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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dammit9x

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/17/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes (J)
    Translation and FAQ/Guide
    November 17, 2007 v1.0
    dammit9x at hotmail dot com
    Copyright 2007
        This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
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    1. Game summary
     1a. Introduction
     1b. Game modes
     1c. Menu options
    2. Controls
     2a. Movement
     2b. Without the ball
     2c. While holding the ball
     2d. Weapons
     2e. Team attacks
    3. Characters
     3a. Stats
     3b. Attacks and special moves
    4. Computer ally command sets
    5. Venues
    6. Equipment
     6a. Awards
     6b. Effects
    1. Game summary
     1a. Introduction
      "Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes" is a 4-player basketball game 
    released by Technos Japan in 1993, making it one of the last NES games licensed 
    by Nintendo. It is part of the Nekketsu (Hot-blooded High-school) series 
    starring Kunio and Riki (Alex and Ryan of River City Ransom fame). Like most 
    Technos games it never made it out of Japan. As you might expect from a Nekketsu
    game, it features as much brawling as B-balling.
      The game was ROM-translated by a group called ICE, but only the intro and 
    ending scenes and some other parts were done, and the work is unpolished. The 
    ICE translation will be disregarded for this work. Using this guide, you should 
    be able to get the full game experience, except for the intro and ending scenes.
     1b. Game modes
    Story Mode
      This mode is for one player plus a CPU partner or 2-player cooperative. The 
    Nekketsu team must defeat the seven American teams twice, alternating between 
    away and home games. The home court is at Niagara Falls. After each victory, you
    recieve a gift of game-improving equipment from the vanquished team and a new 
    password to continue at that point later.
      Each game has two three-minute halves. Before each half, you may choose which 
    two players to put in the game, review your players's special moves, and assign 
    equipment. If you are teamed with a computer player, you may also arrange what 
    commands each button will give.
    Battle Mode (Taisen Mode)
      This mode is a 2-on-2 pickup game with up to 4 human players participating. 
    In a 2-player game, the players may play on the same or opposite teams. Choose 
    any two teams and any venue from the eight available. There are no passwords or
     1c. Menu options
      This diagram is intended to help players who can't read the menu text.
    Main menu
     |_Top: Story Mode
     |  |_Button B: Cancel
     |  |_Select 1P-2P
     |     |_Go to map screen
     |       Map screen (access before each game)
     |        |_View current password at lower right of screen
     |        |_Select away venue (odd games) or opponent for home game (even games)
     |           |_Go to team menu
     |       Team menu (access before each game half)
     |        |_Upper left: Change active members
     |        |  |_Choose two characters with D-pad and button A
     |        |     |_Left: Cancel changes
     |        |     |_Right: confirm changes
     |        |_Lower left: View character attacks and special shots
     |        |  |_D-pad: View different characters
     |        |  |_A, B, or start: Exit
     |        |_Upper right or start button: Finish selection
     |        |  |_Assign CPU commands for each button (1-player only)
     |        |     |_D-pad: View different sets of commands
     |        |     |_A or start: Choose current set and commence game
     |        |_Lower right: Equipment menu
     |           |_Upper left: Equip items on current player
     |           |  |_D-pad: Select available items
     |           |  |_A or start: Equip or swap selected item
     |           |  |_Button B: Finish equipping
     |           |_Lower left: Remove items from current player
     |           |  |_D-pad: Select item slot
     |           |  |_A or start: Remove item from selected slot
     |           |  |_Button B: Finish removing
     |           |_Upper right: Finish equipment menu
     |           |_Lower right: Select a different player
     |_Middle: Battle Mode
     |  |_Button B: Cancel
     |  |_Select 1-4 players
     |     |_Select team for each player
     |        |_Select venue at map screen
     |           |_Team menu (for each human-controlled team)
     |              |_Upper left: Change active members
     |              |  |_Choose two characters with D-pad and button A
     |              |     |_Left: Cancel changes
     |              |     |_Right: confirm changes
     |              |_Lower left: View character attacks and special shots
     |              |  |_D-pad: View different characters
     |              |  |_A, B, or start: Exit
     |              |_Upper right or start button: Finish selection
     |                 |_Assign CPU commands for each button (for CPU allies only)
     |                    |_D-pad: View different sets of commands
     |                    |_A or start: Choose current set and commence game
     |_Bottom: Password
        |_Button B: Return to main menu
        |_U and D: Change digits
        |_R and L: Select digits
        |_Button A at end of line: Submit password
    2. Controls
     2a. Movement
    A+B             Jump
    D-pad           Walk (8 directions)
      A+B           Jump in direction pressed
        A+B         Double jump (may choose a different direction)
    L,L or R,R      Dash (run) left or right
      A+B           Dashing jump
        A+B         Double jump (may choose a different direction)
      U or D        Move upwards or downwards while dashing
      U,U or D,D    Jink up or down and continue dashing
        R or L      Dash in opposite direction after jinking
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
     2b. Without the ball
    A               Punch attack            -\
    B               Kick attack              |
    Dash + A        Dashing punch attack     |
    Dash + B        Dashing kick attack      }-- details in section 3b.
