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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Pseudonym

    Version: 1.1b | Updated: 09/24/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    - Updated Sept 22nd, 2006 2:45 PM CST
               ##                                                #####      ####
             ####                                               ##  ##      #  #
           ##  ##                                                  ##       #  #
          ##   ##  ##                                             ##        #  #
         ##                            ##   ###  ##    #######    ##   ##   #  #
       ##     ##   ##   ###        ############       ##    ###    ## ##    #  #
      ##    #####  ##   ##### ### ## ######  ##  #   ##            ####      ##
       ##  ##  ##  ##   ## #######   ##  ##  ##  ##  ##            ###
        ##  ## ##  ##   ##  ##  ##   ##  ##  ##  ##  ##           ####       ##
         ##   ##  ##    ##      ##   ##  ##  ##  ##  ##          ##  ##     #  #
          ## ##   ##    ##      ##   ##  ##  ##  ##   ##    ### ##    ##    #  #
           ###     #### ##      ##   ##  ##  ##  ##    #######  ##     ###   ##
                               Gimmick! FAQ/Walkthrough
                               For the Nintendo Famicom
                                     Version 1.1b
                                 Written by Pseudonym
                              Email: shdwswrm@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
    Revision History
    Game Basics
    Revision History
    Sept 22nd, 2006; Version 1.1b
    The walkthrough rewrite is now a little ways through level 3. Fixed and adjusted
    some other stuff in the guide that’s been bugging me for awhile.
    Sept 18th, 2006; Version 1.1a
    Decided to rewrite the entire guide; up to the level 3 at this point. Fixed the
    errors I could find in the walkthrough and I delineated the special item and the
    regular path in each level.
    Oct 27th, 2005; Version 1.0
    The walkthrough is mostly done as well as most of the everything else. The rest
    of the walkthrough and whatnot will be completed in due time.
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    Copyright 2006 Tim Courchene aka Pseudonym. All rights reserved.
    Q: How difficult is it to get the special items?
    Most of them are quite difficult to collect and may take multiple tries in order
    to get them.
    Q: What are the differences between the Euro and the Japanese versions?
    There aren’t many major differences between the two games. Of what I noticed you
    start with 7 lives (Euro) compared to 3 lives (Jpn). You also get an extra life
    at 10,000 points and every 20,000 points afterwards (Euro) compared to 10,000
    and 25,000 points (Jpn). The music also seems slightly different and there are a
    few extra sound effects in the Euro version.
    Gimmick is one of Sunsoft's lesser known titles since it was only released in
    Japan and Europe in limited quantities. The game is different than most earlier
    Sunsoft games that they were involved in with it’s colorful and cute graphics,
    up-beat music, and weird bosses and enemies inhabiting this strange world. This
    guide is written for the Japanese version of Gimmick. There are a few
    differences between the two regional versions of the game which are detailed in
    the FAQ and a few parts of the walkthrough. If you have any suggestions,
    comments, or constructive criticism, please email me at shdwswrm@hotmail.com
    with the heading Gimmick. All flames, threats, childish comments and the like
    will be deleted and your email address may be filtered.
    Game Basics
    A Button        : Jump
    B Button        : Toss a Star
    Up + B Button   : Use an item
    Start Button    : Pause the game
    Select Button   : Not used
    Directional Pad : Move Gimmick around
    Down Button     : Switch the item in the middle slot to the left slot.
    Score: It shows you how much points you have.
    Rest: It shows you how many lives you have left. You start with 3 lives. You
    gain an extra life at 10,000 points and every 25,000 points afterward.
    Health: The colored dots show you how much health you have left. You start each
    life with two dots and every enemy in the game takes away one dot each time
    you are hit. You can add more health when you find it to a maximum of four.
    Item: It shows you which items you have collected. You can hold onto three items
    at once, however, you won't be able to pick up any more until you use one of the
    items you have in storage. The active slot on the left is the item you can use
    immediately and you can switch them around by pressing down.
    Jumping: You will slide a little each time you jump, making a lot of the jumps
    in the game harder. Sliding can be mostly counteracted by holding back on the
    directional pad for a second as soon as you land to stop yourself from falling.
    Other than that, you can just gauge your jumps carefully.
    Star Attack: Your Star Attack is the usual way to defeat enemies. It has to be
    fully charged before it can be used and has an odd trajectory which makes it
    slightly unwieldy at first. You should get used to the way it bounces around in
    the first level before you continue on. You can also jump onto it and let it
    carry you to a part of a level that is unreachable without it.
    Spikes: They are the pointy, tall things that kill you when you touch them.
    Simple enough.
    Traps/Obstacles: You will find these all throughout the game. Traps don’t look
    natural against the background or otherwise so you can mostly see where they are
    and try to avoid them.
     -Mini-Bomb: The Mini-Bomb appear on the ceiling of the underground sections of
      level 1 and drop onto you when you pass under them. You can walk or jump past
      them if they are high enough, otherwise you will have to make them fall and
      then move out of the way.
     -Cannonball: The Cannonballs will appear out of the port holes of the pirate
      ship in level 2. Stand on one side of the boat and walk left/right just as you
      pass under the port hole to avoid getting hit. You can also just move out of
      the way when you see them come out.
     -Rock Slide: A couple of rocks will come tumbling down a cliff near the
      beginning of level 3. Just run away from them or jump over them.
     -Arrow: You will find arrows in the turrets scattered around the underground
      sections and in one place from the walls in level 3. You can either jump
      upwards or run away to avoid them.
     -Proximity Mine: The single Proximity Mine in the game is a little way through
      the underground section of level 3. It will explode if you touch it.
     -Spike Trap: The Spike Trap appears on level 4 when you pass through a
      suspiciously narrow part of a wall. A long row of spikes will slowly come down
      from the top and make their way to the ground. If you don’t make it before the
      spikes reach the bottom you will die.
