]
    Woman:     Y'all don't go near that Sea Shrine, okay?
               There's a scary Dragonzombie living on that little island.
               Everything that draws close is swallowed in a single gulp.
    [by the bridge]
    Man:       If you want to cross over to Valencia, you can get on that ship over
               However, a lot of pirates show up on the sea en route.
               The pirates' boss is named Dahha, but he's one mean fella.
               Earlier there were even a few men who set out in revenge for their
               killed families.
               Well, they have my sympathies, but they probably won't make it back
    * (opening)
    Valbo:     Kamui, Leo, don't slip up!!
               If Dahha is defeated, his henchmen should all run away.
               There! Bring down Dahha!!
    * (fighting Dahha)
    Dahha:     You've got some nerve comin' to pick a fight with me, the pirate
               lord Dahha! I'll hack you into pieces with my axe!
    * (recruiting Valbo)
    Valbo:     Sorry 'bout that. You helped us out there.
               Ahh, I owe ya one now.
               Wherever you go, I'll go along with.
               I look forward to it!
               ~ Armor Valbo joins the party ~
    * (recruiting Leo)
    Leo:       If my bro Valbo's going, then I'm going too.
               I've got a bit of confidence in my skill with a bow, y'see.
               ~ Archer Leo joins the party ~
    * (recruiting Kamui)
    Kamui:     Well, I'm just some guy Mister Valbo hired, so I'm fine with joining
               Except for the Dragonzombie. If we're going up against that, count
               me out.
               Unless you use Angel magic, there's no way you can defeat that
               ~ Mercenary Kamui joins the party ~
    Palla:     We came from Archanea, a continent to the far east.
    Catria:    Our little sister was abducted by pirates.
               We pursued their ship, but we lost sight of it somewhere around
               Ahh, I want to rescue her as soon as possible, so we can return to
               our country together.
    [center, left]
    Woman:     A hero has appeared in Sofia.
               With this, our country will also be saved at last.
    [center, right]
    Man:       You're heading to the Temple of Mila? You'd better not.
               That area's crawling with Geyse's bandits.
               Besides, there are rumors that landslides have blocked the way.
    Man:       Hurrah! Sofia Castle's been liberated.
               General Dozer's escaped to his own lands, y'know!
    [upper left]
    Man:       Sure, I'm happy...
               But I'm a bit worried too, y'see.
               If the Kingdom of Rigel were to come invade, we'll definitely be
    Woman:     Dozer's no longer here, but crops aren't growing, and weird monsters
               have been appearing...
               Something must happened to the Earth Goddess Mila.
    [lower left]
    Man:       same as previous chapter
    * (speaking to Mycen)
    {Mycen:    Cellica, it's been a while, hasn't it.
    Cellica:   Gra... Grandfather! Why are you here?!
    Mycen:     Hm. Well, for various reasons...
               You've made it here safely as well, I see.
    Cellica:   Yes. I received help from all sorts of people.
               I'm planning to go with them to the Temple of Mila.
               While we're at the temple, I'd like to ask Lady Mila about the
               matter of the crops.
    Mycen:     I see... I expected as much...
               Well, before that, you might want to head upstairs.
               There you should find the one you've most been desiring to meet.
    Cellica:   It... it can't be! ... Alm?
               The young hero who liberated Sofia that everyone's been talking
               about couldn't possibly be Alm, could it, Grandfather?}*
    Mycen:     Well, why don't you go see.
               [* first time only]
    [on the roof]
    * (if you've spoken to Mycen)
    Alm:       ? ... You are...
               Ce... Cellica? It is Cellica, isn't it!
    Cellica:   Alm... So it really was you, Alm.
               That's great. I wanted to meet you...
               I haven't seen you at all since I left the village...
    Alm:       That's right.
               When we were little, we grew up together like siblings.
               Always playing together, just the two of us.
               Cellica, when all of a sudden, you were no longer there --
               At that time, I... I held a serious grudge against Gramps.
    Cellica:   I was sad too, but it couldn't be helped.
               Grandfather told me so.
               'At this rate, if you stay in Rahm, Dozer will come attack the
               After that, I would be captured and killed...
    Alm:       But why? Why would Dozer want to kill you, Cellica?
    Cellica:   That... I'm sorry. I'd rather not say right now.
               Leaving that aside, Alm, I have a request for you.
               Is there no way war against the Kingdom of Rigel can be avoided?
    Alm:       That's impossible.
               Emperor Rudolf of Rigel has seized the opportunity to attack while
               Sofia's still weakened by civil war.
               He's already started an invasion.
               At this rate, the Kingdom of Sofia is going to be destroyed.
    Cellica:   But when it comes down to it, both Rigelians and Sofians are the
               same, aren't they? We are all people of Valencia.
               Even if these divisions of country no longer existed, we should all
               still be able to live together in happiness.
    Alm:       That's no good. You can't just tell the people of Sofia to go live
               under the barbarous rule of Rigel.
               Seeing as how Rigel aided Dozer in ravaging the lands of Sofia,
               we've got no choice but to fight.
    Cellica:   That's a sad thing, isn't it...
               As for me, I don't think Emperor Rudolf is as evil of a man as
               everyone says.
               If we meet with him and talk, we'll definitely be able to come to an
               Unless, Alm, now that everyone's holding you up as a hero, you want
               to become the king of the country as well?
    Alm:       What! That's mean, Cellica. I don't have those kinds of ambitions.
