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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Yakuza

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    Date faq was last updated: 2001-03-19
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    Yakuza's faq for 
    "                             _                      _    _ _ _     _   _ "
    " --    --   ---     ----    | | --    -- --    --  | |  /     \   | | / |"
    "|  \  /  | |   \   /     \  | ||  \  /  |  \  /  | | | /       \  | | / /"
    "|   \/   | | \/    |        | ||   \/   |   \/   | | | \          |    / "
    "|        | |  \    |  ---|  | ||        |        | | |  \      /  | |\ \ "
    "|        | |   \.  \_____/  | ||        |        | |_|   \__ _/   |_| \_\"
    "                                                                         "
    Mr. Gimmick to Nes-system
    VERSION 1.1 (Updated once)
    Table of contents:
    !: Credits
    1. 	Introduction
    {A: Story                        }
    {B: Controls                     }
    {C: Items and stuff              }
    {D: Complete Walktrough          }
    {E: Special Items (magic items)  }
    {F: Enemies                      }
    {G: Bosses                       }
    {H: Tips and help                }
    {I: Endings                      }
    {J: Faq                          }
    {K: Credits                      }
    {L: A review I made              }
    As Djellybean says, it's better to have the credits on top, because then 
    you don't have to scroll down the whole document.
    !: Credits
    * To "CjayC" for the ultimate tv-gaming site, www.gamefaqs.com, it's really 
    great. You can find this faq there.
    * To Daladiesman for cool and entertaining work, he's done awesome work and 
    many many reviews.
    * To Djellybean for amazing work, DJ's one of the top contributors on 
    www.gamefaqs.com, both on reviews and faqs. DJ, your work is flawless.
    * To Manga-artists that do a lot of great series(Kamui, Blade of the 
    immortal, Neon Genesis, etc.)
    * To Sunsoft for this cute game
    * To Square for top-games, you know what I mean, Chrono Trigger is a great 
    * To Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(TMNT) 
    that is one of the greatest series I've ever seen. I love it!!
    1. Introduction
    Hi! Yakuza here! Excuse me for all the grammar errors (I'm sure there are 
    some), but I hope you will forgive that. (I hope they are not so many now, 
    since I updated it.) Mr gimmick is a game that of course you are the hero, 
    a green toy actually! You got any comments, problems, questions, anything 
    just send me a mail at: 
    It's a very nice game for maybe people that is younger(like kids). The game 
    is very easy and probably it is directed for younger people. For example, I 
    can kill all the bosses and run through the whole game(not the special, 
    magic items included) in 13 minutes  Anyway, enjoy my faq if you like it!!
    Last time I updated the document, the changes are these:
    + I put credits on top and on bottom.
    + I formatted the faq in another way(tried to give it a better look).
    + Tried to check some spelling/grammar errors. Hopefully some will be gone. 
    + Added some extra text where needed.
    + Some small changes you won't notice, like deleting unneccessary lines 
    + Extended the enemy list some, I made a list over all enemies in the game, 
    added more information about them, etc.
    + And I tried to make it better overall.
    A: History
    "At the same time when the candles at Mary's birthday-cake were lit, her 
    dad carefully pushes a present on the table that he bought a few days from 
    an old antic store. Mary's dad passed by the shop one day, and felt sorry 
    for the owner that never had any costumers, so he bought a thing there. The 
    old man said it was very, very old. Mary's father felt sorry for the old 
    man and bought it, don't knowing what the toy really was. Mary's dad had 
    just bought a magic item with mystic forces called a "Gimmick". Mary was 
    very happy when she opened the present and she was so happy for the 
    present, that she played with it all the day. But when Mary went to bed 
    then something weird happened that evening. Her other toys suddenly were 
    alive. They were very angry because she didn't play with them any longer. 
    They crawled up to her bed and carried her away to a mystic land. But the 
    present, Mr "Gimmick" followed the other toys to save the girl. He jumped 
    quickly after them to the unknown land before the window closed. Now, Mr 
    gimmick armed only with his magic stars, will try to save Mary from the 
    evil forces in the enchanted country."
    The big button at left, is the moving button. If you press on the arrow, 
    that are in the direction right, you will move right. If you press the 
    button at left, you will go left.
    The button up + B-button makes you use items. The button down makes you 
    choose item. The B-button makes stars appear that you can shoot at enemies. 