    Steep Slopes: You will slide down these obviously but you can hold back and jump
    to climb back up most slopes, provided they aren’t too steep. There are spikes
    or a series of little blocks over a field of spikes which you can sometimes
    avoid by jumping at the point where the slope meets the flat ground again.
    Yellow Vial: It will add one to your health. There are two types of these
    potions: one will add one health and one with completely fill your health. The
    ones that fill up your health completely are rare and are usually well guarded.
    Pink Vial: When you find one, it will completely restore your health to the
    current maximum when you are in critical health (pink dot). This vial is most
    effective when you have more than two health as it will obviously restore more
    health than usual. Still you should use it when you need it.
    Black Vial: Black Vials add one bomb to your inventory. Bombs are thrown much
    like your own star attacks. When you use it, it will arch upwards and then fall
    to the ground where it will explode and damage any enemies near it.
    Red Vial: The Red Vial will add one fireball to your inventory. Fireballs will
    fly straight out from the direction you are facing and damage the first enemy it
    comes into contact with. Since they have a simple trajectory, they can be better
    than your star attack when it comes to certain enemies.
    Special Items
    Each level in the game contains a secret area with a special item that you need
    to grab in order to see the real ending. They are all well hidden and tough to
    get because since they involve both quick jumping and using your star attack so
    you have to be good at both skills. When you collect the item the flag at the
    point where each level was found will be red instead of the usual white.
    Nessie: You will meet Nessie in the fourth level. It’s likely just some generic
    dinosaur who’s name I can’t even pronounce so I will refer to it as Nessie here.
    It will shoot fireballs at you at the start but once you do some damage it will
    become docile and take you across the ocean.
    A girl gets a new doll for her birthday. The other dolls become jealous because
    they get demoted to a box beside the door and the new doll, Gimmick, is sitting
    on top of the dresser. In the middle of the night the other dolls come to life
    and kidnap the girl, carrying her to another dimension. Gimmick, who comes to
    life afterwards, jumps through the same type of portal to try and rescue her.
    Level 1 - Underground
    The first level is a basic introduction to the game but it’s not exactly easy.
    Walk to the right and throw a star when you reach the raised ground just before
    the two platforms with the conveyors. It should bounce off the ground and slide
    into the Blob coming in from the right. If not, you can hit it from on top of
    the higher ground where the Blob comes, or even back to the start and bank a
    star off the wall to kill it. When it’s gone it will leave a complimentary Pink
    Potion for you. Grab it and the Yellow Potion on the tiny block ahead.
    Stay on this little block and try not to fall off because it is really small.
    Stand on the right side and toss stars at the numerous Blobs that should start
    coming from the right. After the two or three more Blobs are gone, drop to the
    ground and throw a star to the right to clear out the four or so Blobs waiting
    further ahead. Follow that star so that the path will clear a little. If it’s
    not and it won’t, keep tossing stars forward or jump over them until you reach
    the high portion of the ground with pipe and the second tiny ledge on the wall.
    The special item can be collected if you make it to the aforementioned tiny
    ledge. I’ll explain how to get to that ledge of course. The regular route
    through the level is to take the pipe going down. Scroll past this section here
    to read about the regular route. Use a save state here if you are using an
    emulator because these parts tend to be difficult. The standard ‘covering my
    back’ procedure if you end up dying or frustrated. =)
    GETTING THE SPECIAL ITEM: In order to get onto that ledge, you have to throw a
    star against the wall of the high portion of the ground so that it bounces
    upwards near the ledge. You will have to jump onto the star and then jump off
    onto the ledge before the star is too far away. It’s tricky jump to be sure. Use
    the checkerboard grid in the background to help you. I find that standing inside
    the third block of the grid from the wall and then tossing a star at the highest
    point of your jump is the best way to do this part.
    All you need now is to jump forward a little bit since the star should pass
    right beside you. This will happen quickly so you have to be quick yourself.
    Once you are finally up there (it will take a bit of time) the music will
    change. Jump straight up to see the platforms above and then get onto the big
    platform there. Be careful when you jump to the first little platform since you
    are prone to sliding after you jump. The next series of little platforms should
    be simple to get onto because they are about the right distance away.
    Once you get onto the bigger platform there will be two little platforms that
    seem tough to reach but you can if you jump when you are right at the edge. The
    high one will seem impossible but you can do it. When you get there, four more
    platforms, this time ones that move, will be waiting. Time your jumps with care
    and they shouldn’t be too hard to reach. The first one goes up-down which is an
    simple enough jump. The second one goes left-right pretty much in-sync with the
    first one so there’s a second simple jump.
    Wait until the first one is close enough and the second one goes down before you
    jump. The third platform is a little tougher and it goes up-down again. Do the
    same thing that you did with the second and you should be okay. The fourth one
    is another left-right but it’s pretty simple since it appears close to the third
    at an optimal jumping point. Jump onto it until I reaches solid ground and then
    jump off. The special item is in the nook in the wall just ahead. Grab it for a
    cool 50,000 points which is enough to get you two extra lives.
    The other special items aren’t nearly as simple and you will likely need those
    extra lives. In other words, you should be prepared and you shouldn’t have too
    much trouble with these areas. Now there is the matter of what to do next. You
    can fall off the side and you will appear right at the start of the level again,
    or you can make your way across the platforms up here until you reach the pipe
    on the far right. Either way, head into the pipe to get taken under ground.
    Walk to the left and do a short leap over the pit and avoid the Mini-Bombs on
    the ceiling along the way. If you keep walking it should be easy to avoid them.
    There will be another hole ahead followed by a Canon high on top of a block.
    Don’t bother with the Cannon – stand about halfway up the slope and wait for it
    to start firing out Cannonballs or the occasional Blob. Once an object comes out
    of the Canon and starts down the slope, jump over it and make your way to the
    top. You have be quick because the Canon fires pretty quickly itself.