               I just want to protect the people of Sofia, that's all.
               Besides, it seems that the royal family of Sofia's only remaining
               princess is still alive, so I'm planning to search for her.
               As soon as I find that princess, I'm returning to the village.
    Cellica:   There's no such thing as any princess of Sofia! The royal family has
               already been wiped out!
               All right, that's enough. I get it, Alm. You go ahead to Rigel.
               I'm going to go with my companions to the Temple of Mila.
    Alm:       Cellica!?
    Cellica:   Good-bye, Alm...
                             V. CHAPTER THREE: LIBERATION WAR
    ~ after an earthquake, a male messenger comes from the right ~
    Messenger: A landslide in the mountains to the north has closed off the path to
               Mila Temple.
               The priestesses who just departed are safe, but...
    * (opening)
    Palla:     Watch out, Catria! Those guys are bandits.
               Don't leave my side!
    * (recruiting Palla)
    Palla:     Oh, wonderful! I was looking for you.
               Though we've been waiting here, it's no use, so we might as well go
               with you all.
               Your journey will also be a difficult one, so I was thinking, even
               if it's just us, we could lend you our strength.
               What do you say, Cellica? Shall we go together?
               ~ Pegasus Knight Palla joins the party ~
    * (recruiting Catria)
    Catria:    Ahh, it would be great if we could find Est soon...
               This is a secret, but if the three of us arrange ourselves like so,
               there's a really cool technique we can use.
               Eh? How did you know?
               ~ Pegasus Knight Catria joins the party ~
    [Their positions on the screen are reversed from the last chapter.]
    Man:       The bandit king Geyse rules over the desert to the east.
               Whether it's the mountain brigands or the pirates who rampage across
               Sofia, all of them are Geyse's underlings.
               This village too has been attacked many times over, and has
               completely fallen into decline.
               All the young ones have been taken away to work as slaves.
               Ah, what in the world should we do?
    Man:       There's a rumor that dead things can be resurrected in a well in the
               small shrine to the north.
               However, dragons have settled down there. It's said that all things
               that draw near will surely be devoured.
    * (recruiting Atlas)
    Atlas:     Y'guys gonna go finish off Geyse? If that's the case, let me help
               out too.
               My little brothers and sisters all got captured by Geyse, but I
               don't know where to...
               Shit! That bastard Geyse is going down by my hand!!
               ~ Villager Atlas joins the party ~
    * (recruiting Jesse)
    Jesse:     Aw, thanks, man. You saved me.
               Name's Jesse. Just some cheap merc.
               I got caught trying to help out a girl captured in Geyse's fortress.
               Cute kid from some foreign land. Geyse probably intends to make her
               a slave.
    Cellica:   That's got to be Est...
               Hey, Jesse. Is there no way for us to save her?
    Jesse:     Nope.
               Geyse's got a bunch of amazing guys working under him.
               There's no way we can do anything with just the few of us.
    Cellica:   But there must be some way...
    Jesse:     Mmm yeah, I guess...
               Geyse has these two subordinates named Sonya and Deen. The troops
               under their respective commands guard the northern and southern
               regions of the desert.
               That said, it seems like the two of them both hate Geyse.
               However, because they're holding each other in check, betrayal's out
               of the question.
               So if you're careful about which one of 'em you defeat, the other
               one may well decide become your ally.
               Ahh, and of course I'll lend you a hand too.
               ~ Mercenary Jesse joins the party ~
    * (fighting Deen)
    Deen:      No hard feelings, but there's no helping the fact that we're
               enemies. Have a good taste of our blades!
    * (fighting Sonya)
    Sonya:     Hehehe, little girl and company -- too bad, but you're going to die!
    ~ after the battle, whoever you didn't fight retreats to Geyse's fortress ~
    * (opening)
    Geyse:     Hehehe... Foolish bastards.
               Did you come here just to die?
               Seems like I'm going to have to make you realize just what kind of
               power I, Lord Geyse, possess.
               Go get 'em, boys! Don't let even a single one of them return alive!!
    * (fighting Geyse)
    Geyse:     Grr, is this already the end for my kingdom too? Then I'm gonna drag
               you all down with me to hell!
    * (upon Geyse's defeat)
    Geyse:     I hope you fuckers are pleased with yourselves! How could I -- I've
               still got... Urgh.
    * (recruiting Deen, if Sonya is dead)
    Deen:      What, you've dealt with Geyse?
               Well, I'd been thinking that if a man were that bad, he'd eventually
               get his just rewards.
               Mm... Well, I owe you guys one, eh?
               Very well, I'll lend you my strength.
               ~ Swordsman Deen joins the party ~
    * (recruiting Sonya, if Deen is dead)
    Sonya:     What, you've dealt with Geyse?
               Well, if a man's that bad, he'll get his just rewards eventually,
               Mm... Well, I owe you guys one, hm?
               I gotcha. I'll lend you my strength.
               ~ Mage Sonya joins the party ~
    * (recruiting Est)
    Est:       Ah... You guys are...
               Eh? Big sisters have come!
               Wahh, that's great! In that case, I'll go with you guys too.
               ~ Pegasus Knight Est joins the party ~
    * (speaking to the woman in the middle cell for the first time)
    Woman:     Thank you. I am in the service of the Temple of Mila.
               Thanks to you all, I can finally return.
               Hold on... Could it be, you're -- ?!
    Cellica:   ?? What's the matter? Is there anything I can...?