    Hold the B-button for get a star powered, and release your grip for 
    shooting the star.
    A-button makes you jump.
    Start-button stops the game.
    Select-button has no use in this game.
    C: Items and Stuff
    You will meet many enemies that got powerful forces and weapons on your 
    journey. When you defeat them, the items will restore, and you can pick 
    them up. Save them for a special moment! But you can only have three items 
    at one time. When you picked up an item you can press down for choosing 
    among the items. Press up and B-button to use the item.
    Pink coulored bottle:
    Restores all the energy.
    Orange coulored bottle:
    Gives 1 energy. Restores all losed energy.
    More powerful than the star, but can only be used once. I suggest you aim 
    your shooting.
    More powerful than the star, but can only be used once(as the bomb) Strikes 
    over the whole screen in a horizontal direction.
    D: Walkthrough
    This walktrough guides you through the first ending, that ending when you 
    didn't take all the special items. But then, after it, I spin on from where 
    it ends, and tells you ´bout the last "secret" stage. 
    Level 1: Underground station
    Just go on to right, you'll meet some enemies, and at the right wing, you 
    will see a hole that leads down. If you wanna have the "hard" ending, check 
    special magic items section. If not, jump into it. Now you are underground. 
    Go left, behind the machine that shoots balls. Go down again. Take the 
    fireball item. Go Left. Now you are in a room where you can see fishes swim 
    around outside. There are no enemies here, so just cool out and go right. 
    Now you will come to a room with a crane.
    Go on it, and wait until it has gone to half the screen, then jump off 
    quickly, or it will drop you down on the needles, and you'll be dead then. 
    Go up. You see an enemy coming, shoot it with your star, then keep going 
    Up. Jump from shelf to shelf to get the orange bottle. The enemy that 
    comes, kill it or jump down to the last room. Go up. You will now come to 
    the surface again. Here you'll see two blocks with stars on.
    Use the star-trick to come up and take the bomb. Go left. You see some 
    enemies that have some electric energy and you can't kick them? Just hop up 
    on one of them, and stand on their heads, then shoot them.
    Go left. Jump from shelf to shelf. Go left. Boss time! Kill it. It can take 
    two hits, then one more, and it is a goner. You got problems, see boss 
    Level 2: The ship
    You'll meet enemies that got needles on their back. Shoot a star. They will 
    fall on the back. Shoot again. Go left. Walk on the boat. Beware off the 
    open windows on the boat, balls will appear! Evade them. 
    Jump off the boat. Now there are two ways. To the right, I don't know what 
    it is there, seems to me like nothing. If you know something, please mail 
    me! Walk left and up. Here you see a rear that leads you down.
    There are three ways here. You can use the super-short cut by taking the 
    star, load it, and shoot against the wall. Time it. Stand on the star as 
    long as you can, moving right as much as you can, then jump to the right 
    over to the room, next to the boss. Cool huh? You can use the star-trick 
    here to jump over the rear, but down in the rear, there is a orange bottle, 
    so I suggest you take the rear-way. Go left after you've taken it.
    Go up. Now a green, fat, cute monster will attack you. Jump up on it, and 
    you can stand on it, and shoot. But I warn you, he will run to left and 
    fall careless down in the water with you, so jump off it when he is near 
    the edge. You see a canon shoot balls to the left. You wanna have the 
    special magic items?
    Check special magic item section. Or else, just walk on up. Go left. A 
    chopter will attack you.
    Kick it. Go on. Now, you will see a bird stand there. Shoot a star to 
    discipline it, and you can jump on it, to get over. Take the orange bottle. 
    Go right. Boss time. You got any problems, check boss section.
    An advice: If you got two bombs, and only two bombs, bomb his sword after 
    you defeated him. It dies when you hit him 5 times. You will get points. 
    You need the other bomb for level 3. (If you wanna have the special magic 
    Level 3: The forest
    Go right. Some strange enemies will fall down. Go on. Watch out for the 
    stones that are falling down. Go right. Jump over. Many enemies will hunt 
    you. Forget about them. Just keep going right. They won't catch ya. Then, 
    on safe floor, kill them. Now you will see some kind of big spider in a 
    You wanna have the special magic Item??? Check you know what. Otherwise, go 
    on up. Take the orange bottle. Go left. Jump over and go to next room.