    Now drop down into the pipe. When you come out the bottom jump and hold left to
    reach the Bomb at the top of the slope. Head down the slope and jump when you
    reach the bottom which should give you enough momentum to carry you right across
    the pit to the bottom of the slope on the right. Make your way up this slippery
    slope and run down the next much gentler slope to avoid the Mini-Bombs. There
    will be another pit with two more Mini-Bombs just itching to hit you.
    Walk forward until you activate the first Mini-Bomb and then retreat a little so
    that it will fall harmlessly to the ground. The second Mini-Bomb is more
    difficult to avoid: you have to jump under the second Mini-Bomb to activate it
    and then hold left to land on the ground again. You can also jump past the
    second Mini-Bomb which will should put you at the top of the slope to avoid
    getting hit. With this strategy though you run the risk of getting hit. Ok,
    hopefully you are now at the top of the hill between the two pits of death.
    There will be a Cannon at the top of another platform on the right. You can make
    it to the Cannon platform by allowing yourself to slide down the slope and then
    jumping while you are near the top. That should land you right beside the Cannon
    which you can move off the right side where it will slide down and not bother
    you anymore. Otherwise you will have to walk past the small tempest of
    Cannonballs dropping from above you. It will be a Cannonball barrage.
    Or even a Cannonball Run. Ok, the bad jokes aside you should wait under the
    Cannon until it fires a Cannonball which will then drop to the ground. At this
    point jump over it and quickly jump into the pipe on the right. It’s in your
    best interest to just push the Cannon off the ledge and continue on from that
    point. You will be underwater on the next screen but you will be safe since
    water is mostly damaging to small, magical plush toys from other dimensions. Or
    any toy really, I guess. Walk right past the fish until you enter the next room.
    It has a suspended platform over which there is a pit of spikes. Jump onto the
    platform and let it take you part of the way across – which is definitely before
    the middle or it will drop you into the spikes making you much more holey than
    before. Head into the pipe which leads into the adjoining room where there will
    be a Blob coming from the platforms on the right. You need to quickly move out
    of the narrow space where you are at the moment and jump up the slope above you.
    The Blob will just continue right until it goes down the pipe. Toss a star at
    the Worm walking around on the platform on the left. Afterwards you can get to
    the bottom again by either sliding down or jumping while you are sliding down.
    You should press back when you reach the platform or you’ll fall off and land on
    the spikes. Now continue into the pipe on the top left and wait for the Blob to
    walk past you. It shouldn’t fall onto you so you don’t have to worry about that.
    Hit the Blob with a star while it’s jumping around on the blocks. Afterwards,
    try to get the Yellow Potion on the right. If you have full or a good amount of
    HP you don’t have to but you might need it. Once that’s done, jump onto the
    block beside the pipe to reach the higher ground and then make your way into the
    pipe where you will be above ground again. As soon as you pop out of the pipe an
    Electrode Blob will come out of the windows in the towers in the background.
    Get out of the narrow spot you are in at this point and jump onto the ground
    right above the pipe. You should avoid the Electrode Blobs completely since they
    will create a surge of electricity that will damage you and you can’t jump onto
    them like the other ones too due to the electric rods on their heads. If you
    want that Bomb, you have to stand away from the star-block and jump and toss a
    star against it. You should fall right onto the star if you are the right
    distance away which will give you the opportunity to jump and grab the Bomb.
    Whether you got it or not, continue left and avoid the Electrode Blobs that jump
    out of the windows. Try to get them to go down the pipe on the right or they
    will follow you around which will be trouble further ahead. Speaking of which
    there will be a long series of tiny blocks ahead and several Blobs coming from
    the left. Start across and when you reach the second one a Blob will come. Wait
    until it’s on the block next to you and then jump and toss a star at it.
    You could try to jump over them or even onto them but it’s easier to just defeat
    them. Jump onto the next block and defeat the Blob the same way as the previous
    one. The last small block ahead is followed by two (gratefully) larger blocks
    like the ones you seen when you came out of the pipe. There shouldn’t be any
    more Blobs at this point so it should be clear sailing until you reach the boss,
    who is in the next room. Take those last jumps carefully and then enter the hole
    in the wall and get ready to rumble.
    BOSS: King Electrode is a simple boss but it will likely get in a cheap hit at
    ----- the start. It will toss out an initial barrage of Blobs that can be
    avoided if you stay on the right and toss a star just as they are over you. A
    Bomb would work too if you have one. The boss will continue to throw out Blobs
    now and then but they should be easier to avoid now since it will only be in
    groups of one or two. Stay mobile and keep jumping around to avoid the Blobs on
    the ground and start tossing stars at the boss. Bounce them in a way that will
    make them jump over the hole and hit the boss. Or you can just jump to the
    platform where the boss is and hit the boss from there. It will take three hits
    to take it down for good.
    Level 2 – Pirate Ship
    You start out on a group of islands punctuated by water. Jump right onto each of
    the little islands and wait for the Shelly on the larger island to start walking
    back to the right. Hit it with a star to flip it over and again if you want to
    defeat it. On the other end of the larger island there will be an island that’s
    higher up with another Shelly on it. Bounce a star on the island you are on so
    that it lands on the higher island and hits the Shelly.
    You can then jump up there and jump onto the boat which will carry you to the
    pirate ship. Ignore the tiny little spit of land beside the boat or you could
    miss it somehow and fall into the water. You will drift to the right for a bit
    and then the pirate ship will come into view. The open portholes on the ship
    will drop Cannonballs when you pass under them so you will have dodge them. You
    can stand in the middle of your boat and move out of the way as you pass under a
    porthole. This is the easiest method in my opinion.
    Or you can stand at either end of the ship and walk to the other end just when
    you are under the porthole. This is a little harder but some people I’ve talked
    to prefer to do this. The Cannonballs will fly up a bit and then fall quickly
    out of each of the portholes so you have to be quick. After this gauntlet you
    will see a final island that’s low in the water and a series of blocks leading
    upwards. Jump onto the larger platform and carefully make your way up.