    Woman:     My apologies.
               It's just that you bear a remarkable resemblance to Lady Liprica.
    Cellica:   Liprica!?
               That was my lady mother's name!
    Woman:     Then -- then you truly are Princess Anteze!!
               Ahh, that's wonderful!! So you were safe after all, weren't you?
    Cellica:   You knew my mother?
               Then please. Please tell me about Mother...
    Woman:     Yes... Lady Liprica was originally, like us, a priestess at the
               Temple of Mila.
               However, the king, charmed by Lady Liprica's beauty, forcibly made
               her his queen.
               The circumstances at court must have been very difficult for her to
               While suffering from a grave disease, she gave birth to you, and
               passed away soon afterwards.
               But right until the very end, she worried over you to the point of
               tears --
               Oh, Lady Anteze, don't cry so...
               There is something I have to hand over to you.
               ~ woman turns to the back and retrieves something ~
               This circlet is something Lady Liprica left for you.
               It's a diadem that proves your identity as a princess of the royal
               family of Sofia.
               I've kept it in my custody with the intention of handing it to you
               once you had become an adult.
               Please, Lady Anteze.
               Set this memento from your lady mother in your hair.
               You are the only remaining princess of the Sofian royal family.
               Please use your power to save the people of Sofia.
    Cellica:   (Cellica has put on the circlet!!)
               ~ Cellica promotes to Princess class ~
    * (speaking to woman again)
    Woman:     I am returning to the Temple of Mila.
               Please take care, Your Highness.
    [if you reenter the fortress afterwards, the woman will have disappeared.]
    * (opening)
    Cellica:   Ah, everyone should see it, right? That's the Temple of Mila!
               But don't let your guard down, everyone.
               This place is protected by Mikhail, one of Doma's shamans.
               It's said that he summons Gargoyles.
               Everyone, gather 'round. Protect our frailer comrades!
    Priestess: All of a sudden the Rigelian army came attacking.
               The Earth Goddess Mila was sealed by Emperor Rudolf of Rigel.
               That's why the land has fallen into ruin and the crops have been
               Ahh! As things stand, the people of Sofia will all starve to
    [center, right]
    Priestess: To the north of this temple rules the Great Shaman Dolk.
               If you approach, that man will summon zombie dragons from the
               shadows to devour you.
    [center, left]
    Priestess: The evil god Doma was the one who provided Rudolf with the sword
               that sealed Mila.
               If you go to the Tower of Doma, you should be able to rescue the
               Lady Mila.
               However, for us to make it out of those dreadful forests and
               swampland is completely impossible.
               The poisonous swamps are especially awful. If you step in by
               mistake, your strength will definitely be sapped away.
    Priestess: As long as water runs through the Gorge of Valencia, leaving the
               Temple from the north is impossible.
               If you don't open the floodgate to the west, the water will not
               As for reserve floodgates, there's one in the basement of this
               temple, but...
    * (if Cellica is a Priest)
    Priestess: After the sealing of Lady Mila, this place also came under frequent
               attack by Geyse's brigands.
               Even now there should be one of our fellow priestesses being held
               captive in Geyse's fortress.
               Please, you must somehow save all the people who have been captured.
    * (if Cellica is a Princess)
    Priestess: Thanks to all of you, she was able to return safely.
               If you head north, please pay a visit to the hamlet that's said
               to exist in the Lost Woods.
               The Great Sage Hark should be able to lend you his power somehow.
    [in the basement, by the floodgate]
    Man:       Ahh, I'm the guard of this floodgate, but...
               What? You say you want me to open the floodgate?
               No can do.
               Only members of the Sofian royal family can order this gate opened.
               I ain't listening to the likes of you!!
               * (if Cellica is a Princess)
               {Mm? Wait a sec... That ornament in your hair is!
               How, how could this...
               Ohh, there's no doubt about it, that's the crest of the royal
               family, all right.
               Then you must be the one whose whereabouts were unknown, the
               Princess Anteze herself!!
               F-forgive my rudeness.
               I'll open the floodgate straightaway.
               ~ man moves two steps to the right and opens the floodgate before
                 returning ~}*
               * (speaking to him again)
               However, Your Highness.
               Just opening the floodgate here is no good.
               In order for the water to ebb, the western floodgate must be opened
               [* first time only]
                                         - - -
    * (opening)
    Alm:       Everyone, don't let your guard down. A large brigade from Rigel is
               heading our way.
               Knights to the front; mages fall back. Fortify our defenses.
               Disperse the enemies and pick them off one by one!
    * (recruiting Ryuto)
    Ryuto:     I beg of you. Please save my little sister.
               She's being manipulated by the necromancer Tatara to protect Rigel's
               As long as Tatara is defeated, then the spell on Dyute should be
               broken, but I have no idea what to do.
               I beg you, please let me go along with you to save her!!!
               ~ Mage Ryuto joins the party ~
    Man:       There's a soldier from the liberation forces being held captive in
               Dozer's fortress.
               But there are rumors she's going to be executed before long.
               She's going to be in trouble if you don't rescue her soon.
    [lower left]
    Man:       This land of Valencia is split into north and south by a deep gorge.
               The floodgate exists for the sake of storing water inside the gorge,
               Every now and then, if it isn't opened, the water overflows. It's
               extremely dangerous.
               At any rate, the Rigelian army occupies the gate, so it's always
               As things stand, it's going to flood and submerge the Kingdom of
               Sofia under the sea.