    Jump + A        Jumping punch attack     |
    Jump + B        Jumping kick attack      |
    Crouch + A      Crouching punch attack   |
    Crouch + B      Crouching kick attack   -/
    A or B          Pick up a weapon, fallen basket, or stationary ball
    Hold A or B     Issue command A or B to CPU ally (details in section 4)
    Crouching: When the character lands from a jump or air attack, or gets up after 
    being knocked down, he kneels momentarily. Press A or B during this time to do a
    crouching move.
    Getting the ball: If the ball is in motion, just touching it will catch it. 
    Unless it's being super shot.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
     2c. While holding the ball
    A               Pass to teammate
    Hold B          Prepare to shoot; delay shot
    Release B       Shoot in the direction faced
    (see below)     Dunk
    (see below)     Super shot (details in section 3b.)
      Bottom baskets   3 points
      Middle baskets   3 points
      Top baskets      4 points
    How to dunk, method A:
      While crouching in front of the basket, press B. By pressing up + B the player
    will go for the top basket. You may hold up and/or B before crouching to make it
    easier. Dunk method A sometimes misses, and it does not work against your own 
    How to dunk, method B:
      Get very close to a basket and press B. You may hold B while approaching the 
    basket to make it easier. There are two ways to get close to the basket: 
    jumping, and getting launched by a teammate or background feature.
    How to throw a super shot from the ground:
      To do a super shot, start dashing toward the basket and shoot the ball after 
    running for a certain amount of time, about half a second to a full second of 
    dashing. The button may be held to delay the shot, if desired. Dashing too short
    or too far results in a high shot or regular shot instead.
                Dashing time           | Effect
        Frames    Seconds     Steps    | 
         33-56   0.55-0.94   3.0-4.5   | Super shot
         57-93   0.95-1.53   4.5-7.5   | High shot
         ----------other------------   | Regular shot
    How to throw a super shot from a jump:
      While facing the basket, but not too close, shoot the ball at after starting a
    jump or double jump, releasing the button after a certain amount of time. Button
    B must be held for about 1/4 second and then released within a 1/15 second 
      A high shot or regular shot is thrown instead if the player is too close to 
    the basket, or if the button is held too short or long. However, if the button 
    is held very long (requiring a very high jump), another chance to super shot 
    comes at about 2/3 second.
        Button B hold time  | Effect
        Frames    Seconds   | 
           <12       <0.20  | Regular shot
         12-16   0.20-0.27  | Super shot
         17-25   0.28-0.42  | High shot
         26-37   0.43-0.62  | Regular shot
         38-42   0.63-0.70  | Super shot
         43-51   0.71-0.85  | High shot
         52+     0.86+      | Regular shot
    High shots vs. regular shots:
      A high shot goes for the basket on the highest backboard. A regular shot goes 
    for the closest basket, which is usually the lowest one.
    How to throw a high super shot:
      This depends on the type of super shot being thrown. Some have to be thrown a 
    certain distance from the basket to go high, and some never go high.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
     2d. Weapons
    Rock            Throw it or hit it around
    Wooden box      Throw it, hit it around, or jump on top to use as a platform
    Ladder          Throw it, hit it around, or jump on top to use as a platform
                    Plug up an opponent's basket by shooting a ladder into it
    Trash can       Throw it at an opponent to restrict his arms
                    Jump 5 times (or get hit) to get it off
    Skateboard      Throw it or jump on it to ride
    Basket          Attach it to the opponent's backboard
    While holding a weapon:
    A               Throw the weapon in the direction faced
    B               Set down the weapon (doesn't work while airborne)
    L or R + B      "Shoot" the weapon directly at a backboard
    Dash + B        Special weapon attack (details in section 3b.)
