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    FAQ/Move List by Dammit9x

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    Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League (Japan)
    FAQ/Walkthrough guide
    August 31, 2008 v1.0
    dammit9x at hotmail dot com
    Copyright 2008
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    1. Gameplay
     1a. Introduction
     1b. Game modes
     1c. Scoring goals
     1d. Strategy screen
     1e. Weather and terrain
    2. Controls
     2a. Explanation
     2b. General controls
     2c. Special moves
    3. Team Nekketsu
     3a. Stats
     3b. Team meeting
    1. Gameplay
     1a. Introduction
      "Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League" is a soccer game in the Kunio-kun 
    Nekketsu High School series, best known for River City Ransom. It is the sequel 
    to "Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu Soccer-hen", known as "World Cup Soccer" in 
    English versions. The sequel was never ported overseas, so this guide uses the 
    PentarouZero v1.2 English ROM patch for naming terms with the original Japanese 
    in parentheses.
     1b. Game modes
    N.League (Nekketsu League)
      Team Nekketsu, representing Japan, plays against 12 teams from various 
    countries. You may choose which teams to play against. Some are stronger than 
    others. When Japan has at least 16 wins and 70 points, you may advance to the 
    playoffs. Win four more games, culminating in the finals vs. Italy, and Nekketsu
    takes the Technos Cup.
      Games consist of two 2-minute halves. Before every half, you may adjust the 
    team strategy, check the weather forecasts, meet with the players, check the 
    team standings, view the profile of the currently assigned team captain, and 
    change the background music.
      Between every game, but not during the tournament, a password is given that 
    represents the team's wins and losses. League mode may be played solo or with a
    second player controlling the goalkeeper. Ties are resolved by penalty kick 
    Match (Taisen Play)
      Two to four players choose from the six best teams, including Nekketsu, and 
    play a single versus match. If players 3 or 4 are present, they control the 
    goalies. Player 1 chooses the continent, ground type, and ground condition of 
    the field.
      There is no team captain profile, team stats, meeting mode or items. In 
    strategy mode, there are only six players to assign--no reserve players. Other 
    aspects, including music select and weather forecast, are the same as in League 
     Penalty (PK Play)
      The teams alternate taking penalty kicks, with each player getting a try. In 
    each turn, a lone player is at the goal line and has 8 seconds to score a goal 
    while the other player controls the team's default goalie.
      The PK game is for 1 player against the computer or 2 player versus. As in 
    match mode, player 1 chooses the playfield conditions.
     1c. Scoring goals
      Goalkeepers are immune to direct attacks and always send attackers flying. 
    They are also stronger than other players at withstanding shots and super shots.
    Goalies are also the only players who can catch the ball by touching it.
      The simplest way to score a goal is to overwhelm the goalie with a powerful 
    shot. Both the goalie and the ball may be knocked away as he tries to catch it, 
    or the ball may pass right through the goalie. This won't work if the shooter is
    too weak or the goalie has strong defense.
      Another method is to force the goalie to jump or dive to block the ball by 
    aiming it high or off to the side. A goalie can't be knocked over during a block
    attempt, but a quick follow up shot by the same or different shooter can get in 
    the goal before the goalie has a chance to recover.
     1d. Strategy screen
      At the strategy screen (sakusen kaegi) you may change the player formation, 
    reassign the player positions among the 12 players, and set the computer AI for 
    offense and defense.
      When assigning player positions, the expression on the player's face shows how
    suited the player is for the position. This indicator only appears in League 
    mode. The first MF position is always the team captain, who is controlled by 
    player 1. In multiplayer games, the other player controls the GK.
      In AI control, the top two options determine passing and shooting frequency. 
    The third option determines how much defenders spontaneously attack opponents 
    with slides and tackles. The last option determines how much the GK attempts to 
    play the ball outside of his box. In all cases, left is more. Passing, shooting 
    and tackling can also be commanded from the field with the A and B buttons.
     1e. Weather and terrain
      Wind blows around players and the ball, affecting movement speed. Lightning 
    strikes, which come without warning, stun and knock over players and electrify 
    the ball. An electrified ball shocks players while airborne, so must be kept on 
    the ground. Tornados move around the field, drawing in players and the ball. 
    Whatever gets sucked in is tossed skyward and put out of play temporarily.
      There are three terrain types: grass, dirt and sand. The ground may also have 
    wet spots where movement is slower. Wet ground may turn the ball blue, which 
    slows it down. In Match or PK mode, the player may choose any condition from 
    Good (bacchiri), with all dry ground, to Wors (saiaku), all wet. With sand, it's
    always slow regardless of condition.