               Lord Alm. Please.
               Please, you must somehow open the floodgate.
    [before the warehouse]
    * (if you haven't saved his daughter yet from the shrine to the west)
    Man:       My daughter was carried off by Gargoyles to the shrine in the west.
               If you save her, I'll give you my treasure.
    * (if you've saved his daughter)
    Man:       Thank you very much.
    Girl:      Eheh. Thanks for saving me.
    * (opening)
    Dozer:     What, those bastards from the rebel forces have come to attack this
               Shit!! In that case, have the prisoner executed as a warning.
               Archers! Execute that little missy in her cell!!!
    * (fighting Dozer)
    Dozer:     Could it be this is all you've got...? However, I, Dozer, won't be
               defeated so easily!
    * (upon Dozer's defeat)
    Dozer:     Gr... Mycen, the bastard! Is he planning to sell out Sofia to
               Rudolf's -- the little brat -- ?
               That fucking traitor!!
    * (recruiting Matilda)
    Matilda:   Thank you. I believed that you would definitely come rescue me.
               ~ Paladin Matilda joins the party ~
    Girl:      Wahh. I was so scared~
               ~ girl runs off (you can now get the Holy Lance at the forest
                 village) ~
    * (opening)
    Tatara:    Hohoho. You bastards think you can defeat me, Lord Tatara?
               Dyute! Extinguish those fools with your Aura.
               Present those bastards with the wrath of the gods!!!
    * (when Dyute first attacks)
    Dyute:     FOR DEFYING LORD TATARA...... DIE
    * (upon Dyute's defeat)
    Dyute:     Ahh, it hurts... B-brother...
    * (upon Tatara's defeat)
    Dyute:     Hah! It hurts over here...
               What am I doing in a place like this?
               Help! Big brother Ryutooo --
               ~ Dyute teleports out ~
    * (recruiting Dyute)
    Dyute:     I don't really understand what happened.
               When I came to my senses, I was in the middle of a battle. I was
               scared, so I escaped here.
               Eh, I was under Tatara's control?
               So that's what it was... I've been a bother, haven't I? I'm sorry.
               ~ Mage Dyute joins the party ~
    [by the floodgate]
    * (if you haven't opened the floodgate at the Temple of Mila yet)
    Man:       What, you want me to open the floodgate!?
               I can't do that!
               If I open this floodgate, the water will overflow all at once and
               cause a flood.
               It'll be dangerous if you don't open the reserve floodgate at the
               Temple of Mila first.
               Sorry, but I can't do it.
               * (if you've opened the floodgate)
               {Ohh, wait a sec. Mila's floodgate has also been opened, so it's
               okay now.
               Just you watch. I'll open it right now, okay?
               ~ man moves two steps to the right and opens the floodgate before
                 returning ~}*
               * (speaking to him again)
               That's great, huh? With this, the Kingdom of Sofia's saved.
               North from this floodgate is the Kingdom of Rigel. Proceed with
               [* first time only]
                           VI. CHAPTER FOUR: THE LAND OF SORROW
    * (recruiting Noma)
    Noma:      Ohh, Cellica! Are you okay?
    Cellica:   Bishop Noma! What in the world are you doing here?
    Noma:      I got worried about you after all.
               I followed you here to the Temple, but accidentally fell into this
               Hahaha, to think that I, of all people, would commit such an
               unimaginable blunder!
               Well, that's all right. From now on, I'll go along with you too.
               That'll give me some peace of mind.
               ~ Sage Noma joins the party ~
    * (opening)
    Dolk:      ... Gwehehehe... Oh, we desecrated creatures who rule this swamp of
               the dead,
               Repel these men according to the orders of Master Judah!
               May you fall victim to the zombie dragons that I, the Great Shaman
               Dolk, summon forth from the dark realm!!
    * (upon defeat)
    Dolk:      May the blessings of Doma --
    Priestess: This is the hidden hamlet of the sage.
               It is protected by Master Hark, the Great Sage of Doma.
               If you wish to meet with Master Hark, please head to the edge of the
    Man:       Master Hark was the High Priest of Lord Doma.
               However, after a dispute with the shaman Judah, he escaped here in
               Judah is a terrible man.
               If you wish to fight him, there is but one way.
               4, 8, 12...
               Ugh -- it's too hard to --
               Ju... Judah's spell has...
               ~ man disappears from screen ~
    * (speaking to Hark for the first time)
    Hark:      I am Hark.
               You have journeyed here on a quest to seek the vanished Mila?
               Hm... It is certainly true that...
               The sword that sealed Mila is currently located beneath the Tower of
               However, it's no use... Judah will not allow you to draw near.
               If there is anything I can do, I will lend you my power.
               Cellica, is there anything you desire?
    Cellica:   I have nothing more to ask of you.
               Although, Alm...
               I'd like to help him out however I can...
    Hark:      I see. A gallant one, aren't you?
               Very well. I've got it. I shall bless him with newly awakened
               ~ Alm promotes to Hero class ~
    * (speaking to Hark again)
    Hark:      The Tower of Doma lies just ahead. It would be wise to approach with
    - DOMA GATE -
    * (upon the boss's defeat)
    Jamil:     May the blessings of Doma --
    - DOMA SWAMP -
    * (after the level 5 Bigle is defeated)
    Judah:     Hehehe, cute critter, eh... However, I didn't expect you to kill it
               so soon.