    While on skateboard:
    A+B             Jump off
    L,L or R,R      Dash left or right
      R or L        Braking attack
      U,U or D,D    180 turn attack, continue dashing
      A or B        Spinning attack (only if not holding the ball)
      A+B           Jump attack
        A+B         Double jump attack
    The ball can be catched, passed and shot normally while riding, but dunks and 
    super shots do not work.
    Getting a basket: If a basket is touched enough times it falls right off the 
    backboard. Dunks and attempted dunks make it more prone to falling than 
    shooting. A fallen basket can be picked up and shot to reattach it to the same 
    or a different backboard. It is possible stick up to two baskets on a 
    backboard. Gaining or losing a basket has a big impact on scoring, so try to 
    maintain control of them.
    While holding a basket:
    A               Throw the basket in the direction faced (does no damage)
    B               "Shoot" the basket directly at a backboard
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
     2e. Team attacks
      If a player jumps on top of his teammate, the lower player will carry the 
    upper one around. Either player may be holding the ball or a weapon, and the 
    controls will be as usual, though the upper player will be unable to move 
    without jumping off first. If the lower player is empty-handed, he can throw 
    the upper one in two ways.
    While carrying teammate and with no ball or weapon:
    A       Throw the teammate straight up
    B       Launch the teammate at basket in the direction faced
    Getting launched: When launched, a player goes straight for the nearest basket. 
    By holding up while getting launched, the player goes for the top basket. This 
    is similar to dunk method A, but the player may still jump and double jump, and 
    it can be done anywhere. There are also background features in some venues that 
    launch the player in a random direction. (details in section 5.)
    Team damage: Most attacks pass through your teammate harmlessly, but super shots
    and weapon attacks are indiscriminate.
    3. Characters
      The teams are presented in clockwise order as shown on the map screen. For 
    each team, the players are presented in the following order: 
    upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right
     3a. Stats
      Stats are shown in this order on the character select screen:
    Stamina: determines how fast a player recovers from stun and knockdown
      Power: determines how easily the player can stun and knock down other players
      Speed: determines the player's walking and dashing speed
       Jump: determines the height of the player's jump and double jump
      Shoot: determines the accuracy of long-range, non-super shots
                           Stamina  Power   Speed   Jump    Shoot
         Nekketsu   Kunio     5       4       6       4       7
                    Riki      5       6       6       4       4
                    Godai     4       7       6       2       2
                    Johnny    4       3       6       3       1
         New York   Michael   5       4       7       7       3
                    Eddie     6       4       3       6       2
                    Ceraly    8       1       6       6       2
                    Rude      2       1       8       7       1
        U.S. Navy   Ash       7       5       5       6       8
                    Wolf      4       3       7       2       2
                    Tribe     7       4       1       4       7
                    Breck     6       3       3       3       3
          Florida   Pierre    5       8       4       3       6
                    Hoffman   2       6       4       2       5
                    Esper     3       7       1       3       4
                    Grease    7       7       2       1       6
            Texas   Snipe     8       3       6       4       7
                    Hawk      7       7       7       2       2
                    Jagger    2       3       8       5       8
                    Jimmy     1       4       8       1       8
           Hawaii   Kilaue    4       7       5       7       7
                    Head      3       3       4       6       6
                    Waiiki    6       5       8       4       2
                    Bone      2       1       7       3       8
    San Francisco   Mick      5       8       3       4       7
                    Sean      4       6       2       5       4
                    Rick      2       4       1       2       8
                    Ryan      8       1       5       1       8
        Las Vegas   Slot      3       2       6       7       8
                    Rook      4       1       5       4       1
                    Poker     1       4       4       5       5
                    Gammon    2       2       6       1       7
     3b. Attacks and special moves
      I have translated the moves for each character below. Given that I don't know 
    Japanese, there may be mistakes. The weapon special is not listed in the player 
    profiles; I made up the names for these.