    Watch out, the ceiling will fall down a bit. Jump from the shelf, to the 
    arrow shooter. Push it against the wall. It will fall down on the needles, 
    you'll get points. Jump up on the green button. Stand still. It will run 
    off, without you getting harm. Go left. See a big monster? Jump up on it.
    Shoot and take the orange bottle that will fall out, when you kicked him.
    Go down. Watch out for the machine cats, or whatever it is. They can draw 
    you in the water, so be careful. Shoot stars to kill them, or avoid them, 
    your choice. Go right. You see the room ends. Boss Time! Three hits, he is 
    dead.Got some troubles? Check boss section. 
    Level 4: Jurrasic Park
    I call it Jurassic Park, because it looks like one. It has all the animals 
    needed, so what?
    First, go right. Shoot a star at the monster so it will escort you over the 
    water. If you need some bombs, jump up on a pteranodon,(looks like one) and 
    jump on the palm. A bomb will fall out. Do again if you need bombs very 
    much. Go right. Here comes enemies, run away or kill them. Just check you 
    got your energy ok, 'cause it will be tough now.
    Jump up and watch out for the arrow-shooters. Kill them fast. Go up. An 
    arrow will come towards you.
    Jump over it. Kill the arrow shooters. Go left. Kill. Go up. Here will a 
    small narrow be located.
    It will also be tree-poles with needles going up and down. Go through it, a 
    machine with sharp needles will come after you, so you better hurry up, 
    there's no time to wait! Go up. Jump to the shelf at right.
    Take the orange bottle. Go on to the left. A lot of crazy, hungry dudes 
    will hunt you down, if you don't kill them, or run away. I prefer running 
    away, and wait for a tall pillar from where you can shoot them down.
    Go left. Watch your energy. You'll meet a mini-boss. You got trouble? You 
    know what to do! Go on down. If you want the special magic item, check you 
    know what. Or else, go down. Then go left. Jump up on the pillars, and jump 
    up. Boss action!
    He dies after 5 hits. Got any trouble, problems? That's cool. Just check 
    "boss section."
    Level 5: The mines
    Here, in the beginning, there are some things to do if you wanna have the 
    special magic item.
    If you have some patience, and wanna earn lives, (always good to have) see 
    "special magic item" section.
    Or else, just jump from the machine you stand on, to safe floor. Go right. 
    Jump on the frogs. Or kill them. Your choice. Ride the machine and jump off 
    it. Keep going right. Go down in the rear. Ride the machine. Here comes an 
    enemy with one other machine, but he can shoot! Jump off, and shoot stars 
    at it. If you just hit the driver, the machine will remain.
    Then you can drive the machine and you can too shoot, if you press B-
    button. Nothing really cool, but you can do it. Ride whatever machine you 
    got, until you will fall in the water. Jump off the machine to the floor. 
    Go left. If you want the magic special item, check "special magic 
    Here it will be enemies, and running steps, so just keep going right. 
    Take the orange bottle. You will end up in a room with creatures beneath 
    you. Then you know it is boss time. 
    This boss is the hardest boss in the game(I think) so you get problems, 
    check "boss section."
    Level 6: The castle
    I think this level is the largest stage.
    Now you are outside the castle, on ice. Go right. You'll meet a cat and his 
    buddy. Watch out for the cat, it can push you down in the water. Go on to 
    the right.
    Now, you see two statues. They will be alive and attack you. See enemies if 
    you got any problems. Go right after killing them. Then, you'll meet a guy 
    that shoots arrows. Kill him and go on. Go up.
    Kill the arrow-shooters. Go on. Take the orange bottle and then bounce on. 
    Go left. Then go up. Just keep going until you comes to a room with nothing 
    in. There's a rear going down, and a rear at the right upper corner. Here, 
    check "special magic item" section if you want the special item.
    If not, go down. Here, you'll see moving pillars. Jump on them, and go on 
    right. If you see any weopons, life drinks, or something, pick it up, you 
    gonna need them.
    Soon, you'll meet a small boss. Kill it. See you know what if you got any 
    problems. Go on up. 
    You will meet his brotha upstairs. Kill him too. You got problems? You know 
    what to do. Go on. 
    Here, I hope you buckled up with weopons like bombs, or some healing 
    potions. U will need 'em.