               That brat named Alm, was it? If you do not wish to lose him, girl...
               then come ascend the Tower of Doma.
               ~ Judah teleports out ~
    * (if you somehow defeat Judah)
    Judah:     You fools who know not Lord Doma's power... You will regret this...
               ~ all Bigles vanish ~
    * (on the topmost level)
    Judah:     Hehe. The princess of Sofia, is it? I've been waiting for you to
    Cellica:   Who are you!?
    Judah:     Who, me? Why, I am Lord Doma's number one servant.
               The one known as Judah, head priest of our Lord.
    Cellica:   If that is so, then please, I beg of you.
               Release Lady Mila! Return the Earth Goddess Mila to her proper
    Judah:     Hehehe... well, well. What a panic you're in.
               Take a look into this crystal in my possession. How do you like it?
               A face you've dearly missed seeing, isn't it?
               That's right. It's Alm.
               How about I let you gaze at that guy's bitterly struggling figure
               for a while?
               ~ Cellica's party vanishes from the world map ~
                                         - - -
    * (upon the boss's defeat)
    Mara:      May the blessings of Doma --
    * (on the stone tablet)
    Right: Holy Shield
    Left:  Silver Shield
    * (opening)
    Bathed deep within the inky shadows, a ghastly face looks down upon them.
    The one called the master of Terror Mountain, at whose name everyone shakes
    in fear: the legendary necromancer Nuibaba...
    If that dark spell he received in exchange for his soul is emitted from his
    lips just once --
    All living beings will, without doubt, have death be visited upon them.
    Oh, Alm -- why do you go?
    Within this fearful mountain, what in the world could there be said to exist?
    * (on the enemy turn, when your units come into Nuibaba's range)
    Nuibaba:   ... Go forth, Medusa! Now is the time you must fulfill your contract
               with me!
    * (Nuibaba falls)
    Nuibaba:   I-I have erred...
    - INSIDE NUIBABA'S MANOR (if Zeke is alive) -
    * (recruiting Teeta)
    Alm:       What in the world are you doing imprisoned in a place like this?
    Teeta:     My lover, Zeke, is a general of the Rigelian knights.
               However, Zeke opposed this war. Nuibaba feared that he would turn
               traitor, so I was taken hostage.
               If Zeke hears about my rescue, I'm sure he will gladly lend you his
               Ah, I want to meet him again soon...
               ~ Saint Teeta joins the party ~
    * (opening, if you've recruited Teeta)
    Zeke:      What? Teeta was rescued?
               Very well! All troops, engage with Jerome's men!
    * (fighting Zeke, if you haven't recruited Teeta)
    Zeke:      Although I have no desire to fight... However, if fight I must...
               Forgive me.
    * (if he dies)
    Zeke:      Forgive me, Teeta.
    * (upon the boss's defeat)
    Jerome:    You bastards better be pleased with yourselves...
    Man:       You guys saved General Zeke, huh?
               Although I hate Sofia, I've gotta thank you guys.
               (If Zeke is dead: Emperor Rudolf is a hero! Can you Sofian pigs even
                                 comprehend the emperor's greatness?)
    Man:       General Jerome was a cruel man.
               Even this village was plundered and run amok. Until Lord Zeke came,
               it was terrible.
               (You fucking bastards are ogres! Lord Zeke's lover was taken
                hostage; he had no choice but to fight...)
    [upper left]
    Man:       Just ahead is Dragon Mountain.
               You guys'll be dead meat if you try attacking the zombie dragons.
               I wonder if facing those things this soon is a good idea...
               (The fall of this village makes you all so pleased with yourselves,
                eh? Did you bastards come over from that cursed Dragon Mountain?)
    [upper right]
    Woman:     General Zeke has no memories of the past, you know.
               He'd washed up on our shores bearing a terrible wound when a
               priestess clad in a vision of white -- Lady Teeta -- came and nursed
               him back to health.
               You see? Just like that, because it was the second sheet, all of a
               sudden Lady Teeta... Oops! I've said too much, haven't I?
               (Oohh, Lord Zeke...)
    * (recruiting Zeke)
    Zeke:      You are Alm?
               You're the one who saved Teeta, aren't you?
               I must give you my thanks.
    Alm:       General Zeke, you are opposed to this war, are you not?
               Please, I would like to ask you to lend your strength to our cause.
    Zeke:      I cannot.
               The only reason I helped you defeat Jerome was because he, along
               with Nuibaba and Guru, was causing great suffering to the people.
               Besides... I have absolutely no idea who or what I am.
               All I know is that I washed up on the shores of this country with a
               terrible wound, or so I've been told...
               To that pitiful self of mine, His Majesty gave his warmest welcome,
               even bestowing upon me a name.
               Indeed, His Majesty Rudolf has been just like a father to me.
               I cannot possibly betray him.
    Alm:       I understand...
               I must apologize for my rudeness.
    Zeke:      No, not at all... Hm!? Alm, that mark on your right arm. How did it
               get there?
    Alm:       Mark? ... Ah, this has been around since forever.
               According to Gramps it's a birthmark from when I was a baby, but
               what does this...?
    Zeke:      I see...
               This is something His Majesty Rudolf once told me.
                 "Zeke, if there exists one who bears a cross-shaped birthmark on
                  his right arm, you must dedicate everything to that person.
                  That person will certainly, for Rigel... And then, for this
                  continent of Valencia as well, if he could become the savior..."