       Nekketsu     Kunio           Riki            Godai           Johnny
     Standing A     Punch           Mach punch      Slapstick       Headbutt
     Standing B     Mach kick       Kick            Kick            Kick
      Dashing A     Punch           Mach punch      Slapstick       J-throw
      Dashing B     Mach kick       Kick            Kick            Kick
      Jumping A     Punch           Self torpedo    Slap screw      Headbutt
      Jumping B     Cyclone kick    Kick            Kick            Cyclone kick
    Crouching A     Punch           Tornado         Uppercut        Bomb punch
    Crouching B     Bomb kick       Kick            Bomb kick       Kick
     Super shot     Nut shot        Upper shot      Vacuum shot     Fireball shot
    Weapon spc.     Cyclone swing   Cyclone swing   none            none
       New York     Michael         Eddie           Ceraly          Rude
     Standing A     Spikeball SP    Spikeball       Bubblegum bomb  Punch
     Standing B     Leg sweep       Kick            Kick            Cossack kicks
      Dashing A     Spikeball       Spikeball SP    Bubblegum SP    NY spin
      Dashing B     Leg sweep       NY dance        NY kick         Cossack kicks
      Jumping A     Giant spin      Punch           Giant spin      Punch
      Jumping B     Kick            Screw           Kick            Screw
    Crouching A     Punch           NY kick         Punch           NY kick
    Crouching B     NY dance        Kick            NY dance        Kick
     Super shot     Slime shot      Slime shot      Slime shot      Slime shot
    Weapon spc.     Cyclone swing   none            none            none
      U.S. Navy     Ash             Wolf            Tribe           Breck
     Standing A     Punch           Elbow strike    US throw        US laser
     Standing B     Sliding kick    Kick            Sliding kick    Kick
      Dashing A     Elbow strike    Belly slide     Elbow strike    Belly slide
      Dashing B     Sliding kick    Kick            Kick            Sliding kick
      Jumping A     Flying fish SP  Punch           Punch           Flying fish SP
      Jumping B     Kick            Flying kick     Kick            Flying kick
    Crouching A     Afterburner     Afterburner     US laser        Punch
    Crouching B     Flying kick     Kibari          Flying kick     Kibari
     Super shot     Rocket shot     Rocket shot     Rocket shot     Rocket shot
    Weapon spc.     Cyclone swing   none            none            none
        Florida     Pierre          Hoffman         Esper           Grease
     Standing A     Stretch punch   Punch           Bald flash      Punch
     Standing B     Kick            Barrier         Kick            Tearful kick
      Dashing A     Chi edge        Cyclone hands   Cyclone hand    Chi edge
      Dashing B     Tearful spin    Barrier         Tearful spin    Kick
      Jumping A     Cyclone hands   Cyclone hands   Bald flash      Cyclone hands
      Jumping B     Tearful spin    Tearful spin    Tearful spin    Tearful kick
    Crouching A     Psycho throw    Punch           Esper special   Punch
    Crouching B     Moonsault       Teleport        Kick            Teleport
     Super shot     Warp shot       Warp shot       Warp shot       Warp shot
    Weapon spc.     Telekinesis     none            none            none
          Texas     Snipe           Hawk            Jagger          Jimmy
     Standing A     Whip            Lariat          Whip            Punch
     Standing B     Horse kick      Frankensteiner  W kick          Horse kick
      Dashing A     Lariat          Lariat          Lariat          Lariat
      Dashing B     Horse kick      W kick          Frankensteiner  Horse kick
      Jumping A     Whip screw      Elbow           Whip screw      Elbow
      Jumping B     Press attack    Kick            Press attack    Kick
    Crouching A     Cactushead      Punch           Punch           Cactushead
    Crouching B     Kick            W kick          Press attack    Kick
     Super shot     Axel shot       Axel shot       Axel shot       Axel shot
    Weapon spc.     none            none            none            none
         Hawaii     Kilaue          Head            Waiiki          Bone
     Standing A     Flame blast     Table-flipper   Flame punch     Slaps