    Go on to right. Here, you'll meet the small ghosts father, and he's big and 
    bad! Kill him using your items. You got any problems, call GHOSTBUSTERS! 
    (check "boss" section.)
    Here, the game ends if you didn't take the special magic item. 
    Congratulations! You get the first(or second) ending. 
    Walkthrough: Last stage(secret stage)
    This is the ultimate last stage. You can only achieve this one if you took 
    all the special magic items.
    Go on right. Just keep going until you meet strange creatures.Go on. Take 
    the orange bottle. You can't kill the cats, but scare them away by shooting 
    a star at them.
    After a while, you will see a big fountain in the background. Boss time! 
    Kill him, and you will get the second(happy) ending!
    E: Special Items
    There are some secret special items in this game. If you take each one of 
    them, at every stage, you will get a last secret stage, and there you will 
    meet the real, last boss and catch a new ending!
    You don't have to do this to go on.I recommend you that has done everything 
    in this game and think it's so easy,  do this. Then you have at least 
    something to do!!There is always one special Item at every stage. 
    Alright, here's some information and help to get all the special Items:
    Important things:
    You have to get the item at the stage first, before you kill the boss and 
    the level is cleared, otherwise you can't get to the last level because you 
    can't go back to the stages and ten you can't grab the Item. When you found 
    the magic special item at the level, a enemy with RED flagg will appear. If 
    you didn't found it, it will be a enemy with a white flagg. I suggest you 
    then, if you really wanna find the item, you start over again, cuz you 
    can't get it that time!
    Level 1: The magic flower
    You start this level upon a surface and you go down in a sewer at the right 
    wing at the start.
    There you see a shelf at the right wall. Use the star for get to unknown 
    Load a star, jump, and in the exactly moment, release it. Now you will be 
    standing at the star if you timed it right. Then jump from the star to the 
    shelf, and from there, jump up to the sky. From there, go left.
    You will see a new shelf and keep jumping, and continue jump from 
    plattforms to platforms until you see the enchanted flower. When you take 
    it, points will role in and lives also.
    Relax now, you've taken the magic special item on this stage!
    Level 2:The enchanted sandglas
    Here, at level 2, U are on a ship. Go up and where you meet a green, fat 
    monster, there is a big canon.
    Kill the monster. Then push the canon until it falls down on the shelf. 
    From there, it continues to shoot.
    What can it be used for? Well, step up on the canon, time it, and step on 
    the ball. If you are lucky, or you timed it right, you'll be standing on 
    the ball right now.
    Let the ball escort you to an another shelf at the left wing, then jump 
    off. Here, go up in the rear, and you'll see the enchanted sandglas! This 
    will maybe take a while to learn the timing to get on the bullet, but it's 
    worth it.  Just keep trying. When you got it, you have the item in your 
    Level 3:The glowing ball
    Here, at level 3, you are in a big forest. I hope you have a BOMB, or else 
    you CANNOT take the special magic item on this stage!!!!
    Go right until you meet the big spider. Simply pick up a bomb, throw at the 
    spider, go down in the hole. Here, take the glowing ball. Easy, huh!
    Level 4:The fantastic Sword
    At level 4, you are in a Jurassic Park(at least what I call it). Don't 
    worry for now, the fantastic sword is on the end of the stage. Go on until 
    you are at a room with nothing in.
    You have gone through the canibals, the fires, and you are there, in the 
    room before you fall down and coming to the boss. There is nothing in the 
    room. Use the amazing star-trick against the wall, so you can ride it, and 
    come up to the shelf, at the right upper corner. If you fail, you'll fall 
    down and miss it, so be careful.
    Now, you will here that familiar music. Use the star-trick again to get to 
    the stones in the air. Then, jump from stone to stone.
    Continue. You'll reach the fantastic sword. This magic special item is the 
    hardest to take in the game, I say. Practice hard, and you'll achieve it.
    Level 5: The incredible tea-pot
    Here, there are some things to do. Read carefully this: YOU NEED TO PUSH A 
    the guard to shoot a rocket on you.
    Avoid it by jumping from shelf to shelf, then go down in the next room. 
    Don't care about the frog. Now, the guard should be gone, and you can 
    smoothly jump into the hole, where he stood first.