               I don't know what meaning lies behind those words, but if this is
               His Majesty's will, then I have no more reason to hesitate.
               Alm, I will lend my strength to yours.
               I, too, shall fight with you!
               ~ Gold Knight Zeke joins the party ~
    * (after Alm's party has fought three rounds of zombie dragons at Dragon
    Judah:     Hehehe... Cellica.
               Alm's trapped in Dragon Mountain. You must want to save him.
               If that's so, then follow after me.
               If you offer yourselves as sacrifices to Lord Doma, Alm's path shall
               also open up once more!
               ~ after following him, you get warped to Doma's altar ~
    - DOMA'S ALTAR -
    * (after speaking to him, the screen flashes and a battle starts up)
    Judah:     Hehehe, so you've shown up at last.
               This is the altar of Doma.
               Now that you've come here, you can't return alive.
               We and our Lord value human suffering above all.
               Therefore, I shall not kill you quickly.
               You shall go to your deaths slowly, little by little, painfully.
               After all, your suffering figures shall certainly present Lord Doma
               with a feast of the highest order...
    * (upon the boss's defeat)
    Magnam:    As expected, even one such as I has been defeated... I've got to
               hand it to you...
    * (opening)
    Rudolf:    I see, so you've come at last...
               Whatever happens now is inevitable. Shall I not witness this final
               battle as one of the glorious knights of Rigel?
               Brave soldiers of Rigel! How admirably you have fought for me until
               However... The time has already grown late. The fate of the Rigelian
               Empire has drawn to an end.
               Hear me, all of you!!! This is my final request.
               If I should fall, you must not interfere.
               Those of you who remain should surrender like the courageous men you
               I hear that Sofia's young general is a man of compassion.
               In no way should surrender be a bad choice for you.
               Is that clear? Do not die in vain. Do not throw away your lives so
    * (attacking Rudolf with Alm)
    Alm:      (Why won't Rudolf come and fight me!!)
    * (upon Rudolf's defeat)
    Rudolf:    Alm... You've become a splendid young man...
               Was it no mistake to have entrusted you with Sir Mycen after all...?
               You should have realized it by now, haven't you? Your real name is
               Albyne Alm Rudolf.
               My... one and only... son...
               I cannot speak for much longer...
               However, Alm. I have just one last request.
               Using "Falchion", that holy sword that sealed Mila...
               Defeat... the evil god... Doma...
               ~ Battle ends, scene moves inside Rigel Castle ~
    [in the corners]
    Men:       Long live Emperor Rudolf the Second!
    Massena:  {Prince Albyne.
               I am the captain of the emperor's personal guards, General Massena.
               The defeated soldiers who heard everything from his late Majesty
               have gathered in wait for you.}*
               We have long been awaiting Your Highness's return.
               [* first time only]
    [beneath right door]
    Man:       Your Highness. First, please listen to what Lord Mycen has to say.
    * (recruiting Mycen)
    Alm:       Ah, Gramps -- what in the world is going on!?
               How could such a despicable man as Emperor Rudolf be my father!!!
               That's awful. Did you know nothing of this, Gramps!?
    Mycen:     Alm. Your shock is understandable...
               It's true that you are Emperor Rudolf's only son.
               And now you have also become the only remaining heir of the royal
               family of Rigel.
    Alm:       But why did something like this...
               Why could I not avoid fighting against my own father?
    Mycen:     Don't cry, Alm...
               This is something I also wished to tell you before. It was due to
               the gods that this land Valencia came to be divided into North and
               And in doing so they mistakenly involved themselves too deeply with
               the concerns of mankind.
               As a result, the people of Sofia forgot the meaning of toil, and the
               people of Rigel forgot the meaning of leisure.
               As things were, we would all certainly come to ruin.
               It was due to such considerations that Rudolf took it upon himself
               to become a destroyer, to instigate the appearance of true heroes in
               the land.
               For the sake of creating a new era, he decided to become a
               sacrificial piece.
               And to meet the hero who would bring about his defeat, even if it
               were his own child, he could not have been happier...
               Thus was I informed when he delivered his newborn child into my
               Even now, I cannot forget the expression on Rudolf's face at that
               'This man would consign himself to the fires of hell!'
               When I realized that, there was already no way I could possibly
               refuse him.
               And so, I left everything to fate.
               Alm. You must not grieve forever.
               You must not let Rudolf's sacrifice be in vain by refusing to take
               over from here.
               Head to the underground temple. Return the evil god Doma to the
               If you don't hurry, great danger may befall Cellica's party. You
               mustn't let that happen!
               ~ Gold Knight Mycen joins the party ~
                          VII. CHAPTER FIVE: REUNION, AND THEN...
    General Massena and the four men in the corners say the same things as in the
    previous chapter.
    * (beneath right door)
    MAN:       If you go down these stairs you should be able to get to Doma's
               But it's said that once you've entered, you can never return again.
               Your Highness, please take care!
    * (random event after Alm can no longer return to the world map) [?]
    Cellica's party is currently fighting.
    [character name] received # damage.
    In case of death: [character name] fell!!
    [The two highest leveled (?) members aside from Cellica receive damage.]
    * (beyond the iron bars)
    Alm:       ! Cellica --
    ~ Cellica runs over from the midst of a battle ~
    Cellica:   Ah! Alm, help us...
               At this rate everyone will...
               Everyone will die!
               H-hurry... Please... come quickly.