    You can also jump onto the island and go right to get a nice little view of the
    water on the right but there’s nothing else there. When you are on the second
    little block near the top of the screen jump straight up to see the next
    platform and then jump onto it. You are now on the pirate ship but you may be
    asking where the pirates are. They are further ahead but you can take a short
    cut to finish this level quickly but you will have to forget about the special
    item here. The pipe to continue this level the regular way is on the left.
    Alternate Route: You can cheat a little to finish this level quickly by using a
    star to get across that hole where the first got onto the pirate ship. You have
    to use the wall on the left to bounce a star off it and wait on the right near
    the platform until it comes back. After that you have to jump onto the star
    before it reaches the platform and with a little luck you will make it to the
    other side. This will cut a great deal of the level out and leave right at the
    doorstep of the boss.
    The trick is that the star has to land on the little platform before the hole or
    you won’t be able to make it. Stand roughly halfway between the wall and the
    hole and throw stars to the left to see where they bounce when they reach the
    little platform. After that jump onto the stars and wait until they get close to
    the platform on the right and jump onto it. The jump isn’t that hard really.
    Once you are there all you have to do is walk right to meet the boss. Scroll to
    the end of this level to find the boss strategy.
    If you went down the pipe on the left, you will end up inside the ship with
    several Blobs each carrying around a Cannonball. Hit the two that you see from
    the pipe so that you don’t get damaged by a Cannonball. Fall to the ground and
    jump up the steps to get a Yellow Potion and possibly a Fireball from one of the
    Blobs. Head left where there will be two more Blobs at the end: one on the
    barrels carrying around a Cannonball and another on the block near the exit
    pipe. Hit the first Blob at a distance and jump over the Cannonball.
    Now jump onto the barrels and hit the Blob and then jump into the pipe. On the
    top charge up a star and walk left to meet Mr. Fuzzy, a curious looking fellow
    who looks like he’s a relative of Cousin It from the old Adam’s Family show. He
    will chase you and jump at you when you jump but not much else from what I’ve
    seen. Don’t worry about him jumping since he doesn’t do it often, just avoid him
    and pummel him with stars. It will take three stars to finish him off.
    Once he’s gone you can jump up the steps on the left and the barrels further
    ahead until you reach a large Cannon sitting at the end of the ship – which
    seems like a odd place to place it in a videogame. This is where you will find
    the second special item in the game. The idea is that you have to get onto one
    of those Cannonballs that this metallic monster is firing out. You can’t fall
    here either or you will either die or end up near the beginning of the level
    again. In other words: use a save state here if you are using an emulator.
    GETTING THE SPECIAL ITEM: Push the Cannon left until it falls off the side and
    onto the little platform below. Get onto the Cannon now and inch your way left
    until you are on the very edge of it. Wait here and time how long it takes for
    the Cannon to fire – and now the hard part – press left a split second before a
    Cannonball comes out so that you walk onto it. The Cannonball will carry you to
    the far, far, far... left where there will be a platform and a wall that extends
    a ways down but you shouldn’t have any trouble.
    That wall is the reason you couldn’t just leave the Cannon at it’s original
    place because you would hit it and fall onto the islands below. In this case you
    can jump onto the platform once the Cannonball gets close and head into the pipe
    on the left. Grab the special item and continue on until find the large black
    and lanky-looking bird. Wait for it to start flying away and jump onto its body
    and not the wings or any other part of it’s body. It will carry you to the top
    sail of the ship where there will be an item waiting.
    Once you are back on the ship, or the top sail to be exact, you should charge a
    star and continue right. There will be two Blobs will be waiting there right
    away as well as a Blob of the flying variety. Toss your star to get rid of them
    and the flying one if you want but it’s a quick little bugger. A couple more
    Blobs should appear further ahead and after that the platform will come to an
    end. A second bird will be on the right which will then fly toward you if you
    wait a bit. Jump onto it when it gets close enough and grab the Yellow Potion.
    If you missed the bird and you want to get the Yellow Potion you can jump to the
    left to get back to the start of the ship. You will have to trudge all the way
    back to where the bird was found and do it over again. If you miss again I
    wouldn’t bother going for it unless you really want it. Heh. Whether you get it
    or not fall off the side and when you land at the bottom – on the other side of
    where you first appeared on the ship in fact – walk right to meet the boss, none
    other than a second Fuzzy but this one has a sword.
    For those people playing the European version of Gimmick an Alarm-Clock Blob
    will appear on occasion. It will be asleep but wait up and start ringing which
    then wakes up the boss. The Blob will to start to walk around making a general
    nuisance of itself until you defeat it. I haven’t seen this happen in the
    Japanese version yet but I found it funny enough to mention it. Just another nod
    in favor of the European version. Now to beat down the boss...
    BOSS: Pirate Fuzzy is relatively tough boss. This guy has a sword that he uses -
    ----- both to attack you with and to block your star attacks – he will also rush
    at you with his sword and afterwards start to jump at you. He will mostly move
    away from you and rush at you when you get too close. If you corner him he will
    jump over you – this is an easy way to get in a hit but you have to be careful
    to not get hit yourself. There are three practical ways to do this battle with
    as little trouble as possible. First off, get close, jump and then toss a star
    while you are in the air.
    The star should pass over his sword and hit him in the head. Getting close
    enough to do this without getting hit yourself is tough but it’s the quickest
    way to get in a hit. The second way is to bounce stars along the ground and
    especially while he’s swinging his sword to get in a few hits. The third way is
    to hit him whenever you see him jumping around. A quick and cheap way to defeat
    this guy is to make him fall off the ship on the right. You have to be
    aggressive and push him toward the edge and then hit him to make him fall.
    Otherwise it will take five hits to defeat him.
    Oh yeah, don’t touch his sword once he’s gone because it will still damage you.