    I mean, jump from your shelf at the air, to next room in the hole. Go on to 
    right. Now, you'll se three rockets. Bomb them if you got a bomb, loads of 
    points will role in.But that's not the big point. Push the control at the 
    right corner. Now, you hear a rrrr-sound.
    Now, go on the whole stage, a long way, until you come to the room with 
    Here, you will now see a black hole in the ground, the hidden room. Jump 
    into it. Here, if you wanna earn lives, go left. Take as many of the bomb 
    as you can. Then push the two other items together, and they will become an 
    another item, a life. Take it, then kill you. Now, go left, and pair the 
    items to lives.
    Take them, go kill you again. Repeat this until you think you got enough 
    Go right to take the magic special item. You got to jump from shelves to 
    shelves, from running-bands to running bands until you see the incredible 
    tea-pot. Use the famous star-trick to get up to the tea-pot.
    Take it, and then have some service, why don't you step at the transporter? 
    It will transport you back, all the way. Sit back, relax, you will be 
    moving over all the dangerous gaps without lifting a finger. Nice man!
    Level 6: The terrific mirror
    Last magic special item. Go on the stage, until you come to an empty room.
    There's a rear going down at left corner, and a rear going up at the left 
    upper corner.
    Use the fabulous star-trick to get to the rear. Go up. Then you see a 
    pillar. Jump up on it with your hop-board. Then, now, use the super-trick 
    again. Shoot the star at right, and wait for it to come up.
    Stand on it, then jump left into the next room. This is a quite tough skill 
    for newcomers, so practice hard.Jump from platform to platform to get the 
    terrific mirror. If you played the game successfull now, you will have all 
    the six special magic items. After you kill the ghostfather a new, last 
    stage will appear!!!
    F: Enemies
    In every game there're enemies. In this game, you maybe need some tactics 
    or help. If you need it, just check here.(Some enemies don't have names 
    what I know, so I call them something I made up myself.)
    All enemies:
    .Black Blob----------Enemy    |  Electric Blob----Enemy         .
    .Black Ball----------Trap     |  Tree jumping Cat-Enemy         .
    .Shooting black ball-Trap     |  Pteranodon-------Enemy         .
    .Chopter Blob--------Enemy    |  Wild Chief Blob--Enemy         .
    .Wild Blob-----------Enemy    |  Wild King Blob---Enemy         .
    .White wall dude-----Obstacle |  Brachiosaurus----Friend/Enemy  .
    .Arrow shooting blob-Enemy    |  Mine worker------Enemy         .
    .Guard---------------Enemy    |  Black cat--------Enemy         .
    .Spider Queen--------Obstacle |                                 .
    Black blob:
    The most common enemy. Black colored blob with two eyes on. Easy. Just 
    shoot a star at him.
    Attacks: Tries to run into you, if he succeeds you lose one energy.
    Chopter blob:
    A black colored blob with a motor on its head. Only one in the whole game, 
    at level 2. Shoot a star and he will fall down from the sky.
    Attacks: Flies directly into ya if he gets the chance.
    Shooting black balls:
    They shoot black balls on example level 1. Just push it, so it falls on 
    needles or something. Not really an enemy. Grey color.
    Attacks: A canon blasting balls at you.
    Black balls:
    Balls that shoot, drop, bounce at you. Shoot one star and they will be 
    destroyed. Not really an enemy. Black color.
    Attacks: Roll onto you.
    Electric blob:
    A black blob with antenns on its head. Electric is volting up there. Stand 
    on his antenns, then shoot a star. Little harder than the common ones. 
    Black color.
    Attacks: Runs into you.
    Tree-jumping cats:
    Only located at level 3, the forest. Drops down at you. Two shots to kill. 
    It looks cute, but are dangerous. Orange/brown color.
    Attacks: No, they don't attack, they retreat!
    Wild blob:
    A blob carrying a knife. It chops you up, if you don't watch out! 
    Dangerous! Black color.
    Attacks: Runs quickly near and it tries to slice you with his knife.
    Wild king blob:
    A blob carrying a knife and a crown. If you don't be careful, you will be 
    invited to his barbecue as ingredients. Two hits to kill him. Dangerous. 
    Black color.
    Attacks: Like the previous enemy.
    Wild chief blob:
    A blob carrying a knife and a big hat. He is hungry, and you looks tasty! 