     Standing B     Rainbow kick    Kick            Heat kick       Rainbow kick
      Dashing A     Heat tackle     Slaps           Heat tackle     Slaps
      Dashing B     Rainbow kick    Heat kick       Heat kick       Rainbow kick
      Jumping A     Cyclone flame   Punch           Cyclone flame   Slaps
      Jumping B     Meteo-ball      Kick            Heat kick       Meteo-ball
    Crouching A     Flame blast     Flame punch     Flame punch     Flame blast
    Crouching B     Kick            Meteo-upper     Hawaii SP       Kick
     Super shot     Giant shot      Giant shot      Giant shot      Giant shot
    Weapon spc.     none            none            none            none
    San Francisco   Mick            Sean            Rick            Ryan
     Standing A     Eye gouge       Backfists       Headbutt        Cool uppercut
     Standing B     Hip attack      Kick            Kick            Hip attack
      Dashing A     Eye gouge       Elbow           Elbow           Headbutt
      Dashing B     Chest slide     Knee kick       Chest slide     Knee kick 
      Jumping A     Eye gouge       Backfists       Headbutt        Backfists
      Jumping B     Body press      Knee kick       Body press      Knee kick 
    Crouching A     Ascension       Punch           Punch           Ascension
    Crouching B     Kick            Knee kick       Body press      Kick
     Super shot     10-ton shot     10-ton shot     10-ton shot     10-ton shot
    Weapon spc.     none            none            none            none
      Las Vegas     Slot            Rook            Poker           Gammon
     Standing A     Pigeon poke     Bouquet punch   Pigeon helper   Bouquet punch
     Standing B     Pigeon kick     Threat kick     Pigeon sweep    Pigeon hairpiece
      Dashing A     Pigeon poke     Pigeon dance    Pigeon dance    Pigeon poke
      Dashing B     Pigeon sweep    Threat kick     Threat kick     Pigeon sweep
      Jumping A     Pigeon poke     Stick thrust    Pigeon poke     Bouquet punch
      Jumping B     Pigeon ghost    Stick hopping   Stick hopping   Pigeon ghost
    Crouching A     Pigeon upper    Spin attack     Punch           Punch
    Crouching B     Pigeon attack   Kick            Bomb launch     Threat kick 
     Super shot     Firecracker s.  Firecracker s.  Firecracker s.  Firecracker s.
    Weapon spc.     none            none            none            none
    4. Computer ally command sets
      If teamed with the computer, you can command your ally to perform certain 
    actions by pressing and holding button A or B for 10 frames (1/6 second). When 
    this is done, the command given appears under the players's names.
      After leaving the team menu, you must select a command set. The are five sets,
    identified below by ASCII representations of the "1p" and "C" symbols on the 
    court diagram. Each set has four commands, two for when the ally has the ball, 
    and two for when he is empty-handed. Choosing a set has another effect, as the 
    ally tends to stick to the C position marked on the diagram.
        /       C    |   With ball, A: Pass
       /            _|              B: Shoot
      /#           (_|
     /          1p   |     No ball, A: Do a normal attack
    |________________|              B: Do any attack
        /            |   With ball, A: Pass
       / C          _|              B: Shoot
      /# 1p        (_|
     /               |     No ball, A: Do a normal attack
    |________________|              B: Do a jump attack
        /            |   With ball, A: Do a high shot
       /         1p _|              B: Shoot
      /#         C (_|
     /               |     No ball, A: Do a normal attack
    |________________|              B: Do a jump attack
        /            |   With ball, A: Pass
       /            _|              B: Shoot
      /#    1p  C  (_|
     /               |     No ball, A: Do a normal attack
    |________________|              B: Get the ball
        /            |   With ball, A: Pass
       /     1p     _|              B: Dunk
      /#     C     (_|
     /               |     No ball, A: Do a normal attack
    |________________|              B: Get a weapon
    5. Venues
      Here is a list of special features found in each court. The weapons in 
    parentheses are available on the left and right side, respectively.