    Level 3 – Forest
    Level 3 has you trail blazing through the forest. And a tough forest it will
    turn out to be in fact. This level is quite a bit harder than the first two
    because of all the cheap hits and hidden (or hard to avoid) traps. Walk right
    and hit the Foxes that will fall out of the trees. You can just toss a star and
    it will hit them but they also jump once in awhile. Keep throwing those stars
    and you should clear them out in no time. It will take two hits to defeat each
    Fox and there will be three of them.
    They will usually drop a Bomb after you defeat one which you will need to get
    the special item. When you reach the water and small portions of land, jump
    across each until you are at the cliff. Some rocks will come tumbling down that
    cliff which you can avoid by jumping back to the left. One of the rocks will
    likely reach you there so you will have to jump over it at some point. Once
    that’s done you can climb the cliff to reach the underground waterfall – where
    there are a series of blocks to cross of course.
    Wait for a moment or two when you jump to each of the small platforms for a log
    to fall down. A group of Ball enemies will start jumping across the small
    platforms after you. You can continue jumping to the right or just hit the Ball
    enemies as they get close to you. Once you're on the opposite side of the
    waterfall, head right until you reach the Bug enemy at the bottom of the slope.
    I hope you have a Bomb handy as it's the only item that can defeat the Bug.
    Stand on the edge of the slope and jump and throw the bomb down. It should blow
    the Bug to bits and let you grab the special item through the tunnel below.
    Grab it quickly since a bunch of arrows will shoot at the platform it's on and
    then continue down to exit.
    Grab the Yellow Potion on the platform to the right and then head left until
    you reach the top of the waterfall. You have to quickly jump across or the logs
    will take you to the bottom, where the platforms were, or possibly kill you. On
    the other side there will be two Electrode Ball enemies waiting and path
    through the ground further ahead.
    You have to proceed carefully through the cave since there are cheap hits and
    deaths aplenty here. Walk left until you're standing just to the right of the
    gray rock. When the gray rock falls the piece that breaks off should miss you.
    Jump onto the platform over the spikes and jump up again to avoid the arrows
    that the Cannon fires from the left.
    Jump up the slope to the curious looking item on the ground. That's a Mine.
    Don't step on it or you'll be sorry you did. Instead, jump over it and the
    explosion that will likely follow after you clear it. This next part can be
    tricky so listen up. You have to slide down the slope and jump when you reach
    the part where it's less steep, to the patch of ground ahead.
    After that, you have to quickly jump again to avoid the gray rock overhead. On
    top of the slope is a tough enemy that throws little rocks at you. It will also
    block your shots with the leaf that it's holding. Stand midway on the small
    part of flat ground between the slope and the spikes and jump and shoot a star
    toward it. The star should bounce off the slope and hit the enemy on the head.
    A couple more shots like that and it will be killed, leaving behind a Yellow
    potion. Drop into the hole ahead and continue forward until the first gray rock
    falls. The next group of gray rocks are harder to avoid since there are a whole
    bunch of slopes leading down toward them. The second one can be avoided by
    jumping onto the top of the slope there and then again when it falls.
    In order to avoid the next two, you have to carefully jump over the slope,
    slide down a tiny bit and then jump back to the right to avoid getting hit. It
    requires some precision but it can be done. Once you make it through, jump into
    the hole to reach a whole new area of the stage - an underground lake. Stand on
    the edge and shoot some stars downward to kill the Worm moving around below.
    The second Worm can be killed by jumping onto the tree below but on the left
    side so the worm doesn't jump toward you. Shoot a couple of stars at it and
    continue on to the right. There will be some more Worms ahead but you can just
    jump over them easily enough or kill them. Just to warn you though, a few of
    them might chase you if you don't do them in.
    Soon after that, some mutated-looking insects will start flying by. You can
    jump onto them if you need to, and you might, since they have a tendency to get
    in your way. Keep going until you reach the hole in the wall after a series of
    steps. The boss is inside the room past the small hole in the wall. Just
    ahead... up the sloped platforms. If you just jump and don’t slide back down you
    should be just fine. I hope you have your health and an extra potion on hard.
    BOSS: The Snail is a pretty TOUGH dude. You might want to consider saving state
    right here if you using an emulator. Pray if you are actually using the real
    cart. The Snail will crawl out of the water and start to continually fire a beam
    of energy at you every few seconds. It will keep moving toward you until you hit
    it at which point it will slide back into the water. At this point you should
    position yourself near the top of the slope and jump over the beams as they come
    toward you. Once you are ready, allow yourself to slide down a little until you
    are under the part of the ceiling that’s crumbling and toss a star at the Snail.
    It should hit the boss directly without bouncing if it’s close enough. It takes
    three hits to finish off the boss.
    Level 4 - Ruins
    Walk to the right and throw a star at Nessie, who will be waiting for you in the
    water further ahead. It will start shooting fireballs out of its mouth but once
    you do some damage, it will become docile and take you across the ocean. Avoid
    the Pterodactyls on the way since you can't really kill them but you can jump
    on them if they get in your way. Jump off when you reach the opposite shore.
    Further ahead there will be an ostrich with a Blob on it. You can knock
    the guy off of the ostrich to avoid the other Ball enemies along the way. If
    you didn't hitch a ride, you should just avoid the other guys and make your way
    to the temple wall. Jump to the left when you're on the small ledge and fire a
    star ahead to clear out the first Ball enemy with the bow and arrow.
    Take care of the other two Ball enemies on the ledges ahead and continue to the
    left. When you reach the top, shoot a star down the hall to knock the arrows of
    the Ball enemy ahead out of the way. Don't jump when you fire it or the star
    might disappear in a poof of smoke and you'll get hit in the lull. There will
    be some more Ball enemies ahead and then a hole in the ceiling.
    Head through the hole and head right. Notice the white lines in the narrow
    passageway ahead? Those are spikes that will pop up or down as you get close to
    one. Jump over the low ones but don't take too long or you'll get the point
    from the spike wall moving from the left to the right. Keep going and then jump
    across the hole to nab the sought after Yellow Potion on the ledge.