    Dangerous. Black color.
    Attacks: Also like the previous enemy.
    Flying in the skies. Just avoid them, and they won't harm you. Not really 
    an enemy. Brown color.
    Attacks: Nothing, except if you jump on their face.
    It shoots fireballs against you. Just shoot a star at him, and he will cool 
    down. Only located at level 4. Not really an enemy. Purple color.
    Attacks: At first when you find him, he shoots fireballs from his mouth.
    Arrow-shooting blob:
    It shoots arrows at you. Dangerous! Black color.
    Attacks: Shoots arrows.
    White wall-dude:
    A white mysterious wall(?). Looks friendly, but is really EVIL! I hate this 
    guy! He pushed me in the water so many times at the last level! Real 
    Dangerous! White color. Can't kill them!
    Attacks: Pushes you down in the water.
    Black cat:
    A cat that looks like a blob. Not really an enemy. Not dangerous. Just 
    shoot a star and it will run away. Black color.
    Attacks: Nothing.
    Mine workers:
    Wears a blow-helmet. Not dangerous. Shoot it once. Falls on the back. Shoot 
    again:dead. Grey color.
    Attacks: Nothing.
    Orange color. Activates rockets that explodes at you. Quite dangerous. Two 
    Attacks: Sends missiles on ya.
    Spider queen:
    Black color. Kill it with a bomb. Protects the special magic item from 
    intruders at level 3.Not dangerous at all.
    Attacks: Nothing.
    Small bosses(mini-bosses): These are the small bosses
    |The barbecue master-----Level 4  |
    |The first ghost brotha--Level 6  |
    |The second ghost brotha-Level 6  |
    level 4: The barbecue master:
    He carries an axe and is big. Three hits to kill him. Very dangerous! Black 
    color and wears a hat with red things on. Try to avoid his axe, and hope 
    the star will hit.
    Level 6: The first ghost brotha:
    He shoots bubbles at you. Three hits to kill. Is a coward. Comes down to 
    hit you when you are caught in the bubbles. Purple color. Dangerous!
    Level 6: The second ghostbrotha:
    He shoots ice needles and glowing materia at you. Three hits to kill. 
    Little harder than his brother. Dangerous! Purple color.
    G: The bosses
    There are always a boss at the end of the level. This is some information 
    or help you may need.
    Here're all bosses in the game:
    |Big blob king-------Level 1 |
    |The blob pirate-----Level 2 |
    |The sea-monster-----Level 3 |
    |The bird------------Level 4 |
    |The blob machine,---Level 5 |
    |The mechanic spider-Level 5 |
    |The ghostfather-----Level 6 |
    |Darth Vader---------Level 7 |
    Level 1: Big blob king
    This guy is fat, big and black. He throws blobs on you. Just shoot stars at 
    him, bounce the star in the ground so it hits him. Three hits and he's a 
    goner. Easiest boss in the game.
    Level 2: The blob pirate
    This guy is also fat and big. Orange color. He wears a pirate hat. His 
    weopon is a sabre, so watch out. Five hits and he is dead. This guy is 
    tougher. Shoot stars at him when he jumps. Shoot the star in the ground, so 
    it bounces up at him. Bomb his sabre when he's dead, if you have two bombs. 
    You need the second bomb in level 3. Don't shoot stars at his sabre, he 
    will cut the stars like butter.
    Level 3: The sea-monster
    A big monster, carrying a shell. He will shoot some lighting balls at you. 
    Shoot him with a star, when you see a purple small glow above his head. 
    Then, you can hit him. Three hits. Quite easy.
    Level 4:The bird
    This guy is hard. Shoot stars at him. Force him back by going toward him. 
    Then, he will jump against you. Shoot a star then. Five hits until he is 
    Level 5: Two bosses: The blob-machine and the spider-robot
    Hard boss. Buckle up with items like bombs, life-potions, fireballs. First 
    boss is quite easy. Jump and shoot a star in the ground, so it bounces up 
    at him. Five hits. He will flee. Then, next boss will appear. Shoot him 
    while he walks in. Then, he starts to shoots rockets. Trick the rockets by 
    jumping over them or something, then shoot a star at the spider-robot. 