    Niagara Falls/Nekketsu home court (trashcan, ladder)
    -Jump on the back fence
    New York (skateboard, ladder)
    -Enter either underground passage to exit out the other one
    -Jump on the underground passage roofs
    U.S. Navy (random)
    -Conveyor brings two random weapons at a time
    -Conveyor affect weapons but not the ball or players
    -Conveyor switches directions whenever a basket is made
    Florida (rock, wooden box)
    -Jump on the back wall
    -Climb the two fences by jumping or holding up
    Texas (rock, wooden box)
    -Run into the horse's butt to get launched left or right randomly
    -Jump on the horse's back
    -Run into the horse's head to get knocked over
    Hawaii (skateboard, ladder)
    -Jump on the umbrellas to get launched left or right randomly
    -Run into the tables to get knocked over
    -Climb the HAWAII sign by jumping or pressing up
    San Francisco (skateboard, rock)
    -Jump on the hood/trunk of the blue car to get launched left or right randomly
    -Jump on the cars
    -Run into the cars to get knocked over
    Las Vegas (skateboard, rock)
    -Make a basket to stop the slots and get special scoring effects:
      Triple cherry    Basket value +1
      Triple star      Basket value x3
      Triple 7         Basket value x5
      Triple bomb      Basket value x(-2)
    6. Equipment
      Defeat a team in Story mode and Kunio is awarded with a random gift of 
    equipment. Thus, the team will gather 13 pieces of equipment before winning the 
    tournament. The team's pool of equipment, as well as their prior wins, are 
    stored in the password given between games.
      There are 32 different items in the game, each falling into one of three 
    categories. From top to bottom in the equipment menu, they are jersey, shorts, 
    and shoes. Each player can wear no more than one of each type at a time. As with
    the character move names, I have translated the item names below to the best of 
    my ability (i.e., inexpertly).
      The randomness of the item gifts makes it hard to keep track of them if you 
    can't read the Japanese script. As a remedy, I have listed each item by its 
    identifying memory value in the "ID" column. You can use a debugger or memory 
    watcher to read the contents of the addresses below as an alternative means to 
    identify your items.
    Address         Contents
    0x00d3-00e2     un-equipped items
    0x06e4-06e6     Kunio's equipped items
    0x06e7-06e9     Riki's equipped items
    0x06ea-06ec     Godai's equipped items
    0x06ed-06ef     Johnny's equipped items
    ID    Equipment         Effect
    00    Sparkly jersey    +3 Shoot
    01    Rocket jersey     Dashing super shot becomes Rocket shot
    02    Blues jersey      Shoot for the top basket by default
    03    Armored jersey    +1 Stamina, -1 Speed
    04    Level 2 jersey    Shoot for the middle basket by default
    05    Sunny jersey      Dashing super shot becomes Giant shot
    06    Shiny jersey      Dashing super shot becomes Slime shot
    07    Dunker's jersey   Super shot becomes random, sometimes
    08    Feather jersey    +3 Jump
    09    Phantom jersey    max all stats
    0a    Sparkly shorts    +2 Shoot
    0b    Rocket shorts     ?
    0c    Utility shorts    +1 Shoot
    0d    Feather shorts    +3 Jump
    0e    Mach shorts       ?
    0f    T-back shorts     Dunk method A goes up to second basket by default
    10    Blues shorts      +2 Shoot
    11    Wrinkly shorts    max Stamina, -1 Power
    12    Ogre shorts       max Power
    13    Dyed shorts       +1 Speed
    14    Phantom shorts    max Speed
    15    Sparkly shoes     ?
    16    Rocket shoes      max Speed
    17    Air shoes         low-gravity jumps (high and slow)
    18    Blues shoes       ?
    19    Techno shoes      max Stamina, -1 Power, -1 Speed, -1 Jump, -1 Shoot
    1a    One-legged clogs  Keep jumping even after double jump
    1b    Jackpot shoes     all baskets give additional 2 points
    1c    Feather shoes     max Jump
    1d    Top clogs         max Speed
    1e    Dancing shoes     Initiate dunk method A from anywhere on the court
    1f    Phantom shoes     max all stats
    ff    blank/no item
      This document is my own work. Credit goes to Richard Hoelscher's website, 
    which helped to get me started. You can also find a password generator there:
      If you've played the game and used the FAQ, feel free to drop me a line and 
    tell me what you think. I still do not know what four of the items do; let me 
    know if you figure them out.
      If you are interested in other Kunio/Nekketsu games, check out a comprehensive
    listing at:
      Other Kunio/Nekketsu games for which I have written guides at gamefaqs:
    Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge
    Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou!
    Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu
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