    Jump to the left, fall off the side and then jump over the two flames shooting
    out of the ground. Yet another Ball enemy, this one with a headdress, will come
    from the left at this point. Jump up and toss a star at it to knock it out and
    the two other Ball enemies that come after you ahead. When you see the second
    set of flames, stand next to the first one in the set and jump over it.
    The third set of flames should be simple to avoid and another bunch of Ball
    enemies will accost you once you get past the flames. You can just avoid them
    if you want since there will be a reasonably high piece of ground ahead that
    they won't be able to reach. There will be a fourth set of flames ahead, this
    time they are somewhat high from your position so you'll have to star power.
    Stand a little bit to the right of the pillar in the background and bank a star
    off of the lowest part here so that it shoots back up. Jump onto it and then
    jump again to clear the first flame and ultimately the second flame. Continue
    through the hole in the wall to reach a mini boss of sorts - a large Ball enemy
    with an axe. He's a tough customer. Be careful.
    It will jump around and throw its axe at you, which will fly back to the Ball
    enemy when it stops momentarily in mid-air. You should jump around and toss
    stars at it when it's on the ground. Jump over it's axe and keep you're eyes
    peeled since the guy is rather quick and has no problem bouncing around while
    the axe is still flying.
    It takes three hits to vanquish the punk and after that just continue on until
    you reach the screen with two different paths. The top path leads to the
    special item and all of the frustrating jumping puzzles therein. The bottom
    path continues on with the stage. In order to get into the top path, you have
    to face the wall on the left from the edge of the raised ground.
    There will most likely be some trial and error before you find the exact
    position but once that's done, toss a star while you're in the air, jump onto
    it, and then jump into the hole where the top path leads. Head right and fall
    off the edge but don't go anywhere yet. Stand a little to the right of the
    opening you just fell through and toss a star at the wall on the left.
    If you do it correctly, the star will bank off of the wall and bounce off the
    edge further to the right. That's where you have to jump onto it when it
    starts sliding but jump to the small platform on the right when it falls down.
    After that is a series of platforms that fall not long after you jump onto them
    so you have to move quickly. On the far end is the special item.
    Now, fall off the side and jump over the gray blocks since flames will shoot
    out after you walk over them. Continue up until you reach the opening you where
    you came in from. Face right in the opening, close to the lower wall, and jump
    and shoot a star against the wall on the right. That should make the star
    bounce around and hopefully with you on it to get to the top.
    You can finally go down the lower path now. Continue on down and then left
    until you reach the small platforms leading up with a few Ball enemies. Ignore
    them and head upwards to the boss of the stage. A rather charming egg awaits
    you that soon hatchings into a pain in the ass bird that's fairly difficult to
    BOSS: The Little Bird starts out in an egg but it will quickly hatch.
    Stand on the side of the screen and wait for the egg to hatch. It reciprocates
    your movements almost exactly: you move left and it will move left; you move
    right and it will do the same; you jump and it won't do anything worthwhile...
    but tossing stars at it is another story. If you toss it low, the Bird will jump
    and upon landing will shoot a row of tiny birds at you. If you toss it high, the
    Bird will just jump over it and shoot more tiny birds out at you. There's a
    fairly simple way to defeat this boss though. Walk toward the boss, jump and
    then shoot a star at it. With a little luck, the star will hit it and kill some
    of the tiny birds the boss will likely fire at you. Three hits will knock the
    boss down but it will get back up and attack more aggressively. Two more hits
    will do the boss in for good. Yay!
    Level 5 - Mines
    The Mines are hard, hard, HARD, and the boss is a real bitch to defeat too.
    Head right, jump onto the platform provided and let take you down. There will
    be a Fuzzy waiting on the right ledge here, firing missiles at you. There are
    two ways to do this part. You can jump down onto the ledge below the Fuzzy and
    fall into the hole further on to clear a tricky spot below. You have to do this
    quickly or the Fuzzy will drop down and hit you.
    You can also dodge the missile the Fuzzy fires at you by jumping onto the
    platform that's going up, waiting the missile to get close and then jumping
    back onto the first platform. This is tougher to do but it's your choice. When
    you make it to the bottom, jump across the water and you'll be in the clear for
    awhile. The key to getting the special item is here too, via the switch.
    To get to that switch you have to use the second method of going down with the
    platform and dodging the missile. Stay on the platform afterwards and let it
    take you back up to the top. When the platform reaches the right side but while
    it's still near the top, jump to the right and land on the top ledge where the
    Fuzzy was standing. Notice I said was. The Fuzzy shouldn't be there anymore.
    When you get in there, jump across the gab and then jump onto the switch to
    pull it down. That will open up the area where the special item is found. Now
    you can continue on for awhile. Shoot the Frog sitting on the ledge and
    continue on to find a whole bunch more Frogs sitting on a bunch of little
    ledges. Carefully jump across but don't take your time.
    The Frog you're standing on will eventually start jumping around itself,
    carrying you with it. You can always just hit them. When you make it to the
    other side, jump onto the tram cart, ignoring the Torch Ball enemies below.
    You'll have to jump off again right away when you reach the water hazard ahead.
    There will be another tram cart just beyond the water hole though.
    Take it for a ride and jump off further ahead when the other water hole
    appears. Another Fuzzy will be waiting on the ledge ahead. It will fire two
    missiles at you that you'll have to jump over and walk under to avoid. Don't be
    afraid to jump around on the ledges the dodge the missiles, the Fuzzy won't
    damage you any further if you don't touch it.
    After awhile, it will run to the left and into the water. Grab the Yellow
    Potion ahead and go down the tube, where you'll land on another tram cart. Let
    it take you for a ride. After traveling for awhile, another guy on a tram cart
    will chase after you. It will fire bullets at you so it might be best, if you
    can't dodge them, to jump off and hit the tram a few times to destroy it.