    2. Controls
     2a. Explanation
    f b u d A B     forward, backward, up, down, button A, button B
    D-pad           Any direction
    (1)/(2)         Press (1) or (2)
    (1),(2)         Press (1) then (2)
    (1)+(2)         Press (1) and (2) simultaneously
     2b. General controls: Actions for all characters
      Basic movement
    A+B             Jump
    D-pad           Walk (8 directions)
      A+B           Jump in direction pressed
    D-pad x2        Dash (run) in direction pressed
      A+B           Dashing jump
      u or d        Move upwards or downwards while dashing
      D-pad x2      Hustle (run fast) in direction pressed
        A+B         Fast dashing jump
    Crouch          Land from a jump or get up after a fall
      While you have the ball
    A               Pass
    B               Shoot
      A             Aerial pass
      B             Aerial shot
      f/u/d + B     Aerial header shot
      b + B         Flip kick shot
    A+B             Float the ball straight up (lose control)
    f/b + A+B       Float the ball left or right (lose control)
    Float the ball
      A             Continue floating the ball straight up
      f/b + A       Continue floating the ball left or right
    u/d + A+B       Jump with the ball (keep control)
    Dash + A+B      Dashing jump with the ball (keep control)
    Dash + u,u/d,d  Defensive dribbling attack
      While no one has the ball
    A               Pass
    B               Shoot
      A             Aerial pass
      B             Aerial shot
      f/u/d + B     Aerial header shot
      b + B         Flip kick shot
    Crouch + B      Diving header (attack and shoot)
    f/b + B         Diving header (attack and shoot)
      Hold D-pad    Continue rolling
      While teammate has the ball
    A               Order a pass
    B               Order a shot
      While opponent has the ball
    A               Sliding tackle (steal the ball directly)
    B               Shoulder tackle (attack the opponent)
    Jump + A        Drop kick (attack the opponent)
    Hold A          Order teammate to slide tackle
    Hold B          Order teammate to shoulder tackle
      While the ball is being passed
    Dash jump
      B             Tornado kick (attack and shoot)
      u/d/b + B     Tornado kick (attack and shoot)
      f + B         Flip kicks (attack and shoot)
    f/b + B         Diving header (attack and shoot)
      Hold D-pad    Continue rolling
      After jumping on the ball
    A/B             Nothing
    A+B             Jump up
    u/d + A+B       Jump off
    f/b + A+B       Float the ball left or right (lose control)
    Dash + u,u/d,d  Jink and turn around
      After jumping on a teammate, without the ball
    A               Pass
    B               Doubleteam flip kick (attack and shoot)
    A+B             Jump apart
      After jumping on a teammate, with the ball
    A               Pass
    B               Shoot
    A+B             Jump and pass the ball to the upper member
      Goalie controls
    A/B             Shoulder tackle
    u/d + A/B       Diving block
    f/b + B         Jumping block
    Jump + A/B      Jumping block
     2c. Special moves
      To do a special shot, jump and kick the ball with the correct timing. The kick
    should come out near the peak of the jump and the ball should be hit immediately
    when the kick comes out. If done correctly, the ball glows red and takes on a 
    characteristic motion. Other factors such as stats and items may also affect the
    chance of success.
      A regular special shot is done while pressing B without the D-pad. The 
    alternate shot is done by pressing B with any direction. (The alternate shot may
    also be done by hitting the ball with a doubleteam flip kick at the peak of the 
    kick.) Each character has a specific special shot but they all have the same 
    alternate shot.
      The alternate shot arcs slowly and lands near the opposing goalie if done at 
    long distance. If done at medium or near distance, it quickly travels to the 
    ground and bounces, possibly over the goalie. 
      Each Nekketsu member has one special shot and up to two other moves from the 
    list below. (Only the moves used by team Nekketsu are shown. Each other team has
    a unique special shot.)
    No. Translated    Japanese            How to perform
    00  MortalDrible  hissatsu doriburu   Dash + u,u/d,d while holding ball
    01  ExplosiveAtk  bakuretsu atakku    Crouch + B while opp. has ball and is near
    02  Tornado Kick  toruneedo kikku     All characters can already do this (?)
    03  TornadoPunch  toruneedo panchi    f/b + B while goalie
    04  Drill Attack  doriru attack       Dash + A/B while opponent has ball
    05  TsubameRetrn  tsubame gaeshi      Jump while holding ball
    06  Triple Accel  toripuru akuseru    Jump while opponent has ball
    07  MegaDriveSht  mega doraibu shoot  Special shot
    08  MolePrncsSht  hime mogura shoot   Special shot
    09  UnstpbleShot  dokanhou shoot      Special shot
    0A  Bitter Shot   urameshiya shoot    Special shot
    0B  AccurateShot  kicchiri shoot      Special shot
    0C  Boring Shot   gariben shoot       Special shot
    0D  TosaMoonShot  tosa gatsu wo shoot Special shot
    0E  Ninja Shot    ninjya shoot        Special shot
    0F  Nuts Shot     nattsu shoot        Special shot
    10  Wheelie Shot  uirii shoot         Special shot
    11  BnanAlgtrSht  banana wani shoot   Special shot
    12  OmegaDrvShot  omega doraibu shoot Special shot
    FF  Nothing
    3. Team Nekketsu
     3a. Stats
      Every player has four stats and two or three special moves (hissatsu). The 
    precise function of the stats is currently unknown but it's not hard to guess.