    Now, he starts shooting purple bullets. Just stand back and wait for them 
    to disappear. But don't get passive! Then he starts walking to you, and you 
    will get less space! Wait for him to stop shooting purple bullets, then 
    shoot stars at him. Trick the rockets, and shoot stars until he's dead.
    If you got any problems, use your items. A bomb is double as strong as a 
    star. You hit him with a bomb, he dies double as much as with a star. You 
    kill him, then the level is over. You see the blob-machine falling down. 
    Hard boss, one of the hardest. Grey coulor.
    Level 6:The ghostfather
    Hard boss. Shoots bubbles, ice needles, and purple energy materia. Shoot 
    him with stars that bounces at ground and will hit him, while he is most 
    down as he can get. Use your items. He will attack you when you are caugh 
    in a bubble. Five hits and he's dead.
    Level 7: Secret stage: Darth Vader
    First, he appears in a black coat. Jump over his barrier that he shoots at 
    you. Shoot stars until he dies. Then, you can see his real form. He has a 
    laser-sword and shoots bombs. Jump and try to shoot the star in the ground, 
    so it hits him. Five hits, and you saved the day! Hard boss. Can be hard to 
    H:Tips and help:
    1. 	Use your star often. With it you can reach higher heights than you 
    2. 	Some enemies, like the big, grey,cute enemy at level 3 underground where 
    a lot of stones is falling down, can U stand on, instead of running from 
    it. He can't hit you, but you can! Just stand on the enemy and shoot 
    until he can't take it!
    3. Take items as much as you can. They will recover or help you kill 
    enemies(like the bomb or fireball)
    4.Take as much points as you can, you earn lives of it.
    5. Shoot some animals so they help you. Example: the bird at level 2. If 
    you shoot it, it will help you cross gaps.
    I: Endings
    There actually are two endings in this game. Íf you played the fenomenal 
    game "Chrono Trigger"(one of the best RPG-games ever what I think. I love 
    it, ok Final Fantasy 8 is quite cool also, but Chrono trigger is very good) 
    there you can have several endings, maybe 12, or something, you think two 
    endings is too less, but if you think about it, how many NES-games do have 
    several endings? Not many. So, here they are:
    Ending one:
    Forget about all the special magic items and just play on. Kill the last 
    boss(ghostfather) with at least one special magic item not taken, you will 
    get the unhappy ending. (I won't tell ya the ending, for then I'm ruining 
    your fun.)
    Ending two: Take all the special magic items and kill the last boss(the 
    lasersword man, I can him Darth Vader now in star-wars times) and you will 
    get the happy ending. 
    X:Legal junk
    First of all, this faq will not be extremly used over the world, this is a 
    seven year old game, so many people doesn't play it. I say U can use it on 
    your home pages if ya want, copy it, or whatever. Just don't rip off this 
    faq, don't change anything in it, and don't plagiarize it. (Don't write it 
    out in too many copies, our earth have suffered enough anyway.) Have fun! 
    That's what life is for!
    L: My review of the game(could also be found at www.gamefaqs.com
    Review was made: 2000-08-13
    Yakuza's review to the NES-game Mr.Gimmick. The game is made by a quite 
    unknown company, Sunsoft, in 1992. When it was released, Mr.Gimmick was not 
    hyped or famous in any way, and I guess it the reasons were not enough to 
    have it been that. By the time in 1992, the Super Nes was out and then took 
    most of the players' attention. Who cared about the old consoles when a new 
    "super" console like that was released? There were many other games to buy 
    and play(for example Street Fighter 2, etc.) If M.G. would have been 
    released a few years earlier(before the Super NES entrance) I guess it 
    would have been more hyped but oh well, I guess M.G. is not the world's 
    most infuential game. Mr.Gimmick would easiest be described  by saying it's 
    an avarage platform game with decent graphics(being a famicom game), easy 
    and charming story. For further details and knowledges, you should read on 
    to get the full info...
    the catagories
    "At the same time when the candles at Mary's birthday-cake were lit, her 
    dad carefully pushes a present on the table that he bought a few days from 
    an old antic store. Mary's dad passed by the shop one day, and felt sorry 
    for the owner that never had any costumers, so he bought a thing there. The 
    old man said it was very, very old. Mary's father felt sorry for the old 
    man and bought it, don't knowing what the toy really was. Mary's dad had 
    just bought a magic item with mystic forces called a "Gimmick". Mary was 
    very happy when she opened the present and she was so happy for the 
    present, that she played with it all the day. But when Mary went to bed 
    then something weird happened that evening. Her other toys suddenly were 
    alive. They were very angry because she didn't play with them any longer. 