    * (stone tablet on the fifth underground level)
    Excepting royal family members of Rigel,
            entrance is prohibited!
    - DOMA'S ALTAR -
    * (opening)
    Alm:       Are you all right, Cellica?!
    Cellica:   Alm...
    Alm:       Ah, it'll be okay now. I'll crush these bastards for you.
    Cellica:   It won't work. Judah possesses some mysterious power that's
               obstructing all our attacks.
               Besides, countless Bigles keep coming to entangle us. We can't even
               move anymore.
               We're probably already done for...
               Sorry, Alm.
               I wasn't able to do anything for you after all.
               I've had a strange premonition...
               A feeling that something terrible will happen to you...
               That's why I came this far on a quest to rescue Mila...
               That's why, until then, I didn't want you to fight.
               Because of that... I acted so cold. I'm sorry... The truth is, I've
    Alm:       That's enough. I understand.
               At any rate -- Cellica! Right now, what matters is escaping!!!
               I'm definitely going to save you!
               I'll definitely save you, so believe in me.
               Go for it, Cellica!!
    * (upon Judah's defeat)
    Judah:     You fools who know not Lord Doma's power... You will regret this...
               ~ all Bigles vanish ~
    * (upon Mara's defeat)
    Mara:      May the blessings of Doma --
    [Her sister Heste falls without saying anything.]
    * (upon Doma's defeat)
    Doma:      That should be enough...
               Hero Alm. I entrust everything to you.
               Inherit the will of us siblings and govern this land...
               Carrying both the strength of Doma as well as the love of Mila,
               guide the people justly...
               You must not repeat the same mistakes we committed.
               You must never again disturb our slumber...
                                      VIII. ENDING
    The curtain fell upon the great war.
    Many victims have been swept away
    And now, at last,
    Peace is visited upon Valencia.
    Why in the world
    Did this war come to pass?
    No answer to that question exists.
    There is but one thing to be said.
    That is, if there ever comes a time
    When mankind once more grows arrogant in its pride
    The flames of conflict shall
    Once more scorch the land.
    All will be lost,
    Or so it is said.
    A most terrible and unseemly end.
    That, perhaps, is what shall live on
    Within the hearts of men.
    ~ credits ~
    And so, time flowed on...
    - MYCEN -
    Serves as the prime minister in the newly established government of Valencia.
    As King Alm I's excellent right-hand man, he threw all his effort into the
    kingdom's reconstruction.
    - NOMA -
    He became the high priest of the unified faiths of Mila and Doma.
    - LUKA -
    As one of the knights of the kingdom, he works towards the restoration of
    - CLIFF -
    When the war ended, he bid farewell to Alm.
    Afterwards, he was never seen again.
    - ROBIN -
    As one of the knights of the kingdom, he works towards the restoration of
    - GRAY -
    * (if both Robin and Claire are alive)
    He fought with Robin over Claire, and won her heart splendidly.
    'For a man, it's not the face that matters, but the heart!' Or so he declared.
    * (if Robin is dead)
    Due to his grief over Robin's death in battle, he drowns himself in alcohol
    every day.
    When will a smile ever return to his face...?
    * (if Robin is alive but Claire is dead)
    Having lost the one he loved, never to meet her again, he set off on a journey
    by himself.
    - CLAIRE -
    * (if Gray is alive)
    She gave into Gray's persistence and reluctantly got together with him.
    "Awww, it was Alm who I really liked..."
    * (if Gray is dead)
    "Oh, Gray. To tell the truth, I was going to let you win..."
    Alone, she lived on in regret for the late Gray.
    - CLERBE -
    * (if Matilda is alive)
    He was entrusted with the command of the newly formed knights' order of
    Recently, it's been heard that he accepted a beautiful wife.
    * (if Matilda is dead)
    He was entrusted with the command of the newly formed knights' order of
    However, afterwards, he lost his life in a battle against pirates.
    - FOLS -
    As one of the knights of the kingdom, he works towards the restoration of
    - MAY -
    * (if Bowy is alive)
    She works together with Bowy in the Church of Sofia.
    * (if Bowy is dead)
    She still sustains a bit of shock from the loss of her bicker buddy Bowy.
    - SILK -
    In order to aid the injured, she headed towards Rigel.
    - JENNY -
    Though no one could have possibly dreamed of it happening, it's said that she
    fell in love with one of her companions.
    Who in the world could that person be? Her only answer is a smile.
    - BOWY -
    * (if May is alive)
    As always, he does nothing but bicker with May. Perhaps, for the two of them,
    that is true happiness?
    * (if May is dead)
    Now that May's gone before him, he realizes his own heart for the first time.
    However, time cannot be turned back.
    - KAMUI -
    * (if Jesse is alive)
    Together with Jesse's group he works hard towards patching up the new country.
    * (if Jesse is dead)
    In the former territory of Geyse, he built a new country.
    Afterwards, he became known as the Desert Mercenary.
    - VALBO -
    On Alm's request, he instructs young soldiers in the ways of war.
    - MATILDA -
    * (if Clerbe is alive)
    She shed her armor and became Clerbe's wife.
    The legendary female knight, Matilda --
    That name shall surely be carved within the histories of Valencia for eternity.
    * (if Clerbe is dead)
    Having lost Clerbe, she reluctantly took command of the knights' order.
    The legendary female knight, Matilda --
    That name shall surely be carved within the histories of Valencia for eternity.