    Translated  Japanese         Displayed as
    Power       tai ryoku        multiples of 5
    Shoot       shoot ryoku      multiples of 3
    Defense     bougyo ryoku     multiples of 5
    EnrgyTyp    sou ryoku* type  rank A-D
    * Likely to mean running speed
    Player    Pos  No.|Pow Sht Def Spd| Special 1     Special 1     Special 3
    Kunio      MF   9 | 55  21  25  B | Nuts Shot     ExplosiveAtk
    Yoritsune  FW   8 | 50  24  20  A | Ninja Shot    TsubameRetrn
    Saji       FW  10 | 55  27  15  B | Wheelie Shot  Tornado Kick
    Horibata   DF   2 | 60  24  20  D | MolePrncsSht  ExplosiveAtk
    Iwakabe    DF   3 | 45  24  20  B | UnstpbleShot  Drill Attack
    Genei      GK   1 | 60  21  20  C | MegaDriveSht  MortalDrible  TornadoPunch
    Ugajin     DF   4 | 45  15  20  D | Bitter Shot   Triple Accel
    Onitake    MF   5 | 50  15  15  B | AccurateShot  MortalDrible
    Kumon      DF   6 | 50  27  15  C | Boring Shot   ExplosiveAtk
    Kaizuki    MF   7 | 45  21  15  D | TosaMoonShot  ExplosiveAtk
    Tsunewo    FW  11 | 65  21  20  B | BnanAlgtrSht  MortalDrible
    Carlos     GK  12 | 65  24  25  D | OmegaDrvShot  TornadoPunch  Triple Accel
     3b. Team meeting
      In the meeting screen, you may view info on the team members and prepare them 
    for the next half. Meeting mode is only available in League mode.
      Every member has a mood index (at RAM address 0x05d0) which ranges from 0-15 
    and has some effect on the player's performance.
    Mood   Appearance
    0xc-f  Ecstatic
    0xa-b  Smiling
    0x6-9  Indifferent
    0x4-5  Frowning
    0x0-3  Outraged
      Talk (hanasu) randomly raises or lowers the player's mood. 
      Item (aitemu) affects mood depending on what item is given to whom.
              | ScrtVid  IdolBom  TdyBear  AnimeVd  DryPlum  DrySlmn  MskoLve
    Kunio     |    .        .        .        .        ++       ++       .
    Yoritsune |    .        --       .        .        ++       .        .
    Saji      |    .        --       .        ++       .        .        .
    Horibata  |    .        .        .        .        .        .        ++
    Iwakabe   |    --       .        ++       .        .        .        .
    Genei     |    .        .        .        .        ++       .        .
    Ugajin    |    .        ++       .        .        --       ++       .
    Onitake   |    ++       .        --       .        .        .        .
    Kumon     |    --       .        ++       ++       .        --       .
    Kaizuki   |    .        .        .        .        .        ++       --
    Tsunewo   |    .        ++       .        --       .        .        .
    Carlos    |    ++       .        ++       .        --       --       .
      Phne (denwa) affects the mood of all players simultaneously.
              |  Misako  Takashi  Technos  DngrDial
    Kunio     |    .        .        .        .
    Yoritsune |    .        .        .        --
    Saji      |    .        --       .        .
    Horibata  |    ++       .        .        --
    Iwakabe   |    .        ++       ++       --
    Genei     |    .        .        .        .
    Ugajin    |    .        .        .        .
    Onitake   |    .        .        .        ++
    Kumon     |    .        .        .        --
    Kaizuki   |    --       .        .        .
    Tsunewo   |    .        .        .        .
    Carlos    |    .        .        .        .
      Special items become available as the League games progress. Ask Takashi for a
    basic explanation of what they do. These items affect the first bit of the mood 
    byte of each player.
    Item     Effect
    NewTowl  +0x30
    RubrBts  +0x40
    SpcDrnk  +0x20
    SpcSprt  +0x10
    SpcShoe  +0x80
      Possibly more to come later.
      This document is my own work. If you've played the game and used the FAQ, feel
    free to drop me a line and tell me what you think.
      For info on other Kunio/Nekketsu games, check out a comprehensive listing at:
      Other Kunio/Nekketsu games for which I have written guides at gamefaqs:
    Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge
    Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou!
    Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu
    Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes
      Any questions, comments, corrections or complaints should be addressed to 
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