    Kill the Ball enemy as well and continue on your way. Stand on the left side of
    the tram and jump off to the left when you come up to the huge hole in the
    track. Head down the tube further to the left after that. You'll be in a
    different area now. Jump onto the non-conveyor platform and hit the Torch Ball
    to knock it into the water.
    Hit the Torch Ball off the higher conveyor and the other one on the lower
    conveyor into the water. Grab the Yellow Potion on the small ledge and continue
    to the right. There will be several conveyor platforms and a bomb hanging on
    the ceiling at the end of the second one. The hole here is the path to the
    special item if you pulled the switch earlier. Jump into the hole.
    There will be a platform with a spring on it below. Jump to the left, over the
    water and grab a few Bombs moving around on the conveyor. They will come in
    handy for the boss, trust me. Once you've filled up your item slots, head back
    to the right until you reach the small platforms hanging over the water. The
    first two conveyors you see turn left.
    Just walk against it and jump when you reach the edge. The third and fourth
    conveyors turn right. Carefully jump across the two of them until you reach the
    next group of conveyors that alternate between left and right until you get to
    the special item sitting on a platform. In order to get up there, face right on
    the small platform so that one of your feet is off of the edge.
    Now, jump and toss a star against the platform so that it bounces and picks you
    up in turn, and then quickly jump off onto the platform. Finally, jump onto the
    moving platform in the right corner to get taken all the way back to the start
    of this jumping gauntlet. It won't spring open on you. =) Head back to the left
    a bit and jump onto the spring to reach the previous area again.
    Press left as you're going up to reach the conveyor on the left. The conveyor
    on the other side is too high. Jump across the hole and the two platforms
    ahead, including the one where the bombs are hanging from the ceiling over it.
    Jump forward a bit to activate the bombs close to the top when you're safely
    onto the triangular shaped platform.
    Do the same thing when you're going down the slope on the opposite side and
    then jump over the water pit below. Continue over the small conveyor ahead and
    jump onto the last piece of scarce non-conveyor ground before the boss. A whole
    carload of cannonballs will start rolling down the slope. They won't start
    appearing in force until you're safe so that shouldn't be a big problem. Head
    right to meet the boss.
    BOSS: Laser Guy
    The two bosses that you encounter here are pretty damn tough so I hope you
    grabbed some bombs from earlier in the level and still have most of your health
    intact. But enough of that lets get this train wreck over with. The first boss
    appears in a box that moves along the top of the screen that fires lasers down
    on you.
    The laser will speed up slightly each time you hit it, until it's nearly
    impossible to avoid it. You have to go between the lasers and then jump onto
    the conveyor to the right and toss a star or a bomb at the boss. You can only
    really damage the boss while you're on the conveyor so you have to time your
    attack carefully to avoid getting damaged.
    After you hit the boss five times, it will blow and move off the screen to make
    way for the second boss. The second boss is a large machine with quite an
    armament, but it's easier to defeat than the last guy. It alternates between
    three different methods of attacking. The first and second attacks are bullets
    that go straight forward or in a spread formation.
    The third is everyone's favorite attack... missiles that home in on you.
    First you have to dodge the bullets and missiles, and then you have to jump and
    toss a star between the bullets to damage the boss. The boss will also
    gradually move to the left so you have to be quick. After four additional hits,
    this boss will be wrecked and you'll finally be done with this level.
    Level 6 - Tower
    You start out having to take a stroll across an icy surface and over
    (presumably) sub-zero temperature water. Oh, and of course, enemies that are
    scattered here and there. Start walking right and blast the Fox and the Fuzzy
    further ahead. Getting rid of the Fuzzy is simple enough but oddly, the Fox can
    be a pain in the ass. It will follow you around, even jumping over the water.
    You can jump onto it though or just try to goad it into jumping into the water
    to be rid of it. Continue to the right, grab the Yellow Potion, and then enter
    the tower. Walk right a little bit and the statues in the middle of the room
    will come to life. You have to kill them to open the gate on the far right so
    there's a bit of a battle ahead.
    They use their maces pretty well, which gives them a long reach and you can't
    really attack them from above because of it. Furthermore, they jump around a
    lot while swinging their maces around so you should be jumping around as well
    to avoid getting hit. Keep them on one side and wait for them to jump, and then
    toss a star so that it damages them when they land.
    It takes three hits to do each of them in. After which, the gate will finally
    let you into the interior of the tower. Jump into the tube and then the group
    of blocks beside the Ball enemy with the bow and arrow. Face away from it and
    toss a star. It should bounce toward the Ball enemy and do it in so that you
    can continue on.
    Jump up the wall to the left and take out the first Ball enemy on the gear. Get
    rid of the second one on the smaller gear by bouncing a star off of the big
    gear. If you get impatient, just jump onto the big gear and hit the other Ball
    enemy from there. Continue across the gear and enter the next tube on the
    right. You don't have to bother with the Bomb on the ledge though.
    When you emerge again, toss a star to the left to get rid of the two Ball
    enemies on the gear ahead. This next part can be tough. It's a jumping marathon
    across a long field of spikes. Make your way across and enter the tube and then
    jump across the gears in the next room to the screen above. Stand on the edge
    and jump left slightly to get onto the small platform there.
    It never hurts to get more health so it's a good idea to nab the Yellow Potion
    near the ceiling. Once you grab it, you can just jump down onto the small gear
    and continue on until you reach the springs ahead. Jump onto the first one and
    then the next, and then the small gear leading to the tube. You can also wait
    on each spring to get your bearings and then jump up again to continue on.
    The tube will toss you out and if you don't press back when you first enter,
    you might fall onto the spikes below. Once you're safe, fall onto the big gear
    below and continue onto the tube on the right. Walk left and stand close to the
    left wall. Jump and toss a star against the wall and ride it to the tube
    sticking out of the ceiling. Jump into it when the star gets close to reach the
    area where the special item is found.