    - PAISON -
    In order to protect villages from plundering bandits, he put all his effort
    into serving as the captain of a vigilante group.
    - LEO -
    As one of the knights of the kingdom, he works towards the restoration of
    - ATLAS - 
    After locating his younger siblings, he returned with them to their mountain
    It's said that he's now returned to being a woodcutter like he used to be.
    - JESSE -
    In the former territory of Geyse, he built a new country.
    Afterwards, he became known as the Desert Mercenary.
    - SONYA -
    Her two older sisters, Mara and Heste, had been reborn as witches to be
    sacrificed to Doma...
    Sonya would never forgive their father Judah for making his three daughters
    into sacrifices.
    - DEEN -
    After the war, he unexpectedly disappeared along with the Hero Sword.
    Rumors say that he crossed over to a continent to the south in search of new
    - SABER -
    * (if Jesse is alive)
    He joined the establishment of Jesse's kingdom.
    Meanwhile, he gets to cuddle with a lovely wife.
    * (if Jesse is dead)
    Together with his lovely wife, he works towards the restoration of the
    Kingdom of Valencia.
    - RYUTO -
    Feeling that his magic was still too inexperienced, he crossed over to a
    continent beyond the sea.
    - DYUTE -
    After sealing away her magic, she lived on happily as a single woman.
    - TEETA -
    * (if Zeke is alive)
    She lives on happily with Zeke, all the while praying that his memories shall
    never return.
    * (if Zeke is dead)
    When Zeke died, she lost her most beloved person. In overwhelming grief, she
    cut off her hair.
    - CATRIA -
    * (if both Palla and Est are alive)
    Having safely rescued Est, she returned to her homeland, leaving behind nothing
    but a smile.
    * (if one or both are dead)
    Having lost her sister(s), she returned to her homeland with grief within her
    - PALLA -
    * (if both Catria and Est are alive)
    Having protected her younger sisters, she flew back to Archanea with joy in her
    * (if one or both are dead)
    "I'm sorry, Palla. For such a thing to have happened..."
    "No, don't worry, Cellica. After all, my sisters' loss is my own
    With grief in her heart, Palla flew back to her homeland.
    - EST -
    * (if both Palla and Catria are alive)
    'I'll definitely come again! Thank you, everyone~~'
    No matter where she goes, Est always remains upbeat.
    * (if one or both are dead)
    'Big sister(s)...'
    Remembering the older sister(s) who had died for her sake, Est wept.
    - ZEKE -
    In the midst of a violent battle, his memories returned.
    However, perhaps for the sake of Teeta, whom he had fallen in love with,
    Or perhaps because his past overflowed with great tragedy,
    There was much he never revealed...
    - CELLICA -
    Afterwards, she and Alm joined together to become the founding king and queen
    of Valencia.
    Her kindness and wisdom helped the young king establish the foundations of the
    Kingdom of Valencia.
    The people believed that she was the reincarnation of Mila. It is said that
    they never ceased to love her from the very depths of their hearts.
    - ALM -
    In ages to come, this is what was passed down:
    'He who sundered the evil chains of the gods
    And established this thousand-year reign
    Must never be forgotten:
    Our Holy King, Alm the First!'
    * (if a character died)
    [character name] rests in peace...
                               IX. CHARACTER DEATH QUOTES
    Alm:     Damn!! Just a bit more...
    -> Cellica: Alm... How could you fall before our dreams are accomplished...
    Luka:    Forgive me, Alm...
    Gray:    Aww... So it's true the good ones die young...
    Robin:   Alm, I believe in ya, man...
    Cliff:   Alm, sorry...
    Silk:    I'm sorry, everyone...
    Claire:  Everyone... protect Alm...
    Clerbe:  To fall before my dreams are fulfilled...
    Fols:    T-too bad...
    Paison:  Tsk, my bad...
    Ryuto:   I have lent you my magic to the best of my ability. Is this, too...
    Matilda: Ah, Clerbe. I wanted to pass the days together with you in peace.
    Dyute:   Nooo~ I don't want to die yet~
    Teeta:   Ah, Lord Zeke...
    Zeke:    Forgive me, Teeta...
    Mycen:   Alm, Cellica. Surpass me. For the sake of Valencia...
    Cellica: I'm no good after all. I'm sorry, everyone...
    -> Mycen: Cellica. You must not give up. There are still things you cannot
              leave undone.
    May:     Jeez! I messed up...
    Bowy:    Lady Cellica, don't get down on my account!
    Jenny:   Lady Cellica, I can't help you anymore. I'm sorry...
    Saber:   Keh, the hell...
    Valbo:   I have lived my life without regrets...
    Kamui:   Gah. Jeez, I'm such an idiot~
    Leo:     I have long desired to fall in battle...
    Palla:   Abel, looks like I can't go back. I'm sorry.
    Catria:  Ah, I wanted to return. Back home to Archanea...
    Atlas:   T-too bad...
    Jesse:   Heh, me, of all people, falling short of the rebel image...
    Sonya:   My fate's come to an end too...
    Deen:    Y'all... better make it after this...
    Est:     I'm sorry, big sister(s)...
    Noma:    May the blessings of Mila be with you all...
                                    X. MISCELLANEOUS
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    Please contact me for permission to host on your site. At the moment, only
    GameFAQs is allowed to host this. Proto-versions (including notes/commentary)
    of Chapters 3-5, the ending, and the character death quotes can be found on my
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