    They crawled up to her bed and carried her away to a mystic land. But the 
    present, Mr "Gimmick" followed the other toys to save the girl. He jumped 
    quickly after them to the unknown land before the window closed. Now, Mr 
    gimmick armed only with his magic stars, will try to save Mary from the 
    evil forces in the enchanted country."
    Sweet, and I guess Sunsoft made the story for younger children. I'd say 
    it's okay, you won't come up with another story for a game like this.
    Score storyline: 7.5/10
    Graphic is actually quite good to be on Nes. Being a game made 1992, the 
    producers had learned how to use the console ultimately to create good 
    graphics and I'd say this is almost the best what the NES can come up with.  
    The colors are nice, fitting and decent. The backgrounds look pretty okay 
    too, but nothing exceptional. Enemies are good looking and designed, and 
    the special effects are quite well done(the few of them that's existing). 
    The bosses are big and though a little impressive being a 8 year old 
    game(for the 8 m.b. console). Graphics is maybe one of M.G.'s strenghts 
    among all the catagories, but unfortunately the graphics are not really 
    that appriciated because who cares about fine graphics for the NES anyway? 
    Oh well.
    Score graphics: 8.6/10
    Music is quite good too, even if it's not maybe the kind of music you 
    listen to usually on your stereo. But it's fitting to the game and is glad 
    and happy. You won't get sad listening to it. Even if it's quite good, it 
    doesn't heighten the total score much. Sound is also okay, but I'd say the 
    music is better than the noises you'll hear. Oh well, there is not much to 
    say about it, it's okay...
    Score music/sound: 8.1/10
    You can use bombs, fireballs, health and the star as weopons. The bombs and 
    fireballs are special weopons you might find along the game and there is 
    not anything to say about them, just that they're used for some moments. 
    The other weopon, the star, I'd say is the most innovative in M.G. It's a 
    weopon you can use to defeat enemies, but also you can use it as a platform 
    or pillar to stand on. By using it, you can jump from lower places to other 
    heights. So actually the star has two abilities. Quite unique! Your 
    shooting star(the weopon) is easily controlled, and the special items is 
    also easy to control. Otherwise it's the same routines as ever in all 2D 
    games, you go from left to right etc. The hero/main character can jump but 
    not use much more techniques. The controls are okay, a little + for the 
    star. Just above avarage.
    Score Control: 7.8/10
    Right to it: Mr.Gimmick is a very easy game. For example, I can beat the 
    game in 16 minutes(without secret items) all from the start to the end. I 
    think sunsoft chose to sell the game to young kids and that's why they made 
    it easy. No player can have trouble beating it, the enemies and bosses are 
    very easy to beat and there are no puzzles or obstacles that are difficult 
    to overcome. The only thing you need to figure some about is where all the 
    special magic items are located. Finding them are a bit harder than the 
    rest, and when you found them, something will happen(I won't tell you what, 
    spoiler). Easy, short and just fun.
    Challenge score: 2.4/10
    The game is worth about 5$ but buying it for more would be too much. I 
    guess you'd want to save your money instead, if it costs more. It has no 
    scary sequences at all, and is really a game for young kids. There are some 
    secret items to find, that is a little harder to get
    Score gameplay: 7.6/10
    $Replay value:$
    The secret items that are scattered at one at each stage, makes the game 
    live a little longer. But otherwise, this is no game you'll replay once a 
    day, what I mean is you'll be tired of it quite soon.
    Replay score: 4.8/10
    Just another platform NES game, with a cute story and quite decent 
    graphics. Don't buy for more than 5$.
    Overall score: 6.4/10
    TOTAL SCORE: 6/10
    One line synopsis(describing the game): Cute, easy, short and an avarage 
    platform game."
    Graphics       8.6/10
    Music/sound    8.1/10
    Gameplay       7.6/10
    Challenge      2.4/10
    Storyline      7.5/10
    Replay         4.6/10
    Controls       7.8/10
    Overall        6.4/10
    Total score    6/10
    This document was done by Yakuza

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