    Er, not really, but you're really close now. If you have a Bomb on hand, push
    the spring toward the right side of the Cannon and use the Bomb on it. If you
    don't have a Bomb, you'll have to use the spring to reach the ledge where the
    cannonballs are falling and wait until the Cannon shoots out a Bomb. Grab it
    and do the part that I already mentioned.
    Now, push the spring back to the left wall and jump onto the Cannon. I think
    you know what you have to do next and it's not pretty. Basically you have to do
    the same thing you did to get the special item on level 2, that is wait on top
    of the Cannon until a cannonball comes out and then walk onto it and ride it to
    the opening in the wall. If you can push the Cannon forward a little do so.
    It will help. As you did before, you'll want to use a save state here if you're
    using an emulator. When you make it, cross the spikes via the spinning
    platforms and grab the special item. Head back across and enter the tube in the
    room below. Ignore the item on the other side of the spikes and head down and
    left into the next room. Jump onto the moving platform and then onto the big
    gear ahead.
    Keep jumping onto the next moving platform and grab the Pink Potion when you
    see it further on. Jump back onto the moving platform and wait for the other
    moving platform to get close and then jump onto the reach the end of this room.
    You're near the end of the level and therefore it's necessary for a sub boss or
    two, or even three... just kidding. Or am I?
    Anyway, the first sub boss appears in the next room. It's a cloaked enemy
    that floats around and shoots bubbles at you. The bubbles will trap you and not
    allow you to use your star power on it. Just jump around and avoid them if you
    can and throw stars at the guy when it's close to the ground. It takes three
    hits to finish it off and then some blocks will appear.
    In the next room, another cloaked enemy will appear but it's tougher than the
    last one since it will drop icicles onto you as well as the bubbles. Do the
    same thing that you did with the last one and you'll be alright. After you kill
    it, a couple of blocks will appear again and you can continue on. The next
    couple of rooms are empty but the final boss appears in the room after that.
    BOSS: Cloak
    The boss of the level is really a large version of the last two sub bosses. And
    it attacks pretty much the same way as well, only it's much more aggressive. It
    will stay fairly high off of the ground and start shooting bubbles at you like
    crazy. If you get caught in one, it will start flying close to the ground to
    try and hit you but it will do that anyway if you manage to stay clear of them.
    It's pretty simple to avoid getting hit but actually hitting Cloak because of
    the way it attacks is tough. The most effective way to damage it is to
    purposely get caught in a bubble after tossing a star out. That way you'll get
    Cloak to come near the ground and the star might run into it, causing damage.
    It takes five hits to finish it off.
    Ending 1
    If you didn't collect all of the special items in each of the stages, you'll
    get this ending. All of the dolls were defeated but you couldn't find the girl.
    The game starts over from the beginning at this point.
    Level 7 - Castle
    If you DID collect all of the special items in each of the stages, you'll be
    able to play this level. It's a pretty simple level really. Walk to the right
    and avoid the large white enemies that resemble a tooth and the Cat Blob
    enemies. You can't jump onto the Cat Ball enemies because they will damage you
    unfortunately. Continue on where you'll find a few more enemies and stuff, and
    a tube on the far right.
    Continue up the steps and enter the conveyor tubes ahead. Walk right two
    screens until you reach a large open room with several potions sitting around.
    You should grab the Yellow Potions and just ignore the other potion. Jump up to
    the next room. Ignore the Cat Ball enemies inhabiting this area and just head
    left. Toss a star at the ones in your way to make them run away.
    At the far left, a Cat Ball will be waiting on small platform ahead. Get close
    and it will jump off and chase you. Just jump over it and continue upwards.
    Jump over the Cat Ball on the white enemy ahead and continue on. Further ahead
    there will be a few more Cat Ball enemies and another white enemy, and you'll
    be at the final boss of the game.
    BOSS: Shadow
    The final boss is a tall lanky fellow who's dressed in a black cloak which
    obscures most of his body. He only has one attack at this point, a wall of wind
    that moves away from him, but you can jump over it at the right distance. After
    he attacks, he will teleport to a different spot. The easiest to damage him is
    to wait until he teleports and does his wind attack.
    Stand fairly close to him when he reappears and jump over the wind attack as he
    uses it. And finally toss a star at him to do some damage. After you hit him
    three times, he'll lose the cloak and start doing some crazy ninja moves as
    well as a new attack. The new attack is just a volley of small white balls that
    home in on you but they are easy to dodge.
    He will start jumping around as well which makes it more difficult to damage
    him. The best way to damage him now is to wait until he jumps and toss a star
    at him when he lands. You likely won't be able to damage him any other way.
    Keep away from him when possible and just toss stars when he lands. It takes
    five more hits to defeat him where he'll explode into what looks like confetti.
    Congrats. That's the end of the game. Enjoy the real ending.
    Ending 2
    Gimmick will start walking through the palace until he comes to a door. He
    finds the girl inside and she hugs him after he walks inside. The palace starts
    falling apart as they both start walking outside and escape into their own
    world just as the palace disappears. They end up back in the girl's bedroom and
    they look out the window. After that the credits will roll.
    Final Comments
    Goodbye. It's been fun writing this thing for you all. Well, not really, but I
    had to have something nice to say since this guide is almost at the end. Heh.
    Just kidding. If you have any suggestions, comments, or constructive criticism,
    please email me at <shdwswrm@hotmail.com> with the heading Gimmick. All flames,
    threats, childish comments, etc. will be deleted and you're email address
    filtered. If you're planning on using this guide for your site, I'd appreciate
    it if you emailed me first.
    Sunsoft for creating this game.
    Pepsi and Mountain Dew for keeping me awake while I'm writing, as always.
    And you for reading. Thanks.
    Anyone else who contributes will get a nifty spot here, so don't delay,
    contribute today!
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